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PSY-Gentleman+Gangnam Style:Acoustic Mashup Megan Lee

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https://twitter.com/hellomeganlee https://www.facebook.com/hellomeganlee This is just something I came up with in the middle of all my training and I know that all of you've been waiting for my new cover on Youtube for a long time! Not a very fancy performing video but hoped you liked my acoustic mashup! I'm still working on my guitar skills but it was fun to re-arrange music on my guitar yet challenging to mix the two different songs. Just to let you know that my condition was not the best when I recorded this video...but I did my best XD Thanks for watching and See you again on 7/24/13 with a new video!!! -Megan Follow! Like! ME! :D https://twitter.com/hellomeganlee https://www.facebook.com/hellomeganlee ...................................................... Thank you YesStyle for the cute outfits as ALWAYS~ http://www.yesstyle.com/en/home https://www.facebook.com/YesStyle https://twitter.com/YesStyle
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Text Comments (621)
Sa (1 year ago)
What an amazing voice ♥️
gir garbuja (1 year ago)
LITTLE MIX FOREVER (2 years ago)
perfect voice
Konrad Szkudlarek (3 years ago)
just.... wow....
Ryushi Gaming (3 years ago)
Sayamon Braga Souza (3 years ago)
hey meaganlee you could sing songs in Portuguese
G A B R I E L™ (3 years ago)
Cute <3
Naemi Ema (3 years ago)
lol her korean 😂😂😂
Naemi Ema (2 years ago)
yeah i do.
Kayley Wong (2 years ago)
And you can say that because you understand?
Naemi Ema (3 years ago)
her korean is cute
Samantha S (3 years ago)
what do you mean with that?
Alisa (3 years ago)
Omf. It would be a complete honour to ever meet her.
Catherine Isabelle Ong (3 years ago)
You play sun hi in make it pop right she is my favorite character
paul magson (3 years ago)
great sound awesome guitar work! well done. :)
Vicky Hu (3 years ago)
she actually looks vaguely like Hoshi from Seventeen XD <3
Fatima Carinhosa (3 years ago)
In my opinion.that is the best interpretation.so cool
Hillary Ike (3 years ago)
I cant take this...you are legit amazing and so inderrated it makes me cry,well not cry but im hurt.
Wisnee Herard (3 years ago)
when is make it pop gonna have season 2
I know right! :-(
SiouplaitMerci (3 years ago)
Where is Gentleman and gangnam style songs ?
Sky Blue (3 years ago)
+SiouplaitMerci man..what's wrong with you?im a international fans still can hear the mash up
SiouplaitMerci (3 years ago)
@Lee Ai Lin Ok ok , so i could holiday with gangnam style and gentleman lyrics and name it mashup of gagnam style and gentleman . Ok ok
Lee Ai Lin (3 years ago)
You cant tell that actually she is singing the 2 songs becoz she changes the BGM but she never change the lyrics:).
Uyen Ton (4 years ago)
Like this if you watch this in 2015
Tamyra Hamilton (4 years ago)
Your on Make It Pop
a dead girl (4 years ago)
Megan, you look soooooo much nicer with this hairstyle
Vivien Lai (4 years ago)
niceee :D
Liane N (4 years ago)
What is she doing now?
Pancake for breakfast (4 years ago)
Woah, just saw the promo. Was kinda hoping she'd go bigger. But if she's happy, Then it's all cool. 
May Chua (4 years ago)
She's gonna be on that new Nickelodeon show called Make It Pop
Pancake for breakfast (4 years ago)
Yay >_< hope she goes far!! 
May Chua (4 years ago)
@Kenshi MK Ten you're exactly right thats what she did
Pancake for breakfast (4 years ago)
hopefully tearing up her contract and going to america.
Vic CHHAM (4 years ago)
nice cover megan!
Sakura Misyel (4 years ago)
Riah M. (4 years ago)
Does anyone know what type of guitar that is?
