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Day[9] vs. Greg Miller in Magic: The Gathering: Spellslingers Season 2 Ep 1

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Get your "May You Draw Well" Shirts! ☼ http://www.mtgmerch.com/men/hsb-mgc-draw-well-tee.html#.U8hEq41dWSZ ☼ Welcome to Spellslingers, a show based on the phenomenally popular card game, Magic: The Gathering. Presented by Sean Plott of Day9TV, prepare to experience fun-filled, fast-talking and adrenaline-paced battles that highlight the latest MTG cards. This week's challenger is Greg Miller from IGN! In each episode geek icons will take on Sean with the hope of emerging victorious in an all-or-nothing match, while you learn the tips and tricks to become a MTG expert! Next guest is Josh Barnett of UFC fame! Want to get started in Magic: The Gathering? Buy a starter pack: http://amzn.to/1pfaE0F And check out the game on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/255420/ Buy MTG Shirts!: http://www.mtgmerch.com/men/hsb-mgc-draw-well-tee.html#.U8hEq41dWSZ Special Thanks to Wizards of the Coast! Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundr... --- CAST Executive Producers: Felicia Day Sheri Bryant Director: Adam Lawson Hosted by: Sean Plott Guest Opponent: Greg Miller Producers: Ari Weiner Ryan Copple Assistant Story Producer: David Ackerman Production Coordinator: Ashley Krick Director of Photography: Dallas Sterling Camera Operators: Yvonne Feucht Media Manager: Chris Willett Chief Lighting: Team Bashett Best Boy Electric: Shane Reilly Key Grip: Jerry J White III Grip: Jedi Gomez Best Boy Grip: Zak Hindle Production Designer: Geoff Flint On-Set Dresser: Drew Wootten Art PA Jalisco Wayne Make-Up: Christina Waltz Stills: Erica Parise Sound Mixer: Bobby Fisk Catering: Rise and Shine Craft Service: Laura Ulsch Editor: Chris Willett Graphics: Steve Sprinkles Sound Designer: Sean Oakley Composer: George Shaw On Set Magic Representative: Gavin Verhey PAs: Mason Kenton Archie Dominquez Kyle Calder Chris Collins Jeff Peyton
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Text Comments (1431)
Macià Buades (18 days ago)
Sick Casper reference at 09:56
Steel Knight (3 months ago)
*Not the frog...*
Thomas Andries (4 months ago)
Why didn't he attack with the soldier tokens
Garrett Stewart (7 months ago)
Was he supposed to be untapping those clerics immediately?
solidemike (8 months ago)
Please i beg of you! invite Mr. Sark for a future episode of Spellslingers.
Robo_Games (9 months ago)
At 4:00 did you censor the word “crap”? Why?
elin Saldivar (9 months ago)
He gained life but didn't add any counters
Katie Marigold (10 months ago)
15:15 Now we got bad blood, and now we got problems!
Merlin C G Broadway (10 months ago)
I love Sean's Dimir shirt.
Alexander Forbes (10 months ago)
This is why you always need removal, for when you come up against a flying deck and have no recourse.
GG4NT1C (11 months ago)
misplay much
Elliott Hinkle (1 year ago)
Season 3 pls
BTMVideos37 (1 year ago)
I’ve never played before and I’ve watch many episodes, but I’m still confused as to what tapping is
mreshadow (1 year ago)
"But this is America" lol!
mreshadow (1 year ago)
When you discover a show and realize it no longer exists... 😢
Hairy Samsquantch (10 months ago)
It's coming back next week.
Colby Williams (1 year ago)
Tmw he hates blue but wears a Dimir shirt anyway
Sasuke Uchiha (1 year ago)
i feel like at 5:40, Sean should have said that they were the LIFE of the party.
Tommy F (1 year ago)
The pride mates should've gotten counters for the resolute archangel
Anthony Ouimette (1 year ago)
Why is there not more of this
M Balazs (1 year ago)
this entire game was awesome XD 21:12 loool
WTBGold (1 year ago)
Why couldn't Greg attack with his tokens?
aidianhj (1 year ago)
Why didn't Greg block with his 1/1 soldiers then next turn he would have been able to beat Day{9}
Sawa-san (1 year ago)
so how do the token cards work? do you have to draw them from the deck or do you just grab one from wherever when a card tells you to?
