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Women are stronger than Men??

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Jake MacHine (1 day ago)
Men are stronger, faster, smarter, more instinctive, quicker, quicker thinking. Not one event of any kind in the world can women dominate men. Cooking , creating, intellect. Yet, some people believe that women would run the country better. ??? I guess those some people are women.
Pitbull Terrier (6 days ago)
I feel sorry for my dude because you can see in his eyes he feels like he is beating a child
William Juma (12 days ago)
Yes in Hollywood female action movies
I hate Vegan (22 days ago)
Evian Wahter (28 days ago)
She is at big disadvantage she is abit weaker and afraid to be hit already over
prasasea (30 days ago)
looks like domestic violence
Youssef Elfathi (1 month ago)
Woman are jealous about nature or what. Men are made to be stronger than woman. Yes of course if a woman trains more than a male then it’s a different case. But men are stronger than woman. It’s not sexist. It’s a fact. I can’t believe that some people are afraid of facts.
DeAndre Johnson (1 month ago)
Why the fuck does she get better helmet
man man (1 month ago)
crowd: booing every time the guy touches her crowd: slightly tips him: WOOOOOOO
NewYorkForever (1 month ago)
RIP Chyna
ㅤ ㅤ (2 months ago)
Up next: water is wet
stalin iosif (21 days ago)
I dint know that
Ronald Nelson (2 months ago)
They lack the mass production of natural testosterone I guess they will argue that fact too
bluexqueen (2 months ago)
Men and women have their own unique strengths and characteristics due to biology. It would be nice to be stronger to defend ourselves more ably but most women are certainly not less as individuals but we are inferior in physical strength to men. Women bear children which is something no man can or ever could do. Our strengths are different but together both should be respected and appreciated for what individually our biological differences can bring. I do not feel inferior to men as my lack of more powerful physical strength is because I can grow another human being inside me and nurse them once born. You men can never forget that, and you are literally hardwired to be enslaved in senses by a lady's womanhood. Men are extremely motivated by pu$$y because evolution and nature intended you to be.
king of kids (2 months ago)
Girls are stupid
Tiger Gamer (2 months ago)
I am a man and i hate feminists, but if what the guy said is true she must be stronger and I think that this was a huge act because she was reacting very slowly.
Evil Buu (4 months ago)
The world tallest man will allways be taller and physically stronger then the world tallest woman because men got Testosterone
Proud African (2 months ago)
Women have testosterone, men just have more
Hugo Skirfors (4 months ago)
checkmate femenists.
Sabby Agario (5 months ago)
When woman hits him , audience be like, yaaayyyy .. but when man hit her people be like boooo? What the fuck is wrong with them
Cory Sartin (5 months ago)
First off number one rule of being a man take the head gear off and gloves and fight like fucking men
Cory Sartin (5 months ago)
Now imagine if any women went up again me a 31 year old fit retired firefighter I'd best her ass no problem plus I know how to fight
Dark Angel (5 months ago)
Women are becoming taller and stronger than men. First let me state that I am not a feminist nor am I one to attack men. Our foods are Genetically modified now. Our packaging for meats contain xenoestrogens. There are so many factors that are sterilizing and making men grow skinnier and smaller and thus weaker. I believe that government has an agenda. They are now claiming that it is getting harder to find men who are fit enough for military recruitment. It’s a scary trend. We need to ban Monsanto and gmo foods!
Daniel Rittegar (3 months ago)
Lol the world's tallest man is a 11 inchest taller then the world's tallest woman will ever be
Alan Andrade (3 months ago)
Dark Angel men are getting weaker bc of soy overconsumption, zinc deficiency, porn addiction, and lack of activity. Meat will always make men stronger and women slimmer. Women can eat more plants than men but men tend to be more carnivorous because of their energy wasted and needed. Animal estrogens have been in meats forever and never caused issues before so gmo is not necessarily bad except insecticide gmos. Xenoestrogens in plastics and food have correlated with the historical decrease in men’s testosterone, so u right there. Women, however, won’t get stronger from the increase in estrogen. All humans are growing taller and stronger than our ancestors genetically, but women more so bc of men counteracting-declining testosterone. Decline in testosterone and zinc (testosterone precursor) can also be attributed to soy - and other phytoestrogens - as well as the lack of pure meat or ketogenic diets. Women thrive better in carb diets like today’s common diet while men require the superior keto/meat diet more than women to maintain hormone balance. Also most diets mix plants such as beans/corn with their meats in dishes, and eating these foods together has been shown to cause a severely decreased absorption of zinc. Well, at least, this and the fact that fasting might help return masculinity to men but it’s become taboo until recently. Women do better in keto/carnivore/fasting as well but aren’t as hindered in their hormones from carb/plant diet. This is what I know and believe and it has some overlap with yours, only, I don’t see gmos being bad except pesticide genes like I said. Unless you have facts on why gmos are bad.
