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The Rain: Remembering Rod McKuen

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It rained last night which made me think of Rod McKuen, American Poet. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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Peter Dixon (1 year ago)
I am 78 years old.  I have loved his poetry for so long I can not remember when I first began.  Your tribute is a fine thing to do.
TheDman216 (4 years ago)
My first was The earth LP with the san sebastan strings ..still have it and its pure heaven on vinyl
Babyhowdy233 (5 years ago)
Actually you CAN post "Do You Like The Rain." It's posted here on Youtube by various people. Try posting it with a slightly different title and you will probably have no hassles from the bastards at Google.
Thanks very much. I'll revisit. 
Jyoti B. (6 years ago)
Thanks for explanation and his CV. He really has performed very good poetry, songs, cared for social groups and underprivileged..
I have the old 33 1/3 album. I love his work!
David Funchess (7 years ago)
it must have been in 1967, in richardson tx that i sent off for a reel-reel tape of rod mckuen the rain was one of those one that voice...that rain gentle

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