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Roleplaying Against Type in D&D! (GM Tips w/ Matt Mercer)

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Choosing personality archetypes can lead to fun characters, and the real meat comes from the backstory and the experience. Game Master Matt Mercer lays out a few tips for roleplaying against type in this episode of GM Tips! Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry Google+: http://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundry
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Sean Hurley (16 hours ago)
I have a player who is a goblin wizard/ barbarian. The thing is he isn't actually a Goblin but an escaped Oompa-Loompa. Whenhe goes into a rage only sweets can clam him back down.
Dudemitri Moxemberg (2 days ago)
I'm working right now on a Chaotic Neutral/Good Aasimar Paladin/Sorceress. She grew up in a warzone and lived as a ruthless mercenary for the majority of her life, until her partner crossed the line from "morally questionable" to "chaotic messed-up", which caused a fallout in their relationship and made her rethink her life choices. She managed to contact a Deva for tutoring, and eventually became a Vengeance Paladin, using the tenets of her Oath as a sort of a moral checklist. So long as she mostly follows these rules, she's doing the right thing. Existential dread averted. The catch is that the Oath of Vengeance only talks about fighting big evil things, and not normal everyday life, so she's still a Chaotic Neutral/Good Powerhouse prone to smiting annoying elvish pricks and partying hard with orcs, who's slowly learning right from wrong. She has a Wisdom of 6.
Thomas Wylie (2 days ago)
One of my favorite characters to play is a paladin who is more like Batman than Superman. Yes, he's a good guy, but he embodies the idea "lawful good does not mean lawful nice." While he protects the defenseless and upholds the law, he also takes a little too much pleasure in taking down the bad guys. Oh, and he wields a scythe and sees himself as a harvester of souls, laughing madly as he cuts down fleeing enemies. Don't worry, he used Detect Evil and Good, so he knows they're evil. He's quite deranged.
Senna Asad (5 days ago)
Played a navigator in a Pirate Setting (One Piece specificall) before. My character refused to enter upper floors or ships the usual way and always tried to climb the walls, usually resulting in him being knocked out and the crew travelling around without a conscious navigator.
grottles grotto (8 days ago)
I’m going to be making a masochist tank
King Red Howler (8 days ago)
In a campaign I played as a wizard who struck a deal with a Lich (being the main villain) and became a warlock, but one thing my character demanded be part of the bargain was one rule, "If you attempt to back stab me in any way, may it be preventing me from helping my friend or preventing me to kill you, my powers will return, twice over." After making the bargain I made my character do everything in his power to upset this Lich and near the end he got so fed up with my character that he took my powers away, breaking the contract and preventing me from helping my team in a dire situation, returning me back to wizard with double the amount of spell slots.
Christoffer (8 days ago)
Omfg! The Drizzt reference is fucking awesome!
Stock Fish (11 days ago)
Orc Bardbarian best ever
Kenner Costen (12 days ago)
I ran a womanizing paladin who was a devout whoremonger. He would trade loh and cure disease for services. Drove the DM nuts.
Elgadorin (13 days ago)
I have a dragonborn barbarian in my game that gets distracted by flowers
Sloan Elliott (13 days ago)
i have an idea ive been cooking up thats a 14 year old human wild magic sorceror that desperately does not want magical power and just wants to skateboard instead. thus they seek out a warlock pact hoping for give up their power to someone else who needs it more but accidentally gets more powerful. they're magic is actively untrained and i want to have the skateboard be their magical focus
Brian Roberts (15 days ago)
I've got a Half-Orc barbarian who loves to read, but what he reads isn't always true. The campaign has just started, so I'm not sure how it's going to affect things, but it seems like it'll be entertaining.
V Star 1300 Adventures (15 days ago)
I used a player generator this week to create a party for an adventure I've been thinking about with a friend. Then, once generated I went looking for any common traits among them. Curiously, they all have below average intelligence, so I thought, that would make a really interesting company that 'investigates' things as a solver of problems. They probably won't have the intelligence to solve even mundane things, but it should be fun.
Nicholas Sampson (16 days ago)
It's funny he mentions the blue collar barbarian. My last barb wasn't a miner, but a former soldier and forgemaster who sought revenge over an axe belonging to his wife that was not properly returned to him following her tragic death at the end of the last clan war. His aggression toward this former enemy following what was thought to be the end of conflict nearly reignited the war, and saw him exiled from his clan.
bread bread (18 days ago)
Rolling one or two maybe even 3 low stats is ok, but my mate once rolled a 12, and everything else below 9(I am pretty sure there was a 3 in there too)
that one guy 500 (19 days ago)
I like the idea of a half-orc paladin.
