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10 Surprising Technologies People Had in the Past

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Support our efforts to make videos about what we want: https://www.patreon.com/toptenz/overview Today, we like to think of ourselves as at the highest point ever in human technological advancement, and certainly on some levels we seem to have done better than in the past — such as transportation methods like airplanes. →Subscribe for new videos every day! https://www.youtube.com/user/toptenznet?sub_confirmation=1 Find more lists at: http://www.toptenz.net Entertaining and educational top 10 lists from TopTenzNet! Subscribe to our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTenz/ Business inquiries to [email protected] Other TopTenz Videos: 10 Inventions That Will Give You Hope for Humanity https://youtu.be/3TTvlbaPjzQ Top 10 FACTS About Surprising FACEBOOK https://youtu.be/ygabnp8Z6Rs Text version: https://www.toptenz.net/10-surprising-technologies-people-had-in-the-past.php Coming up: 10. The “Baghdad Battery” Found In The Ruins Of Ancient Iraq 9. Several Ancient Cultures Had Forms Of Air Conditioning 8. Hot Air Balloons Go Back To When They Were Used For Messaging In Ancient China 7. People Exploited The Denseness Of Air To Create Primitive “Refrigerators” 6. Guns Have Been Used In Combat Much Farther Back Than Most People Realize 5. Devices Like The Antikythera Mechanism Allowed For Incredible Mathematical Analysis 4. The Telegraph Was Basically The Texting And Internet Of The Olden Days 3. Ancient Cultures Had Surprisingly Sophisticated GPS Equipment 2. The Use Of Condoms And Pregnancy Tests Goes Back A Very Long Way 1. Kevlar Is A Rediscovery Of A Very Old Means Of Combat Protection Source/Further reading: https://youtu.be/p5F6lJhofpA https://youtu.be/p5F6lJhofpA http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/culturebox/2011/07/a_history_of_air_conditioning.html https://books.google.com/books?id=CyxHDwAAQBAJ&pg=PT557&dq=sky+lantern+ancient+chinese+military&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjvlsK_qvHbAhUOvVMKHeFRC6cQ6AEILzAB#v=onepage&q=sky%20lantern%20ancient%20chinese%20military&f=false https://youtu.be/0Z4iFYzGQkE https://www.history-magazine.com/refrig.html https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/entertainment/books/1979/08/12/the-samurai-the-sword-and-the-gun/9735f156-7368-4665-a138-43bfe984a081/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.d0b7cb5793d1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antikythera_mechanism#/media/File:NAMA_Machine_d%27Anticyth%C3%A8re_1.jpg https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/internet/10120701/Telegram-system-ends.-Stop.-Replaced-by-text-messages.-Stop.html https://www.citylab.com/life/2013/04/7-examples-how-we-used-navigate-world-around-us/5286/ https://youtu.be/jdr1yDO7MoY https://books.google.com/books?id=-_JeDwAAQBAJ&pg=PT206&dq=glans+condoms+in+ancient+china&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiupon_vPrbAhVFpFkKHaeYCNwQ6AEIKTAA#v=onepage&q=glans%20condoms%20in%20ancient%20china&f=false https://hackaday.com/2014/04/11/the-ancient-greeks-invented-kevlar-a-over-2-millennia-ago/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Iran_Air_Cargo_Boeing_747-200_KvW.jpg https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Sixteenth_Century_Cannon2.jpg https://www.flickr.com/photos/boyntonartstudio/26258302450 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ironie_pile_Bagdad.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zffTsotd-tY https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Battery_symbol2.svg https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Skeptical_Face.jpg https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/2044969585 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Toshiba_Daiseikai_Air_Conditioner.jpg https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Pont_du_Gard_Oct_2007.jpg https://www.maxpixel.net/Residents-Marroc-Africa-Bedouin-Morocco-Desert-171827 https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-camel-riding-on-desert-785744/ https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Hot_air_balloons_in_leon.jpg https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:International_hot_air_balloon_festival_in_leon_guanajuato_mexico_2012.jpg https://www.publicdomainpictures.net/en/view-image.php?image=11431&picture=sky-lantern
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Text Comments (219)
taj021 (2 days ago)
No better picture than the outdated iranian cargo plane?
Sarah o (3 days ago)
No one idea is original. Remember that.
GuyRorschach (6 days ago)
You forgot about concrete. An ancient Roman invention that was lost at during the fall of Rome and wasn't rediscovered again until the 1700's.
Andy Cockrum (7 days ago)
Lmao leave it to Europeans to find it shocking that guns date back to 1300
Shiboline M'Ress (20 days ago)
How about Cornelius Drebbel, who cooled a large hall for King James I, by blowing air with a bellows over jars containing a mixture of snow (saved underground from the previous winter), water, salt, and potassium nitrate, which formed ice crystals. This was, arguably, the first recorded instance of man-made air conditioning, though sadly it was a one-off.
