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Top 10 Weirdest Versions of Hell

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Top 10 Weirdest Versions of Hell Today, even people of the same religion often have different beliefs about Hell. Does it exist? Is it a literal place of punishment, or just a symbol of spiritual suffering? But those questions are really just the beginning. Throughout history, people have imagined vastly different scenarios for those who didn't do things quite right during life. Text version of this video: http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-weirdest-versions-of-hell.php More: http://www.toptenz.net Coming up: 10. The House of Lies 9. Irkalla 8. Helheim 7. Avici, or the Hell of No Interval 6. Narak 5. Kasyrgan 4. Black Thread Hell 3. Swedenborg's Hell 2. Mictlan 1. Tartarus
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colin mccarthy (1 day ago)
My Weirdest Version of Hell is:-, When I make love to my wife. Your head is spinning around and you lose control of everything.
Who wants to go? Im driving the short bus there!! :)
The Wiedźmin (23 days ago)
Creativity of humans to lie and trick other people for their personal gain is unbelievable in my opinion!
Terry B (2 months ago)
Or maybe an eternity of waiting in the DMV line.
777johnp (2 months ago)
How in the world do cultures believe in such oddly specific details in their Hells? Why would they?
judaifrah (2 months ago)
I beleave in hell when ur worst nightmares exist and u r like that forever and it allways gets scarier and worat
Boresh Tumbo (2 months ago)
Every one here knows you can just leave hell right? There’s an exit by the Cinnabon stand. And the gift shop.
Grady Broyles (2 months ago)
a note about the Avici hell: death is not required to "go" there. It's a state of despair that can and is experienced in life. the "incessant suffering" refers to the characteristic of that hell is that the despair is so complete one even loses the desire to do anything about it or even to care that they're in it., making it essentially eternal as long as one does not lift themselves from it.
Leon Roberson (2 months ago)
They forgot being black around a cop
Bruno Boyko (2 months ago)
What about Rastafarian hell: There's no drugs and you have to wear a suit all the time!
James Haney (3 months ago)
Awesome imaginary stories of hell
Eric Panissidi (3 months ago)
I've been to diarrhea hell it's called Mexico food poisoning
Daniel Huddleston (3 months ago)
Number 3 is trippy
Impossible Tetriz (3 months ago)
Who made the artwork of the Tumbnail ? I Really like it
Andrew Sykes (3 months ago)
I've always been intrigued by concepts of hell wherein the devil and his minion are pictured as torturing the damned souls. In Revelation, hell is claimed as the place of torture for the devil and his minions. How can you torture someone torture someone else whilst suffering torture? Just saying.
IbanezRG10 (3 months ago)
Mictlan isn't exactly a Hell; it's more like the afterlife journey we Mexicas have to face after this material death.
FrostFire Creations (3 months ago)
3:06 I heard that right? Diharia
Heather H (3 months ago)
What if we are already in hell? What if this is it? Think about it. War, poverty, disease and famine abound throughout. We are given the ability to love only to have that love cause us pain through the deaths of loved ones. We are given free will, but often lack the wisdom to chose the best course. We are left to suffer, each of us in our own private hell, for this lifetime, in a world of abject cruelty, our souls trapped in bodies that age and break down, limiting what enjoyment we can wring from this life. Yes, we get to experience joy as well, but in some ways, that only makes the suffering even more cruel. If you are lucky enough to be born in a first-world country, you get to spend much of your time for many years in school, only to spend the next 40 years working for survival, never getting to spend enough time with those you love. if you were born into the third world, well.....your life and your mere survival gets exponentially more difficult. I'm not saying this to be a Debbie Downer, nor am I implying that my life sucks. I'm lucky to have been born into a first world country, where even the poor have a better standard of living than many in other places in the world. I'm just saying that when you look at life overall, it really isn't for the faint of heart. You have to be tough or this world will get you. If one believes that the soul is eternal and we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, you would think there are other dimensions, other worlds, a whole lot easier and more pleasant than this one.
Will Freeman (3 months ago)
Victor Copado (3 months ago)
Kind of like a parole hearing...👍🏼👍🏼
CODEX (3 months ago)
I know people who live that way and are made up about it!
David Boudreau (3 months ago)
If the house of lies is Hell, thr WH is HELL ON EARTH!
