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Roleplaying Against Type in D&D! (GM Tips w/ Matt Mercer)

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Choosing personality archetypes can lead to fun characters, and the real meat comes from the backstory and the experience. Game Master Matt Mercer lays out a few tips for roleplaying against type in this episode of GM Tips! Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry Google+: http://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundry
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Text Comments (1644)
Merel (10 hours ago)
I want to play a Palladin that says he is on his ''pilgrimage'', but it's actually an excuse to explore his sexuality. :)))))))
Maddbox11235 (1 day ago)
My 5-step method of character creation: 1) Get drunk 2) Write down whatever character ideas seem funny to my drunken mind 3) Wake up the next day with a hangover 4) Once hangover clears up, figure out how to mechanically implement my drunk idea 5) Play my drunk idea completely straight. This has lead to such ideas as the sorceress who actually thinks she's a cleric of a fire god that no one has heard of, the paranoid ranger who got kicked out of the army after he kept booby-trapping everything, the tabaxi sun soul monk/ light cleric (the cat who controls the lasers), and the bugbear shadow monk who took up adventuring after the mob started rigging fights in his boxing league.
Adam Case (2 days ago)
Haven't gotten a chance to run him yet but got a satyr, who is a paladin of the Oath of the Ancients, which basically means be good and spread it and happiness, so he is even CG, and is the kind of guy to go out parting with the Bard, no stick in the mud lawful stupid paladin here.
Ash (7 days ago)
After watching this again, I hit up dndbeyond and made a changeling warlock who's absolutely afraid of his patron but the patron also possesses him to like, motivate him to do stuff. And he's super frail too because I rolled a 6 and dumped it in strength because I didn't think a high strength would work for him. I've always been scared of rolling numbers below 10 but now I'm kind of excited.
mibber121 (7 days ago)
One of my favourite ideas for a character that ive ever heard would be an angsty teen tiefling who's patron is his doting yet strict mom
Denis Plante (8 days ago)
Excellent (music too loud!)
Semper Sapidum (10 days ago)
I’m very new to DnD, but I like the idea of playing against type. Right now I’m making a wood elf that grew up on the streets of Greenist and isn’t your typical elegant elf. Instead, he has terrible manners, eats like a pig, and is really bad at picking up on social cues, but he’s a damn good killer.
RagingRaygun (10 days ago)
How can I make a Drow shadow monk non "edgy"? Make him afraid of the dark?
YamadaJisho (11 days ago)
Some of my favorite characters are against type. I had a Barbarian that was a bruiser for a thieves guild and acted more like a rogue than a savage warrior. My paladin is contantly making mistakes and down on himself as an imperfect vessel who is trying to live up to his diety's example and his Lawful Good alignment, but keeps making every mistake in the book.
Heart (11 days ago)
I once played a pixie spell caster who loved to pull pranks on people. But, over the course of the campaign, she had enough of the villain’s shit after getting really injured and infected with a necrotic disease that was stopped but never cured . And so, she multiclassed into a barbarian. She was the greatest character I have gotten to play and i have since imagined her post campaign story of returning home having all but abandoned the traditional ways of her people and the schism it caused.
steveclarkreborn (11 days ago)
As someone who recently read the Drizzt books, and was actively trying to play this game for the first time, it's heartbreaking to see the internet's most beloved DM get so hostile toward people playing him. Guess I should find a new game, honestly thought this gaming community was open minded to new experiences. Suppose now I was wrong for thinking that
monkeymadness72 (12 days ago)
I have a Fallen Aasimar Blood Hunter who was cast from the heavens a very long time ago for being discovered having utilized this immoral power, against being ordered not to. He was once a great warrior and leader known as Uriel, The Flame of Heaven but has since lived as a "human", enshrouded in darkness and mystery. Hes taken up the human name Ignis, Igg for short. Many rumors and whispers are carried around the denizens of the world about him throughout his life on the mortal plane, the most popular being that he is a vampire due to his affinity for blood. He lives in shame of his lineage and has almost forgotten his old identity at this point. He finds himself slipping farther and farther into the darkness...but there is still light in him buried beneath it all desperately trying to be uncovered once again. No one knows his true identity, only as Igg the maybe vampire, who is intimidating af and seemingly a very capable fighter. Most of his many Aasimar features are gone or the opposite effect of what they would be (Light cantrip is Darkness, Healing Hands is 'Draining' Hands etc.).