Ace Delizo (1 year ago)
this is america
kylesteinhauser (1 year ago)
Sure, it resolves.
Olivier Sirois (2 years ago)
When Greg put Resolute Archangel, each Ajani's Pridemate don't get +8+8 ?
Tori Peters (2 years ago)
This is a really addicting show lol.
Murry Witzel (2 years ago)
I have a question. After this, why would Greg Miller ever want to play another game of magic? Oh yeah, and wasn't that one of Sean's reasons for having this show - to proselytize the game?
Monsieur Bobblehead (2 years ago)
Yes, the guy who hates blue is wearing a Dimir shirt, blue in its worst form.
Mike Marino (2 years ago)
should take his advice of mulling with no flyers but what if I run goblins
jerodast (2 years ago)
Look at that, first-timer saving his fast effects for the end of Sean's turn like a pro.
Jeremiah Bachmann (2 years ago)
A couple things: The capillaries in Day[9]'s eyelids show a bit of red from (assuringly) having fun with occasional (or frequent) marijuana use. Also, why is there a language filter? I prefer not to censor "bad" words in my filmmaking and gaming.
Jake Leon (2 years ago)
Honestly, Greg should've held on to the Archangel until he needed her to save him when he had a tiny amount of life
Leonhard Euler (2 years ago)
Take a drink whenever Sean laughs way too hard at something that isn't funny
Ethan Simmons (2 years ago)
hey invite sam regial
Rick Gutierrez (2 years ago)
I love your dimir shirt sean
Pulmonairy (2 years ago)
opened comments to comment this, hate blue but wears dimir
Bob the builder (2 years ago)
what if greg miller milled himself
KillingMachine962 (2 years ago)
greg, consumer of oreos
Nelson Chandra (2 years ago)
Aw man. If he had held on to that angel.
the diamond miners (2 years ago)
i want to play the director of day 9
the diamond miners (2 years ago)
and my address is 217 grand drive tonytown
the diamond miners (2 years ago)
can you please try and play me my name is Damien Rodriguez
Evan Coffey (3 years ago)
Chain Jesus wants a hug XD
GDonor (3 years ago)
I approve of Day9's shirt
Cole Pickens (3 years ago)
+GDonor Even though he expresses his hatred of blue in pretty much every episode
John Rivera (3 years ago)
this video is so funny !! hahahahah
John Rivera (3 years ago)
lol i repeat that part so many time ans i was laughing hard so funny 3:37 to 3:45
AssassinGoon (3 years ago)
Could have blocked with the 1/1
Oscar ThePimp (2 years ago)
Nerez (3 years ago)
why is sean wearing a dimir shirt btw, isn't it like everything he hates? :D
Genital Thunderstorm (3 years ago)
+Nerez He hates mono-blue. At least with Dimir you're doing other stuff.
Dan Dunning (3 years ago)
"…cause I don't have a *useless beep* clue!" :P
SentoHug (3 years ago)
did sean in turn 6 atk and then tap his card to convoke after... oh wait it had vigilance haha!
Wes Taylor (3 years ago)
Sean your a horrible friend. you didn't remind a new player to attack with his 1/1 soldiers. bad friend!
Tristan Di Carmine (3 years ago)
sean shouldn't have been so worried about ajani's pridemane because if the card was read more carefully they would have saw that The ability triggers just once for each life-gaining event, whether it’s 1 life from Soulmender or 8 life from Meditation Puzzle.
J W (3 years ago)
Res. Archangel's ability does not affect the Pridemates. He didn't gain life, but reset it.
jerodast (2 years ago)
The link is wrong, this is the correct one: http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=383361 (look at "rulings" below) WotC has an extensive rulebook establishing definitions for things like this. The rule that "set to a number" is a life gain or loss is rule 118.5: http://mtgsalvation.gamepedia.com/Life If you're familiar with Hearthstone you may be thinking of something like Alexstrasza which does not count as healing. But...well, this isn't that :) [Also, it's probably meaningful that they call it "life gain" not healing; there is no mathematical/logical distinction between a quantity "becoming" a greater quantity vs "gaining" more quantity.]
