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Who Is Huntress Wizard - Adventure Time Explained

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In honor of Spyro Remastered coming out, today's soundtrack is Treetops Remastered by youtuber eluukkanen. Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKxQq3ShpLU Huntress Wizard is initially shown as laid-back, and appears to have a sarcastic and insolent approach to things. It was later shown in "Flute Spell" that she is one of a single-minded focus, only being able to see what is in front of her. She has a fear of becoming soft, so strong that it led her to the madness and sadness which comes with wizardry. Because she clings onto her beliefs, she feels that she can't be with Finn despite her feelings for him. Huntress Wizard first met Finn in "Flute Spell," where she had came across him playing his flute while nude in a river. At the end of the episode, Finn revealed that he had been playing his flute for her, and in turn she revealed that she had been playing her flute for him. The two kissed each other, but she pulled away, stating that 'exceptional beasts' such as themselves are not meant to be together. Later, in an episode titled "Wheels," when Finn played his flute in a skate park, she looked at him from behind a bush, which might indicate she still holds an interest in Finn and his flute playing. However, in the episode "The Wild Hunt," Huntress Wizard helps Finn by putting herself in danger to help him overcome his mental blockade. After that, Huntress Wizard flirts with Finn by saying "We both know you're totally in love with me." She then accepts another kiss from Finn. In "Seventeen ," Huntress Wizard attends Finn's birthday party and gives him an elk's heart in a box as a present, which could possibly be read as a token of affection. She helps fend off an attack by Fern and Gumbald , and offers Finn help by telling him to eat the heart to gain strength, though this only winds up making him sick. The following theory comes from reddit user missingnocchi Flute Spell has become one of my favorite episodes since it aired, and in my repeated viewings, I've come to understand some of the Spirit of the Forest's mystical ramblings. I actually have a whole lot of ideas about him, but the most solid one pertains to his relationship with Huntress Wizard and why it all went so wrong. When he's summoned, he claims that the force that drew them apart was HW's embracing of "magic city livin'." The wording here is pretty important: He doesn't say "Wizard City living," and that's a detail the writers of the show would not have overlooked. It's not about where she was specifically, and it's not just about city vs. nature. It's important to him that the kind of city livin' she was getting up to was the magic kind. So HW's use of magic was a factor in their separation. This is corroborated by the fact that while the Spirit believes their drifting apart was the reason for her not being able to see him, her being able to see him again is not sufficient reason for them to get back together. There's a hard distinction between what brought them together before and what brought them together now. That distinction? Magic. Rather than naturally coming into harmony with the Spirit through the "ascetic lifestyle" she was supposed to be teaching Finn, she used magic to usurp the natural order. When she says she's ready to come back, the Spirit asks her "are you really?" because while she has given up city life, she has yet to give up the "mad and sad" life of a wizard. It's notable that the Spirit lowers his head sadly when she brings this up. The conclusion I've clumsily avoided saying outright this whole time is that HW was not HW when she met the Spirit - she was just regular old H. Something happened during their relationship that terrified her enough to learn wizardry, and I think we'll find out what before the series ends. This all hints at HW giving up wizardry in the future. It's set up in Flute Spell as the main symptom of basically all of her problems in a way that eerily parallels Ice King. Losing a love to Wizardry, trying and failing to get that love back. The only time Simon comes anywhere near reaching this goal is when he loses his powers. For Finn and HW to work, that's what's going to have to happen. Please Join our *OFFICIAL* subreddit /HEAG/ ► https://www.youtube.com/happilyeveraftergaming/live ► http://twitch.tv/hapevaf ► Giveaway - https://www.reddit.com/r/HEAG/ ► Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/hapevaf/ ► Instagram - http://instagram.com/HAPEVAF ► Twitter - http://twitter.com/hapevafgaming ► Patreon - http://patreon.com/hapevaf
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DESTRUCTOR 344 (25 days ago)
Huntress Wizard Poem I keep crossing rivers Walking jungles Loving the sun Every day I keep pulling thorns From the depth of the heart In the night I keep lighting dreams To cleanse with the sacred smoke every memory When you write your name On white sand with blue background When I look at the sky in the cruel form of a gray cloud Appear you One afternoon climb a high hill Look at the past You will know that I have not forgotten you I think that every moment survived while walking And every second of uncertainty Every moment of not knowing They are the exact key of this tissue What I'm carrying under my skin This is how I protect you Here you are still inside I take you inside, to the root And as much as it grows, you're going to be here Although I hide behind the mountain And find a field full of cane There will be no way, my moon ray That you go Huntress Wizard -The True Love of Finn
Lemmonade Juice (1 month ago)
She's just a plant came from radioactive bomb.