Timothy Belleci (14 days ago)
In pathfinder i play a n un d weird with a naive and optimistic personality
David Tucker (14 days ago)
I'm currently playing a "wizard". He's got a spellbook, wand, and everything! Problem is... He has a 13 in intelligence... And his class at level 1 is fighter... He has NO MAGIC WHATSOEVER... He did convince a cave of goblins that he was a powerful wizard who could kill with one spell... Thanks in part to a bard disgised as a hobgoblin... They saw him as he sees himself...
Morag Tong assassin (16 days ago)
I made a similar warlock only mine was just obsessed with being friends with everyone he meets and would be insanely obsessive to those friends
Bikutolu (19 days ago)
One of my favorit characters was a dim, but very strong half-orc Warlock. He stumbled upon his patron by chance, who decided to use them as a pawn, but then quickly found out how stupid he was. "Go forth and locate the ancient relics of Tha'zarn, deliver them to me so i shall enact my plans for the material realm, and extinguish the life of any who dares to oppose MY will!." "Uh... Go four what?" "... Go and find old shiney things and bring them back, and crush anyone who tries to stop you." "Yes boss!"
Cavin Stutts (20 days ago)
Right now I'm playing an Aarakocra Bard with a 13 charisma. It's very fun!
Rex Wolfdog (29 days ago)
The campaign I'm about to start involves a pale furred firbolg druid of the Shepherd circle, whose go-to shape is a squirrel and is the sworn guardian of an enchanted forest and its resident herd of unicorns. Because 80s movies, so there. They scored a whopping 0 intelligence, 0 dex and -1 to charisma but they're a 4 in wisdom- they are basically a sweet, gentle, clumsy doofus who can cast spells better than they can tie bootlaces- they have some measure of common sense in the form of Nature and medicine proficience, but knows sweet feck-all about civilization, and will be eating bugs and swallowing fish whole in front of the party because they have zero concept of that being abnormal. I love them already and I can't wait to inflict them on the GM <3
Tobias Schwarzberger (1 month ago)
One uncommon Concept I really love isa twist on the ranger. Instead of beingcompletely at home in nature, like most rangers, he is utterly terrified of anything involving nature and the Things within said nature, so he learned everything there is to know about his "favoured" Terrain out of sheer Paranoia. And he favours ranged weapons because he is too scared to face even a wasp head on, much less that ork with a battleaxe.
Christoffer (1 month ago)
I do use low rolls at times. But my current monk character, when I was making her. Ohhhh boy. Didn't get one 16 or higher twice. Roll four 1's making a stat of my choosing 3! I would love to have that on another character but it just doesn't fit with her.
Christoffer (1 month ago)
When I was making my first character I chose druid. And my race was a half elf. But I couldn't decide what elf I should be. At the time it 3e so there were a lot of options. But I ended up with wood elf. But my other thought was a dark elf. And this was before I ever even heard of Drizzt. Being a druid of Mielikki she wielded a scimitar. 2 weeks ago I switched from her to a human shadow monk. With a blink back belt who throws daggers and them runs in for the bonus action punch if needed. At the time of writing this, tomorrow is going to be my second time playing her. I hope. Depends if we have time. I dunno if the characters are unique but if I were to make a drow it would be because they pulled from a DOMT. The balance card is it not the one that changes alignment. Lawful Evil becomes chaotic good. And I would like to wield a spiked chain or something. I love drow. And I fucking despise spiders. They are waste of organic material and breath. They should never exist and never come near me! Anyway! Great video! I love the Drizzt reference like all does. Currently reading streams of silver, almost finished with it sadly.
The Mad Hacker (1 month ago)
currently playing a SUPER friendly gnome artificer (modified) thats happy go lucky, has a clockwork fighter companion and...randomly cuts off limbs, replaces them with machinery and tells NO ONE until after he's done it :P
Thomas Parkin (1 month ago)
Low stat characters are great! You get to play perma-death Dark Souls! Equip yourself like Goblin Slayer for each task and enjoy the tension.
Phileas Liebmann (1 month ago)
0:44 I heard of a game were there were not one, not two, but three Drizzt Do'Urden clones in a single party. According to the guy who told he story it was the funniest shit ever watch these three guys trying to out brood each other at every turn.
