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10 Respected People Who Turned Out to be Creeps

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Accounts of sexual misconduct, assault, and even rape have rocked the entertainment industry over the last few months. Movie stars, directors, and producers have all fallen under the weight of charges against them. The likes of Kevin Spacey, Louis CK, Harvey Weinstein, and Brett Ratner have all been made to reckon with their past actions, and have seen swift repudiation from the film industry. →Subscribe for new videos every day! https://www.youtube.com/user/toptenznet?sub_confirmation=1 Find more lists at: http://www.toptenz.net Entertaining and educational top 10 lists from TopTenzNet! Subscribe to our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTenz/ Business inquiries to [email protected] Other TopTenz Videos: 10 Dangerous Movie Scenes That Got Way Too Real https://youtu.be/xZ1EqfcL5C8?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnKWRKvvUpaqLs1nWSgNpms5 Top 10 INCREDIBLE Stunts (That Went Horribly Wrong) https://youtu.be/tTbBXiM1Pq8?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnLt3JIYHY_PUk7TrxFJZFGK Text version: http://www.toptenz.net/10-respected-people-turned-creeps.php Coming up: 10. Roman Polanski 9. Woody Allen 8. James Toback 7. Kevin Spacey 6. Harvey Weinstein 5. Andy Dick 4. Brett Ratner 3. Steven Seagal 2. George Takei 1. Ed Westwick Source/Further reading: https://youtu.be/S9tY3pvY5Wc https://www.salon.com/2009/09/28/polanski_arrest/ http://www.chicagotribune.com/redeye/redeye-history-sexual-abuse-allegations-woody-allen-20160719-story.html https://youtu.be/wH_gJ3HZt7A http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/la-et-mn-toback-follow-up-20171023-story.html https://youtu.be/l5dhAz5JMv0 https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2017/11/08/kevin-spacey-sexual-abuse-assault-harassment-allegatations-news-updates/843288001/ https://youtu.be/q91eZF9_ggI https://www.theguardian.com/film/2017/oct/21/harvey-weinstein-katherine-kendall-accusations-swingers-actress https://youtu.be/w57Ob7e88vk http://www.vulture.com/2017/11/andy-dick-fired-from-another-film-for-groping-and-harassment.html https://youtu.be/KxkhUNKIKhc http://www.latimes.com/business/hollywood/la-fi-ct-brett-ratner-allegations-20171101-htmlstory.html https://youtu.be/oyyJx8xr8u4 http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/la-et-entertainment-news-updates-steven-seagal-faces-sexual-harassment-1507911980-htmlstory.html https://youtu.be/fQsKOH2dZqo https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/george-takei-accused-sexually-assaulting-model-1981-1056698 https://youtu.be/N-cbgRfKQDQ http://deadline.com/2017/11/ed-westwick-third-woman-accusations-sexual-assault-1202209295/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hKT71IPLjw http://image.guardian.co.uk/sys-images/Film/Pix/gallery/2004/09/23/ellen4jack300x200.jpg https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Woody_Allen_at_the_Tribeca_Film_Festival.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTLvCe8LNI0 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Soon_Yi_Previn_and_Woody_Allen_at_the_Tribeca_Film_Festival.jpg https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Soon_Yi_Previn_at_the_Tribeca_Film_Festival.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFcNOcIE9sU http://www.superiorpics.com/movie_pictures/mp/1998_Two_Girls_and_a_Guy/james_toback_robert_downey_jr_two_girls_and_a_guy_001.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-OCQznH9Z4 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Kevin_Spacey,_May_2013.jpg https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Spacey_Star.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tE3m-K-mVNw https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Andy_Dick_2012_Shankbone_2.JPG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5e3XrN8_Mvg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hagUH-81JyU https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:George_Takei_Sulu_Star_Trek.JPG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2qtRbA5ahE
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Text Comments (976)
Melanie O'Hara (1 day ago)
Perhaps the Casting Couch has had its day...? 🛋🙋🏼‍♀️
Pixie Styx (2 days ago)
Google Steven Seagal’s arrest in Lafitte, Louisiana.
geo dude (2 days ago)
Doesn't surprise me. I stopped watching Hollywood movies years ago. They ate slime!
Kari Manning (3 days ago)
Kirk Douglas
Shiton Gugol (4 days ago)
Why can’t you pronounce words properly? It’s rosemary’s BABY! Not Barry!
Dr. killpatient (5 days ago)
If it weren't for the casting couch we would have never even heard of most of Hollywood's biggest stars. That includes Marylin Monroe, James Dean, & Joan Crawford.
minkymott (5 days ago)
"Rosemary's Berry"?