Gardner Barnes (5 months ago)
At least Joey put a shirt on first his second fight. Gross.
When I trained in BJJ years ago I was able to EASILY as a white belt beat female purple belts by using sheer strength. They had better teqnique due to being purple belts but I could simply pull my arm out of their armbar attempts, muscle my way out of their triangles and then put them in a choke hold or armbar by sheer strength and bodyweight superiority. As a White belt the MALE purple belts wiped the matts with me, but the female purple belts were easily defeated.
Davide Gandolfo (1 month ago)
not only gender(that count a lot) even the weight count a lot, a 90 kg purple belt is surely stronger than a 50 kg purple belt(if the belt is given with sense, and excluding the possibly exception.)
Davide Gandolfo (1 month ago)
Oh yeah yeah (2 months ago)
Igor Izhchenko lol
Royuu (7 months ago)
Women is weaker than men its not possible.
Bleagle (7 months ago)
Why does the female boxer have extra protection???
HitProof (8 months ago)
I would knock out her and him at the same time
zo om (2 months ago)
Proud of you fellow alpha
HitProof (8 months ago)
They both suck terribly
allways inquire (8 months ago)
The guy punches like a girl😆 put a real man in there it would have ended in a ko at the first round
oh yeah yeah (3 months ago)
It's been to long sense he probably fought for real
oh yeah yeah (3 months ago)
The man is old like wtf of course he's going to hit like a girl
l l (3 months ago)
He's going easy on her
Cory Sartin (5 months ago)
Lol I been a street fighter my entire life with 15 years if mma under my belt and that guy isn't even punching properly he's not torqueing his hips
ZuhaLoveMusic (8 months ago)
This is awful to watch btw..
ZuhaLoveMusic (8 months ago)
I don't believe there are people who truly think women are naturally stronger
Daniel Rittegar (8 months ago)
I make 15 thousand DOLLARS every summer and when winter comes I make no money
Alesha Swann (9 months ago)
Women are weaker than men, But That's How God created us. We Didn't choose to be weaker physically. What so ever that doesn't mean men have the right to hit or abuse a women because they are stronger than women.
Lee Lee (3 months ago)
Nope I am male I never hurt lady only protect I protect you alesha
Amonny (9 months ago)
And 2 manginas as commentators...
Daniel Rittegar (9 months ago)
My old green D comments are the truth and needs to come back on YouTube because I'm the best
Lilidk bill (10 months ago)
Lil tay is the strongest
Daniel Rittegar (11 months ago)
How in the fuck did my older comments got deleted
This looks like assault call the police.......😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sunny Dhanoa (1 year ago)
To all people who deny male strength can we also disregard the females who get overpowered and raped by males right? Cause if females were just as strong then I'm pretty sure they could defend themselves against someone forcing themselves on you.
daniel ajero (1 year ago)
Women will always be weaker because men have more muscle mass more intelligent and much more
soyboysoldier 18 (1 year ago)
ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu steriods
RIKA CHAN (1 year ago)
Honestly i cnt do that... Like she can do on her own.. Caught snake.. Kill crocodile.. She should become a soldier.. N i dont relly know about her. About her past.. But wht i know is she is village girl.. At my city..
RIKA CHAN (1 year ago)
Idk... About tht.. But my friend female caught a crocodile by herself n kill it.its really a big crocodile.. With more blood n her hand have knife. Are she still call a weak.. I am really Get shock when she brought tht thing at home. I think tht crocodile maybe is weak.. Than a Man. She look like a Tarzan for me l.o. L. Sorry, englsh not perfect.