Pris0ner Gaming (1 month ago)
A Kevlar-like armor might have helped Alexander the Great conquer nearly the entirety of the known world in little more than two decades, according to new reconstructive archaeology research.  Indeed, in his "Life of Alexander," the Greek historian Plutarch states that Alexander wore "a breastplate of folded (or doubled) linen" at the Battle of Gaugamela in 331 B.C. This battle a was a huge victory for the Greeks and led to the fall of the Achaemenid Empire.
Pris0ner Gaming (1 month ago)
We cannot see most of the stars due to light pollution. When I was a child growing up on a farm I could see millions of stars now I see maybe a hundred. Pregnancy test "Did the rabbit die?" Sheep intestine as a condom ooooo!
Pris0ner Gaming (21 days ago)
​@Razon de la Esperanza, Gary ShogrenShogren well when looking at the milky way it is difficult to differentiate between points of light but literally horizon to horizon in all 4 directions were scattered stars more than I thought I was capable of counting. I couldn't argue your point I have not seen the sky like that since I was a child and I not only have lived in remote locations I also travel to them for vacation and I always look to see but it is just not anything like it was, it really is a pathetic facsimile of what it once was.
Light pollution is a bummer, but you did not see millions of stars - the absolute limit is around 5000. But I assume you are just exaggerating.
Pris0ner Gaming (1 month ago)
There are instructions on how to build a dry cell battery in The Vedas.
Clutch Bangstrip (1 month ago)
Con Doms
Jen Nelson (1 month ago)
He totally thinks hot air balloons are flying death traps. 😄
Chris White (1 month ago)
I never realized how much of a liberal lean this channel takes until this video. Just talk about the history of guns, don’t editorialize. Same for air conditioning and refrigeration. 🙄
Steel (1 month ago)
People dont realize it but Gamberson armor (the big cloth overcoat looking things in medieval art) was actually very effective, even better than leather and required multiple sword strikes to the same place to penetrate.
Michael Hurley (1 month ago)
The Romans in many ways were far ahead of us. Their buildings were superior, aqueducts, Colosseum had naval battles, and some of their structures are still around today. What have we built that will last 2000 years? My guess is nothing!
SarthorS (2 months ago)
It's poorly researched garbage like this that turns people into conspiracy theorists. How about finding out what actual experts have to say about these things and leaving out the crazy stuff. Creating breezeways or building into the ground is not air conditioning. That ancient device was not an analog computer. Sky lanterns were not hot air balloons. Padded armour was not kevlar. This list is almost entirely speculation and exaggeration.
Zachariah Smith (2 months ago)
Seems this channel needs to actually learn about the Japanese military. They do have a military, it's just that under their terms of surrender, they were not allowed to build an offensive military. To think they aren't a technologically advanced military is stupid. They had US backing for years and are the regions biggest ally. Actually I believe now the ban on their military has been lifted
MyRegardsToTheDodo (2 months ago)
The ancient greek already had rails and waggons to transport goods over a short distance and childrens' toys that were driven by the recoil of steam shooting out of the back. If any of them had thought of a piston system history would have been quite different, basically the industrial revolution would have happened 2000 years earlier than it actually did. Also a load of inventions were lost over time, the Romans for example already used spring-mounted carriages, a technological advancement lost at the end of the Roman empire, and it wasn't reinvented until the 1700s.
Brandon Scott (2 months ago)
“Mass killings are performed by guns regularly...” so a gun just walks in and starts shooting eh? Didn’t know they capable of that. That’s crazy. I guess I’ll talk nicer to all of mine so they don’t get up and shoot me in my sleep.
Psyclotron xx (2 months ago)
He seems like he doesn't feel well
RocKiteman _ 2001 (2 months ago)
GUNS perform mass killings regularly? Wow - THAT'S A RELIEF! All this time I thought it was PEOPLE WITH GUNS doing the killing. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
RocKiteman _ 2001 (2 months ago)
Air Conditioning BAD? Try living in {at least the more southern parts of} *FLORIDA, USA* without it. I was born and raised there, so I have some knowledge on the subject...😊
Rohan Cook (3 months ago)
Before proper contraceptives, thorns were stuck into the urinary tract, very painful!
Jestercorp (3 months ago)
"Mass Killings are performed by guns regularly" - yeah? So guns just floated around killing humans? It seems like we have some serious artificial intelligence conversations to have.
fifa craft (3 months ago)
lulz ask Iraq in 2004 how their gps was compared to the USA
Joey Coleman (3 months ago)
Why do you think he cultivated and maintained his title, Alexaner"the GREAT" thorax, greek fire & pile driving as well as square block city grids and city hall and libraries at centers of all cities still today.