Umbrie Shadowsong (20 days ago)
mastermind rogue who was the offspring of a human nobleman's daughter and a very family oriented good aligned drow necromantic healer father. she wanted to be a detective, but was judged negatively by her peers because of her father's heritage, so she worked really hard at the skillset of training her ability to speak with and flatter others, her ability to spot when others didn't want to deal with her and her ability to deflect topics. and in a scouting regiment as the one job she could get, she quickly learned stealth and how to use her keen eye for clues to help her find traps. really, she was daddy's spoiled little girl, trying her best to be a detective. but she was neutral good with a lawful slant. most people would expect a drow blooded half elf rogue to be a lawful evil loner edgelord, but she was very happy go lucky and while she had some psionic talents. she wasn't really the party magic user. she could just keep her clothes clean and in good condition, and had a set of glamered spidersilk clothes.
The Cult of the Jim (23 days ago)
Fighter, Wisdom 4, Charisma 6. "Oh by Chlansor! Shut him up! Don't let him speak for us!" He also gets sent off to read his book when the party discusses its various less than savory intrigues- the last thing they need is for someone with a moral conscious around for those shifty plans. Last time, he learned D is for Dog. But, when we faced off against the undead, his whip and shield bash damage output has put the rest of the party to shame, and he even got to ride the spider before they killed it.
Christian Windum (24 days ago)
I agree... Falling Down really is a good movie
TheTacoMan (26 days ago)
I recently got a really good character idea from a fluke of dice rolls. In rolling, I ended up with a natural 18 and a 5, so I adapted it into this setup: A wild magic sorcerer with an 18 in charisma and a 5 in strength. Basically a ludicrously powerful caster that is also incredibly weak physically. In making this character, I came up with the backstory that they were born with magical abilities, and that the "magic within you doesn't want to stay quiet" thing has resulted in sudden destructive bursts that have slowly made the character's life slightly miserable. Their entire arc revolves around their desire to get rid of their powers, and at the end either achieve that goal, or, to accept it and embrace the gift they've been given.
Deathnotefan97 (27 days ago)
I did have an idea for an intelligent Barbarian/Druid, very well spoken and eloquent in speech, with a English accent Until he rages, in which case he: 1. Carefully removes his glasses 2. Shakes violently and foams at the mouth 3. Wild-shapes into a bear 4. Proceeds to _litteraly_ eat the face off the enemy After he turns back, covered in blood and with bits of face still hanging from his mouth, he would go back to the well spoken gentleman he was before, as if nothing happened I tend to like characters that genuinely don't even notice that they are violent, dangerous psychopaths whom everyone is afraid of
nathan dravis (27 days ago)
Fun fact, a bard of mine in a new camapgine in Pathfinder has a 20 in Charisma. Yeah, my whole idea of a stupid, rockstar trope - RIGHT out the window, cause his intelligance is 18. I DON'T WANT HIGH STATS AAAHHHGG
Squeesh Squeesh (29 days ago)
I have a dragonborn paladin.... Let's just say he broke the divine oath after learning a lot about dark magic and necromancy. He is currently raising dragons from the dead for conquest. Now he's a Paladin of Conquest.
Squeesh Squeesh (29 days ago)
I have a dragonborn paladin.... Let's just say he broke the divine oath after learning a lot about dark magic and necromancy. He is currently raising dragons from the dead for conquest. Now he's a Paladin of Conquest.
Alternate Account (1 month ago)
People often have a hard time using monks because they “dont fit the theme” of the more western fantasy but I don’t see why they can’t be something like a street fighter or a boxer they don’t have to be in robes and made of steel
John Harrison (1 month ago)
My mountain dwarf warlock who accidentally made a pact with a fiend because he thought it was Moradin approves of this...
Sauceicus54 (1 month ago)
The first D&D character I created was a half orc barbarian who was obsessed with bread.