Giovanni Gutierrez (1 year ago)
You put somebody overweight with a professional of course women are stronger than
saif saif (3 months ago)
Giovanni Gutierrez women is weaker than men in every meaning of it :)
Project Zorgo (1 year ago)
Hela of Universe (1 year ago)
You are a stupid sexist guy.
Nathan Domenico (1 year ago)
She was on hormones and he wasn’t and he still took her down.
Christian Pmba (1 year ago)
Sir, you are highlighting biology!!! You are simply being objective!!! Feminists are trying to make ignorant people deviate from facts and truth!!! I know many male attackers throughout history somehow brought this up. However, it makes no sense to build castles in the air. Men are more well-built and then physically stronger. PERIOOOOOD!!! ... Thanks for being transparent and posting this video!!! You got my LIKE.........
Angus Chandler (1 year ago)
women are just as strong as men.... don't hit me, I'm a woman
bluexqueen (2 months ago)
I just had a baby!!! :O
I’ll still hit you. So shut up
Daniel Rittegar (7 months ago)
What if the woman was taller then the man and acted all that like let's say the man was 5'7 and the woman was 5'10 acted like a bad ass and if she still gets knocked the fuck out she deserevred it defenly
Ghostly Bio (10 months ago)
Angus Chandler but what happen if your not a waman hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😡🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Jelly_belly101 _ (1 year ago)
The sexism in the comment sections on tho...
Daniel Rittegar (1 year ago)
Women's Division sorry thieres nothing sexist of saying men are stronger and it is highly impossible for any one to denie it
Daniel Rittegar (1 year ago)
if they were in a real fight the 6'1 guy would of got piss beat out of him by the 5'11 guy
Women's Wrestling (1 year ago)
Rm._ (1 year ago)
chyna fan she got her ass beat
Cryptex運命 boi (1 year ago)
I think this video is retarded. I personally think that men are obviously mentally and physically stronger than women. But it's not to say they're weak. Plus, this video has anecdotes which are retarded.
Daniel Rittegar (1 year ago)
Cryptex運命 boi nothing retarded about this video it is just fact that men are stronger
mukunda (1 year ago)
1. Humans are known for their intelligence, just like animal are known for their physical strength. 2. Humans exhibit a very low sexual dimorphism. 3. A woman with a gun needs no messy brute strength to kill a man and vice versa.
DudeTheMan (1 year ago)
joey punches like a total bitch omg
D. J. (1 year ago)
Everyone knows this, but the media push a false narrative, and should be held responsible for it.
Eh Htoo (1 year ago)
Is this real lol😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂
Richard Llewellyn (1 year ago)
You may get the odd fanney but the slags don't stand a chance to be honest
jethrodassam (1 year ago)
The 2nd fight it's obvious Joey took a dive.
jethrodassam (1 year ago)
In a real boxing match Joey would be disqualified. Winner Joanie.
jethrodassam (1 year ago)
Joanie doesn't know how to fight, and Joey is a low life cheater. He's not boxing.
Zahir Datoo (1 year ago)
Women - the only people white males can beat. Not the Blacks. Not the Mexicans. Not the Arabs Not the Cubans Not Afghans.
LAMBGAMING 2 (1 year ago)
he punches her announcer says push makes sense
Kenya Hartsell (1 year ago)
Doesn't look like it
Bernhard Bish (1 year ago)
Men, that audience was *really* trying to believe. Live the dream, folks!
Kent Peterson (1 year ago)
Women are jealous of men. They want to be stronger but if I was a woman I think I would be jealous of men strength to.
milk just milk (19 days ago)
No shit
bluexqueen (1 month ago)
+Think About it Yes thank you, they are very cute and we love them and you very much.
Think About it (1 month ago)
bluexqueen us men give you children to bear, those are our kids your giving birth too.
bluexqueen (2 months ago)
It would be nice to be stronger to defend ourselves but most women are not jealous but at times do feel inferior in that regard not always. But women bear children which is something no man can or ever could do. Our strengths are different but together both should be respected and appreciated for what individually our biological differences can bring. I do not feel inferior to men as my lack of more powerful physical strength is because I can grow another human being inside me and nurse them once born. You men can never forget that, and you are literally hardwired to be enslaved in senses by a lady's womanhood.
