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Psy - Gangnam style [acoustic cover]

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Watch this three youngster and listen to their Gangnam Style version.. Psy - Gangnam Style [acoustic version] sang by 3 filipino girls DISCLAIMER: I do not own this video, I found this on facebook and re-upload to youtube. That's what we call PINOY [filipino]. They are from Davao City yung naka white t-shirt si V** Anne Colon yan ka batch ko pero sa Catalunan Pequeño National High School siya nag a-aral at sa Tugbok National High School naman ako :) and the rest kapatid nya :)
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Text Comments (28)
per bonde (4 years ago)
Sweet, keep at it girls, practice makes perfect, you've got a talent.. 
mrsguadalupe1212 (5 years ago)
Lier I heard this there were two girls sining this
Neckle Bibit (5 years ago)
MedyoBadGirl (6 years ago)
they didnt
sw00p99 (6 years ago)
that's pure talent there
Andriano Jal (6 years ago)
Kambal pala ung dalawa??ang cute ng moves nung sa likod... :) galing nyu love you!
Alden Mallari (6 years ago)
galing superrrrrrrr..!
leslie aranda (6 years ago)
Siguro yung nagsalita ay yung nasa instrumental
Mari (6 years ago)
they did, didn't they? Only they did a better job at singing it!
Mari (6 years ago)
they did.but guess what?they did a better job!
LiveSimply96 (6 years ago)
TresJSarmiento (6 years ago)
Which was also copied (slightly like this) from /watch?v=-XWdpl51n0U
Marie Giselle Agot (6 years ago)
This kids gonna go a long way..attagirls!!
MrFIQ66 (6 years ago)
good work....
Analou Sundo (6 years ago)
shiera nuguid (6 years ago)
Stella Heart Ü (6 years ago)
One Word To Describe Them "AMAZING" :)
Cecil Dondoyano (6 years ago)
could you have another video of acoustic songs??
Alexon Ang (6 years ago)
ano pangalan nila?
marah liwanag (6 years ago)
aany new vids nila?... :)
TheStephanieee98 (6 years ago)
You have raw natural talent all of you! I'm so proud to be filipino! <3 Galing na man!!
sol michella alfeche (6 years ago)
te pwede request ng song ??? ganda ng blend nyo <3
Philip Romulo Francia (6 years ago)
Hey Ellen see this
Vince DC (6 years ago)
...WOW..ang galing ^^,
ryonz atan (6 years ago)
wew. the best!aha
Nxtq (6 years ago)
The voice of an angel. (angels)
Y T (6 years ago)
astig, calling original uploader. Upload mo sa YouScoop hehe!
Mark A. (6 years ago)

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