Heather Brittain (1 month ago)
I'm currently playing a Drow Palidin. And while her personality is very much in line with a typical Drow, including how she responds to others, she is also completely terrified of children. They make her freeze up and become uncomfortable with any situation where she has to deal with a child. It's made for some very interesting situations for the group. She's also not full of religious zeal. She's pretty much set on conquering a large portion of land for her own where she's the only person allowed to hurt the things and people she owns.. and the second she decides she likes you, she see you as her own. Hers to do with as she likes, whether you agree or not. Quite honestly, she had been a lot of fun to play for me and the DM for our group keeps using her motivations and personality as plot hooks to keep the party going.. so lots of gun
I once played a lawful neutral Warlock who's connection to his patron (Who was one of the big baddies of the campaign) was not of a servant master but instead more like a son to father relationship. It was great
Bipeda Gamerson (1 month ago)
I DM a war mage that's mostly blind. to keep things interesting if I roll anything lower than 10 he hits a random party meber
beekeeper singed (1 month ago)
you mean my Ork Bard in heavy armor with 20 str and only 10 karisma (Tank/DPS/Suport) well weak tank ... but still tanky
Darklord6832 (1 month ago)
I play an Elf Sorcerer who is notorious for being stupidly comedic. Not necessarily funny but comedic. He's Chaotic Neutral so it fits well. One example is that my group and I were in a tavern discussing stuff I don't remember but we had this Fire Demon under a very powerful Summoners control. I made jokes and he was so tempted to hit me but wasn't really allowed to. He snapped though after I asked him if "Fire was on fire". He punched my character in the gut, rendering him unconscious, on the tavern floor. Nobody even seemed to care because everyone wanted to do it. My friend had to slam some beer down my throat that came from a flask from his deity, the beer god. I woke up a little later hurting, and drunk. Anyway, flavor to the narrative is what makes the game an experience rather than just about you gaining experience from murdering everything. My friends and I all laugh when I do this stupid stuff, it's really fun.
MC Mosfet (1 month ago)
One of my favorite characters I ever played was a teenage orphan rogue girl, who put on the appearance of the cheerful and carefree kid/waif, but in actuality was a mix of Walter White meets Daniel Plainview, who aspired to run a criminal empire so that they could get into the real profit making business: land ownership and mining rights. Another which is more recent, is a Bard/Warlock that I rolled after a near TPK, who started out life a true romantic, and consummate liar who worked in the service of the church of Mask as a spy, before being betrayed by his partner and tricked into making a pact with the very devil he was hunting/investigating. His introduction to the party was impersonating one of the dead party members who no one(who had survived, at least) had technically seen die, and when that cover was challenged, immediately switched to a new alias of being a Harper Scout. I currently have about 10 fake backstories prepped for when that lie gets found out, and I can't wait for each reveal.
Hellequin (1 month ago)
"seriously this shit got out of hand in the 90s, DONT!" i literally started to laugh. awesome
dibaterman (1 month ago)
Dark Elves aren't edgy enough; it's all about the Shadar Kai because pain is love and agony is rebirth.
Orelux Tenebrae (1 month ago)
Anti-Paladin desiring to curse the wicked instead of being evil; hedonistic clerics of benevolent deities; barbarians with insanely high intelligence scores, but shit strength; socially awkward bards and rogues... Are these good examples?
Cameron Rowan (1 month ago)
Johnathan Mccurdy (1 month ago)
Shout out the the falling down reference! Oh god! I DONT WANT LUNCH. Iwant.. BREAKFAST
RedMouse (1 month ago)
An old grumpy female dwarf who shoots fire bolts at people when she was annoyed. And she recounted the story of King Gregory the fifth at every opportunity.
Nora B (1 month ago)
I'm playing a Kor Ranger, who doesn't use any range weapons usually, just her hooks and shortswords. She loves to drink. Has an unhealthy obsession with giant killing and family ties. Oh and she can't speak. So she has a charisma of 8,and has failed all her seduction rolls..... There have been surprisingly many of those in the first two games!! 😁
Kenneth Baker (1 month ago)
I made a Tabaxi barbarian that had a developmental disorder and is know much shorter than other members of his tribe. His tribe has this winter tradition called the Thinning where they select the weakest and least useful members and put them in a tournament of death. Pygmy (my character) had been selected for and won four. Now he has left the tribe vowing to protect those who can't protect themselves from the stronger beings abusing their power.