Kent Peterson (6 months ago)
+BE GONE THOT! you actually use different muscles arm wrestling. I had someone beat me In arm wrestling but I could lift more than the same person
jethrodassam (1 year ago)
Your opinion is not facts.
Women's Wrestling (1 year ago)
Guillermina Garnica male alert
Guillermina Garnica (1 year ago)
femisit alert
No Name (1 year ago)
buuuuuh :)
nickyheavy (1 year ago)
The average man will always be stronger than the average woman. The top male fighter in the world will always be better than the top female fighter in the world. The strongest man in the world will always be stronger than the strongest woman in the world. However, I believe if all men valued women and treated them like princesses there wouldn't be so many with a huge chip on their shoulder feeling that the only way they can get ANY recognition from us is to prove they are better, stronger, tougher than us.
Evil Buu (4 months ago)
In fact I hold the worlds most powerfulest comments on YouTube
Evil Buu (4 months ago)
nickyheavy the world tallest man will allways be taller and stronger then the world tallest woman because of men's Testosterone
Ghostly Bio (10 months ago)
NAOCHA HK geeez calm down nobody called your mum gay it's not that SERIOUS
Daniel Rittegar (1 year ago)
nickyheavy men are stronger because of Testonone and more mucle mass stronger bones stronger tendons and plus 8% more strenght and any one who tryrs to disagree is gonna make a idiot of thiere self
NAOCHA HK (1 year ago)
rockafelladw (1 year ago)
He should have been disqualified for holding her head.
boopathi rajan (1 year ago)
good joke ...
Thatpro Gamer (1 year ago)
Wow she's keeps falling
Marco Schettino (1 year ago)
Men may be stronger physically , but it is also proven women have a better inmune system... Oh and well , if a woman is more fit or athletic than a man , she can beat him , so in the end its the individual that matters , that's why i still don't agree with people saying women should be paid less because of their biological differences , they are different , and have other strenghts , not inferior in everything.
Daniel Rittegar (1 year ago)
Marco Schettino is why when a man works out the man will have more strenght plus bulker mucles with just the frist 5/6 months of traing
Daniel Rittegar (1 year ago)
Marco Schettino in fact mens hydrate levels are 50% greater then females
Daniel Rittegar (1 year ago)
I do a 1800 push ups a week lets see a female try to do that
Daniel Rittegar (1 year ago)
Rahim Testosterone is why men is the strongest
Rob Sara (1 year ago)
He won it by a mile , she only landed one notable punch and he was landing many throughout the fight , thats what scores points in Boxing
Gee Garnica (2 years ago)
there is nothing sexist of saying men are stronger we are truly weaker women can't get as much nuclear mass as men it is just inposable
NAOCHA HK (1 year ago)
eric pagliano (2 years ago)
Answer is no he is litterly punching her and she is rag dolling all over
Dylan Brookshire (2 years ago)
Look this video isn't talking about "mental strength or anything" this is talking about how men are physically stronger men which is a biologically proven fact. Men grow taller, put on more muscle and this is largely due to much higher levels of testosterone levels compared women's higher estrogen levels.The majority of men are stronger than the majority of women. I don't care if " you're stronger than all of the boys in your class" the majority of men are stronger than the majority of women. ACCEPT IT.
super sayien 3 goku (16 days ago)
TheBurning Skull women love to fake cry to get thiere way
TheBurning Skull (2 months ago)
Yeah woman cries ALOT
Evil Buu (4 months ago)
Mike Tyson that's only if 2 men don't get alonge oh cross thiere gonna fight because my 5'9 cousin allways used to fist fight with he's half brother thats 6'1 and let me tell ya the fight went bouth ways one week hell win and the next week the 5'9 guy will win
HitProof (8 months ago)
Men are mentally stronger as well It was proven as well
Daniel Rittegar (1 year ago)
Mike Tyson true
Kameron Bland (2 years ago)
Kameron Bland (2 years ago)
boys are stronger than women ok
zo om (2 months ago)
+Jenny biology
Jenny (4 months ago)
Ok, well can men bleed out blood from there Dick for about 7 days ?
