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10 Mind Blowing Tricks Used During War

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Text Comments (248)
Ryan Byrne (3 hours ago)
Guy at 4:02 died rough, took a solid kick to the balls than ran over by an army.
Justin 355 (10 hours ago)
Your new glasses suck. I hate stupid big trendy frames. GET YOUR OLD GLASSES BACK.
Jeremy Clarke (8 days ago)
Thank you for your mention of Beersheba. It was a combine attack by both Australian and New Zealand Light Horse Regiments, mostly being Australian. Not to many Brits were there. Although the ANZAC's were apart of the Commonwealth Imperial Forces, they were never British. It was the last victorious mounted massed charge in history. Your welcome.
Nicole Beringer (17 days ago)
little shoutout here to the Ghost Army of WWII and Operation Quicksilver!
Jemal Rankin (20 days ago)
Damn ! I wish you dropped a brother a few of those funny cigarette's .
The Ancients Way (24 days ago)
Mind calling germans German most their army wasn't Nazis
Wasn't decimation a Roman punishment for its army? As in 1 in every 10 where beat to death by their comrades? You keep on saying the "Roman's where decimated" but they weren't! They didn't even have a reason to decimate. Stop saying decimate!! lol
Peter Carrington (25 days ago)
Ah so that's why they say it's bad luck if a gull poops on yer periscope
chris kaprys (25 days ago)
"War is gross"
Wilfred Morin (25 days ago)
"Decimate" means to reduce by 10% It does not me to totally destroy.
trashcanhands19 (23 days ago)
Hmm, indeed it does sir...had to look that one up as it's mainly used out of context
ImmortalDragon21 (28 days ago)
Zooje Liang 🤣🤣🤣🤣 someone doesn't play Dynasty Warriors.
Calvin Odbert (28 days ago)
Mmmmmmm opium
President of YouTube (1 month ago)
Why not just during ww1 and 2 lace a bunch of the other sides cigars with cyanide or something and wait 2 days
Aaron H (1 month ago)
Another one for the Battle of beersheba is how they faked getting the "plans of the attack" into the hands of the turks Or at gallipoli how the Anzacs fooled the turks into thinking they were still there but had evacuated.
Brian Glass (1 month ago)
The fake trees used during WW1 were not used for spying, they were used by snipers. French, German, British, and eventually American snipers all used fake trees and treestumps for sniper positions. The Germans had alot of fake trees because their snipers knew not to stay in one spot for very long and they would move around all the time from tree or treestump to a different tree or treestump.
John Fabio (1 month ago)
Cigarettes dipped in opium ! Yum !
Julia Lerner (8 days ago)
Cigarettes in ration packs were an anti-desertion tactic, relying on the addiction to keep the soldiers from straying.
Kehmet14 (1 month ago)
I love how these info vids always misuse the word decimated. i.e. kill one in every ten of (a group of soldiers or others) as a punishment for the whole group
ckom0007 (1 month ago)
You know, you could have totally made up that third one (the Romans and the trees) and I’d bet that 99% of your audience wouldn’t know the difference! Nice deep dive on those names!
Laurence Kim (1 month ago)
damn now i want some opium : (
Neigh Slayer (1 month ago)
This is a Sabaton album waiting to be made.
David Dark (1 month ago)
And while I’m at it. I do believe that it was also Australian troops that liberated Jerusalem.
David Dark (1 month ago)
Battle won by the British? Nope. Do your homework boyo. After many a failed attempt the Australian light horse liberated the city. It was to go down in history as the last Calvary charge, and a resounding success to boot.
Jack O'Niell (2 months ago)
How do I get the British to drop opium cigarettes in my backyard?
Vudoodude (2 months ago)
If I'm not mistaken, the Zhuge Liang empty fort strategy is only an event described int he Romance of the Three Kingdoms but his not historically correct. The tales in Romance of the Three Kingdoms are often exaggerated or even fictional. There is a lot of flaws to this story, and this is even mentioned on the wikipedia article of this subject. In short, 1) Sima Yi could have sent scouts to check the city out (like any half-competent General would), 2) Sima Yi was close enough to see Zhuge Liang's actions in detail, which meant that they were close enough to shoot Zhuge Liang with an arrow, and 3) with such overwhelming armies, they could have surrounded the fort and let Zhuge Liang's army starve. It was also mentioned that Sima Yi wasn't even in that region at the time, so although the 32nd of the 36 stratagems may sound mind-blowing, in this case it never actually happened.