Daniel Cuevas (1 month ago)
I saw a guy roll a all ones for stats and another got a 20 on every stat
Eric Monfils (1 month ago)
I'm still salty I made a character for a game that never went anywhere. I created a Bookworm Bard. She's a shy, meek Elf at the tender age of 148 and who uses quotes and speeches from great authors to inspire those around her. Yes, she can sing, but doesn't like to do so in the public eye, feeling embarrassed and shy at being thrust into the spotlight and would rather sing when no one was awake.
zaike (1 month ago)
I made a character with 3cha
Addison Langston (1 month ago)
My favorite character I've ever seen played was a Tortle Barbarian who didn't rage, but instead filled with joy that they wanted to spread to others through dancing with their weapons until they get too tired from all the "red stuff" coming out. Kind of didn't understand how violence or death worked. BEST. BARBARIAN. EVER!!!
ChaoticHippo (1 month ago)
One of my favorite characters I've made was my "redneck wizard." He grew up on a highly prosperous potato farm, and his parents sent him to school so he could manage their books and shipping manifests. However, they actually sent him to a wizarding school, and thus was born a confusing marriage between arcane mastery and potato vodka
Strike The Spike (1 month ago)
I had a half ork Barbarian (on paper only) that was from space. He was an alian that just looked like a half ork.When he raged it was the chips in his brain helping him fight. His name was Thruck. He was great.
Degly Spiderfang (1 month ago)
I have cheated on rolls... to make stats lower! I was playing a ranger who I wanted to make shit at anything social, so I took my lowest roll and made it lower!
ReposefulCrane4 (1 month ago)
When someone thinks of halflings, they think of bright cheery home settlers content with living a normal life with family. “Not me,” said I. I played a halfling pirate who had the deepest and gruffest voice around, hated staying in one place, and generally didn’t like taking orders. He found his hatred of settlement when he was but a young man, setting out to work on a brig. Found his hate of order when the captain decided to rule tyrannically. Overthrowing the captain, Wellby Tosscoble became the captain of the ship Shorthand (pun intended), becoming one of the most ruthless pirates of the seven seas, but his halfling nature still caused him to be fair with his crew and all around him.
Vohaul86 (1 month ago)
We need more Planescape: Torment. (Too bad Planescape was axed...)
V (1 month ago)
I have a question when building a character how do you measure good looks do you use Charisma to measure it or some other Ability Scores?
minecraft buisness (1 month ago)
Drizzt.... WHY DON'T YOU exist??
Jamie Klein (1 month ago)
I played a drow rogue once who was really professional at rogue stuff but was a total idiot when it came to talking to people. It didn’t help that my character was always trying to impress the ladies. I ended up running out of a bar once because of a pick-up line went wrong.
ScimTar (2 months ago)
My Barbarian with the 2nd highest Int score. Don't ask me to succeed on a Wis save though.
Kaylee White (2 months ago)
My Bard's has performance and social anxiety 😬
Carrera B (2 months ago)
I love this! Most of my characters have been inspired by taking tropes and saying, but what if the opposite! My first: a high elf rogue... who’s a southern hick with the flirtatious personality of a bard with 8 INT and no understanding of magic despite being 155yo. It’s fun, especially when others meet them and make judgments based on appearance, and then they hear them speak lmao
Fireleaf of Dawnclan (2 months ago)
0:45 heh
whade62000 (2 months ago)
It occurs to me that the fact that D&D classes often rely on 1 stat leaving others almost superfluous can be a gift. It means that your character can be very good or bad at things that matter to other characters piurely for story reasons. Imagine for example, an educated barbarian who is actually the best in the party at deep philosophy, political understanding or magic history, but since he does not pursue these except as a hobby focusing on building his battle related skills, he never quite develops the indept knowledge to call them skills, yet can do enough to create character moments. Imagine how annoyed his friends must be with his constant overanalyzing and smartass commentary. Almost tmpted to create an RPG where players pick one, class related stat and then we randomize (roll) all the others, and they would have no gameplay effect at all save for some very minor.
WildFire (2 months ago)
I have a warlock character for an upcoming campaign, who i’m going to play as the flirty, partying and flamboyant type rather than the dark, brooding and ominous trope you normally think of about the class
Vepris Thorn (2 months ago)
Not sure I like the idea of the emo paladin On the barbarian idea I once created a short Tiefling librarian barbarian, she was introverted and obsessed with knowledge, her strength came from year of shelving and reshelving book from patrons that PUT THEM BACK WRONG, the library eventually sent her out to "seek new knowledge" for them after she lost her temper at one to many patrons. She ran around in her prim and proper library garb with a great axe on her back seeking rare and new tomes to bring back to the library
Ryukrulesapples (2 months ago)
I love how he threw shade at the biggest mary sue in all of Fantasy.... the golden oldie, Drizzt Do'Urdin right in the early part
jdkenada (2 months ago)
Falling Down is an amazing movie. Great reference point too.