WhoDaWolfAt Gaming (2 years ago)
Rim Maâlaoui (2 years ago)
This is funny, because it literally proves nothing. Chyna is not the only woman out there. Like how stupid are you? You're sitting in your room, saying that man are stronger than women! Have you ever been to Mexico? Have you ever been to Brazil? There are women who run gangs, and run drug cartels, they will literally chop your head in a minute! Men are not stronger than women, and women are not stronger than men. It depends on the person. And the most lethal strength is not physical, it's intelligence. Mind before body,!
Chris .V (4 months ago)
+Rim Maâlaoui lol this bitch dumb as hell NGA said women are stronger lol men are physically stronger Google it dumb btch
Evil Buu (4 months ago)
TheFemaleNoob the world tallest man will allways be physically stronger and taller then the worlds tallest woman because of Testosterone and it's fact forever get over it
Cory Sartin (5 months ago)
It proves everything you feminist cancerous idiot
Shaggy mofo (9 months ago)
TheFemaleNoob you are really stupid if you think female are stronger dumbass
Daniel Rittegar (9 months ago)
50 Scientist you should be the new king of the comment section for real man
Arman Hunter (2 years ago)
Well chyna was just a bodybuilder and a wwe performer who are literally actor and stunt people, they don't know how to fight or throw a punch. This dude knew how to punch, I bet any of the WWE roster could have his ass handed to them by a true fighter be it man or woman. Also the guy had at least 20lbs more weight than her. A fair fight is when both have the same weight and the same amount of training. In this video Chyna had no idea she need to punch, you can see she keeps going for grapples but she can't cuz not allowed to and then backs away cuz punches are raining, and she's not used to having fists shooting at her face. No this might sound I'm her fan but I actually despised her as a person as a porn actress as a wwe champion, but yet I can't ignore the truth that I'm seeing. She obviously doesn't know the first thing about box matches, which is throwing boxes (jabs n punches)!
Eliot Luka (2 years ago)
She was a former wwe wrestler. Even thou wwe is scripted, they still have some experience from wrestling at a early age.
tray armada (2 years ago)
I would of knocked his ass out! China is not even a big lady. She is very small considering how big she looks on tv. I met her in real and out angled the shit out of her when I was kid.
Akhil Kambeti (2 years ago)
tell her to get with me in the ring . clearly I think the match was fixed.
xxkingvanixx xx (2 years ago)
she's dead.....now.....
deleted (3 years ago)
+Legal Fiction Natural Fact the point is men are better than women
Gardner Barnes (5 months ago)
Women are better at wrapping Christmas presents. Come on, man.
Daniel Rittegar (1 year ago)
deleted your my favorte on YouTube and I'm not lieing a bit
Daniel Rittegar (1 year ago)
deleted your my favorte on YouTube
Wolfbilly (2 years ago)
+Nightcore スターキラー You are delusional.
WhoDaWolfAt Gaming (2 years ago)
deleted (3 years ago)
+Legal Fiction Natural Fact I am sorry buddy to burst your bubble but women are not stronger than men if u look it up men have a way higher muscle mass than a female also men have testosterone allowing them to build bigger muscles and allowing them to build muscles faster then a female flexibility has nothing to do with strength and if women were really stronger then men u would see women in pro sport leagues and not men. Women can't even open a pickle jar for fuck sakes. Also if u look up on YouTube : strongest women in the world vs average man. The man ends up winning.
שחר מויאל (3 years ago)
men is the best
Gardner Barnes (5 months ago)
Men might be the best, but I prefer sexing the ladies.
can't choose a name (8 months ago)
Lita fan you can't even spell the word "grammar" properly.
Daniel Rittegar (1 year ago)
Rahim women are more reflexable because they have more fat and men are stronger because of Testosterone and who disagrees with me because of any women stronger then men fake article is a idiot
Rm._ (1 year ago)
Daniel Rittegar reflexable isn’t a word and men have bet reflexes from their male ancestors hunting
Daniel Rittegar (1 year ago)
Women are more reflexable and men are atronger because of Testo and plus women are defenly not built like men
Whyunounderstand (3 years ago)
lol some fat guy just beat up some woman thats been training all her life.
