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Roleplaying Against Type in D&D! (GM Tips w/ Matt Mercer)

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Choosing personality archetypes can lead to fun characters, and the real meat comes from the backstory and the experience. Game Master Matt Mercer lays out a few tips for roleplaying against type in this episode of GM Tips! Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry Google+: http://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundry
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Text Comments (1542)
Ethan Mays (4 days ago)
Pretty sure my character has no comparison
Chris Games (5 days ago)
Guarantee you the Drizzt refrance went over someone's head
Christopher Simpson (5 days ago)
I was a Female Dragonborn Warlock with a large number of self-destructive tendencies that entered a poly-amorous relationship with a weretiger, on a crusade to destroy all necromancy in the world. She's abandoned the party twice trying to find herself, been somewhat of a shitty parent to her children, burned a couple hundred people to death for booing at her in an arena, and murdered a rival group of adventurers that took up refuge with our old barkeeper. She was also able to slam a vampire into a wall so hard that not only did the wall break but, in the DMs own words, he literally disintegrated from the impact.
Daniel Rule (8 days ago)
A stereotypical cleric except their patron god is Guy Fieri and their greatest dream is to die in glorious battle that he may be welcomed into Flavortown.
Nick Browne (9 days ago)
My character is named Drizton, he is a lawful good Tiefling monk who grew up in his monastery after being brought their as a baby and didn’t experience any hated towards his infernal heritage inside the temple, his main flaw is being indecisive and have trouble making decisions.
Ryuzaki (9 days ago)
"dark elf with twin scimitar and a pet panther" Welp, that's a fucking Dritzz Reference if I ever saw one
Fantasia Plays (9 days ago)
Wel the cleric in my group is a skeleton alive cause of magic
johnsepticlemon (9 days ago)
I once made a Path of Spiritual Guardian Barbarian. That was actually a helmet. He was a Viking that got turned into a helmet. By a lich. I re$skinned the “spiritual guardians” or whatever into the spirit in the helmet calling his friends from the underworld to wreck face.
Asbestos Fish (14 days ago)
As an example of one of my experiences of playing against type, I made a Kurt kobaine inspired bard called “uncle rusty” who’s entire gimmick was making the enemies too depressed and tired to fight. One of his crowning achievements was “hamletting” an entire bandit camp.
Dagoth-Ur's Beekeeper (16 days ago)
This reminds me of a Kobold Barbarian I played. He's no Conan, but instead he treads that fine line between team player and asshole. And the Firbolg Barbarian I was partied with REALLY helped this. He was just trying to fit in, a little shit with a big axe, out there to have fun and claim treasure.
Draco Dovakiin (16 days ago)
I have a dragonborn paladin who isn't the "Oh, we don't need payment, vanquishing evil is reward itself!" If he does the thing, he is getting the payment for it. He'll defeat anything, and hates undead with his life, but hell if he isn't rewarded for the trouble
Andrew Ender Frost (18 days ago)
I cannot unsee him throwing pool noodles from the corner of the room.
TrueSlav (19 days ago)
I have a Paladin that has a nat 7 WIS, but 14 or over in every other stat (Str is Nat 20, so when i was making him I was like "OH FUCKIN KAY!!")
Verbose Mode (19 days ago)
I actually went really close to that barbarian idea! He was just a normal (if very large) villager from the tundra, and seemed super-chill. Right up until he spartan-kicked a table _through_ a corrupt sheriff.
Magi V (19 days ago)
Goliath rogue. That is all.
Bruce Cassner (19 days ago)
I got a Variant Human Druid Pirate who lock himself away after losing their spot as quartermaster, their crew, and everything they believed to be true. Hates the woods, tattoos that depict animals and spells, and is now living as a hermit/shut in right in the middle of a port city. Because the ocean is the only place they know as home
Firetyper13 / ?? (21 days ago)
Instantly makes depressed bard
Brandon Jimkern (21 days ago)
Role playing as a character in tabletop games is dumb. I play D&D not to pretend to be someone else. I play D&D to create a character with great stats and combat ability to face almost any challenge (and most of my group agrees). As someone who has played D&D on a regular basis for the past few years, I do not for the life of me get why some people play these games and expect other to fully commit to a “Role” whenever at the table. _IT’S NOT REAL_. _Stop acting like it’s real_.