SpicyDragonWings (1 month ago)
I want to roleplay as a character with a literal chip on his shoulder. Like a potato chip. It could be summoned and dismissed at will and act as a ranged weapon.
samualwatkins (1 month ago)
Your first character “I’m a human fighter avenging the death of my father” Your second character “I’m a mountain biking witch from the future!”
hammerhiem75 (1 month ago)
I'm Playing a gnome warlock who was born crippled and abandoned to die in the streets, years later he lay dying when an Angel offered him a whole body and new life. Little did he know it was a fallen Angel and even if he had who would give that chance up?
Space Orochi (1 month ago)
Human monk with Entertainer background = fire juggler and fire eater. He was able to use his fire techniques in battle, they were not so efficient but hey, what a show it was.
vazak11 (1 month ago)
random stats to roleplay sounds like a fun and daunting challenge XD
HAPPY DISASTER (1 month ago)
I’ve currently got a moon elf zealot barbarian of eilistraee, who was captured by drow, brought to the city of menzoberranzen, turned into a slave, saved by a priestess of eilistraee, tortured for a few years by lolthites, escaped, and has devoted himself to saving drow while still having an absolute HATE for them. Currently in myth drannor fighting a pair of green dragons So yea
Michael Wells (1 month ago)
I have a player who is a "monk" who was raised in the hood. He is a bruiser and philosophy is that feeling your opponents noise crack under your fist is far more satisfying than any weapon. He's a mix of Mike Tyson, Bruce Lee, and your stereotypical street thug. Its great!
fuzzydragon (1 month ago)
I rolled a 3 for charisma best character ever, the Tabaxi thought he would give playing a harp a shot to cheer up his party who didnt have a bard, rolled a -2 a string snaps cutting is hand and he trips falling into the harp and getting stuck in it like a musical tutu that jangled everywhere he walked for the next day....but at least it cheared up the party.
rottendisturbed GAMING (1 month ago)
Right now I’m playing as a robot bard that can’t speak and has no hands. However, he does emit soothing white noise.
Crista (1 month ago)
I do this with my sorcerer. She has a high charisma, but she’s a teenager so she has zero handle on her emotions. One minute she’s loveable and sweet but she gets pissed off fast, can be very sad and moody, and doesn’t know what personal space is. Her intelligence is average but it makes her want to learn a ton, always getting in someone’s space to ask questions. And to top it all off, her wisdom is low and she’s currently disguised as an adult. Everyone asks her for sage advice but she doesn’t have any to give. She’s just a teenager trying to learn how to be an adult.
Andrew Lewis (1 month ago)
I'm currently playing an awoken dog rogue who can transform into a human wizard. Oh and his ultimate goal is to create a DnD equivalent of PETA and free all animals.
Korog Yamoshi (1 month ago)
Honestly I'm suprised we don't see a lot of Drow warlocks, for males it fits, especially if you look back into 4e. Also While I agree with Mr. Mercer on how Drizzt clones, and I feel I should empasize the term clone, got out of hand a little bit of varience in the build of a drow ranger can be good, like a drow gloom stalker ranger works well, especially with there not being any animal companion. Also try longsword & rapier or something.
孔彬锐 (1 month ago)
I'm playing a half elf rogue/bard and it's super hilarious
Guillaume Gevrey (2 months ago)
currently playing a buddy mivie (think Bill and Ted's) with 2 monks. Good fun!
Julie Hudson (2 months ago)
How about a philosophical undead orc barbarian?
SneakZ (2 months ago)
i last minute was added to my brothers dnd game after someone dropped out. off the cuff i rolled a druid who hates small animals. i was thinking how lame it was as i said it but the DM has been having fun and its been fun to RP.
OnyxFlameGod (2 months ago)
My current character is magician who doesn't know he isn't mage. He's a scout+master thrower focusing on sleight of hand and gimmick items. He can't even read draconic
Joshua Justus (2 months ago)
I just got an idea: a nome monk blacksmith. He learned how to fight like a monk while working with in a monistary. Most of the time he was just making horseshoes and repairing broken equipment. He only learned how to fight to test it out. I can see it a tinker nome monk that repairs and builds the party's equipment wile using shatter on the enimies knees and flurry of blows on their balls.