SIEGE SCRIPTOZ (1 month ago)
Elvis Jaeger (1 month ago)
Shirokuma Otaku (3 months ago)
One of My Favourite Non-Anime Waifus
DifferentKindofGlam (4 months ago)
Love the Spyro remake song ;) nice touch
Killer Queen (6 months ago)
wait, youre romanian?
apdroid geek (6 months ago)
is huntress wizard and the thing controlling fern some how related..? did the green guy wizard or the grass wizard gave huntress wizard power..? did the grass wizard created huntress wizard..?
Fern is controlled by the essence of fins soul fusing with a sword while she isn’t controlled she just doesn’t want to become soft but we all know she’s the cutest little softy if she wanted to be And if the grass wizard did she would be made of grass not leaves/skin I think she might be half human half something else
Subject Delta (7 months ago)
We never get past that with hw, the show just ended without finishing her and fins ark
Gin Tachibana (7 months ago)
Huntress Wizard Best Shiped with Finn 2bad theres no Closure
Spectacular Sceptile (7 months ago)
i like to think they got together and huntress wizard just learns to live with wizardry.
Bobble Head (7 months ago)
She's a cutie that's who c:
The6thMessenger (7 months ago)
Huntress x Finn
drake welch (7 months ago)
i find it funny that everyone keeps saying that finn and huntress wizard never get together or they say that they shouldn't or wont but heres a theory for ya neither character dies in the ending (by that i mean the war and battle with the thing{i forgot what it was called}) anyway point is its possible that they get together after that and if they were to ever continue where they left of with shermy and beth maybe they could meet the decendents of finn and huntress wizard if they do get together officially
drake welch (7 months ago)
also they could actually be together just secretly that way no one would be able to threaten the fact there dating to get an edge in combat (huntress would have likely came up with the idea)
The will of the Crow (7 months ago)
Lol we never found out...
Lily Quartz (7 months ago)
We do not see her give up wizardry before the end of the series.
Maybe in the future fin and huntress had a kid or something which would explain why fins grandchildren or something are more animal then human she’s not a human she’s more related to some sort of animal human thing so that’s just a theory I thought of
Alongcame Adrian (7 months ago)
Nice Thumbnail.
Luckybit e. x. player (7 months ago)
Finn future wife `\_('-')_/`
NerGxl3gacy (7 months ago)
To bad the series is over now we’ll never see them together
5th Kie... (7 months ago)
we still have the comics
JAY CHEN HEE (7 months ago)
remember adventure time itself is a foreshaadow?in the final episode when the music hole sing "and always be with you" the screen change to huntress wizard.so maybe she with Finn
TheVoiceOfTruth (7 months ago)
Nothing happens
Kaziel KaBuki (7 months ago)
So she was in a relationship with that green jelly bean???
SuperKeith00 (7 months ago)
Season 11 or the comicbook
Ethan Issenberg (7 months ago)
I don’t know if she gives up her wizardry
meachy (7 months ago)
Answer not found.....
Sniping Sadistic (8 months ago)
Why do hae a ali-a hat
DR. corevision (9 months ago)
I think huntress and fern has a connection
Voidrick (9 months ago)
I can't believe Huntress Wizard first appeared on S3 E8 and we had no idea the role she'd play later on.
Hell Kokonn (10 months ago)
best girl
Now I was going to say y’all are weird but then I realized I agree XD
Nicovi 52 (6 months ago)
My waifu 7u7
BearHeadedWerewolf (10 months ago)
Finn needs a bitch please. He's done too much to be alone. He can definitely pull.👏
Zero (10 months ago)
Was that a service at the end where you pay a random guy who says he will say anything for money?
Majin Ketsu (10 months ago)
3:16 No I don't want her to change but the ship must go on!
Max Pinamonti (11 months ago)
Does anyone know where I can binge watch the series?
eelboy100 (9 months ago)
DioMhla II (10 months ago)
Max Pinamonti kisscartoon.com
Caleb Guajardo (11 months ago)
Huntress wizard is my nature theme person or what ever kind she is what if the water that finn drank was magic in far cry 5 there is a drug called the bliss it's makes you happy and feel free of your sins the bliss may have made Huntress wizard go insane and sad but here is a word from a man named vaas " i have ever told the deaction of insanity" if i said that to her what would she do to me
John Lloyd (1 year ago)
I’m still messed up because fern is the Finn that we started with, he’s the kid that used to yell out “Adventure Time!!!” And now he’s just a side character in his own show rejected by everyone he cares about even his brother Jake.
aachelabelaaron also (9 days ago)
Fern X Breezy
teslashark (6 months ago)
Now he's a sword again, at least. Maybe Adventure time 2 will happen and feature him as the lead again.