Cosmic Fails (21 days ago)
I've planned on making a bard whos actually incredibly shy, and is a Changeling, so will often hide themselves as other people rather than be honest with them
Darius Aetius (21 days ago)
Just here, in a desperate search of people who laughed out loud to the Drizzt joke at 00:45 allrighty then, movin' along
Abandonment Issues (25 days ago)
I have a character idea which is pretty cool. He’s a neutral evil half-elf wizard who shares a body with the ghost of his dead wife.
Abandonment Issues (25 days ago)
Also I haven’t really decided on if he should be half elf or just a high elf
Name Here (25 days ago)
Weeb Weeb (25 days ago)
Idea for a character: a fighter with no magical ability at all, who is a huuuge fanboy of magic and magic users. They know lots about it but can’t handle it themselves.
Crimson Trax (26 days ago)
I love playing cowardly fighters. My characters wave their weapons around in blind terror, chopping up monsters while not really looking.
TheArtistsWings 9 (29 days ago)
My barbatian was an elf who was cursed/blessed by the ocean Goddess to serve her in exchange for her survival after being cast out from her home.. She's basically like a rogua paladin as she leaves the Goddess who saw her as a meer pet. So the farther she moved from the sea, the more unhinged she becomes. It's super cool in role play.
NoahofWill (30 days ago)
Lol, one of my most interesting (to me) and fun (to me) character ideas that I really want to play is a Drow sorceress, but instead of having a Wild or a Shadow origin, she's Divine. Blessed by a Celestial. Who's been trying to brow-beat some Goodness into her since she was a baby. And what do you know, she got curious enough to try a Good Deed and liked it. So that's how she decided to go to the surface and become and adventurer.
Brazen Bard (1 month ago)
...One of my best characters ever was a sorcerer/red dragon disciple, Lawful Neutral and a bleeding paragon of personal discipline - he started out with 8 Strength and 5 constitution. He was a magnificent hardass. :D Another was a Bard with a Wisdom of 7; he didn't have trouble discerning right from wrong, but he had great difficulty telling right from left, and he was perpetually a victim of "It seemed a good idea at the time." When the party got knocked out by some drugged ale, and he got a Nat 20 for his Fortitude save, he just chuckled at the others and asked for another mug... :D Low ability scores can indeed lead to wonderful, wonderful things.
MrBlindassasin12 (1 month ago)
I'm playing a sort of grandad wood elf ranger who constantly scoffs at the other characters need for commodity and _insists_ on teaching everyone how to properly hunt and scavenge. They "affectionately" call him Cabbage Man after successfully hiding in a cabbage stand and dodging an officer's knife as he checked. Long story but I love him.
Sir Derpington (1 month ago)
thank you matt for giving me the idea of eeyore the paladin.
Tovey Baker (1 month ago)
I'm playing a Paladin as my 1st D&D character with Charisma as my highest, and most used, stat. and so far, he's: Pretended to be an evil guard, and then, he convinced real evil guards that he was a messenger sent to warn them that people were impersonating guards. so far, not having a cookie-cutter, "I am an amazing person, sent here by the gods, to stop your evil deeds" kind of Paladin is being really fun.
Ajehy (1 month ago)
I had a dwarf sorceress (wild magic) whose powers had made her a pariah in her hometown, so in spite of her high charisma she had no social skills. She blundered through interactions by sheer force of personality, rather than subtlety or charm. She was so happy when she met a group who WANTED her to blow things up!
Deathnotefan97 (1 month ago)
One time when playing around in DnD beyond, I rolled a character whose stats (after the plus one in all from human) were all between 10 and 13 (dex was 13, wis and I think cha were 12, everything else was 10 or 11) I wish I saved the character, because at the time I thought "this is boring, he's just a normal guy" but than Door Monster did a bit about a human fighter with 10 in every stat and I saw the possibilities Sadly, since I didn't save the character, human adventurer Gene Ericman will never see the light of day
Light Heart (1 month ago)
I came up with a interesting origin for a character and his weapon. Born of the storm was a tabaxi monk who was sold into slavery as a child. One day during a storm he found an opportunity to escape. After a while he was found in the wilderness by a monk who helped him and became his teacher. She taught him how to search for ones self though days of meditation. When Born did this he made a connection with the storm and was given a staff made from lightning. Sadly he died last Saturday. RIP.
