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How kids can help design cities | Mara Mintzer

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Adults tend to think of kids as "future citizens" -- their ideas and opinions will matter someday, just not today. But kids make up a quarter of the population, so shouldn't they have a say in what the world they'll inherit will look like? Urban planner Mara Mintzer shares what happened when she and her team asked kids to help design a park in Boulder, Colorado -- and how it revealed an important blind spot in how we construct the built environment. "If we aren't including children in our planning, who else aren't we including?" Mintzer asks. Check out more TED Talks: http://www.ted.com The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and more. Follow TED on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TEDTalks Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/TED
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Text Comments (140)
Human Evolving (3 days ago)
TED TALK exercises censorship, Censorship is bad, Shame on TED Talks I am so disappointed since I used to suggest to everyone I would meet that they should listen to TED
slindenau (6 days ago)
She should stick to the kitchen, this talk made no sense at all.
Mehdi Ferasat (10 days ago)
Does the phrase "loud citizens" in 0:53 mean persistence and influential?
niha Brahma (11 days ago)
my aim is to be a popular fation designer n i love this idea n i will really use this idea good job 👏
Robert Denham (11 days ago)
And when was the last new city you built out of the wilderness? *LEAVE THE CHILDREN ALONE!*
celestialcircledance (11 days ago)
I could come up with fun creative ideas that defy safety and convention as well especially if it's not my money at stake or responsability lol .
dafrib (12 days ago)
what an important message this is!
Kamran Mangal (12 days ago)
Interesting ♥
英語の勉強のために聞いてます 和訳が欲しいです
Kpt Kerosive (12 days ago)
Great stuff. But... just sayin...she needs a better bra.
GeneralGeronimo (13 days ago)
As a child I can confirm this is epic
Oliver Misbach (13 days ago)
I'm down for a hang gliding station at my local park.
DURMUŞ BAYSAL (13 days ago)
What a nice feeling being a child with children.
M Halvaresh (12 days ago)
That's how leftists live all the time & they wonder why their own cities are crumbling around them & illegals, bums & addicts are turning glorious city parks into giant camping grounds, toilets & a toxic wasteland covered in infected needles. Let's just live in fantasyland forever & never deal with real problems instead...
Leonardo Marsola (13 days ago)
One of the best reflections that I found in TED's content.
Alexia Higgs (13 days ago)
wow I loved her talk but I love her dress more than that
Hildegardes Girl (14 days ago)
Do you ever notice alot of these TED snippets show photos of speakers in the same pose.. arms bent slightly raise at their side open palm gesture pose...And every video starts with the same fake truncated applause. Great speaker. What a wonderful idea! Love these videos!
Mrr chung (14 days ago)
I like this ideas 👍👍 1 like=support this ideas for kids👍
Sharon Bush (14 days ago)
This is an amazing idea! Children are the key to the future and they should have a say.
tbone Kovaleski (14 days ago)
Hope your throat feels better
Mark Fleener (14 days ago)
5 year olds are never allowed to walk to the park by themselves. By law, they must always be in LINE OF SIGHT or the parent risks their being taken away.
Mark Fleener (14 days ago)
Benches in a park? The anti-homeless fascists wont have it.
Online Ahmed Ali (14 days ago)
nice more vid on my channel
DriveR13G27 (14 days ago)
That's cool because kids don't constrain their ideas as much to societally accepted norms, they might dare to propose a plan that contradicts these standards, and might actually turn out to be an amazing plan. You have to expect a lot of unfit ideas, but if there is a really good one, it's worth it
Alexander E01 (14 days ago)
This is awesome; it’s practically a real life version of simcity.
Sara McCandless (14 days ago)
This was excellent!!
Kaid (14 days ago)
*Trump watching* "T E R M I N A T E H E R"
Ryan YAU (14 days ago)
This reminds me of my youth, were I am free to play as I want, yet as my home city and my neighbourhood grew, I feel less welcomed and the city just seemed more and more lifeless. Indeed, everyone just wants to enjoy the same happiness children experience when ever they play in a park.
rws531 (14 days ago)
Boston’s street layout seemed to have been designed by children long ago
Alpha Strength (14 days ago)
The kids are more creative than we are because they are not in a locked mindset as we are
Jolfgard (15 days ago)
I mean, it's nice and all for kids to design cities now. I just think the relevant university degree for Urban Planning becomes somehow obsolete in the face of this.
Ana Ukmez (15 days ago)
Sam Finance Tech (15 days ago)
Nice work but cities should be designed more towards the elderly instead.. Don't neglect them.
BO T (15 days ago)
Yes. They can think outside the box, and not just money or "as we always do". I see that if they get to be a part of the "say" in the community they will evolve, and be more interestet to learn en develop a better future. Often the kids today are far more futurethinking and inclusive then adults.
zkxnkj (15 days ago)
of course she'd bring race and immigration into the discussion. does she realize how condescending she sounds by doing that? as if those people could not possibly be already working in her field?!