Michael Herrmann (2 months ago)
4:00 like right after, the guy in the front half swings his sword and then kicks the other guy....um can we say really bad acting esp if those two are the focus of begging if that scene. Idk im being mad picky! Lol
cabete19jo (2 months ago)
you fooled me toptenz I was expecting hey vsauce miceal here. i'm deeply dissapointed
William R Warren Jr (2 months ago)
5:40 ... a "Captain K" bluffs his way to victory while in unknown territory against superior forces by pretending to have power at his command that does not, in fact, exist ... Star Trek TOS, "The Corbomite Maneuver" (personal favorite episode!) ("If I jumped every time a light came on around this place, I'd wind up talkin' to myself ..." -- Leonard McCoy, to himself. LOL)
Brandon Matthew (2 months ago)
4:24 The Legions were "decimated"? 1 in 10 were selected for execution at their fellow legionnaires hands as punishment by Rome?...Obliterated would've been a better word choice, as decimation in Ancient Rome means a very different thing than losing a battle terribly to an enemy foe.
William Rentz (2 months ago)
Q Ships!  Al I can think of is Q in charge of a bunch of starships.
Hobnob Head (2 months ago)
Suggested by Stalin himself....sounds like bs propaganda
Andrew Thompson (3 months ago)
Bershiba was taken by Australian cavalry.
Raffaele Piccini (3 months ago)
it sucks that the topics you talk about are always interesting, but you as a speaker are incredibly boring and frustrating
nicksmith1971 (2 months ago)
No he isn't that's just the way you are hearing him.
Iulian Patrascu (3 months ago)
Seth Napier (3 months ago)
About #5... I can only assume those captured in the stunt would have preferred to be shot because most of them probably died in labor camps or in other terrible ways.
apinakapinastorba (3 months ago)
Hehe, Finnish cigarette health warning labels are nicely associated with war propaganda in the last segment :D
Aaron Smith (3 months ago)
Cool video! The thick British and rushed words makes it a little difficult to understand, if you could slow it down a little that would be great. Other than that, excellent.
michael perry (3 months ago)
hallucinogenic drugs can also used like chemical weapons , use those first, then bomb them with nerve gas
Emmanuel Houle (3 months ago)
jason lu (3 months ago)
really? no mention of the US ghost army during WW2 before the invasion of Normandy? or even the Trojan horse in troy?
m1t2a1 (3 months ago)
Decimated means killing one out ten as punishment.
Samuel J. Robinson (3 months ago)
What is with this guy's pronunciation? Dom it I an .... the Dan ub river.....
Meta Hindsight Helpers (3 months ago)
Decimated: reduced by 1/10th. Please stop abusing the poor word :p
LiveArtPresents (3 months ago)
Oh, do stop gabbling, do! And are you sure you know what 'decimated' means?
Blitzfire87 (3 months ago)
Very interesting video, most of these tactics I never heard of before. I was expecting to see the Ghost Army of WWII and the fake Paris built during WWI to fool German Bombers, but I believe those tactics are more well known than the ones featured in this video.
LongDistanceSailor (3 months ago)
Shouldn't use the word decimated with Roman legions. It means something quite different in that context.
efnissien (3 months ago)
What about operation mincemeat and "Major Martin"? In 1943 the Allies were poised to invade Sicily before launching an invasion on the Italian mainland.  There was however one problem... the Italians and Germans had pre-empted the invasion (as Churchill had stated "anyone but a damn fool could see we'll land in Sicily".
Maximus Prhyme (3 months ago)
Oooooooh yeah , opium too!
Maximus Prhyme (3 months ago)
The big takeaway , crossdressing is a tactic of war .
Feathermason (3 months ago)
...barbed wire was an 1860's invention...
rgerber (3 months ago)
the time when Ents went to war, armed with machine guns
Yash Awale (3 months ago)
Hey...i was just wondering...are u Johnny Sins brother...i mean u look lot like him...ohh wait...ARE U JOHNNY SINS..
