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Gangnam Style (Guitar.Bass.Piano) cover with Jayesslee and pinnhuk

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I came across this fantastic cover of Gangnam Style by Jayesslee and later on discovered a cool funk mix with an electric bass by pinnhuk. This is my attempt at adding a piano part to two already great videos. Please be sure to check out their youtube vids and channels!!! (see links below) Jayesslee's Gangnam Style cover - http://youtu.be/XZ3OLswKKAw https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/gangnam-style-single/id600114441 pinnhuk's Funky Bass cover - http://youtu.be/CMregJsU4g8 PSY's original "Gangnam Style" - http://youtu.be/9bZkp7q19f0 https://itunes.apple.com/us/music-video/gangnam-style/id564322420
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Text Comments (73)
Carol icm (2 months ago)
Hi! Which application does this type of assembly? I'm a musician and I need it urgently!
Chinzo Chinzoo (2 years ago)
Calypso (3 years ago)
You guys would make a perfect band. Love it :D
Charly Carolina (3 years ago)
This needs to get famous!!!! Oh my Holy Coww
Sarah Burandt (3 years ago)
Klingt echt toll, alles zusammen, weiter so :)
e lee (4 years ago)
so good! in love with this! <3
NinjaRoku (4 years ago)
This is pretty cool, I think the piano might be overpowering the other instruments though
yvonne chew (4 years ago)
Wei Wang (5 years ago)
this is Awesome
กร น่ะ (5 years ago)
Briony Simpson (5 years ago)
Love it
Stupid Phan (5 years ago)
This is way better than the official video because no porne thing...
Mathieu Bayou (5 years ago)
Awesome ! But volume voice is little low ...
lilzn88x (5 years ago)
wooow!!!!!!!!! GENIAL!
Black MSI (5 years ago)
try combine this link watch?v=vLYbXOgayxs
selim dağlı (5 years ago)
I play the drums very well. I want to play it. by the way, I am from Turkey.
Keyshia Jones (5 years ago)
I really like how you sang it 5/5 Like Proffessional
Kunpitch (5 years ago)
thai's fantastic! how do you edits videos?
lgloin2416 (5 years ago)
The next cover will be a drummer and will make a perfect band :)
Max Gomez (5 years ago)
Damm good!!!!!!!!!!!! great version!!
chen Lynn chen (5 years ago)
i didnt like gangnam style at all...but after this video - i loved it!!!!!
essna (5 years ago)
Oh shit I like it.... hahaha sounds cool to me... I cant wait to see whos gonna play the bongo... or some tumba. congrats guys!!!...
Sepheroths (5 years ago)
I feel like some parts sounded better with just the bass and guitar or piano and guitar. Too much can clutter the beauty of each instrument
lmarfim (5 years ago)
musically poor! The bossa nova feeling was lost, the piano is too loud and the bass is dispensable.
Min Guan (5 years ago)
José René Cardoso (5 years ago)
Peepo sahashanat (5 years ago)
Peepo sahashanat (5 years ago)
Sylred (5 years ago)
....el piano sobra.
Rhonda JayJay (5 years ago)
To jasselee I want to be both of you
Bibi (5 years ago)
I love this version!
Michał Ligocki (5 years ago)
Maybe a bit too fast but generally fantastic:)
sweex2202 (6 years ago)
very nice
Victor Tee (6 years ago)
You guys are awesome!
Soukaina L'M (6 years ago)
Wern Tan (6 years ago)
It's so relaxing when you listen to it with your eyes closed!
alegomesbr2 (6 years ago)
Eugenie Lee (6 years ago)
Raphael Escobedo added the drums! /watch?v=4EmFqWpbhrI&list=UUIEjdTH3-bJPxu3Toor6TnA&index=3
Tk Vue (6 years ago)
So whats the next instruments that's gonna be added to make it even more crazier.
Sandy Yang (6 years ago)
I love this!!!
유희대 (6 years ago)
Galova (6 years ago)
piano too loud and violent
Irmina Ko (6 years ago)
Ali aydemir (6 years ago)
Subscribe to prince ali dancing it my son dancing
Ali aydemir (6 years ago)
Subscribe to
JSinuYasha (6 years ago)
disasterprone (6 years ago)
This is just sublime! Every piece fits so well together! You guys really need to do something again soon!
IsahMonteiro (6 years ago)
매우 쿨
sirenadannie (6 years ago)
totally enjoyed this!
Ally (6 years ago)
unite them as a band
Ally (6 years ago)
Yurako William (6 years ago)
absolutely perfect
Benjamin Kelly (6 years ago)
brilliant. This is greatness AMPLIFIED :)
akdeniz 33 (6 years ago)
shoud I add some?? :D
Trudy Trudie (6 years ago)
Domenico Pino (6 years ago)
Wonderful !!!
Noelle (6 years ago)
leadmaster537 (6 years ago)
We need more! Add jitrui's drum cover here!
Be Lucky (6 years ago)
absolutely loved this mix
Judy Yom (6 years ago)
pinnhuk (6 years ago)
wow! dude, really good work! I really appreciate you doing something over my work!! The parts were well fit, not overplaying. Loved it! Keep it up =) Cheers, Pinnhuk.
Kemet Black (6 years ago)
im in love with jazz nd this made wanna cry lol
malasadah (6 years ago)
this is amazing. & jazzy. two of my favorite things!
Se Youn Park (6 years ago)
What are the chords for this song? Thank you! :)
winter spring (6 years ago)
so cool
Andrew Garcia (6 years ago)
Nice collaboration.. Great Mix too
phatfrezza (6 years ago)
love the mix! plus you can't go wrong with jayeslee :)
Jillian Reign (6 years ago)

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