Berkaca Hatiku (4 years ago)
Baby Taylor
Kenneth Chung (4 years ago)
I think is a baby taylor guitar mahogany
sinchong8 (4 years ago)
맨날 팝만 듣지말고 국악도 좀 듣고 이미자 조용필 노래도 좀 들어봐라. 그래야 음악적 저변이 넓어지지.
Adinda (4 years ago)
Your guitar playing skill is excellent x_x
Zhi En.Wong (4 years ago)
No it's better than excellent
lacrosix Phoenix (4 years ago)
SHE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tee (4 years ago)
I had goosebumps all over my arms when you started the chorus of Gangnam Style. Megan Lee, you are a star. Thank you EYK for directing me here <3
khambay Syhatheb (4 years ago)
france carvalho (4 years ago)
パンダ可愛い (5 years ago)
*her voice is pretty*
ChillerSEAWEED (5 years ago)
Love it, bloody amazing
Superslucky Jutha (5 years ago)
Robertzon Torrevillas (5 years ago)
i love it!!!
Jerrel C (5 years ago)
I keep coming back (:
marsha maria (5 years ago)
hope to see you debut asap!
Andrew cuzcan (5 years ago)
This makes those songs so much better :D I'll learn it and maybe I could play it for you or with you when I get to Korea :3 lol nah I'm not good enough to even stand in your presence ._.
vilte norvaisaite (5 years ago)
Nice!!! :3
baba timola (5 years ago)
she's so freakin cute!!<3 i love her
HQDivinity (5 years ago)
Jerrel C (5 years ago)
Need a million views
ying Areerat (5 years ago)
Wow!!! You are amazing
ligam gamlin (5 years ago)
She looks like she's about to burst into tears any minute! :p
ilovemyslf Sone (5 years ago)
Amazing! Best cover so far. XD i know i'm late in commenting XD. Do ur fingers hurt, because that was amazing guitar skills 
Mary Butala (5 years ago)
Gosh Megan Your amazing I am a BIG fan I love your music pls do more and more videos
Đạt Tiến (5 years ago)
quay tay nhanh kinh  hand rotary very good
Minaa Once (5 years ago)
ur amazing.
Jeninna_Baekhan (5 years ago)
You're really good on guitar . And you're the one who arranged the song . You're so talented unnie <3
BooBae (5 years ago)
That is some mad guitar skills! WOW! Amazing!
Jamie Pham (5 years ago)
How is this a mahup ?!
Ryan Ace (5 years ago)
Nice handwords.. Poor beautiful hands of yours.. But still AWESOME SKILLS AND NICE VOCIE :D
UrBasicFilipina (5 years ago)
nice cover love it
Ava Vang (5 years ago)
How old r u???
Bäm MATINE (5 years ago)
Surfing_PR28 (5 years ago)
I tink ur beautiful
Linh Mai (5 years ago)
it's not Acoustic :)).
Linh Mai (5 years ago)
@AirsoftRandomReviews how do we know what the kind of guitar?
dougiet (5 years ago)
@Linh Mai are you retarded?
Linh Mai (5 years ago)
Sr :)) it dose not like acoustic's kind as i thought :)) sr a lot
mon susarno (5 years ago)
you referring at 2:38 right??
Jerry Skids (5 years ago)
Are you stupid?  What do you think acoustic is?
Sai Lee (5 years ago)
wtf. no sound?
Yohan Lim (5 years ago)
@Said Saidov Hahha..
Sai Lee (5 years ago)
lol O.o i dunno why i posted that, maybe i removed the sound accidently or something.... well now i  am listening to that again and there is more then enough sound :D she is AMAZINGLY AWESOME
Yohan Lim (5 years ago)
LOL! You're freaking Wrong. What do you tHink wiLL happen iF she posted like that. No sound!? It has!! ActuaLLy!
MsJgkim (5 years ago)
did she get any surgery? or did she just lose weight?
Chantel (5 years ago)
She just lost weight, she said that in one of her interviews.