Johnathan Vodraska (1 month ago)
*E D G E*
David Radcliffe (1 month ago)
I made a seductive tiefling with a cowboy southern accent cause one of his parents was a farmer and his other parent was a high class tiefling that ran away from his palace to live with said farmer
Garrett Haslam (1 month ago)
I’m playing a rogue currently that is cripplingly socially inept. NPCs do not like him.
Conor Corr (1 month ago)
I have followed this with my Human Bard, a drunk hostile and rude individual who is easily annoyed by his own party. Though he is some what of a musical prodigy despite his rude and hostile personality
Alien (1 month ago)
Oh my goodness, I'm so happy you mentioned a cynical paladin. I was thinking up a very similar character, essentially an edgy paladin. I wanted to something similar after my bard that couldn't play instruments to save his fucking life. He carried essentially a huge flute and his main method of self-defense was to just blow as hard as he could to disorient the enemy. edit: Oh and I had a half-orc that was a thief and really only had his strength to go off of. He was great at stealing..After he crushed your head. No need to sneak if everyone is dead. Then again, I took that idea from a video or forum a long time ago...Soooo...
Carl Zabel (1 month ago)
one of my favorite characters was a barbarian who was always calm and spoke in an elegant manner, putting planning and strategy before brute force, after all just because one is a barbarian doesn't mean they can't be civil. His "rages" were taking deep breaths in order to focus.
DragonKing (1 month ago)
I played a human rogue that lost his memories, and realized he was good at, well, being a rogue. Pretty much Oh. I’m good at this. Nice.
Joeseph Moore (1 month ago)
Kenku that has a massive grudge against the world and only uses his mimicking to scream racial slurs and curses at races who believe he's under them. He heard someone read the story of what happened to his species so he's bitter about it and takes that anger out on everyone. (Minus the PC's they're the exception) and he HATES other kenku.
AlluMan96 (1 month ago)
Blue-Collar Barbarians are the best. I played one once, partly inspired by the idea from here. He was a Bugbear named Thomas, desperately trying to fit in with people, go about his days as a carpenter. It didn't work out. People were assholes to him, called him a savage, eventually costing him his job when he caught that shit at a bad day and smashed a guy's face in on the wall he'd been setting up all day. With nowhere left to go, he turned to his childhood friend Jeremy, fresh off of becoming a Warlock, and the 2 worked as partners in crime for this Patron, because what the hell else was he supposed to do with his life. It was unfortunate that this game didn't last too long, I was hoping to get some milage out of this concept.
Abel Cantú (1 month ago)
Anything can change!
Diet Mind (1 month ago)
You have given me an idea! A warlock who only got a patron, cause he just wanted a friend...
Classical Potato (2 months ago)
Hey! Let me play my drizzt wannabe in peace, okay?
Enclave Remnants (2 months ago)
My half-orc fighter is foolhardy, childish, (he's a young teenager) and scared of the dark. I love giving a character one big weakness.
wanderboesjes (2 months ago)
What is that epic song playing at the end of the video
Maxwell Green (2 months ago)
My character isn’t a bard but is obsessed with fiddle competitions and doing backflips. He’s a rogue. Also he randomly mentions the dice in game
Slurpuff The Sweet (2 months ago)
I have a sorcerer with a Strength stat of a natural 3... his Charisma is natural 18... he’s the best ever
Oliver Pearce (2 months ago)
I like to play Lawful evil Paladins. The GM always gives me an odd look
Ann Saul (2 months ago)
I play a gnome Barbarian. She aims for the knees.
Queen Sausage (2 months ago)
Shoutout to my Cleric with an intelligence of 3
Final Advance (2 months ago)
I once made a ratfolk alchemist who rolled 4d6 for stats and took the lowest three. He also refuses to use mutagens (something about a plague last time he did) He has since put down an undead uprising killed 3 dragons, cleared out a keep full of monsters, assisted with killing my last backstabbing character who became a villain and who we’ve been promised will return as a demon and has joint ownership of the capital arena. No other character has risen to nearly those heights
Toimu13 (2 months ago)
Hill Dwarf Light Cleric that is afraid of the dark and thinks what he sees with his darkvision isn't real.
Johano Zagal (2 months ago)
For a one-shot my friends are doing, I'm making either a drow or half-drow (still haven't decided) warlock. His patron is an archfey who gave him powers for kicks and giggles.
xySuperManxy (2 months ago)
The concept I'm trying to make work right now is a warforged bard. Its name is Tool and it has a bass drum in its belly, and its shield is a ride cymbal. Nearly all of its spells and cantrips are related to playing metal. Thunderclap, Thunderwave, Heat Metal... It's totally brutal.