Mick Dees (6 days ago)
+Ameek Singh oh no! The BJJ people post videos of girls submitting boys and grown men all the time 😂😂 ..of course those matches never have striking involved
Gardner Barnes (1 month ago)
+Daniel Rittegar I have no idea what you just said. That's all right, though, no need to repeat that gibberish. I haven't a clue what language you are trying to write in. I think maybe I agree, but I don't really know because you write like a 3rd grader. Sorry, no offense. I just want the comments to stop.
Daniel Rittegar (1 month ago)
Women that are 3 to 4 Inchest taller the. Me can't over power me In grip strenght because obviously men are stronger
Daniel Rittegar (1 month ago)
Who ever deny my fact is a idiot because if a man and a woman.bouth work out at the same exted time and let's say the man.is 5,5 and the woman is 5,10 bouth work out til how ever how long the man will still be stronger then the woman let's say they bouth worked out for a whole year the man will still win but in a fight she could possibly win sence she's taller and that could give her that could gave her a huge advantage
Daniel Rittegar (1 month ago)
If we compare a 5ft tall man to a 6,ft tall woman ok women could be stronger but it is fact even. If the woman is 5 inchest taller man still stronger but not that much stronger only about 5% stronger and no one can deny this fact etiher it's just that the woman. Has a higher chance we of winng because she's taller then the man and that will give her a huge advantage to win the fight
London Brown (3 years ago)
women and men have the same muscle strength, the reason many men appear stronger on the surface is because they have more muscle mass from being bigger (as opposed to muscle strength), have a higher lean body mass-to-fat ratio, and have different fat distribution in the body than women do. First, this distinction is important to make because it’s actually a pretty big one, with implications and consequences depending on whether one makes it or not. Stating without qualification that women have less strength than men, period, is inaccurate and suggests that this is an inherent trait in women, something that can’t be changed. As mentioned though, women’s muscles have the exact same strength as men do, and it is in fat distribution and lean body mass where they differ—factors which are variable and can be changed through training or exercise. Moreover, even though muscle mass is cited as a contributing factor of men’s strength, the same studies have shown that women build strength the same way men do yet without building as much muscle mass—which is interesting, because if both men and women build strength equally, but only men’s muscles build much mass to go with it, to me that suggests that in the end, women’s muscles would actually have more power per inch/pound than men’s, to do the calculations! And as Shameless said, if a strong woman were matched with a man with less muscle (or lesser built muscles), more fat, and less lean body mass, she would in that case definitely not be “the weaker sex”. Second, making this distinction is important because it affects how people approach this and related topics, and this ties in to the last question above. There is nothing wrong with explaining why many women have less net strength output than many men. After all, a fact is a fact, right? The problem arises when people start making unqualified statements like the ones at the beginning of this post, and making them frequently and thoughtlessly. Although clearly I was kidding when I said “I feel weaker already”, can you imagine what the effects of reading or hearing statements like that over and over again would be on someone’s mindset, whether consciously or subconsciously?
Daniel Rittegar (3 days ago)
If a war I will kill 99.9 persent of women and only leave two woman they alive to repoalte the world again
Daniel Rittegar (1 month ago)
+Think About it lol 35% of women will get analy raped killed and a very few women would get revengeon on men haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Think About it (1 month ago)
If there was a war of men vs women, women would go extinct within the 1st week
Evil Buu (4 months ago)
London Brown if man and woman have the same height and bouth work out as hard as they can the man will allways be physically stronger
Cory Sartin (5 months ago)
And yes you are that ignorant women and men do not have the same muscle strength if that was the case then women would be just as strong as us men
Sandro Desantis (4 years ago)
Sandro Desantis (4 years ago)
Lucia Rijker vs Somchai Jaidee. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsaTPtUl4vs
Lee Bradly (4 years ago)
wjb4341 (4 years ago)
Buttfucko was 6'2" 260lbs ..... Chyna was 5'10" 175lbs at the time of this match.  She also had been out of the WWE for over a year, had not been to the gym at all in recent months, and was a last second replacement (for John Wayne Bobbitt who cancelled.) - she was probably hung over too.  Her head gear was too big and kept falling over her eyes.  But despite all this she landed the best punches of the fight and when she did Buttfucko just threw his weight into her and mauled her.  With minimal training, and a month of so of lifting in the gym she would have knocked him out. 