Fletcher Shepherd (6 days ago)
If this list wasn't just restricted to Hollywood Stars directors and producers Jared Fogle would definitely be on this list. Bill Cosby and R.Kelly should definitely be on this list or get at least a dishonorable mention. And there were accusations against Michael Jackson as well.
Doyle Sinclair (3 days ago)
Person: Michael Jackson was a child molester Almost everyone who hears that: "Oh, but he was SO talented!" Person: So, it's okay to molest children as long as you're talented? Gee, I know someone who is a true genius with Excel spreadsheets. Maybe someone should tell him he's okay to start diddling kids. . . .
Malissa Hallenbeck (6 days ago)
Now Kevin Spacey on Nantucket.....
Trebor Ironwolfe (6 days ago)
Seems that the citizens (public) has some ability to enforce retribution of "untouchable" religious leaders and celebrities, but little if any of government and political leaders.
Verty (7 days ago)
I'm seeing a lot if guilty until proven innocent here.
Just Me (6 days ago)
Welcome to the shady world of "Trial by Media"! 🙄
kgirl1992 (8 days ago)
Did you say rosemarys berry?
Ken Heart (9 days ago)
Rosemary's Beary?
Holly Owens (9 days ago)
Rob was bad I heard but I guess we are all talking military was not treating me bad until rena came to Boulder City
Holly Owens (9 days ago)
Pride I suppose, 🤮
Holly Owens (9 days ago)
Joe eddy nick nancy Yvonne
Holly Owens (9 days ago)
Henry Arron Rick Vicki Yvonne
Holly Owens (9 days ago)
Kathy Eddy Vicki Ian nick
Holly Owens (9 days ago)
Cathy Kathy Louis bell
Holly Owens (9 days ago)
Paul Diana
Holly Owens (9 days ago)
Larry was disgusted with you a holes
kernowarty (9 days ago)
Rosemary's Bare-rie??????
Tommy Northwood (10 days ago)
Man. Its like ya can't even ask a kind lady at a bar if she would like a drink! Ya can't even share your drugs.... Or show off your cool van. The world these days....
Connie Wonnie (10 days ago)
Bill Cosby???
Dani Syx (11 days ago)
Jeffrey Jones?
Baylor58 Duncan (11 days ago)
Right, they're all perverts, nothing respectful about any of them.
Jonathan Plummer (12 days ago)
George Takei has been vindicated and should not be on this list. The police evidence does not corroborate with the accusations and the accuser himself,Scott Brunton, has retracted his accusations. I attached an article if anyone cares to read it: https://www.vanityfair.com/style/2018/05/george-takei-sexual-assault-accuser-retracts-claim Plus, Louis C.K did some gross things, but he didn't assault anyone. I think R.Kelley and Bill Cosby are much better candidates for this list.
Ted Nugent (7 days ago)
But black people can do no wrong.
Claudia Perez (13 days ago)
Takei is always ready to believe "the victim". The irony if him being accused of the same stuff he bashed other stars for was quite amusing.
Vegas Mgtow (13 days ago)
Asia Argento would be a fair addition to this list.
Johnny Shields (13 days ago)
Hollywood is terrible. As a California kid, we were constantly warned about those people. It was common knowledge here.
Rex Harrison (14 days ago)
The behaviour descrbed in this Top Ten goes all the way back to Broadway at the beginning of the 20th Century, where the infamous “Casting Couch” first appeared, then migrated West to the silent movie sets. Harry Cohn, Jack Warner and Louis B. Meyer all expected to reap the charms of their starlets. Meyer allegedly groped a teenaged Judy Garland on one occasion. Agent Henry Wilson was a serial abuser. The Fatty Arbuckle case remains notorious, if ambiguous. Errol Flynn even had a catch-phrase named after him: “In Like Flynn”. The history of Hollywood is a pretty sordid one, just wrapped in glitter and razzle.
Melissa Ferguson (14 days ago)
That's boys!
Kimball Belliston (14 days ago)
6:45 imagine messing up so bad you're fired from the company named after you
gaston0770 (14 days ago)
Simon, Simon, Simon, brother, your videos are excellent, however, certain words my friend, i.e., "berry" as oppose to baby. Rosemary's Baby. I gave you the benefit of the doubt due to the British accent, after rewinding the video many times, yes, "berry." Cheers my friend.
Ms.MonicaPyle (15 days ago)
Rosemary gave birth to satan. Not a berry 😂
dale haub (15 days ago)
where is bill cosby?
Ted Nugent (7 days ago)
Only white people are bad.