Gaster Sans (4 months ago)
My hell would just be an empty garden where people just walk around in despair. They also cannot speak to each other. I’m weird
Blacklite (4 months ago)
Blacklite (4 months ago)
Blacklite (4 months ago)
Blacklite (4 months ago)
That's if it exist at all...
eric5906 (4 months ago)
Stalin, lenin and Castro are burning in hell for their murders
The Dudely Buddha (4 months ago)
"Top 10 weirdest versions of hell." Hell yeah.
Fawzie Kefli (4 months ago)
0:15 That's currently the White House.
Eric Panissidi (4 months ago)
Death by fistfuck in San Francisco
Eric Panissidi (4 months ago)
So number 1is Mexico and all the ugly chicks I slept with
draconiusultamius (5 months ago)
My hell would be doing absolutely nothing at all or doing something meaningless. If I created a hell for others, it would be some surreal place with shadowy figures everywhere. I would keep think up new ways to kill or torture them and I take everything away when I get bored.
Paul H. Kircher III (5 months ago)
This is a Private Channel.
Trump Sucks (5 months ago)
Where Dump just keeps droning on and tweeting forever
Fubzilla (5 months ago)
Now we know why that avici idiot killed himself
Fubzilla (5 months ago)
I thought san franpsycho would certainly make the list
Don Atello (6 months ago)
So is Silent Hill ,Swedenborg's Hell?
EricTheHoly (6 months ago)
You know what’s hell for hell.....Doom Slayer
Miguelizk00l (6 months ago)
2:10 isn't that the name of a dead DJ?
Miguelizk00l (6 months ago)
America under the trump administration is hell
Luis Angel (6 months ago)
11. Living in Puerto Rico
T0n3ma PLS (6 months ago)
I don’t know why I watch these videos, they give me existential crisises
LordOfTrash (6 months ago)
Locked in a coffee shop with a bunch of fat nasty feminists, while male shaming me and reciting Hillary Clinton quotes and forcing me to watch BuzzFeed because I misidentified their made-up gender.
Daniyal Shah (6 months ago)
you forgot school
Satan King of darkness (6 months ago)
*rubs chin* hmmm
John Martin (6 months ago)
Number 11, my life.
Azolio Eroach (6 months ago)
How about spending childhood with a priest in your pants? Is that Hell, or what?😨
Sam Bonham (6 months ago)
You should have called them strange afterlives. Some of these have nothing to do with Hell.
RBEO22 (6 months ago)
Lex Parsimoniae (7 months ago)
I believe our souls are Dark Matter. We wait patiently in darkness to exist again when our next turn comes around in what ever the galactic recycle bin that overflows decides.
1pyroace1 (7 months ago)
The dmv is hell
Richard Johnson (7 months ago)
You try watching modern star wars that's hell.
nabil chowdhury (7 months ago)
So, according to the mongols genghis and the other khans are in kasrugan
patrice ménard (7 months ago)
number 0 Source: Visio Wettini , there is a hell where a beast eats the balls of Charlemagne forever
haKurei kura (7 months ago)
in number four, if you die in a surprise attack, will you go to 'what the hell'
G G (8 months ago)
Ahhhhh idk wth anymore!!!!
RLomoterenge (8 months ago)
#2 = “Meek-Tlahn”
I'm a Gnome (8 months ago)
Where is my school?
Sajad M (8 months ago)
The thing you must know about Zoroastrian after life is that the judgment takes place right after death and after the end of the world (or the "Farsh-Gard" day) everybody even sinners will be forgiven and go to Paradise.
Daniel Gable (9 months ago)
I've been to Hell. I can tell you from personal experience, it's a beautiful place in the summertime. On the other hand, in wintertime, it freezes over every year. I even have an exit visa. (yea Hell Michigan.)
CrabbierBull 391 (9 months ago)
Ye forgot school mate
Chum Dog (9 months ago)
You left out delivering pizza
RABNAD SKUBLA (9 months ago)
It's interesting there's underworlds/hells in other religions too. Some are similar to the Christian hell while others are far different.
Zurround100 (9 months ago)
Hell for me would be an infinite supply of foods that to me must have tabasco on them. Quiche, macaroni and cheese, creamy soups but NO TABASCO.
bizmonkey007 (9 months ago)
Why is the concept of Heavan and Hell such a universal concept with similar themes?