Omega Warped (7 months ago)
Actually he didn't mean that cause' he say he is the one that yelled ''Adventure Time!!!'' directly meaning the Finn of first seasons.
Mo. memes (7 months ago)
he meant as in fern never had the chance for charchter progression like our current finn so hes the younger finn essentially
Zippy Fingas (7 months ago)
John Lloyd ACTUALLY, fern isn’t the original, it’s hard to explain so just look it up, some stuff about time moving forward and magic idk
Chris P Bacon (1 year ago)
Am I the only one here who misread your name as "terrorist" instead of "theorist" :/
Lucas Moreno (1 year ago)
I would love to see more theories, but I love the videos!
Rehan Noon (1 year ago)
GOLB IS PRISMOS BOSS CONFIRMED. now people might think this cant be because Golb is "evil" but obviously he is related to glob so he wasnt inherently evil. Also, the only wishes prismo isnt able to fullfill are the ones that are related to Golb as Golb is his boss and gets the final say. These two were not bringing margeles back since Golb was the one that took her, and when finn wished the lich never existed the lichs spirit was still existing inside the nuke that blew up anyways. Prismo couldnt eradicate the lich because the lich is the last scholar of Golb, so obvoiously he wants to keep the lich around. Also, Golb is seen between dimensions, in puhoy finn traveled from pillow world to ooo through golb, and the only deity we know that exists between normal realities is prismo, so the two must be related in some way. Also when prismo said that the multiverse could be destroyed, he said his boss would hold him responsible. If the multiverse was destroyed, the only remaining beings would be the ones that dont really exist in the multiverse, and Golb seems to fit outisde of the universes so he could still survive and hold prismo responsible, as the time room would also survive because the the multiverse's existance relies on the time rooms vibrations, but the time room doesnt rely on the multiverse.
Adam Eason (1 year ago)
Huntress Wisard is probably Fin's best ship... but that one Bee... i dont know... i just like the obscurity of that ship... then again now you can ship her with Fern.
Adam Eason fern died soooo this is awkward
Blitz&link2 Sonic (6 months ago)
Fern dissolved or died in the finale.. Hes a tree now though.
Bluberrii _ (1 year ago)
Twenty third
Sage (1 year ago)
who is this guy at the end of the video anyway
R. Q. 2.0 (3 months ago)
+Happily Ever After Theorist o wow
He’s my adoptive father.
Sage (1 year ago)
love huntress wizard and ive watched all of your videos
Darth Goku (1 year ago)
Ever since Fern's introduction, one thing I've always wanted to see is for him and Huntress Wizard to meet and interact. I think that would just be really cool and interesting to see how the two would react to each other, since they are both plant people with magic powers. That's got me thinking, do you think Fern might feel the same way about Huntress Wizard that Finn does? Fern has all of Finn's memories, and if you think about it, he was technically there when Finn first met Huntress Wizard, back when he was still part of the Finn Sword and Finn's Grass Arm. The thing that drew Huntress Wizard to Finn in the first was his magical flute playing, which according to Finn was the result of him just letting Grass Arm do whatever it wants. In Flute Spell, the first thing Huntress Wizard did after meeting Finn and learning that his Grass Arm was the cause of his magical flute playing was to immediately ran over to examine it. Now that the Grass Sword has left Finn and has become part of Fern, does this mean that Finn can no longer do the magical flute playing that Huntress Wizard loved so much? If you think about it, it was technically Fern who was playing the flute for Huntress Wizard, not Finn, since it was the Grass Arm doing the flute playing. Finn eventually lost his Grass Arm when it became Fern, and when Huntress Wizard later showed up in that tree in the episode Wheels, it looked as though she was frowning. It was almost like she could tell something about Finn's flute playing was different now. Even the kids in the park were saying that Finn's flute playing sucked. By having his Grass Arm turn into Fern, it was like Finn lost a part of himself. The part of Finn that had attracted Huntress Wizard to him in the first place is the same part of him that eventually became Fern. I wonder if there's something more to this. Another point of note is during the episode Seventeen. Huntress Wizard gave Finn an elk's heart as a gift, saying that it had emotional value. It was like she was symbolically giving her heart to Finn, and later on she had him eat it to gain strength, but his body rejected it and he puked it out. Perhaps this is meant to symbolize that Huntress Wizard is too much for Finn to stomach because of her MMS? What if the show is trying to say that Fern is the one meant for Huntress Wizard rather than Finn? I think Fern and Huntress Wizard might work out better as a couple. They both seem to have some sort of internal conflict where they have lost part of their identity, one from diving deep into the world of magic, and other from living in his someone else's shadow.