ESCfromNome (3 months ago)
Awesome, Fritz Klingenberg was the IRL Phelan Wolf.
A2exxHD (3 months ago)
felicitari adrian chirila
Voor Naam (2 months ago)
Daycians daycians, did those people speak English? How did they call themselves? It's like saying Paris in English and in French: totally different. Why messing up foreign names?
Dave B (4 months ago)
Absolutely brilliant Simon!! None of this was ever taught in history class. Mind blown! Thanks mate!!
Artyom Arty (4 months ago)
japanese zero fighters
Silverback (4 months ago)
Decimated doesn't mean 'wiped out'. It means 1/10 were killed..hence the deci.
Joseph Smith (4 months ago)
The nights cross of the iron cross with oak leaves swords and diamonds was the highest ranking medal for Nazi germany. And it was only awarded to one person.
Wahid Rashidov (4 months ago)
I stopped trusting this channel when I saw Wikipedia as its source
vemppu lutku (4 months ago)
Finnish pack of lucky strike :p
Jose G (4 months ago)
You need to keep these videos under 12 minutes..
Aroop Roelofs (4 months ago)
You should have mentioned the SMS Emden, what they pulled was hilarious.
Matthew Dunn (4 months ago)
British VSauce?
TheConSept (4 months ago)
Wow.... why hasn't the command and conquer series thought about implementing strategies like this? Instead of just nothing but brawn and machinery?
Someone else (4 months ago)
A plant (4 months ago)
is your brother johnny sins ... distant relative at least?
Blougheed (4 months ago)
rutger5000 (4 months ago)
This guy once did a rather critizising video on Erdogan. While using an laughably incorrect map of Turkey. This isn't a mistake he should live down before probably recognizing the mistake, and retracting the video. Until he does, keep in mind that he has little to no credibility.
IStillWill Kill (4 months ago)
My tactic would be,,instead of bombing the enemy,, just drop smokes laced with cyanide, frontlines will wanna smoke,
IStillWill Kill (4 months ago)
Drop poisoned food and supplies, and jus kill em from there needs,
Nyctophora (4 months ago)
9 and 8 militree secrets.
TheCamel4 (4 months ago)
Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan
hotpockets222 (1 month ago)
Voor Naam (2 months ago)
Torilla tavataan, ota ase
Leif Crenshaw (4 months ago)
Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!!!
johnmburt1960 (4 months ago)
The *_Abraham Crijnssen_* gave new meaning to the term "island hopping" . . . .
Cody Gaudreault (4 months ago)
Ww1’s revolutionairy technology: tanks machine guns chlorine gas and of course barbed wire 😂
johnmburt1960 (4 months ago)
Barbed wire is not to be underrated as a weapon of war. One of the grimmest songs of the war is "Hanging on the Old Barbed Wire". In my first novel, *_The Christmas Mutiny,_* my favorite scene to read at public appearances is a passage in which soldiers go out in the dark of night to string fresh wire in perfect silence, lest the enemy open fire on them. What they dread most is encountering an enemy patrol doing the same thing, and having to fight them silently with bayonets. When they realize men are nearby, they carefully move away. The scene ends, _"They had strung enough barbed wire for one night."_
Lord Thanatos (4 months ago)
Genocide isnt war, the Israelies butchering Palestinian freedom fighters doesn't fit the title
Devin Klassen (4 months ago)
It's bad enough when the colloquial use of decimated is used (in place of annihilated) but super bad when its used with regard to Roman Legions. Decimation, the process of killing 1/10th (hence the Deca part) of the legion as an ultimate punishment for cowardice. Colloquially the word has come to be synonymous with annihilation (which is technically incorrect) and whatever, but when it comes to literal Roman Legions... don't make this error.
PhunkBustA (4 months ago)
i knew you were familiar, how many channels do you [email protected]? lol
Hype Machine (4 months ago)
You say decimated, but it means to lose a 10th of a whole or specially 10%, but the casualties were clearly much more. So, when you say the roman legions were decimated, you are giving a false impression. Just use another more accurate word like: destroyed, or defeated or annihilated. Those will work better for the material.