Ivan Martinez (2 months ago)
A 2'05m and around 130kg golden dragonborn paladin who is sacred by everything and tends to hide behind his companions; who go from 60cm to 1'20m so... Ya
Damus Ravenwood (2 months ago)
a tabaxi that never asked to be a traveler or a cleric and just gets darker and darker over time till he finally tells the party he wishes to kill himself which creates a fiscussion amongst the party of mental health and how the gods can only do so much and that we create our own destinies, the gods can only suggest what we do with them. This actually just happened to my character so yeah :3
MrAlfaman55 (2 months ago)
I want Matt to narrate my life story, he is amazing
Emma Grey (2 months ago)
In our current D&D session, my character is a rouge Tefling who is basically like Molly from Critical Role (R.I.P Molly) and has now been exposed to racism in the town that the group has traveled to. YAY!
The Foun (2 months ago)
Cool video, except for those sjw terms (-splaining, them)
Clear Lens Cap (2 months ago)
I'm currently playing as a vampire paladin who was once a normal acolyte for the God of Life, but an evil god cursed him with vampirism because he hated how dutiful he was to his god. He was then kicked out of his church and his life was ruined, now he wanders the land, searching for ways to redeem himself to his god and find a way to lift the curse of vampirism.
Ghestualt (2 months ago)
One of my most enjoyable campaigns was a monk with very low intelligence but above average wisdom. With my GM's permission this developed into short term memory loss.
Rice Bowl (2 months ago)
This reminds me of the time I had a bloodhunter who had very high charisma and strength, but low intelligence. He could charm his way in and out of situations and was very cocky and arrogant, but he was constantly stumped whenever the party had to solve a problem that didn't involve destroying things. To this day, he is my favorite character I've ever played.
Robbibob (2 months ago)
My character in my group's current campaign is a changeling with DID. I really Love playing him since I get to be so many characters in one, I just can't sellect when he shifts to one of the alters.
Kalmnir (2 months ago)
I always wanted to play a rogue that has piss poor dexterity and charisma, but has an insane amount of luck. I would love to roleplay that, just a guy that never seems to know what he's doing, but somehow always ends up on top
Americo Santos (2 months ago)
I'am currently playing a humanoid eating kobold that is strong and smart but incredibly naive seeing as he is still twelve. He tends to not know much about anything outside cave life and believes what players tell him easily. Living in the edge of the underdard he had not seen many elves (just the occasional delicious drow) so he believes the half-elf in the party was cursed so his flesh wasn't as tastefull.
NRMRKL (2 months ago)
I once had the idea for a character - a dwarf bard that as a character from a mountainous region would use a fitting style of singing for his bardic inspiration - in other words, switching between Alpine Yodelling or Mongolian Throat-singing. My DM and party vetoed that idea faster than you can say Alpine Yodelling or Mongolian Throat-singing. I don't blame them. XD
ChaoticCore (2 months ago)
Barbarian that is super nice and positive, hardly ever getting mad?
"This shit got out of hand in the early 90s." Drizzt is still cool, and I apologize to nobody except for my gm.
Sean Westbrook (2 months ago)
"...Magesplaining..." omfg! XD
I once had an elven sorcerer-bard who was possessed by a powerful lich-like entity (Raistlin inspired) but also had bouts of insanity ranging from goofball to murderous.
Henrik Knudsen (2 months ago)
Jamie Lannister is a good alternative type paladin (if you look away from pushing someone out of a window) - He might be an oathbreaker and a kingslayer but ultimately he did good in breaking his wows.
Monty Baconeater (2 months ago)
My wife once played a fantastic character. A Tiefling Bard who wanted nothing more but to be a nanny. She dressed like Mary Poppins. Unfortunately her infernal heritage was so devious looking, no one would trust her, and she had to settle for taking care of adventurers. She had no offensive spells at all, except Hellish Rebuke, which she would act reproachful after using.