190awesome (5 years ago)
Aww this is the Effect of being with SUNGHA JUNG..
Lien Vo (5 years ago)
Sors 97 (5 years ago)
That was so amazing u r the queen of music
vini vio (5 years ago)
Yerlynne Lozada (5 years ago)
what a talent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JB Lee (5 years ago)
Wow..... awesome !!
KPs Thebear (5 years ago)
Like a boss !
Laura Bella (5 years ago)
Wow, amazing cover, and you fantastic playing the guitar like that, your amazing!♥
Lina Gbreys (5 years ago)
Amazing cover <33
Baek Hyun (5 years ago)
I want to become a singer like you :3 instead of a guitar, I play piano. You, SHINee, and other kpop stars inspired me to sing. I will continue to practice and practice again!! Your voice is truly beautiful and I'm jealous that you can reach such a high pitched note :3 I truly want to become a singer like you :)
Jazzy375 (5 years ago)
Oh Lord Jesus! I love it!
Tou Thor (5 years ago)
Mini/baby sorry
Tou Thor (5 years ago)
Its a mini taylor
Sascha (5 years ago)
You remember me XIA JUNSU
apope06 (5 years ago)
I predict a million likes!
Jerrel C (5 years ago)
I love this all the time
Winfrey Widjijanto (5 years ago)
Dem guitar skills . . . 
lightning1650 (5 years ago)
your amazing singer and as a dj in plymouth in the uk will loved to play this song well done
shinysilversparkles (5 years ago)
WHY DO YOU NOT HAVE MORE VIEWS??? so so so good megan! keep it up! can't wait to hear more from you!
Ben Ro (5 years ago)
Did she drop the f bomb in the cover?
resty kumala (5 years ago)
Chasing Nirvana (5 years ago)
Cute guitar
Joanne Ahn (5 years ago)
i liked how she looked before this.. made her look fresh and happy but now she just looks like one of those koreans that just copy each other with hair and stuff...
LoneAzn (5 years ago)
Yea I agree but it's change. :) Supporting her either way. :D Love how far she's been going.
mochiyuju (5 years ago)
She's changed a lot since her old videos, still love her all the way through! :)
meowmeowgrl (5 years ago)
I just wanted to share with people experiencing Megan Lee withdrawals. Megan is probably busy with training and promoting but luckily there have been other youtube channels that feature her too. september http://youtu.be/sFXHNnneSbs  october http://youtu.be/WPYhcv1b5Zc
Abellemec Dan (5 years ago)
I want to be taught by sungha jung too... Oh well... Anyways you are amazing as always :)
Daniella Lu (5 years ago)
i keep hearing open gangnam style. but great vocals!
Maya White (5 years ago)
Wow talent ..pure talent
Teagan Spiers (5 years ago)
Your amazing at what you do!!!!!!!:D I wish it was on iTunes though, I wish you luck in your training;) Megan fighting~!
Adam Mkz (5 years ago)
Sungha must have strum her good to make her like this. x)
Dreameunhye Suju (5 years ago)
;) you did good
hospitalforsouls (5 years ago)
Megan you continue to amaze me with your beauty, cuteness, talent, and overall everything! I've been a fan for a while now. You deserve every bit of success you have gotten! PS. YOUR VOICE IS PERFECTION!
meesun vang (5 years ago)
I love your voice so much!!!!
mizpandiezz (5 years ago)
Soo Yi (5 years ago)
Hope you debut soon!!
Savannah vang (5 years ago)
What kind of guitar do you have? ;o
Bootleg ShawolSubs (5 years ago)
she's a trainee now under Kim Tae Woo's ent :) So happy!
Diana Ha (5 years ago)
Loved how she mashed up both songs and made it her own
Florence Ling (5 years ago)
She's so talented
heffan (5 years ago)
she can play better than me =,=
Wawa Chia (5 years ago)
omg awesomeeeeeee
jpajemify (5 years ago)
Now I'm jealous.

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