Ryan Campbell (16 days ago)
Ummmmm and the most famous of them all is??? WHERE’S BILL???
Ted Nugent (7 days ago)
Only white people are bad.
Ryk Son (17 days ago)
Yeah... So why is R Kelly attacked? Bill Cosby!!!??? They are innocent!!
Angel Symmetrika (17 days ago)
Bill Cosby didn't make this list?
Angel Symmetrika (7 days ago)
@Ted Nugent I find it hilarious that your user name is the name of a washed-up old rock star who dodged the draft by shitting his pants on purpose.
Ted Nugent (7 days ago)
Only white people can be bad.
Margaret Garbincus (18 days ago)
I can watch your videos all day, Simon. LOVE YA!
Dr. killpatient (5 days ago)
I do watch them all day.
Eileene Clark (18 days ago)
5/28/19....WHY have some of these "victims" waited 20 yrs to report sexual abuse/attacks? I DON'T BELIEVE PPL WHO WAIT OVER 24 HRS---OR MORE THAN 1 WEEKEND---DURING WHICH THEY TRY TO "GET OVER" SUCH SEXUAL "ENCOUNTERS"! 1ST I ever heard of Richard Dreyfus' son & Kevin Spacy.
Ivor Grumble (19 days ago)
So many sex pests in positions of authority. So many weaklings around them pretending not to know.
Max Tickner (21 days ago)
But surely this how ALL Hollywood luvies gain a role in films.......
Galactic Maui (21 days ago)
Steven seagal was always a joke.
Santos L Halper (21 days ago)
Shocked that Cosby wasn't #1. Wasn't he convicted in 2018?
Clayton Paisley (23 days ago)
"I might have licked them."
Jade Laurel Johnson (23 days ago)
The thing is.. These guys could've had sex with any number of women. None of this was about sex, it was about power tripping, and imo, we give WAY too much power to certain people, and it's inevitable that creeps will be among them. We need to end this absolute power game.
Philip Grubb (24 days ago)
Ilkka Rautio (27 days ago)
Where is michael jackson? He is a pedophile and an all out weirdo. Glad he is dead, even his music sucks. Yeah, i said it. Being popular wont make you great, then Justin Bieber would be the greatest musician alive! 😬😬😤
No Money (27 days ago)
Hollyweird is full of weirdos
david ludwig (28 days ago)
You didn't list a single female. Youre really a biased piece of crap.
ferociousgumby (29 days ago)
Why do these videos always have a sound in the background like something from a horror movie? Just leave it out, for God's sake. You DON'T need "noise" behind a video. The best YouTubers don't use it.
Barking Ant (29 days ago)
simon corbett (29 days ago)
I prefer the Bristolian version "Rosemary's babber"
Vance 2912 (1 month ago)
Rosemary's Berry.. Barry..??? I'm out
Marco Klaue (1 month ago)
In some of these cases, there have been allegations but no proof. While I believe that allegations are to be taken seriously, it's still a separate category from "respected people who turned out to be creeps."
Adrian Benningfield (1 month ago)
What about Victor salva the guy behind powder and jeepers creepers he had been convicted of sexual misconduct.
countteddy (1 month ago)
rosemarys bare ry..?.....the famous porn film......
Brian Ross (1 month ago)
Where is "Creepy Joe Biden"?
maureen skaar (1 month ago)
rosemarys BEARY???
Ze'ev Indikt (1 month ago)
um.. That elephant in this room won't stop fondling me with his trunk.... ?
DF AMO (1 month ago)
White gold is such a good show too.
michael fisher (1 month ago)
nothing about cosby or Jackson then?
redneckbarbie2061 (1 month ago)
And to show how depraved and sexually perverted Hollywood is even today, they idolize and still give Polanski Awards to this day. That's why people like Corey Feldman Corey Haim are so damaged and tortured today. If you are a child star in Hollywood you can better believe that you are going to be sexually abused and exploited. Because Hollywood idolizes those who are perverted and sexual deviants.
The Anti Pac (1 month ago)
didnt Serena Williams date Brett Ratner? smh
SNP1999 (1 month ago)
@Top Tens What I like about your narrative is the clear and precise pronunciation with none of the weird and unnaturally sounding artificial "creepy" voice structure that has become so popular with presenters - and many viewers - of many YouTube channels over the past few years. Taken alongside the interesting subject matter presented without the sensationalism so often combined to such unusual stories, your channel has definitely become my favourite "Top...Whatever" program. 🌟
Quotius X (1 month ago)
gymnastics coaches always seem like groping pervs to me :(
Rich Affinito (1 month ago)
1:04 "rosemary's berry" lmao
Nyree Harris (1 month ago)
Hmmmmm there’s a pattern here, something in common.. can’t quite put my finger on what’s similar about these people
TheMedicMedic (1 month ago)
Mia Farrow was surrounded by creeps. She was in Rosemary's Berry (Baby) and dated a pedophile who touched their child and then married her other daughter.
