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PSY's Gangnam Style (Cover & Remix) - Acoustic Guitar

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A cover of the song "Gangnam Style" by the famous singer/rapper, PSY.
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Text Comments (39)
Petr Škvára (5 years ago)
super  :-)
czapla (5 years ago)
:) ;)
czapla (5 years ago)
he he
Kumiko Shy (5 years ago)
And you no are hitman ;)
arif ak (6 years ago)
Kızın memesine bakmaktan şarkıyı dinliyemedimki .s.s.s
Francis La Berge (6 years ago)
czapla (6 years ago)
this is no remix
Creepy (6 years ago)
continue supperr génial !
Creepy (6 years ago)
yeah il déchire ton son, continue :D
Juan Fareastza (6 years ago)
RebbieDraws (6 years ago)
you must love pandas i like pandas too
annagega kalandadze (6 years ago)
Better than the original vrealli!!!1 Its the best
Angi Bangi (6 years ago)
Im Hintergrund merkt man ! Sie ist ein Cro fan :D
makayla randazzo (6 years ago)
omg it is soooooooooooo good i just want to listen to it all day!
Lorena95Sitges (6 years ago)
the music :P
susie4john (6 years ago)
Absolutely amazing
IMALION (6 years ago)
Очень классно и прекрасно.И женщина прелестная))) Голос весьма неплохой)))
David Modig Tiderman (6 years ago)
You dont say
Brandon Ducloux (6 years ago)
Cette fille gache son talent , elle peut resussir dans la vie.; exellent *_*
Christian Luczejko (6 years ago)
Much better then psy
Geli x99x (6 years ago)
Wow :o
lukas pun (6 years ago)
best version ever
AzzLack Hakop (6 years ago)
Das Ist Voll Gut.. :-Õ
youssef El Amri (6 years ago)
very nice you have a tabeture
Lorena95Sitges (6 years ago)
better than the original :P
MrEvril (6 years ago)
cutie :-)
Chloë Nicol (6 years ago)
Much better than the Original!! :D Keep going!!! :P
Jasmin Schlienger (6 years ago)
Wow :)
Annalena Uetze (6 years ago)
you sing so very very nice this is so WONDERFUL
MaryMuh95 (6 years ago)
This needs waaaay more clicks D:
Twerx vs NaturSoldier (6 years ago)
This is so amaizing *.*
OliJoe Qubass (6 years ago)
Awesome cover ô.Ô
Henrik Kröger (6 years ago)
Oh oh oppa PANDA style :D
R. C. (6 years ago)
I like your voice, would have been even better without too much voice layers :)
Sunshine Nowak-Wolff (6 years ago)
This. Is. Beautiful.
Baola Phan (6 years ago)
yeu cap vu'
mrgroovyd1 (6 years ago)
Im guessing u likme pandas
Mrs Buckle Down (6 years ago)
WOW WOW WOW ! I just LOVE it, you're totally awesome ! I subscribe to your channel ! And thumbs up on your video ! I hope you'll continue to do music ! :D You are great !! (If you have time, check out my channel where I do covers with my piano and my voice :P Thank you so much !) YOU ROCK !

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