Erin Flores (2 months ago)
I made a halfling barbarian for my next campaign
Gamer G33k (2 months ago)
I have an Artificer character who is very smart, max intelligence. But, hes not that wise and cant read social cues too well. He cant show emotions and must instead verbalize how he feels and also doesnt use pronouns. He either refers to someone by their name, race or profession/title, and always speaks in 3rd person. Hes honestly my favorite to play as.
ecos889 (2 months ago)
I am playing a Chaotic evil bard whoes inspiration comes from food, rather than music. So I am role-playing hims with game mechanics too such as inspiration points coming from food I make, which I give as snacks to my allies. It makes him harder to play as inventory becomes more tedious, for players but I intend to try and describe sensations and feelings induced by the food he produces. His goal is to get greater worm flesh to try and cook into the ultimate theatre. (He sees food as the greatest form of theatre planning to of want point literally serving the dead allies of a captured enemy as a way to form an intimidation check and the food will be described quite horrifically) (He is mostly jovial and jolly and eccentric and its not a thing that probably will happen once as once he tries a piece of theatre it is his motto not do a same thing again theatre should live in the heart of the audience once and then spread through their work if its good it will spread) Repetition to him means he can produce less art and less art is not what someone as fabulous as him cannot accept.
Youri Gevers (2 months ago)
I came up with a barbarian; ancestral guardian who was part of a guild many years ago. Usually calm and collected, and does not like to rage during combat, only does so when really needed. And when he does, he fights for his guild.
A E (2 months ago)
The midlife crisis barbarian... he just couldn't take this anymore.
Crystal Secret (2 months ago)
My wife is going to play a Pladin. She also going to make a Darkness Konosuba character. So... yeah.
alex gahan (2 months ago)
I made a wizard, that was basically the guy in college who you have no idea how they passed but they did. He had a stoner voice and when asked to identify items I would be just say "ah dude this thing is rad" or having random moments in a intelligence check where suddenly stoner wizard knows his shit. I loved that character
Lorenzo Valetti (2 months ago)
Awesome, and thank you for GeEmsplaning this to me :D
Dereck Heineman (2 months ago)
So I made a character that (with the help of ua) has proficiency in every skill and expertise in 12 but they're not motivated to do anything. So it often went similar to this Me:Do we have to jump this gap? Party: Yes, it's the only way to get the bad guy Me:Fine I guess I'll try to do it *rolls an 18, str mod is +3, and expertise totaling in at 33* Dm:Ok so not only do you clear the gap you go so far over it you watch as you fall into the spike pit on the other side. M:*Makes Dex save yet again succeed by a rediculous amount* Dm:Alright so you actually catch yourself on the ledge and pull yourself up M:*half yells back to party* guys be careful there are spike over here
RorytheRomulan (2 months ago)
I created a 5e character back before this video came out that I'm pretty sure bucks the disgruntled loner trend of both his race and class: he is a tiefling ranger. He fell in with a bad crowd, but fear not, his class and background don't involve that cliche. He was easily caught when he tried to steal something, and after his dad got a "settle down and be with the fam" talk from the wife, his parents sent him to go live with his half-elf uncle in the woods near a druid clan for several years, and the uncle basically did that by beating ranger lessons into him. They warmed up to each other, but after that my fledgling ranger took everything he learned to go join the watch, and after he was passed over for promotion after making sergeant, he packed up and went on the road. His ability scores kinda averaged out in the +1 to +2 range when we rolled up, but that's only because we rolled for the best set of scores out of three tries. He's actually not proficient with Stealth even though he should be, but I'm looking at getting him trained. He's not a brooding or brusque person at all lol. He's friendly, worships the good pantheon, and possesses the charm of an awkward city boy. An ancient tiefling empire is a source of distrust in the present day, and despite his aversion to the fashion senses typical of tieflings, he was fascinated with the history of his kind, from the rise to the fall, in spite of the ugly details. He enjoys the outdoors and the quiet, but is starved for social company, so he happily interacts with the rest of the party, but lack of good socializing in his earlier life has stunted his interpersonal skills, so he's a little awkward sometimes, a little moody when people act counter to his own logic, and has had a couple screw-ups already. He's a little horny and a big doofus around the ladies, but he's never been afraid of approaching someone new - and has suffered a string of rejections, handwaved to the background. He has acquired a hyena partially tainted by gnolls as his beast companion, an outcast like himself, who should purify after traveling with the party for a while. All he wants to do is become a great hero so that people of his hometown and beyond will accept him and see past his devil heritage, and thankfully he doesn't have to prove himself to anyone in the party. However, journeying with the party will take him above and beyond his quest for personal glory. I can't say too much as we are currently adventuring again after a long hiatus!