Daniel Rittegar (1 month ago)
6,2 with shoes on and with shows off he's height is 6,1
verrrr1 (4 years ago)
+Sushil Sundar  Awww what a punk, you think you can say whatever then turn around and block me. Good for nothing loser like me? sniff sniff. Let me pretend as if that hurted my feelings. I am not keeping anything to myself especially when they are facts not opinions. Hell Yes I am generalizing women to be weaker, because we are weaker. Women are stronger than men in other areas, of course, including physical ones. An example is pain endurance. But we are not talking about pain endurance here. It's comical how you are pointing fingers at me for generalizing yet you just generalize indian men, claiming most white women are stronger than most indian men. Pot calling kettle black. OK you said you can whip my ass ? ok scrawny sissy boy, get all mad and riled up because I owned your malnourished behind in this debate. I am female, but I guess since you are raised up most likely around a bunch of liberal tards, you find my theories unacceptable. Now as I said before Men are generally stronger. I highly doubt I am stronger than most indian men. And I know, Especially since I've dated indian men, they were bigger, had more muscle mass than me, and also their upper body strength is greater than mine and most females. It's you who don't want to accept reality, walking around thinking you have vagina between your legs instead of two big wrinkle hairy balls. The time you're arguing with me you go feed your ugly belly, you are rather bony.
Wolfbilly (2 years ago)
Wimmin aint stronger than men in anything other than in mismatched isolated cases. In general and overall, men are vastly superior in all ways but three: Gestating babies, Lactating and unintentional neoteny.
promic (4 years ago)
test that girl    Lucia Rijker vs that same old guy hes gona get facerolled
deleted (3 years ago)
They best female boxer in the world went vs another fat slob still lost so what chance does she have.
deleted (3 years ago)
You can't compare female vs male. Males are too strong and good :)
Vitaly Bolotsky (4 years ago)
Weak woman. I not love.
Ryman Astanti (4 years ago)
So you don't think men should hit women I say bullshit I believe should beat women in self-defense
trap lover (4 years ago)
Facts=Sexism.Yeah, makes sense.
Mr. Fixit (4 years ago)
You are a good man, excellent lesson.
King balor (4 years ago)
l think everybody knows men are stronger than women, you could take the worlds strongest woman and she would still lose to a over weight or normal guy , every fighter knows this , it's just common sense,infact there are many examples of these big russian chicks who lose arm wrestleing matches to normal guys , a normal man is twice as fast and 3 times stronger than a woman, Whats the point ,everybody knows this , movies and tv shows will make it out to be the other way around , but in reality theres not a chance in hell,Woman just get over it , l never make fun of woman , it's not their fault they aren't as strong as me .
Aragonius De (10 months ago)
smitty manjensen H
Guillermina Garnica (1 year ago)
true because thiere there are men shorter then the world strongest woman that can left way heavier weight then the world strongest women it's so true men are the best
smitty manjensen (4 years ago)
+RyanPerson i can't say about that because that involves stamina, speed, and mind games. an average joe in the same weight class as a trained female athlete wold be interesting to see.
smitty manjensen (4 years ago)
+RyanPerson beat in what? anyways when it comes to strength particularly upper body strength. On average, pound for pound a well trained female athlete will almost always be weaker than the average male. This generally due to the differences in the hormonal profile in men and women (men have much higher levels of testosterone). On the other hand, when it comes to lower body strength men and women are more closely matched.  Lots of peer reviewed scientific journals on this topic. i even saw one "battle of the sexes" on psychology today. interesting stuff
Sports (4 years ago)
I can't disagree
Breanna Elkins (4 years ago)
Rule 1 in man hood never hit a girl!
HitProof (8 months ago)
vFLANDREvSCARLETv unless she hits you first
Ghostly Bio (10 months ago)
Breanna Elkins oh crap I'm fucked oh wait IM A KID!?!?!!?!?!?!!!??1
vFLANDREvSCARLETv (4 years ago)
unles she steps in the ring right

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