Plix OrigamiVulpix (2 months ago)
I’m currently working on a kleptomaniac bard who pays particular attention to... shiny things.
Emma Silver (2 months ago)
One thing I like to do to mix things up is to make a particular race go with a class that would be completely unexpected. I've made a halfling paladin who is always mistaken for being a little girl in a costume and likes to play practical jokes sometimes. I've made a gnome barbarian who wields a weapon much to large for his size but insists in wielding it anyway in hopes to fit in with the other larger folk. I made a tiefling who had a curiosity about other races and decided to leave the Nine Hells and become a cleric of a good deity, but has a fatal flaw that, if exploited, could turn her back towards her more infernal instincts. I like making characters that break stereotype in every sense of the word. It's always fun to see the weird looks that NPCs or even other PCs give me in response to my strange and often hilarious combinations I've come up with.
IDKWhatI'mDoing (2 months ago)
Lawful evil paladin, it's fun to watch
Cthulhu Ftagn (2 months ago)
The “Evil Patron Good Warlock” Reminds me of that one what do you want to eat “The souls of the innocent” A Bagel- vine
Denis Deniss (2 months ago)
Playing an unenthusiastic bard makes me feel weird but happy
Sean Hurley (2 months ago)
I have a player who is a goblin wizard/ barbarian. The thing is he isn't actually a Goblin but an escaped Oompa-Loompa. Whenhe goes into a rage only sweets can clam him back down.
Dudemitri Moxemberg (2 months ago)
I'm working right now on a Chaotic Neutral/Good Aasimar Paladin/Sorceress. She grew up in a warzone and lived as a ruthless mercenary for the majority of her life, until her partner crossed the line from "morally questionable" to "chaotic messed-up", which caused a fallout in their relationship and made her rethink her life choices. She managed to contact a Deva for tutoring, and eventually became a Vengeance Paladin, using the tenets of her Oath as a sort of a moral checklist. So long as she mostly follows these rules, she's doing the right thing. Existential dread averted. The catch is that the Oath of Vengeance only talks about fighting big evil things, and not normal everyday life, so she's still a Chaotic Neutral/Good Powerhouse prone to smiting annoying elvish pricks and partying hard with orcs, who's slowly learning right from wrong. She has a Wisdom of 6.
Thomas Wylie (3 months ago)
One of my favorite characters to play is a paladin who is more like Batman than Superman. Yes, he's a good guy, but he embodies the idea "lawful good does not mean lawful nice." While he protects the defenseless and upholds the law, he also takes a little too much pleasure in taking down the bad guys. Oh, and he wields a scythe and sees himself as a harvester of souls, laughing madly as he cuts down fleeing enemies. Don't worry, he used Detect Evil and Good, so he knows they're evil. He's quite deranged.
Senna Asad (3 months ago)
Played a navigator in a Pirate Setting (One Piece specificall) before. My character refused to enter upper floors or ships the usual way and always tried to climb the walls, usually resulting in him being knocked out and the crew travelling around without a conscious navigator.
grottles grotto (3 months ago)
I’m going to be making a masochist tank
King Red Howler (3 months ago)
In a campaign I played as a wizard who struck a deal with a Lich (being the main villain) and became a warlock, but one thing my character demanded be part of the bargain was one rule, "If you attempt to back stab me in any way, may it be preventing me from helping my friend or preventing me to kill you, my powers will return, twice over." After making the bargain I made my character do everything in his power to upset this Lich and near the end he got so fed up with my character that he took my powers away, breaking the contract and preventing me from helping my team in a dire situation, returning me back to wizard with double the amount of spell slots.
Christoffer (3 months ago)
Omfg! The Drizzt reference is fucking awesome!
Stock Fish (3 months ago)
Orc Bardbarian best ever
Kenner Costen (3 months ago)
I ran a womanizing paladin who was a devout whoremonger. He would trade loh and cure disease for services. Drove the DM nuts.
Elgadorin (3 months ago)
I have a dragonborn barbarian in my game that gets distracted by flowers
Sloan Elliott (3 months ago)
i have an idea ive been cooking up thats a 14 year old human wild magic sorceror that desperately does not want magical power and just wants to skateboard instead. thus they seek out a warlock pact hoping for give up their power to someone else who needs it more but accidentally gets more powerful. they're magic is actively untrained and i want to have the skateboard be their magical focus
Brian Roberts (3 months ago)
I've got a Half-Orc barbarian who loves to read, but what he reads isn't always true. The campaign has just started, so I'm not sure how it's going to affect things, but it seems like it'll be entertaining.