Will C. (2 months ago)
This is actually how I've come to embrace having lower ability scores. I know that some people will just play it off as a character's weakness and be done with it, I find it a wealth of roleplaying potential. What makes for a better long-term goal of character than to find a way to rid herself of blindness she was born with (low Wisdom) with a fabled potion that restored sight to the blind and allowed the lame to walk (low Dex)? Or, it could also represent a character's personality or disability. These are just some examples: Low strength can be something like a very frail person who can barely lift 20lbs without a struggle. Low Dexterity could be a damaged limb or a nerve condition that reduces their motor skills and coordination. Low constitution could be a compromised immune system, such that they are/were sick frequently. Weak bones could also fall under this. Low wisdom can be seen as something on the autism spectrum. Low intelligence could be a brain disorder impairing their learning ability or a stroke/fever that damaged their mind. Low charisma can be someone horribly disfigured like quasimodo, or someone with anxiety that avoids social events. Tourettes would fit here as well I think.
William Kelly (2 months ago)
My very first play through I played a warlock. He was neutral for a while because he was trained by his master to master the dark art. But my DM half way though decided to have me switch sides, becoming the main villain to throw a curveball at my friends. I rose 2 levels above them and becoming the boss fight. It was a damn good character development. (He made me the villain because I wanted to try cleric next because I party rolled crap every fight.)
Conner Matthews (3 months ago)
Magesplaining: when you conjure up a stone tablet and chalk and spend five minutes explaining to the Bard why you deserve his magical item
Nicely Dunn (3 months ago)
Here's a question. How would you handle a player who is "chaotic evil" and does random things for the sake of randomness like digging holes on the middle of a fight
Mcguyv3r (3 months ago)
my character is a moral and heroic drow with tons of charisma. someone told me once that I couldn't be a drow cause theyre evil.
elgostine (3 months ago)
id say that kashaw in campaign 1 is an excellent expmple of playing against type and hes quite a contrast to the more typical cleric of pike even better is the story of the diety that kashaw is in service of, its a story that almost makes me wonder why hes not a warlock class rather than a cleric
Aneurismo Montenegro (3 months ago)
i have one huge question, i want to play a blind character based on his background, hem.....i want to know some advantages and disadvantages, my chac would be a fighter.
Zurgynoviseuryg X (3 months ago)
"Mage-Splaining" has got to be the best thing I've heard all day.
tomster1905 (3 months ago)
I love the fact that Matt mentioned the film Falling Down! What a great example of someone losing control of their life and eventually themselves, lashing out at the world :D
Scratched Disk (3 months ago)
I'm actually playing a Dragonborn Rogue who rolled a bad stat in wisdom. I have him playing as if he believes himself to be a true dragon in his quest to build his own hoard. It's been quite fun as I keep getting the group in trouble from stealing from the wrong person!
FireSanctuary (3 months ago)
Most barbarians I've seen played have been the average Joe who got dealt a bad hand in life and snapped, rather than Conan!
Matthew Gonzalez (3 months ago)
it should be "Hello, my name is Matthew Mercer and I am god"
Shats Bassoon (3 months ago)
That Drizzt reference gets me EVERY TIME
Draconic Feline (3 months ago)
Recently, I've been playing a character not-so-much against type (rogue covers a surprising number of types, if you think about it) but is playing against the party's theme. They are all grim heros/antiheros with tragic horrible detailed backstories of some nature, while my character is a really optimistic innocent guy. They've all lost their families and are out for revenge. He has a wife and two grown daughters that he is super proud of and all he wants to do is craft a legendary weapon that will forge someones legend. Or several someones, but he'd be happy reaching that goal of one. His stats suck, his combat sucks, but he's plucky and "balances out" the party emotionally. I think that's important.
The Dr (3 months ago)
Me and my mom once made an NPC who's a summoner but is the laziest person alive literally would rather summon a thing to hand him his drink in a tavern even if it's within arms reach
snakeoi1sean (3 months ago)
My favorite Cleric has a Dexterity of 6 and is (affectionately) referred to by the rest of the party as "Father Fumbles".
Joseph Martins (3 months ago)
Someone please give me the name of the end card music
Kuris Winchester (3 months ago)
I want that set... I wanna play with my group there.. o.o
Dragon Bro (3 months ago)
I just want my breakfast
Keyshell (3 months ago)
I have a high level necromancer who uses his vast undead army to provide free labor in building schools, hospitals, and homeless shelters.

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