Matt Roberts (15 days ago)
Creativity is killed as you progress through school, so to bring in children to give their ideas while at their most creative is a wonderful thing, 👏 we need to promote creativity and this will help keep the creative minds engaged and want to pursue a career in the creative industries, the world needs more creative people
BariumCobaltNitrog3n (15 days ago)
AQOWAMAN COWS (15 days ago)
why do I have a feeling that I've seen this before? is this a reupload or something or am I just going mad?
Felipe Rios (15 days ago)
Well kids are kids. Kids aren't dumb proprely, however, they do things because the age. But kids still can understand the things and to think about them and make a solution for it. Many "fool and dumb actions" in a lot of children are culture construction since the school and family. "Don't kids" people can to do the things too.
J. Knight (15 days ago)
this is exactly why this kind of people fail misserabelly...
OneManWolfPack (15 days ago)
"Children want nature right in there backyard" - Today I learned I am still a little kid inside.
美千子猿渡 (15 days ago)
they can't
Nicholas (15 days ago)
This is a re-upload
Da muffin maaaan! (15 days ago)
If we make children design cities they’ll just turn everything into a replica of the fortnite map.
Shama Mehjabin (15 days ago)
Children focus on possibilities, good possibilities. That's why they are happier than adults. And that's why they can make others' day too.
Hunter Dean (15 days ago)
What high schools are walking home from school at night?
garry G Ballard (15 days ago)
I love this idea. Adults seem to stick with the same old same old and can't see to plan any fun in things. Why not make places much more enjoyable for all. It wouldn't hurt for adults to be more child like.
Ahmes Syahda (15 days ago)
Most 9 year olds: we want a park made out of candy Me, an intellectual 9 year old: subscribe to pewdiepie
Rajput Anu Thakur (15 days ago)
Mera comment pe koi like nhi krta 😭😭
Jacob Hudson (15 days ago)
City hall is now chuck e cheese
Sonali Sharma && (15 days ago)
Genius by Design (15 days ago)
Why have a tight shirt if U going to stand with your legs spread ?
level Joe (15 days ago)
She is giving a show isn't she.
Torsee (15 days ago)
Hey, She's Rocking that outfit!
Hidden (15 days ago)
If people watch the video instead of a just hating on the idea they would realize they aren’t using kids plans to make any of these parks or buildings but instead taking ideas from the kids and implementing them in their professionally designed parks for kids, this really isn’t such a bad idea for parks especially, build parks meant for kids based off kids ideas and for even affordable housing the kids ideas of incorporating nature with the projects make sense, allow parents who are raising young children to enjoy the outdoors with less fear of them having to walk a few blocks alone.
Humanoid Model #421 (15 days ago)
Can't wait to visit the Pikachu museum, or chill out in dickbutt park.
Kevin Reardon (15 days ago)
I've never seen a more realistic argument for city design.
hdmat101 (15 days ago)
Next up : how UAE ( United Arab Emirates) can help improve the justice system around the world
j s (15 days ago)
Start the communist young
Bread snake (15 days ago)
this is amazing! how are there only 200 likes?!?!?!
Bob Frog (15 days ago)
Ever notice how these Liberal NPCs always go for our kids.
Shlomo Silversteinberg (15 days ago)
I wonder why they would want to do that... Oy vey.
tjmmachine (15 days ago)
"How to make child labour legal"
Samson Tang (15 days ago)
Encourage them to play Fortnite more.
abdullah Qh (15 days ago)
Why there is no Arabic translation
Sal Al (13 days ago)
Why should there be an Arabic translation... If there is no translation then there is no translation...That is how it works
ScoutiverTTV (15 days ago)
Why work with fully schooled engineers when you can ask children.
David (15 days ago)
She has to be an academic liberal. No one other than an academic would take a child advice. They're children. They have no knowledge or experience. Kind of like Hillary voters
Novabow John Mivule (15 days ago)
The comment above me was written by a "Mature" and grown up child
Novabow John Mivule (15 days ago)
How are kids gonna help design cities if the stuff they learn in school is USELESS once they graduate?
user 15481 (15 days ago)
This is a lot more boring than I thought it would be. As near as I can tell, cities zone to keep existing property prices up. That is to say they under-zone. This because if the property prices were to go down, the city would lose money and the officials would be ejected from office. And so the children should be ejected from the game, if home owners lose money. Then see how the kids play.
Mintfu (15 days ago)
Future Cities flashback
Wake Up (15 days ago)
Glad TED isn't promoting pedophilia again
Chad Cansler (15 days ago)
Kids are dumb AF that’s why we don’t let them make decisions for all of society. But then again most of adults are dumb AF too so what could it hurt.
Nirbhay Vashisht (15 days ago)
First they would have to stop playing fortnite
Rohit Goswami (15 days ago)
Dear Mara god bless u dear ...welcome
Sultan Atiaar (15 days ago)
f Forecast (15 days ago)
Hold on, zip lines and climbing towers aren't universal?? The rest of the world is *missing out*
Alice Hellman (15 days ago)
Ya where I live we don’t even have seesaws. My class had a field trip and we saw one so we all tried to use it at once. That was the only seesaw I’ve seen in my entire country. I LIVE IN ONE OF THE RICHEST COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD OMG WHY!