The13Inquisitor (2 months ago)
Let's be honest here: Rogues are always selfish, unprofessional troublemakers, without exception. Or at least, that's my experience. I've never played a game where a Rogue was the straight guy or voice of reason.
MrAwsomenoob (2 months ago)
so I'm currently playing a Phoenix sorcerer and here is the idea on how he got his powers. His mother was an adventurer with his father and they had many adventures together, until one day it all wen't wrong and she ended up cursed and was slowly dying. And since she was basically a goner her lover left her and later on she discovered she was pregnant and that she wouldn't live long enough to have the child. So she sought out a phoenix and convinced it to help her the creature bestowed it's power on her curing her and giving her power. this had the unintended consequences of 'Awakening' her unborn child because they were connected to each other he sprang to consciousness before he was born as well as triggering memories from his past life as another spellcaster. So he was a child with the mental capacity of an adult with the memories of a life he doesn't remember living. The idea i go with is that when ever he makes intelligence checks he is sifting through his past life looking for relevant information. and to everyone around him they think he is some kind of savant this is also how he learns new spells.
Noah Daglio (2 months ago)
I had a warlock who accidentally got their powers through a one night stand with an archfey after a long night of drinking.
Zachary White (2 months ago)
How about a bard/fighter combo that makes an extravagant show while fighting.
Eklypze.Z30 (2 months ago)
..but Drow..
Spentoons (2 months ago)
Like my Gnome Barbarian
I love characters with incredibly low intelligence Like -4 modifier
Shirley Munro (2 months ago)
Pretty sure necromancers started out as the member of your family/clan who carried around a jar of the bones of their ancesters and was therefor 'lawful'. Only later are they drinking water of life from the wombs of expectant mothers in the search for immortality.
Rikku Takanashi (2 months ago)
I tend to only follow types when they fit the character I already wanted to make. And even then, I often add my own tweaks to the concept. And even if you want to play a "type" there's so many different ways to spice it up. I Mean, look how many different recipes there are for baked chicken and for Spaghetti. If people can diversify a recipe so easily, surely a type can be tweaked and played in a unique way. Even the typical edge lord can evolve into an adorably tsundere bishounen over time.
Hakageryuu (2 months ago)
0:45 Straight outta Underdark, Crazy Motherfucka named Drizzt Do'Urden
fightingfate451 (2 months ago)
One of the things that bothers me is the Druid hippie stereotype. So when I made a druid I went against that. Gave her no healing spells made her completely offensive that worshipped the moon and made her get raised by wolves. The result was one the higher damaging members of the party who could barely speak a normal language due to mostly associating with wolves all her life. It was a lot of fun.
Braeden La bounty (2 months ago)
I made a Arcane archer Fighter, that multiclassed warlock hexblade with imporved pact weapon to be a turbo archer, he had amazing charisma and Dex thanks to good rolls, but had 5 wisdom, 4 intelligence, I made him as a back up character so he leveled up in the backround and then our base party got enough magic items that we got to roll a random magic item for our back up boys. By some sheer luck i rolled a headband of intellect. (For those who don't know, arcane archer spell DC is INT based.) brining him to 19 int. I roleplayed him as oblivious to the world, because of 5 wisdom leading to 7 passive perception, and because of that he would occasionally trip and would run into things, which could cause the headband to fall off bringing him down to basically animal level, it was a hell a lot of fun. I would roll checks to see if would fall off or if he could figure out he needed to put it back on, on my side that i told my DM from the get go what the DC would be and stuck to them for the whole game and it was great. Until I nat 1 on the check and dropped the headband into lava, the retard took control back then. He died shortly after needing to save his friends from imprisonment but was terrified of heights now and was stuck on the volcano and starved.
Miguel Angel Rangel (2 months ago)
I was thinking about a half-orc fighter, he was born from a half- elf mother, imprisoned and kept for the leader of the orc tribe to “channel his carnal needs”, she escaped, and although most people would’ve discarded such an abomination, she saw some good on the half-orc baby, her baby. Both ran an inn at a small town, a talented chef, and his mother (who was a ranged fighter) taught him how to be a badass. Got bitten and trampled by a horse while still a kid, so he became equinophobic. His mother was found and recaptured by his dad, and now his on a journey to free his mother (if she’s still alive) and/or avenge all the bad things that tribe did to her.