Darth Goku (1 year ago)
I'm sort of thinking something more along the lines of Huntress Wizard perhaps being the one to defeat or kill Fern in the finale rather than Finn. Finn and Fern are like mirror versions of each other and seem to be of equal strength, so a battle between the two would likely end in a draw. If Finn were to fight Fern again and outright kill him in combat, then Finn wouldn't really learn anything from it because he already killed Fern once before. If Fern is to fight someone, I think it would be pretty cool to see him fight Huntress Wizard. It would be a battle of plant magic with his sword versus her bow. Based on Finn's recent approach of trying to find a non-violent solution to the conflict, he might try to redeem Fern with the help of Huntress Wizard. Redeeming Fern without killing him will be Finn's symbolic way of forgiving himself.
Champsr0ck2247 (1 year ago)
Darth Goku If I remember correctly they aren't officially dating, and both agreed to not date the other despite mutually liking each other. The fact she's willing to help him in "The Wild Hunt" and "Seventeen" hurts your theory of HW being attracted only because to Fern. That says more that she hates him considering who plays the villain in both episodes. It's too late for Fern and HW to get together, but, yes, Fern does/did have an attraction to anyone Finn was attracted to.
Darth Goku (1 year ago)
By the way, today is Adventure Time's 8th birthday. Eight years ago today on April 5, 2010 was when Adventure Time officially premiered on Cartoon Network. Hard to believe it's been running for eight years now. Now if only they would release the finale this month, that would be great.
DG your comments are always my favorite.
Darth Goku (1 year ago)
True, but something about their relationship has felt a bit off to me. We've never really seen Finn and Huntress Wizard spend any quality time together with just the two of them as a couple, like Finn had previously done with Flame Princess back when they were dating. In every instance that Finn and Huntress Wizard have interacted with each other, it was during a troubled time for Finn, and in each of those instances the Grass Arm or Fern was somehow involved or at least mentioned in one way or another. In Flute Spell, the first thing Huntress Wizard does when she meets Finn and hears his flute playing is run over to examine his Grass Arm and after doing so proclaims that he is what she has been looking for. In Wheels she shows up for a brief moment in the tree after hearing Finn play his flute, but has a sad look on his face, as if she knows Finn's flute playing is not the same anymore now that he has a robot arm instead of his Grass Arm. In the Wild Hunt, the whole episode was about Finn trying to overcome the guilt he felt about killing Fern, and the person he confided in about it was Huntress Wizard, who in the end used that to force Finn to slay the monster by making him pretend that she was Fern, and after Finn kisses her he sees Fern's image on her face. In Seventeen, out of everyone there at Finn's birthday, Huntress Wizard was the who realized Fern was cheating and was the only one who could see Fern's plant magic due to her own magic. It feels like they might be hinting at the possibility that the plot lines of both Fern and Huntress Wizard will somehow be tied together.