Debbie Henri (1 month ago)
Interesting that the James Toback report includes a story by the 'BBC' - one of the world's most notorious 'organisations,' spending decades protecting rapists and an extensive paedophile ring. It shouldn't just be the criminals themselves that should pay for these crimes, the corporation should pay big time - after all, someone worked hard to keep these dreadful acts quickly hushed up or secret.
April Gabriella (1 month ago)
This list depresses me so hard. Kevin Spacey? George Takei? What else is there to believe in??? That being said; a second list is definitely in order. I need to be reminded about how Bill Cosby has single-handedly ruined my childhood.
The Shiv (1 month ago)
What about the full time perv Joe Biden ?
Petteri Tuovinem (1 month ago)
hollywood men are bunch o' perverts
Candice Young (1 month ago)
What about Danny Masterson whos rapes have been covered up by his cult scientology
Taylor (1 month ago)
All I gotta say is: watch American Beauty. Spacey has always been a creep... Called that one a mile away!
ragdolllibby (1 month ago)
I am deeply disappointed in Kevin Spacey. I enjoyed his acting. I remember there were accusations swirling around when he made a movie in New Mexico and that was well before this incident came to light.
Mugur (1 month ago)
Steven Seagal would come to Romania (and other Eastern European countries for sure) and organize "castings" in order to find a few "secretaries" for his stay in the country. I know a girl who was invited to one of these "castings" (she was a model) and she left when she realized what was being asked of her...
Mellivora Capensis (1 month ago)
Many of these chicks are making it up.
Vermillion 303 (1 month ago)
The fact that you call them 'chicks' means that you're biased against women.
anna nimus (1 month ago)
Oriented. Orientated is not a word.
Erik Ling (1 month ago)
American political scandals distract from the policies and messages of the recipients of allegations...just a thought
Palpolino Lazurus (1 month ago)
Takei admitted to groping people you trekie dorks
Skywatcher Sandra (1 month ago)
Holly weird is much worse than I thought possible. So gross. Ty for sharing your thoughts and information and videos. 👣🌌🏞🌠
Leah Cirker-Stark (1 month ago)
Can we please stop saying these men "allegedly" raped people? It's pretty clear that they did, and using terms like "allegedly" puts it into doubt and makes people who come forward look suspicious. It's hard enough to talk about your sexual assault experiences.
Frank Albe (1 month ago)
Michael Jackson?
Raye Leverenz (2 months ago)
Should expand to top 25 sick Hollywood people
Andrew Singleton (2 months ago)
Does Jarrad count? You know, the subway pedophile?
Rev Funk (2 months ago)
Ctfu Louis is a goddamn hero
R. Wesley Rogers (2 months ago)
While I find his behavior inexcusable, what kind of a mother would their daughter to go alone with Roan Polanski for a photo shoot. With his well known reputation I would have accompanied them if he were going to take pictures of my female dog, Merelty an opinion mind you but at the least negelence.
Mort (2 months ago)
Louis C.K did nothing wrong, just cuz he likes jerking off infront of someone doesn't mean he assaulted anyone
Clare Doherty (2 months ago)
Don’t you mean Rosemary’s Baby
Shane Ellis (2 months ago)
The little mistakes like Rosemarys Bary are why I’m subscribed, and have been for well over a year. Love ya Simon!
mentaltfladdrig (2 months ago)
It *can't* come as surprise to *anyone* that Woody Allen is a well renowned pedophile in Hollywood and *nobody* dares to speak out about it. Anyone that know who Jimmy Saville was might agree on the circumstances....
Jerome Nettey (2 months ago)
And now.................. bill cosby and r kelly
Ron Babu (2 months ago)
@ 1:02 Rosemary’s Berries? 🧐
Hustle Union (2 months ago)
take louis C.K. off of there. he was never convicted of a crime. you will be laughing at his jokes again shortly.
David MacNeil (2 months ago)
#0: Asia Argento
Jeff Lee (2 months ago)
no mention of joe biden or barrack obombya? really?!
Reginald Scot (2 months ago)
L CK is not a creep? He's an average guy.
jp grumbach (2 months ago)
Polanski: in the early seventies that was normal male behaviour. Normal in the sense that most men then would have done the same.
gingataisen (2 months ago)
Respected people in Hollywood?

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