Mr. MetalArm (2 months ago)
I'm currently playing a warlock who was born to a family of wizards and sorcerers who had no power of their own, no how much they trained and studied. Then when they were 16, their mother got sick with an unknown disease nobody could cure. In a last desperate attempt to help, they went to drink from the well of Mimir, and while they gained the knowledge they needed, they were too late to save their mother. And the price to drink from the well? Service to Mimir, for however long he needed them. Now they do all of Mimir's dirty work, while still doing all they can to use their power to help people.
Mina Scarlet2 (2 months ago)
I just made a bard that learned most of his skills unwillingly because he was enslaved to a travelling circus and became the substitute performer when he was old enough
Bainbow (2 months ago)
I had a Paladin who was a trickster type, a fast-talker and compulsive liar who would indeed fight the forces of the dark powers, but did so often using tricks such as allying with another dark power to defeat the first dark power before stabbing the second dark power in the back, or that one time he raised an army of goblins via a long one hour debate where he attempted to use Insane Troll Logic to argue that he and the rest of the party were a literal spider and succeeded while potentially driving the GM insane.
Ethan Mays (3 months ago)
Pretty sure my character has no comparison
Chris Games (3 months ago)
Guarantee you the Drizzt refrance went over someone's head
Christopher Simpson (3 months ago)
I was a Female Dragonborn Warlock with a large number of self-destructive tendencies that entered a poly-amorous relationship with a weretiger, on a crusade to destroy all necromancy in the world. She's abandoned the party twice trying to find herself, been somewhat of a shitty parent to her children, burned a couple hundred people to death for booing at her in an arena, and murdered a rival group of adventurers that took up refuge with our old barkeeper. She was also able to slam a vampire into a wall so hard that not only did the wall break but, in the DMs own words, he literally disintegrated from the impact.
Daniel Rule (3 months ago)
A stereotypical cleric except their patron god is Guy Fieri and their greatest dream is to die in glorious battle that he may be welcomed into Flavortown.
Nick Browne (3 months ago)
My character is named Drizton, he is a lawful good Tiefling monk who grew up in his monastery after being brought their as a baby and didn’t experience any hated towards his infernal heritage inside the temple, his main flaw is being indecisive and have trouble making decisions.
Ryuzaki (3 months ago)
"dark elf with twin scimitar and a pet panther" Welp, that's a fucking Dritzz Reference if I ever saw one
Fantasia Plays (3 months ago)
Wel the cleric in my group is a skeleton alive cause of magic
johnsepticlemon (3 months ago)
I once made a Path of Spiritual Guardian Barbarian. That was actually a helmet. He was a Viking that got turned into a helmet. By a lich. I re$skinned the “spiritual guardians” or whatever into the spirit in the helmet calling his friends from the underworld to wreck face.
Asbestos Fish (3 months ago)
As an example of one of my experiences of playing against type, I made a Kurt kobaine inspired bard called “uncle rusty” who’s entire gimmick was making the enemies too depressed and tired to fight. One of his crowning achievements was “hamletting” an entire bandit camp.
Dagoth-Ur's Beekeeper (3 months ago)
This reminds me of a Kobold Barbarian I played. He's no Conan, but instead he treads that fine line between team player and asshole. And the Firbolg Barbarian I was partied with REALLY helped this. He was just trying to fit in, a little shit with a big axe, out there to have fun and claim treasure.
Draco Dovakiin (3 months ago)
I have a dragonborn paladin who isn't the "Oh, we don't need payment, vanquishing evil is reward itself!" If he does the thing, he is getting the payment for it. He'll defeat anything, and hates undead with his life, but hell if he isn't rewarded for the trouble
Andrew Ender Frost (3 months ago)
I cannot unsee him throwing pool noodles from the corner of the room.
Alnod of Carim (3 months ago)
I have a Paladin that has a nat 7 WIS, but 14 or over in every other stat (Str is Nat 20, so when i was making him I was like "OH FUCKIN KAY!!")
Verbose Mode (3 months ago)
I actually went really close to that barbarian idea! He was just a normal (if very large) villager from the tundra, and seemed super-chill. Right up until he spartan-kicked a table _through_ a corrupt sheriff.
Magi V (3 months ago)
Goliath rogue. That is all.