Manuel Albani (15 days ago)
Nice power stance.
Aspiring Cloud Expert (15 days ago)
Deja vu
haris thapa (15 days ago)
listen to children. amazing
level Joe (15 days ago)
das a mazing!
TimeAndChance (15 days ago)
Maybe the Brits should've consulted their kids about Brexit, & the Americans about who to vote for President in '16, and...
Rex Luna (15 days ago)
Novabow John Mivule (15 days ago)
Says the grown up child
Brian (15 days ago)
The fortnite built city
III-GabeN-III (15 days ago)
and a whole lot of trash post modernist architecture no doubt!modern architects are ironically as skillful as a child on photoshop copy and pasting trash symmetry -less cement cancerous structures. however im sure children will help with the green aspect which is sadly missing from most concrete jungles :\
Eyes 2 C ministries (15 days ago)
Smart cities coming near you!
Cisco Kid (15 days ago)
Of course don't let them be kids make them grow up by age 7 .... absolutely ridiculous premise
xurupita farm (15 days ago)
Dude wtf you are talking about? Using uour imagination is in no way "too grown up"
Steven_Duller (15 days ago)
Cisco Kid I feel this was a decent Ted video compared to others. Homegirl made it a fun activity for the kids to use for inspiration and insight they didn't seem to force adulthood on them in my opinion while she did get preachy in the end she did a good job. And of course I see where you're coming from but I kindly disagree and invite you to see the benefits I saw in her ideas.
Az Nags (15 days ago)
I couldn’t pay attention to anything other than whether or not she would take at least one step! How did she not move at all? It hurt me
level Joe (10 days ago)
+john pardon or uncomfortable shoes... Either way, I think we agree? It was probably intended to draw attention to her time on stage, much like a pose Angelina Jolie gave a few years back. Don't be afraid to have a discussions about behaviors that are abnormal.
john pardon (10 days ago)
i think yes, she could have moved more. but i think this is more natural for herself than the steps real speakers take. it's all about the looks though. +level Joe
level Joe (14 days ago)
+john pardon thank you for addressing me personally and not the three people above me. ??? I agree with everything you said. ...one question though... Wouldn't you also agree, that to some degree, it is possibly an exaggeration of her natural stance?
john pardon (14 days ago)
she stands strong and stable. maybe not the most feminine pose but it is the most confident. +level Joe
level Joe (15 days ago)
Glad I wasn't the only one... She moves @ 6:10
ATROFlAR (15 days ago)
Next up: How Saudi Arabia can help improve women's rights around the world
Adnan Howlader (12 days ago)
Next up:learn from saudi arabia how to control women before they control you
Aspartame69 (15 days ago)
+f Forecast Yes, as soon as the saudi women are allowed out of their breeding capsules, they can teach the rest of the worlds women how to drive.
f Forecast (15 days ago)
Correction: How Saudi Arabia women can help improve women's rights around the world
Aspartame69 (15 days ago)
Followed by: What we can learn about managing arable land from sub Saharan Africa.
MOEEN UD DIN (15 days ago)
Four years old
No Name (15 days ago)
Go ahead. all the best in your life 👌👌⚘🌷
Nigrescence (15 days ago)
Not Josh Bowen (15 days ago)
سحر الوهيبي. (15 days ago)
First 🌷
Hello everyone! Have a nice day!
Aspartame69 (15 days ago)
Kids are idiots.
Yea Okay So What (15 days ago)
*Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great*
Kaid (14 days ago)
+ScoutiverTTV it is a robot
Anthony (15 days ago)
Keep away from people who type in bold. They're small people who think they deserve to be heard over everyone else.
ScoutiverTTV (15 days ago)
*I read your comment like a robot because of the fat style text*
user 15481 (15 days ago)
But I live in the US!
Knight Slasher (15 days ago)
The new Sims game looks great
John Hillman (15 days ago)
+TheYoutubeGuy from Bauhaus to Spiel Haus
TheYoutubeGuy (15 days ago)
Babyoof bot Simmer (15 days ago)
Knight Slasher wait what
Mohamed Saad (15 days ago)
Brandon (15 days ago)
My dream is to be a city planner.
steve fischer (6 days ago)
same :). currently saving money and seeking experience before I start applying for my masters. I wish there were more opportunities for recent undergraduates and high schoolers to find experience in city planning departments and within design firms. The "minimum requirements" for an entry level job in this field is, unfortunately, limited to people who can forgo money for unpaid internships and can easily afford higher education. It's sad because it's a field that, more than any other, should be inclusive and open to all people and backgrounds. I wish you luck Brandon!
Mark Fleener (14 days ago)
Look up Permaculture For Us GOAHEADBLOCKME, learn about food forests and design such cities.
ScoutiverTTV (15 days ago)
If children already can be that now according to her, then congrats, youre now a city planner.
user 15481 (15 days ago)
Why? What draws you to this field?
John Hillman (15 days ago)
she is angling for a lucrative consulting job, where results are not expected

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