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Miracle baby left in scorching sun survives, stuns doctors

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A baby girl in southern Russia has stunned doctors by surviving after being abandoned in the blistering heatwave's glaring sun. The two-week-old was discovered on a roadside, and police in the Rostov region are now looking for her parents.
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The work of our Father in Heaven is in hand. Her angels was with her protecting her at all times. Our Father works miracle all the time and everyday until this day. All Praises and Glory to Him!
Jana Glass (7 years ago)
What is wrong with people!!! That baby is soooooooooooooo cute. If she can't take care of it, give it to abandon house where people can adopt it
blackb3ard911 (8 years ago)
@VerticalhorizonXL cry me a river .... xD
Massih Pezeshki (8 years ago)
@blackb3ard911 You're an idiot. Science is all about discovery and Science hasn't discovered everything yet.
DubbleLzNhell (8 years ago)
@Burningphoenix888 STFU you faggot. Go read your fairy tale bullshit. So funny how you people claim "godliness" and "walking the narrow path" but when you get confronted on the hyperbolism of your religion, you start cussing and acting like a crazy maniac. I'll tell "god" nothing, because you can't speak to nothing. Unless someone is crazy and tries to pray like you and millions of other naive little children in grown bodies.
blackb3ard911 (8 years ago)
@Verdoccam still doesnt explain how the baby survived ... i need some logic here
blackb3ard911 (8 years ago)
@Verdoccam winning a lottery isnt the same as lying in 50 degrees in the sun where even the grass died out ...
tangledweb79 (8 years ago)
So her chances of being found by a pack of wild dogs was probably higher than being found by a human being?? Wow. What the hell kind of a place is this Russia, anyway? I also hear they have droughts and wildfires and hurricanes,who knew?! Crazy world,huh?
blackb3ard911 (8 years ago)
@Verdoccam lucky? ... yap thats science right there
DurexDurpaneu2 (8 years ago)
@blackb3ard911 explain what? I'm listening.
DurexDurpaneu2 (8 years ago)
@psxwarrior do I look like I'm the type of guy that cares about prayer? Save your prayers for the god that you willingly slave for. And I pity you. Because your missing so much out of life. Reality is hard but also more beautiful then I can imagine and more beautiful then any fairytale from any book. But it's your choice not mine. Ps: I deny the existence of god Jesus and the holy spirit. Any other questions?
CapitalKindofStrange (8 years ago)
@BabybooR33 okay then...you're right, the sun is good when you're an infant, in direct sunlight for hours, without water. Gotcha, wasn't a joke-sun good...that's why I said "I thought you were making a joke...". So let's both let it go, and move on with our amazing lives with or without sun.
blackb3ard911 (8 years ago)
explain that atheists!
BITARTEN (8 years ago)
50º is wrong. In Russia arrived days ago to 40ºC, not 50º. Otherwise, how do they know how much time was the baby girl there?. Maybe she was only for a few minutes
RootedHat (8 years ago)
50°F = 10°C since we all know it doesn't (and didn't) get to 50°C in Russia
Mrcastleskeep (8 years ago)
@Theyallfloatdownhere 50 degrees C is 122 degrees Farenheit
Phoenix Rolfson (8 years ago)
@DubbleLzNhell God doesn't MAKE anybody do anything you fuckin' dipshit. God merely protected the baby from the heat and she survived. Show some respect for higher intelligences than yourself boy. We'll see how big and cool you are once your time has come. Try to deny God to His face you piece of gutter waste.
CapitalKindofStrange (8 years ago)
@BabybooR33 I didn't mean to make you feel bad; honestly, I thought you were making a joke. I thought it was funny because of the circumstance, and sometimes humor is the best way to deal with terrible situations.
DubbleLzNhell (8 years ago)
@DubbleLzNhell You telling me "god" made this mother dump her kid on the side? Or you going to tell me that "satan" made her do it? In your little fairy tale, "god" obviously made "satan", so which way you going to answer?
DubbleLzNhell (8 years ago)
@psxwarrior Bullshit candy coated analogies from slow-minded, fantasy addicted "believers"
David Nicholson (8 years ago)
@DurexDurpaneu2 I'll pray that you see the truth of the Gospel. Those babies you speak of are in Heaven now with Jesus. God just had a purpose for this child on this Earth to survive.
JonaBay (8 years ago)
yay hapyy ending :)
LordDyhalto (8 years ago)
This baby will become Superman's adversary.... Nuclear Man.
MisericordiaVerdader (8 years ago)
Here in America 2 boys ages 2 and 1 wandered off in died withing 24 hours because of the heat, they were found only 1 mile from their homes, it doesnt take very long for the heat to kill a child This little girl is very lucky
Cammie010 (8 years ago)
The Rostov region is the home of my favorite serial killer Andrei Chikatilo who liked to cut out the fetuses of young girls and eat them while they were still alive and screaming for their lives. May God bless Andrei Chikatilo, the Rostov Ripper.
wakingup2010 (8 years ago)
awwww, sweet lil thing , may she find happiness
DurexDurpaneu2 (8 years ago)
@psxwarrior God!?!? What about all the other children that get abandoned and die daily in the slums and on the city streets all around the world. You ignorant, ignorant , blind fool! How dare you take credit from those people that found the baby and pass it to your fucked up god!?!? Shame on you!!!!!
I SUPPORT TRUMP (8 years ago)
@batfly Please....maybe it was space aliens...maybe she just spontaneously evolved...maybe a stork dropped her...get real.
Tim Mann (8 years ago)
Jesus...she is so lovely.
ZKY2 (8 years ago)
@psxwarrior Yes, let's all hail Mighty Thor!
odin422 (8 years ago)
lovely baby.
PERIZ99 (8 years ago)
@benytink You fucking idiot-
David Nicholson (8 years ago)
God was obviously with this child.
Andrew J (8 years ago)
@MrJotunheim ??? The Angels of the God of Abraham protected the baby.
Andrew J (8 years ago)
@GravDiga Idiot! Grow up! (I mean that in a good way!)
pokermon919 (8 years ago)
Parents should be found, punished, and baby be adopted by parents that want her and provide a good home for her.
Ecchi Predatoes Beware (8 years ago)
that baby is so lucky, i wish i could get a tan then a hug by a big boobed police lady...big boobs everywhere in this video :D
CapitalKindofStrange (8 years ago)
@BabybooR33 That was wrong, but funny veryyyyyyy funny...
Alvaro Rivera (8 years ago)
This child has somebody watching over her shes incredibly lucky to survive such high temperatures!! God bless her for being strong!!! Hope they catch the fucktards that left her alone to die!!!
WeAreGame (8 years ago)
@erichathy222 - Amen. Repent and be baptized Muslims, before it's too late.
WeAreGame (8 years ago)
People are assholes....The parents should be killed in public if they are found. I'd like to see a Pay-per-View event for their deaths.
cheater87 (8 years ago)
What type of monsters would do this to a baby?
MrJotunheim (8 years ago)
ALLAH's ANGELS PROTECTED THE BABY , the parents will be taken to hell
Forthevline (8 years ago)
Very lucky kid- surprised she doesn't have massive sunburn.
TheRetiredtrucker (8 years ago)
Poor lil kid, hope they catch the parents
MrRugbyloosehead (8 years ago)
fuck whats wrong with society this is happening far to much, its cool the baby survived , the parents on the other hand need to be flogged, for doing such a thing...
TheHeavensReject (8 years ago)
@PixieSticksRSweet ~ ye rly sad..and she was only a 2week old=/ the parents dont deserve to get her back..they shoud be ashamed

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