V Star 1300 Adventures (3 months ago)
I used a player generator this week to create a party for an adventure I've been thinking about with a friend. Then, once generated I went looking for any common traits among them. Curiously, they all have below average intelligence, so I thought, that would make a really interesting company that 'investigates' things as a solver of problems. They probably won't have the intelligence to solve even mundane things, but it should be fun.
Nicholas Sampson (3 months ago)
It's funny he mentions the blue collar barbarian. My last barb wasn't a miner, but a former soldier and forgemaster who sought revenge over an axe belonging to his wife that was not properly returned to him following her tragic death at the end of the last clan war. His aggression toward this former enemy following what was thought to be the end of conflict nearly reignited the war, and saw him exiled from his clan.
bread bread (3 months ago)
Rolling one or two maybe even 3 low stats is ok, but my mate once rolled a 12, and everything else below 9(I am pretty sure there was a 3 in there too)
that one guy 500 (3 months ago)
I like the idea of a half-orc paladin.
Umbrie Shadowsong (3 months ago)
mastermind rogue who was the offspring of a human nobleman's daughter and a very family oriented good aligned drow necromantic healer father. she wanted to be a detective, but was judged negatively by her peers because of her father's heritage, so she worked really hard at the skillset of training her ability to speak with and flatter others, her ability to spot when others didn't want to deal with her and her ability to deflect topics. and in a scouting regiment as the one job she could get, she quickly learned stealth and how to use her keen eye for clues to help her find traps. really, she was daddy's spoiled little girl, trying her best to be a detective. but she was neutral good with a lawful slant. most people would expect a drow blooded half elf rogue to be a lawful evil loner edgelord, but she was very happy go lucky and while she had some psionic talents. she wasn't really the party magic user. she could just keep her clothes clean and in good condition, and had a set of glamered spidersilk clothes.
The Cult of the Jim (3 months ago)
Fighter, Wisdom 4, Charisma 6. "Oh by Chlansor! Shut him up! Don't let him speak for us!" He also gets sent off to read his book when the party discusses its various less than savory intrigues- the last thing they need is for someone with a moral conscious around for those shifty plans. Last time, he learned D is for Dog. But, when we faced off against the undead, his whip and shield bash damage output has put the rest of the party to shame, and he even got to ride the spider before they killed it.
Christian Windum (3 months ago)
I agree... Falling Down really is a good movie
TheTacoMan (3 months ago)
I recently got a really good character idea from a fluke of dice rolls. In rolling, I ended up with a natural 18 and a 5, so I adapted it into this setup: A wild magic sorcerer with an 18 in charisma and a 5 in strength. Basically a ludicrously powerful caster that is also incredibly weak physically. In making this character, I came up with the backstory that they were born with magical abilities, and that the "magic within you doesn't want to stay quiet" thing has resulted in sudden destructive bursts that have slowly made the character's life slightly miserable. Their entire arc revolves around their desire to get rid of their powers, and at the end either achieve that goal, or, to accept it and embrace the gift they've been given.
Deathnotefan97 (3 months ago)
I did have an idea for an intelligent Barbarian/Druid, very well spoken and eloquent in speech, with a English accent Until he rages, in which case he: 1. Carefully removes his glasses 2. Shakes violently and foams at the mouth 3. Wild-shapes into a bear 4. Proceeds to _litteraly_ eat the face off the enemy After he turns back, covered in blood and with bits of face still hanging from his mouth, he would go back to the well spoken gentleman he was before, as if nothing happened I tend to like characters that genuinely don't even notice that they are violent, dangerous psychopaths whom everyone is afraid of
Daniel Rule (8 days ago)
I'm already Winston.
nathan dravis (3 months ago)
Fun fact, a bard of mine in a new camapgine in Pathfinder has a 20 in Charisma. Yeah, my whole idea of a stupid, rockstar trope - RIGHT out the window, cause his intelligance is 18. I DON'T WANT HIGH STATS AAAHHHGG
Just Ace (3 months ago)
I have a dragonborn paladin.... Let's just say he broke the divine oath after learning a lot about dark magic and necromancy. He is currently raising dragons from the dead for conquest. Now he's a Paladin of Conquest.