Bruce Cassner (3 months ago)
I got a Variant Human Druid Pirate who lock himself away after losing their spot as quartermaster, their crew, and everything they believed to be true. Hates the woods, tattoos that depict animals and spells, and is now living as a hermit/shut in right in the middle of a port city. Because the ocean is the only place they know as home
Firetyper13 / ?? (3 months ago)
Instantly makes depressed bard
Brandon Jimkern (3 months ago)
Role playing as a character in tabletop games is dumb. I play D&D not to pretend to be someone else. I play D&D to create a character with great stats and combat ability to face almost any challenge (and most of my group agrees). As someone who has played D&D on a regular basis for the past few years, I do not for the life of me get why some people play these games and expect other to fully commit to a “Role” whenever at the table. _IT’S NOT REAL_. _Stop acting like it’s real_.
Cosmic Fails (3 months ago)
I've planned on making a bard whos actually incredibly shy, and is a Changeling, so will often hide themselves as other people rather than be honest with them
Darius Aetius (3 months ago)
Just here, in a desperate search of people who laughed out loud to the Drizzt joke at 00:45 allrighty then, movin' along
Abandonment Issues (3 months ago)
I have a character idea which is pretty cool. He’s a neutral evil half-elf wizard who shares a body with the ghost of his dead wife.
Abandonment Issues (3 months ago)
Also I haven’t really decided on if he should be half elf or just a high elf
Name Here (3 months ago)
Weeb Weeb (3 months ago)
Idea for a character: a fighter with no magical ability at all, who is a huuuge fanboy of magic and magic users. They know lots about it but can’t handle it themselves.
Crimson Trax (3 months ago)
I love playing cowardly fighters. My characters wave their weapons around in blind terror, chopping up monsters while not really looking.
TheArtistsWings 9 (3 months ago)
My barbatian was an elf who was cursed/blessed by the ocean Goddess to serve her in exchange for her survival after being cast out from her home.. She's basically like a rogua paladin as she leaves the Goddess who saw her as a meer pet. So the farther she moved from the sea, the more unhinged she becomes. It's super cool in role play.
NoahofWill (3 months ago)
Lol, one of my most interesting (to me) and fun (to me) character ideas that I really want to play is a Drow sorceress, but instead of having a Wild or a Shadow origin, she's Divine. Blessed by a Celestial. Who's been trying to brow-beat some Goodness into her since she was a baby. And what do you know, she got curious enough to try a Good Deed and liked it. So that's how she decided to go to the surface and become and adventurer.
Brazen Bard (4 months ago)
...One of my best characters ever was a sorcerer/red dragon disciple, Lawful Neutral and a bleeding paragon of personal discipline - he started out with 8 Strength and 5 constitution. He was a magnificent hardass. :D Another was a Bard with a Wisdom of 7; he didn't have trouble discerning right from wrong, but he had great difficulty telling right from left, and he was perpetually a victim of "It seemed a good idea at the time." When the party got knocked out by some drugged ale, and he got a Nat 20 for his Fortitude save, he just chuckled at the others and asked for another mug... :D Low ability scores can indeed lead to wonderful, wonderful things.
MrBlindassasin12 (4 months ago)
I'm playing a sort of grandad wood elf ranger who constantly scoffs at the other characters need for commodity and _insists_ on teaching everyone how to properly hunt and scavenge. They "affectionately" call him Cabbage Man after successfully hiding in a cabbage stand and dodging an officer's knife as he checked. Long story but I love him.
Sir Derpington (4 months ago)
thank you matt for giving me the idea of eeyore the paladin.
Tovey Baker (4 months ago)
I'm playing a Paladin as my 1st D&D character with Charisma as my highest, and most used, stat. and so far, he's: Pretended to be an evil guard, and then, he convinced real evil guards that he was a messenger sent to warn them that people were impersonating guards. so far, not having a cookie-cutter, "I am an amazing person, sent here by the gods, to stop your evil deeds" kind of Paladin is being really fun.
Ajehy (4 months ago)
I had a dwarf sorceress (wild magic) whose powers had made her a pariah in her hometown, so in spite of her high charisma she had no social skills. She blundered through interactions by sheer force of personality, rather than subtlety or charm. She was so happy when she met a group who WANTED her to blow things up!
Deathnotefan97 (4 months ago)
One time when playing around in DnD beyond, I rolled a character whose stats (after the plus one in all from human) were all between 10 and 13 (dex was 13, wis and I think cha were 12, everything else was 10 or 11) I wish I saved the character, because at the time I thought "this is boring, he's just a normal guy" but than Door Monster did a bit about a human fighter with 10 in every stat and I saw the possibilities Sadly, since I didn't save the character, human adventurer Gene Ericman will never see the light of day

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