Friar Tuck Neight (4 months ago)
The Roman's were reduced by 1/10th? That was hardly a skirmish.
Ryan Kennedy (5 months ago)
Monty pythons flying circus: The art of camouflage👍
Tirann Laws (5 months ago)
Yes war is very nasty indeed nastier then I wish I even knew smh
Kevin Dad (5 months ago)
goddamn i wish my cigarettes were laced with opium.
Gary Sturmabteilung (5 months ago)
The cigarette packs in the Picture were in Finnish and Swedish, quite nice since i am a Finn.
shaggy wayne (5 months ago)
The battle of Beersheba was fought and won by the Australian lighthorse regiment. Do your home work.
Fred Red (5 months ago)
Damn the British sure are nice, I wish somebody would drop me opium-laced cigarettes out of an airplane
rodney peters (5 months ago)
Beersheba was an Australian operation carried out by the Australian Light Horse, no Brits in the Light Horse.
rene L (5 months ago)
4:57 king de cebollas means king of lettuce subtitles.
#Mente Lessa (5 months ago)
is Decebal not cebollas ...
Chris Crissey (5 months ago)
this makes me think of that thing that I heard about or I saw a video of where an army defending a castle was running low on arrows so they made a bunch of soldiers out of straw and lowered them down to the outside of the castle and when the enemy's fired all their arrows at the soldiers they would pull them up and take the arrows out of the straw dummies and use those to defend the castle.
Blurquoise (5 months ago)
So Chuko Liang won against Sima Yi pretty much by weirding him the hell out
Ben Johnston (5 months ago)
im actually surprised the seagulls pooping on periscopes didnt work cause the bastards seem to crap everywhere else!!!
rdooski (5 months ago)
I bet those opium cigarettes were so powerful.
Noah Stevens (5 months ago)
Misleading thumbnail. The cigarettes weren't poisoned, they were drugged... with dope... a medicine.
johnmburt1960 (4 months ago)
A quibble, at most. Giving a person any drug without their knowledge *_IS_* poisoning, legally.
Arterexius Gaming (5 months ago)
Gotta say that the romans weren't afraid of trees. They just didn't like walking through forests in enemy territory, because their entire combat style relied on using open fields. Their formations were useless in a forest and therefore they were often decimated in forests. What happened in the Dacian forests also happened in the Germanian forests. Also, the use of decimated is quite funny in conjunction with the Romans, since Roman decimation was a punishment dealt to the troops if some of the troops fled the battle. Instead of killing the culprits themselves, the Romans took out every 10th soldier, innocent or not, and then his fellow soldiers had to kill him by throwing rocks on him. Seems stupid, but it was highly effective as it often meant that the real culprits was forced to look into the eyes of a fellow, but innocent comrade and kill him. Psychologically speaking, the soldiers would be mentally scarred for life and they wouldn't dare to flee a battle again. But great video none the less! :)
bigniper (5 months ago)
Techwise Jor This also happened in the Trench Warfare of the first world War when some British regiments refused to attack every 10 soldier was shot.
Chandler Gies (5 months ago)
Zhuge Liang = Jew-guh Li-ahng
Cammdc 1 (5 months ago)
Free opium smokes,...wth, sounds more like a bribe
Phil Douglas (5 months ago)
Rx druggery. Propaganda in a plastic bottle.
Hollylivengood (5 months ago)
The cigarets. That was royal.
The Legend of GHOSTFIRE (5 months ago)
The last one way badass
army of 2ninjas (5 months ago)
Enclave approved make America great again
Roland Felice (5 months ago)
I totally love the idea of bird poop as a weapon of war! As any statue will tell you, this is aerial warfare at it's best (or worst).
ComaDave (5 months ago)
I got this Monty Python-like image of hundreds of fake tree stumps (from both sides) running chaotically around No Man's Land, tripping over and running into one another without any of them realizing that the others are phony. That's how wars should be fought.
Chris Cameron (2 months ago)
no.. the leader of each country should have a fight to the death.. that way, wars wont get started
EP114587 (3 months ago)
ComaDave yes, hilarious..
Voor Naam (3 months ago)
Comes a group of soldiers in the middle of a dark night, trying to saw it, and nick it for some wood. Cloonk cloonk... Metal?!

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