PaddySnuffles (10 months ago)
If it's not a place of punishment it's not a religion's equivalent of Christian Hell. That's ethnocentrically imposing your religion on another religion that does not have the same concept. Irkala, Hel/Helheim, and Hades were _NOT_ versions of Hell. The very first thing my Scandinavian mythology prof made surd to mention when we got to Helheim was that Hel is NOT equivalent to Christian Hell in any way, shape or form, and that it's actually closer to the concept of Hades.
Magnus Young (10 months ago)
Why is avicii here
Ryan Wolver (10 months ago)
Wtf is a Swrdenborg's Hell? Cuz I kid in Sweden.
4RL3RT (10 months ago)
Why does number 7 make me have second thoughts about Avicci, ya know the singer
Carl Dope (10 months ago)
I'm not scared of hell bcos I won't die cos I'm already dead and dead inside
kick (10 months ago)
“Souls after death first cross a bridge and meet a young women...” 🤦🏽‍♂️ come on now
MixinThe Bisquic (10 months ago)
Consider this short comment we all consist of stardust? Thus we must be very very tiny stars and what happens to a star when it dies? A large burst of energy? Correct as does our brain do this perhaps we become balls of thin energy like a dwarf star after death and are cursed to roam around forever and there is no hell or heaven. We just can't see the balls of energy aka other humans that have become dwarf energy.
Firekeeper (10 months ago)
I was trapped like 8 years in a hell called "School"
Great Luck (10 months ago)
Firekeeper I finally finished it today
Malikhaider Awan (10 months ago)
All is written in Islamic Holy book Quran Briefly
Jin Sin (10 months ago)
I want this guy to voice more of the videos <<
azuresword666 (10 months ago)
I think Jigoku, and Naraka are similar. According to my investigation, the Hells are able to be traveled between, like you know, you COULD travel to Mt. Everest but probably wont. Black thread hell is part of Jigoku too. The underworld is after level 16. As in the pleasant underworld.
gustaf sandell (10 months ago)
Number 8 is kinda wrong. It’s really just darkness
Jamal Lewis (10 months ago)
Kratos sent me here
Lordofice 18 (10 months ago)
I want a hell where all the fun people go and all the hot chicks go. Pretty much a chill and relaxed place
Martin Meers (10 months ago)
no reference to Dante Alighieri's Hell?
G4mbit (7 months ago)
That hell is supposed to be Christian hell, and, compared to these, seems quite tame.
Camron Kashai Watson (10 months ago)
the house of lies just sounds like my room
FetchQuestAssigner 4432 (10 months ago)
Nah, im convinced we are in hell right now.
MemeLord Alex (10 months ago)
2 much information for my little little potato mind :(
buns mapping and gaming (10 months ago)
#1:Watchmojo comment section
sjmclean0 (10 months ago)
The falls
Crazy Metalhead (10 months ago)
1 trump is president of America
Morph Verse (10 months ago)
Rather Fascinating..
First Name (11 months ago)
I hope their are beautiful women in hell I b nashen my teeth n to them
Aberdolf Lincler (11 months ago)
My version of Hell is having to fart during a quiet reading time in high school english
lucas lopez (11 months ago)
whats the music called in the background
Salatiel Jyrus Tumanan (11 months ago)
Hell IS a frozen wasteland! Edit: Frozen on the outside, Hot in the very center
Salatiel Jyrus Tumanan (11 months ago)
House of Lies aka EVERY POLITICAL PARTY HOUSE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Hutter (11 months ago)
john 3.16
Mark Gibbins (11 months ago)
Hell would be living forever
Dan Kirchner (11 months ago)
And the worst sinners find themselves entrapped eternal in a "non-lebron cleveland" ..
REBORNBARBARIAN (11 months ago)
hell is earth
LordYggdrasill (11 months ago)
I thought everyone who to Tartarus in ancient Greek mythology--either that, or rise and become a star in the sky. Maybe that's all wrong though.
Rua E (11 months ago)
"A blood-spattered Skellington." Don't think we didn't hear that.
Otto Gonzalez (11 months ago)
silent hill

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