J W (3 years ago)
Well, yes, but Resolute Archangel's card reads "it becomes equal to your starting life total". So you can see how I interpreted it as not necessarily life gain, but as a reset to a value, in a similar way to Eternity Vessel's wording, but I admit that I might be wrong. And I couldn't get to your link because the website's server is down
SavajCabbaj (3 years ago)
+Jw Slifer Incorrect. http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=383361Any change to your life total is either achieved via life gain or life loss; the wording only appears different because the gain or loss is variable. E.g., if you have 19 life, and an opponent uses an ability that sets your life to 10, you lose 9 life.
Andy Spencer (3 years ago)
Sean wearing a Dimir shirt? What is this?!
Tyler Javitz (3 years ago)
+Greg Miller sent me. He's a pretty big deal :D
Carlos Eduardo (3 years ago)
Poor Resolut Angel That burn reach my heart!
Alex Vignolo (3 years ago)
I made a similar lifegain deck with archangel of thune, nyx fleece ram, the soulmenders, ajanis pridemate,sunbond, angelic accord, and divinity of pride. Its actually pretty fun!
Genya Arikado (3 years ago)
1:31 hehe
LordDinosaur (3 years ago)
Can I just ask something: if Sean hates blue so much, then why in the burning hell of counter spells is he wearing a Dimir shirt?!
GoldenMunchkin (3 years ago)
Once in duels of the plainswalkers 2014 I dealt 200 damage to my opponent so an extra 6 damage isn't that much
GoldenMunchkin (3 years ago)
I was using the eldrazi deck with lots and lots of tokens
Chris Shaw (3 years ago)
+GoldenMunchkin There is no way, if you take away the lands and spells, there is no way you could have enough creatures to do 200 damage in your deck, let alone on the battlefield.
Leva Krylov (3 years ago)
I have the exact same combination of the two cards in one of my decks
Embiggened Badger (3 years ago)
Did anyone else get the Casper reference? ... because *I* got the Casper reference. ... so, um, go me. Yay.
deeman010gdj (3 years ago)
Ummm....... check out the spellslinger season 2 playlist from the searchbar. There's a whole bunch of PeppaPig stuff and Chuchu TV kids songs.
deeman010gdj (3 years ago)
+Chris Shaw I have no kids.... as you can tell with the immaturity of my username, I am only 22. :/
Chris Shaw (3 years ago)
+deeman010gdj its based on what you have been searching for and looking for, you must have kids.
Rolling King (3 years ago)
This game reminded me of the time I was playing a 2v2 match and was able to get my teams health in the 300's
Michael McNally (3 years ago)
woreyour woreyoure (3 years ago)
LOL this greg guy is too funny, I was looking for his youtube link to sub, good thing he comments to a cancer comment. Got ya, subscribed!
Misty Hastings (3 years ago)
I used to play this game. Now I hate it. I spent a lot of money on it. To learn that the deck I worked so hard on could no longer be played. So I quit playing. I found it as a money suck. They say you can build a deck without paying a lot of money. Such a lie.
Nether (3 years ago)
Play modern, not standard
sgappledorks55 (3 years ago)
Modern infect is only like 20-30 dollars
BlazeMedia132 (3 years ago)
"I was ahead and then everything is dead" Welcome to Magic the Gathering!
Corey C (3 years ago)
Greggy Should of tapped with the 2 soliders to block that dragon.
Sasori Axel (3 years ago)
Sean don't be such a b word all the time let other people win it's not about winning its about having fun
DaJoozie (3 years ago)
Sean didn't draw in turn 10
Steven Cleere (3 years ago)
When resolute archangel came out, Greg gained 8 life.  It should have pumped his Pridemates.
Steven Cleere (3 years ago)
probably not, no
Oakman (3 years ago)
+Steven Cleere Wouldn't have changed anything.
Steven Cleere (3 years ago)
+joshua gilchrist Magic Comprehensive Rules, Section 118.  Subsection 5. " If an effect sets a player's life total to a specific number, the player gains or loses the necessary amount of life to end up with the new total."  He went from 12 to 20.  He gained 8 life.  His pridemates pump by +1/+1.
joshua gilchrist (3 years ago)
It wasn't gaining life. It just changes the life total
Andy U. (3 years ago)
can we have a decklist of all / some / this spellslinger games? :)
Vutava (3 years ago)
I really need to remember I can tap my Soulmenders on my opponent's turn.
blackbokuto (3 years ago)
@1:32 his voice got so deep..