Kitana Kojima (4 months ago)
The Baghdad "battery" probably just held wine.
Michael Burgess (3 months ago)
With iron and copper in it, were they trying to make the wine taste horrible? Why?
Tiffany Manning (4 months ago)
I can live without most modern cons - but not air con. Take my telly, my smart phone, even the vaccine cleaner and dishwasher. But not the aircon! ( but hey, I live in Australia and have had heatstroke a few times... )
kmf65 (4 months ago)
Greek fire! I believe, to this day, we haven't figured out how the Greeks made it!
digapygmy70 (4 months ago)
#8- Architects really used to make best use of a house's design to enhance cool breezes. In the US, the dogtrot style house was popular, and in Charleston, all the old houses downtown have their front porch on the side of the house, facing the water to get the sea breeze.
James England (5 months ago)
"Mass killings are regularly performed by guns ". No, genius, killings are performed by murderous people.
Lannie Mozzer (5 months ago)
It has often seemed to me like what these ancient cultures really had difficulty with was mass production. They could not easily mass produce the items they invented.
Rebekah Voight (8 months ago)
Texting: The perfection of the telegram.
Glen Warnes (8 months ago)
This video really lacks specificity in its representations. Just 2 examples from many; (1) guns commit mass murder, (2) layers of fabric any fabric makes Kevlar.
fremeaner (8 months ago)
Mass killings have been performed WITH guns not BY guns.
Musical Neptunian (8 months ago)
Humbug. 21st century man is still superior. We have Netflix. They had horsemen. We have Bojack Horseman.
macsnafu (8 months ago)
I think the thing about most of these items is that, while they existed, they were used by limited groups of people, and not widespread around the world, as most modern inventions are. They certainly didn't have mass production.
Chip Ormsby (8 months ago)
I'm unsure if you read the comments, Simon, but check out the YouTube channel "Clickspring." Aside from the hilariously inaccurate subtitle of "amateur clock maker," he's been remaking the Antikythera mechanism largely by hand/ by making tools to make the individual parts that "may" have existed in the time. Complete with an explanation of why/ how he came up with the ideas. The videos are incredibly well done, as is his precision machining.
Krimzon Hunt (8 months ago)
So basically, modern people are lazy and used to a comfy life. This video basically explains how humanity has taken over the world through colonization and why some things like bows and arrows can rival weapons today. Obviously this is not literal especially if you watch the video first.
Confused Rhino (9 months ago)
Guns do not kill anyone. My gun does not jump off my table and shoot people . If guns kill people then pencils miss spell words and cars drive drunk.
sacul xela (9 months ago)
Maybe there used to be an ancient secret society that focused on advanced technology at the time? I'm not saying the Illuminati but like what if it was some kind of sect who's religious beliefs depended on studying and furthering innovation and research, maybe these ancient devices are their projects that got left behind or something
FlintTD (9 months ago)
A very informative video, but also condescending.
Taragoola (9 months ago)
I like to think the cut after "nearest Denny's" is because Simon spent a full twenty minutes talking about how no sane person would do that because of the horrible diarrhea.
Mystic Mind Analysis (9 months ago)
The Baghdad Battery is bunk, not just because of how it's an incredibly poor storage of electricity, not only because there's no evidence of copper wire used to transmit the electricity, but simply because the possibility of a re-purposed object to use as a battery is not certain evidence it was used as such. There are lots of materials you can make to conduct some form of electricity, such as Potato Batteries. So why should we regard the Baghdad "Battery's" primary purpose as anything other than storing scrolls (which there IS archaeological evidence for), while in the same breath dismissing that a potato wasn't used primarily for a battery?
Joe Blow (4 months ago)
Not having proof of something isn’t the same thing as proving something is bunk. In that case you would have to prove it wasn’t a battery. It’s intellectually dishonest and stunted to say something can’t be because you can’t prove it to be 100%.
Jobotubular (4 months ago)
Point: scroll-storage pots already well-documented, battery is not. Agreed -- but (to quote Wikipedia) "The artifacts consist of terracotta pots approximately 130 mm (5 in) tall (with a one-and-a-half-inch mouth) containing a cylinder made of a rolled copper sheet, which houses a single iron rod. At the top, the iron rod is isolated from the copper by bitumen, with plugs or stoppers, and both rod and cylinder fit snugly inside the opening of the jar. " Interpreting how things are found is the bedrock of archaeology. Presently, the only model that explains this finding is that it is a battery. It's not certain evidence -- agreed. But there is no better explanation. Point: no evidence of copper wire Copper doesn't have to be in the form of a wire to transmit electric charge, and copper was certainly available. If it had been available in wire form, that would have been highly desirable as loot, so we can't conclude that it was certainly not available -- only that none has yet been found, not that it was technologically impossible (or even improbable). Potato: for electric use Potatoes would not survive for modern archaeological digs, nor is there evidence that any were available in the Middle East before Columbus sailed. But if you manage to electroplate anything using potatoes as a power source, please do put a video of that on YT
Roy James (9 months ago)
Maybe you should spend a little time studying real science and not fake pseudoscience.