Stokes_Trap_Official (1 year ago)
Romanian Translation: Huntress Wizard este inițial prezentat ca fiind întors, și pare să aibă o abordare sarcastică și insolentă față de lucruri. Mai târziu, a apărut în "Flute Spell" că ea este una de focalizare unică, doar că este capabilă să vadă ce este în fața ei. Ea are teama de a deveni moale, atat de puternica incat a dus-o la nebunie si tristetea care vine cu vrajitoria. Pentru că se agăță de convingerile ei, ea simte că nu poate fi cu Finn în ciuda sentimentelor pentru el. Huntress Wizard a întâlnit-o mai întâi pe Finn în "The Swell Spell", unde i-a întâlnit jucând flautul în timp ce era nud într-un râu. La sfarsitul episodului, Finn a dezvaluit ca isi juca flautul pentru ea, iar la randul sau, ea a dezvaluit ca isi juca flautul pentru el. Cei doi s-au sărutat unul pe celălalt, dar sa retras, declarând că "fiarele excepționale", cum ar fi ele însele, nu sunt menite să fie împreună. Mai târziu, într-un episod intitulat "Roți", când Finn și-a cântat flautul într-un parc de skate, ea sa uitat la el din spatele unui tufiș, ceea ce ar putea semnala că încă mai are interes pentru Finn și flautul său. Cu toate acestea, în episodul "Vânătoarea sălbatică", expertul Huntress îl ajută pe Finn, punându-se în pericol să-l ajute să-și depășească blocada mentală. După aceea, Huntress Wizard flirtează cu Finn spunând: "Amândoi știm că ești total îndrăgostit de mine". Apoi acceptă un alt sărut de la Finn. În "Șaptesprezece ani", expertul Huntress participă la petrecerea de naștere a lui Finn și îi dă o inimă într-o cutie ca un cadou, care poate fi citit ca un semn de afecțiune. Ajută la prevenirea unui atac de către Fern și Gumbald și îi oferă lui Finn ajutor spunându-i să mănânce inima pentru a-și câștiga forța, deși acest lucru se înrăutățește. Următoarea teorie vine de la user-ul reddit al utilizatorului Flute Spell a devenit unul dintre episoadele mele preferate de când a fost difuzat, iar în vizionările mele repetate, am ajuns să înțeleg câteva dintre ramblările misterioase ale Spiritului pădurii. Am de fapt o mulțime de idei despre el, dar cea mai solidă se referă la relația sa cu Vrăjitorul Huntress și de ce totul a fost atât de greșit. Când a fost chemat, el susține că forța care le-a despărțit era faptul că HW a îmbrățișat "orașul magic". Formularea aici este destul de importantă: El nu spune "Wizard City living", și acesta este un detaliu pe care scriitorii spectacolului nu l-ar fi trebuit să-l omoare. Nu este vorba de unde a fost specifică, și nu este vorba doar de oraș sau de natură. Este important pentru el că tipul de oraș în care se ridicase a fost genul magic. Așa că folosirea magiei de către HW a fost un factor în separarea lor. Acest lucru este coroborat de faptul că, în timp ce Spiritul crede că despărțirea lor este motivul pentru care nu a putut să-L vadă, reușind să-l vadă din nou nu este un motiv suficient pentru ca ei să se reîntoarcă împreună. Există o distincție grea între ceea ce le-a adus înainte și ceea ce le-a adus acum împreună. Această distincție? Magie. Mai degrabă decât să vină în armonie cu Duhul prin "stilul de viață ascetic" pe care trebuia să îl învețe pe Finn, ea a folosit magie pentru a uzurpa ordinea naturală. Când spune că este gata să se întoarcă, Duhul o întreabă "ești cu adevărat?" pentru că, deși a renunțat la viața urbană, nu a mai dat încă viața "nebună și tristă" a unui vrăjitor. Este de remarcat că Duhul își scapă din cap tristețea când aduce acest lucru. Concluzia pe care am evitat-o ​​în mod nemaipomenit spunând tot timpul este că HW nu a fost HW când a întâlnit Spiritul - era doar o bătrână veche H. Sa întâmplat ceva în timpul relației lor care a înfricoșat-o suficient pentru a învăța vrăjitoria și cred că vom aflați ce anume înainte de terminarea seriei. Toate acestea sugerează că HW va renunța la vrăjitorie în viitor. Este înființată în flautul vrăjitor ca principalul simptom al tuturor problemelor ei, într-un mod care paralel cu Regele de gheață. Pierzand o iubire pentru Wizardry, incercand si refuzand sa obtineti acea dragoste inapoi. Singura dată când Simon vine oriunde în apropierea acestui scop este când își pierde puterile. Pentru ca Finn și HW să lucreze, asta va trebui să se întâmple.
kittycheshire62 AJ (1 year ago)
Geoon at all thanks im romanian 😺
GeOnline (1 year ago)
Happily Ever After Theorist I know I just apreacite your interest
Adam Eason (1 year ago)
Geoon google's getting better!
Lol no I don’t speak Romanian
Ryan Bruns (1 year ago)
Bastard The Clown (1 year ago)
Talk about the penny from death in bloom with the 2000 date on it
ok I will
Bastard The Clown (1 year ago)
Happily Ever After Theorist NO WAIT IT WAS THE MARS EPISODE
Lol dude You are persistant!
GeOnline (1 year ago)
Billy the hero explained :D

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