RJ RETRO (3 years ago)
Someone help.  I'm under the assumption that when you tap something for convoke, it cannot attack.  But around the 10:00 mark... he attacks with Pegasus and then taps it with convoke... Can someone explain what I'm not understanding?  I'm new to the game.
RJ RETRO (3 years ago)
+RJ RETRO Vigilance. Four hours later, I figure it out. Awesome.
Matt Katar (3 years ago)
"But you don't need to." "But this is America!" XD
jack kay (3 years ago)
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Levi Williams (3 years ago)
MonkeyShaman (3 years ago)
When is the tabletop/spellslinger: EDC/Commander crossover coming?
J D (4 years ago)
Day9 you should do spellselingers in the modern format!
MTG Hype (3 years ago)
+Jacob Thomas Modern doesn't mean the "newest" sets. Modern is anything from 8th edition to now. 8th Edition came out in 2003, so 12 years ago. What they are playing is essentially Standard. Standard at the moment is just what CrimsonEagle mentioned. So what Joshua is asking for is cards that go back as far as 8th Edition. It could be cool, but I'm not sure that's what this show is designed to do. This seems to be more of a beginner's/kitchen table sort of show, pretty casual.
CrimsonEagle (3 years ago)
+Jacob Thomas While the decks are legal in Modern, the Modern format goes well beyond the sets in which these cards are printed. The Modern format consists of every core set and expert expansion since 8th Edition and the original Mirrodin block. The format gets its name because it only contains cards with the modern card frame (with the exception of the timeshifted cards from Time Spiral block). Also, KTK, FRF, and DTK are in the Khans of Tarkir block, with M15 standing on its own as a core set. All four sets, as well as THS, BNG, and JOU, just happen to all be in Standard now. I hope this clears things up a bit.
JT and GP Gaming (3 years ago)
I hope you know modern means the newest sets right? So they are playing m15, which is one of the newest sets, besides KOT, DOT, and FRF. Which all happen to be in the m15 block. So they are playing modern.
Kevin Yee (4 years ago)
Ahahaha, Taylor Swift!
Tim Ellis (4 years ago)
I don't think they pumped the second pridemate when resolute angel came out
poonzor (4 years ago)
The Archangel actually would have added 8 counters on the Pridemate
poonzor (4 years ago)
oh yeah. i mistook it for a similar card :P
Yoshi667 (4 years ago)
No, it is when he gains life, not for each point of life gained. The angel is giving him 1x8 life not 8x1 life.
BigTacos18 (4 years ago)
Do you guys sensor the word crap
AJ Haward (4 years ago)
I heard it too
Cadspen TV (4 years ago)
The pridemate's should have gained 8 counters each when resolute archangel's ability resolved...
Jordan Mac Isaac (4 years ago)
do you ever not mulligan?
deadstockk (4 years ago)
I think I've watched this episode like three times. Please play Greg again.
Ryan (4 years ago)
Thanks guys, you have convinced me to go buy 4 Ajani's Pride mates.
LordStickMax (4 years ago)
damn greg. you need to use those healers
John Velez (4 years ago)
Greg seems like a major fuckin' douche.
A Man With Ideas (4 years ago)
come back from oz already
GekidokuWoW (4 years ago)
Is there a place to find the decklists used in the series?
ThatOneGamerPerson (4 years ago)
couple friends of mine just got into EDH by buying the preconstructed commander 2014 decks. i already had a modified Daretti EDH deck that i felt was pretty good....so now....after 2 months straight of them modifying and editing their decks.....i have still used Daretti's -10 EVERY SINGLE GAME......
yerfdog1935 (4 years ago)
Turn 1 Soulmender, Turn 2 Pridemate, Turn 3 Eternal Thirst on Pridemate. lulz
Kasia Kolinska (4 years ago)
I play black white too! #oreolove
Xippih (4 years ago)
I love how nobody notices that the Pridemates actually got pumped by the archangel. The turn before, Sean took 6 damage from one of the pridemates, and the next turn when he attacked with it again it was a 7/7 before the Clerics abilities were activated.
jo blow (4 years ago)
u gotta play boggie2988
Justin McCree (4 years ago)
No Taylor
kyle amato (4 years ago)
"Coward." hahaha I use that phrase to often when I play!

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