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Can you be successfully in trucking with a lease truck?

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In this video I'm going to take about my experience with my lease truck dont get in your feelings if you dont like or agree its kool zero fucks are given just sharing so that the info may help someone trying to figure this shit out
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American Truckers (1 month ago)
lol I love it, tell it how it is!
American Truckers (1 month ago)
Good solid information! I hate the whole "You're not a trucker crap" people throw around on YouTube, I have gotten that driving local, I have gotten that driving otr but letting the mechanics fix the big things, people are ridiculous sometimes. Great Video!
Parteehard da trucker (1 month ago)
Thx I appreciate your feedback
J Rack (8 months ago)
Man before the eld I was banking now its slow bags man
Antonio Harris (9 months ago)
What's up pH keep the wheels turning have good day
Red Duchess the Trucker (9 months ago)
😂😂 love this video!
Red Duchess the Trucker (9 months ago)
"Im not God" lol for real tho lol
Keng DeShawn{MYXER-TV} (9 months ago)
This is why I like the fact that PH tries to help ppl with felonies get into trucking cause the system is Against Us.... https://youtu.be/h4pInncR86Y
D Hollo (9 months ago)
Mega carriers lease trucks run em down to the ground and get the latest and greatest so why an independent operator can't do it? Do yo thang ph👍👍💪💪
Illya B. (9 months ago)
Lmao! My dude "I had a big set before trucking." Keep sharing that wisdom bruh, I'm soaking it up.
milktastictv (9 months ago)
The way you said I'm just not interested 😂😂😂🤣🤣
David H (9 months ago)
Your awesome like your videos.
Very great points you made here in this video. Been trying to teach & preach this for years now. I understand what your saying.
Top Dollar Trucking (9 months ago)
Bro I thought you put 10k down and was buying the truck that what you said when you first got it
Top Dollar Trucking (9 months ago)
Parteehard da trucker fasho i got you bro I can dig it
Parteehard da trucker (9 months ago)
Top Dollar Trucking you want to holla at me Kool but everything not to be talked about on here people really want me to lose
Top Dollar Trucking (9 months ago)
Parteehard da trucker no doubt bro thats why i took my videos down didn't want to be apart of the clown activities but was glad to see you made the move I was just a lil confused
Parteehard da trucker (9 months ago)
Top Dollar Trucking It’s a l are with the option to buy three years
Parteehard da trucker (9 months ago)
Top Dollar Trucking Bruh I was deflecting from answering the question of where I got my truck do you know how many call my job has got when I was at Abilene got people recording videos talking about my children some things are just not to be talked about on the tube people that talk to me one on one know where I got my truck is not important this truck can be mine in 3 years or I can get another no matter what I do somebody is always gonna have something to say it makes me not want to do the trucking videos anymore
Ricardo Dozier (9 months ago)
yo I hear you thats whats up I'm not trying to troubleshoot no truck neither just run and get paid
New York City milkman (9 months ago)
Great video good info be safe
Tee Cee (9 months ago)
I'm not even going to lie ,I like your video
Big Tim's Trucking LLC (9 months ago)
Main reason why the older trucks break down is bc of the after treatment system. They rushed that scam on the manufacturers to put that crap in. I have a 2016 peterbilt and the first thing I'm gonna do is get a dpf delete on it so far it's running great especially for having 671k miles on it be safe mane
Parteehard da trucker (8 months ago)
No doubt Fam if I can get a delete and apu I will keep the truck if not no
Big Daddy (9 months ago)
I think lease is the way to go
Payne Killer (9 months ago)
You seem to be making it just fine. Anyone who speaks on "your" or "that person's" situation is a asshole. Especially if They don't know you personally or know your business personally. Give your advice and ignore the ignorance. We all work hard to get paid but Happiness is valuable to.
Parteehard da trucker (8 months ago)
Exactly Fam thx
Jabari Hickson (9 months ago)
Ray David (9 months ago)
I can't see the difference. Lease / own . U responsible for ur truck & businesses. No one else . So ya it's ur truck . If u break down / tickets etc it all fall on u . Whatever works for U is what matters. Obviously u doing great .
Bernard Wilkinson (9 months ago)
True shit bro it’s about the bag at the end of the day
Hughy Dooey (9 months ago)
lol, not the bird shit PH
Chill Will (9 months ago)
2009-2012 ain’t an “old truck” old trucks r pre def pre emissions. TB truck was all DEF.
bhoward9004 (9 months ago)
Parteehard da trucker, What company did you lease your truck from? Reason I asked, I'm about to get my first truck and I'm looking to buy it from Fitzgerald Glider, but I'm looking at other options also. Salute on game you gave us!!
Parteehard da trucker (8 months ago)
Fam email me [email protected]
MAC (9 months ago)
U doing good brother good thinking on putting up 2 truck payments at time that help you take few weeks off stay safe
Monzell Bell (9 months ago)
Ur the realist trucker on YouTube... Keeping it 💯... Keep doing ur Thang big homie..
Brandon Franklin (9 months ago)
Yeah big bro let's get back to trucking.. ignoring the fuckery!!!!
the highway runner (9 months ago)
Chokora Mombasa (9 months ago)
Thank you for the update. Stay blessed !! Ignore the yarpers .
teemuni (9 months ago)
I appreciate this video. I get harassed all the time about being a lease operator with a mega carrier... I don't understand why people upset with what I'm putting in my pockets or not putting in my pockets. I have the same mentality regarding maintenance... It's a concern I don't want. I'm NETTING 3-4x what I was making as a company driver, running the same routes and I'm happy. Maybe I could mk more money but I'm not barking up that tree rt now. Folks be tripping. I'm not even mad at drivers who rather roll as company drivers. Everyone has their own story...
Brandon Franklin (9 months ago)
Tee Cee Well said!!!!!!
Tee Cee (9 months ago)
roll tide Mighty wow that is a lot of anger. scratch the video,scratch the Trucks, everyone is entitled to their own opinions,their own line of work and ultimately their own livelihood. There is no wrong way to do the best you can or "think you can". Your negative energy and insults are immature and uncalled for especially when it's ONLINE and not in person.
Brandon Franklin (9 months ago)
nobody pays your bills but you!!! handle up!!
J Rodriguez (9 months ago)
Good shit bro!
Screamin Gurilla (9 months ago)
PH you are sharing valuable real time experience- I commend you brother! Started like you trying to find my way then it clicked. Now I sit at the desk and watch the guys run with the ability to sort problems having been there. You are covering the 'having been there phase'. Keep trucking!
Carl McDonald (9 months ago)
I agree.
SILENCE & SECRECY (9 months ago)
My nigga keep pushing and ignore the bullshit. You out here to get bread. Get it and keep pushing. Dont let this YouTube BULLSHIT distract you from where you shooting for. Yeah I said it. FUCKEM
Parteehard da trucker (8 months ago)
No doubt Fam pick up yo phone
Screamin Gurilla (9 months ago)
It's all about your formula: Older truck + high maintenance, Newer truck + low maintenance. If your cost basis is low enough to warrant doing maintenance perhaps it works. I have new and older trucks and have come to understand the formula, however all truck are "going down"! Don't forget to add in the cost of being down->"unearned revenue", and you better have some cash to keep the older trucks on the road.
davedixon74 (9 months ago)
armerol27l (9 months ago)
More like a 4.5k to 5k lease trucks in some cases. Adding everything. With out fuel of course. But yes you can be succefull in the right company leasing/renting a truck.

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