Just Ace (3 months ago)
I have a dragonborn paladin.... Let's just say he broke the divine oath after learning a lot about dark magic and necromancy. He is currently raising dragons from the dead for conquest. Now he's a Paladin of Conquest.
Alternate Account (3 months ago)
People often have a hard time using monks because they “dont fit the theme” of the more western fantasy but I don’t see why they can’t be something like a street fighter or a boxer they don’t have to be in robes and made of steel
John Harrison (4 months ago)
My mountain dwarf warlock who accidentally made a pact with a fiend because he thought it was Moradin approves of this...
Sauceicus54 (4 months ago)
The first D&D character I created was a half orc barbarian who was obsessed with bread.
Heather Brittain (4 months ago)
I'm currently playing a Drow Palidin. And while her personality is very much in line with a typical Drow, including how she responds to others, she is also completely terrified of children. They make her freeze up and become uncomfortable with any situation where she has to deal with a child. It's made for some very interesting situations for the group. She's also not full of religious zeal. She's pretty much set on conquering a large portion of land for her own where she's the only person allowed to hurt the things and people she owns.. and the second she decides she likes you, she see you as her own. Hers to do with as she likes, whether you agree or not. Quite honestly, she had been a lot of fun to play for me and the DM for our group keeps using her motivations and personality as plot hooks to keep the party going.. so lots of gun
I once played a lawful neutral Warlock who's connection to his patron (Who was one of the big baddies of the campaign) was not of a servant master but instead more like a son to father relationship. It was great
Bipeda Gamerson (4 months ago)
I DM a war mage that's mostly blind. to keep things interesting if I roll anything lower than 10 he hits a random party meber
beekeeper singed (4 months ago)
you mean my Ork Bard in heavy armor with 20 str and only 10 karisma (Tank/DPS/Suport) well weak tank ... but still tanky
Darklord6832 (4 months ago)
I play an Elf Sorcerer who is notorious for being stupidly comedic. Not necessarily funny but comedic. He's Chaotic Neutral so it fits well. One example is that my group and I were in a tavern discussing stuff I don't remember but we had this Fire Demon under a very powerful Summoners control. I made jokes and he was so tempted to hit me but wasn't really allowed to. He snapped though after I asked him if "Fire was on fire". He punched my character in the gut, rendering him unconscious, on the tavern floor. Nobody even seemed to care because everyone wanted to do it. My friend had to slam some beer down my throat that came from a flask from his deity, the beer god. I woke up a little later hurting, and drunk. Anyway, flavor to the narrative is what makes the game an experience rather than just about you gaining experience from murdering everything. My friends and I all laugh when I do this stupid stuff, it's really fun.
MC Mosfet (4 months ago)
One of my favorite characters I ever played was a teenage orphan rogue girl, who put on the appearance of the cheerful and carefree kid/waif, but in actuality was a mix of Walter White meets Daniel Plainview, who aspired to run a criminal empire so that they could get into the real profit making business: land ownership and mining rights. Another which is more recent, is a Bard/Warlock that I rolled after a near TPK, who started out life a true romantic, and consummate liar who worked in the service of the church of Mask as a spy, before being betrayed by his partner and tricked into making a pact with the very devil he was hunting/investigating. His introduction to the party was impersonating one of the dead party members who no one(who had survived, at least) had technically seen die, and when that cover was challenged, immediately switched to a new alias of being a Harper Scout. I currently have about 10 fake backstories prepped for when that lie gets found out, and I can't wait for each reveal.
Hellequin (4 months ago)
"seriously this shit got out of hand in the 90s, DONT!" i literally started to laugh. awesome
dibaterman (4 months ago)
Dark Elves aren't edgy enough; it's all about the Shadar Kai because pain is love and agony is rebirth.
Orelux Tenebrae (4 months ago)
Anti-Paladin desiring to curse the wicked instead of being evil; hedonistic clerics of benevolent deities; barbarians with insanely high intelligence scores, but shit strength; socially awkward bards and rogues... Are these good examples?
Cameron Rowan (4 months ago)
Johnathan Mccurdy (4 months ago)
Shout out the the falling down reference! Oh god! I DONT WANT LUNCH. Iwant.. BREAKFAST
RedMouse (4 months ago)
An old grumpy female dwarf who shoots fire bolts at people when she was annoyed. And she recounted the story of King Gregory the fifth at every opportunity.

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