TiggerTiger (9 months ago)
10:55 they have come in and out of popularity.... Pun intended...
Cynthia n/a (9 months ago)
The word is "density," not, "denseness."
BrewBlaster (9 months ago)
Funny thing is about the Baghdad Battery is Islam had a huge role in restricting Mathematics. it made manipulating numbers seen as evil, thus greatly curtaining any further scientific advancements in that area.
br ab (9 months ago)
I detest the new backdrop. Too busy. Also, what has become of my fun factoid channel? When did it start becoming NPR? It's as if you can't help yourselves any more.
Bon iBroco (9 months ago)
Nothing surprising about these technologies.....the title should be "10 technologies people surprisingly had in the past"
Christopher Zantiotis (2 months ago)
Bon iBroco What? You knew about the Antikythera Mechanism? Most people don’t....
A. I. L (9 months ago)
Bad video, interesting technologies. The whole "you smugly think that technology has advanced since ancient times??" schtick is based on false premises and just irritating
YOU WILL BE AMAZED (9 months ago)
under rated inventions.
Aidan Taylor (9 months ago)
Alone page doll muzyak summer tribal store AM civic spending via.
Sterling Crockett (9 months ago)
I worked as a laborer on an archaeological dig in Pompeii twenty years ago, and when the lot of us weren't digging in the dirt, we were touring the many things to see in the ancient city. On one day, we toured a reconstructed house called the House of the Menander, which featured a rebuilt atrium. The walls were frescoed stone while the roof was wooden and had a hole in the middle by which to collect rain water in a floor basin underneath. The day was warm, but as soon as we walked into the atrium, the temperature was fifteen degrees F cooler, and was like this throughout the house. Even the central garden, open to the sky with a colonnaded walkway surrounding it, was cooler. The house we worked in also had a smaller reconstructed garden, and it too was quite comfortable as opposed to the rest of the ruins. None of these featured any air conditioning; the persistent shade and stone walls kept the spaces cool. I can only imagine what an entire house must feel like, particularly the second stories, which used more wood construction.
Wolfsmoke (9 months ago)
Wow the leftist talking points are strong in this one...
morningstar (9 months ago)
"In what was once ancient Iraq." Poor language in more ways than one. An otherwise excellent presentation.
03DM M240 (9 months ago)
Swamp coolers were everywhere in Afghanistan, they worked remarkably well considering you were able to get water pumped without electricity
Michael Burgess (3 months ago)
I grew up with a swamp cooler here in California where it is also dry and hot. They were used all over the California interior and desert.
Authorityfigures (9 months ago)
This video is being very flattering to old technology, as if it's just as efficient as modern technology, but it just "looks" or "seems" primitive. We are leaps and bounds ahead of these technologies, none come even close to what we have nowadays. They don't simply seem primitive, they are primitive. This reminds me of the fallacious example of Russian astronauts using pencils and the American astronauts spending millions to create space pens. It's a misunderstanding of the surrounding context.
D H (9 months ago)
Can u just narriate videos without showing your mug
Neo Lix (9 months ago)
One of the poorer episodes I've seen so far, many really hard inaccuracies. - Battery: People think it's a battery because people now know what batteries are. People do not think of it's real purpose because there is nothing comparable in the modern world. - Computer: The Mechanism of Antikythera was _not_ a computer since is did not compute anything. It was more a display, like a clock. It was called a computer by the historian Derek de Solla Price, who apparently just didn't know how a computer is defined. - Navigation: The sextant itself could only measure the latitude. For the longitude, precise measurement of time was also required, which came much later. Much more fascinating were actually the navigation skills of the Polynesian people, who managed to colonize the Pacific without any sophisticated devices like that. Kinda cool!
Joe Blow (4 months ago)
It could have indeed been a battery, especially if someone was experimenting. They didn’t use the scientific method but they did experiment.
Joe Blow (4 months ago)
Actually the mechanism did compute locations of the stars, it didn’t just show a set of limted pre fabricated data sets. It’s just a very specific very basic analog computer.
New Runrocks26 (9 months ago)
Seems like I actually overestimate the past
firestorm117 (9 months ago)
You seem really exhausted man. Take a nap and have some coffee or tea
Mediolanon (9 months ago)
Considering that only 0,0000005 perc of the classsical body of knowledge has been passed on to us, it makes one wonder what we do not know. After all mankind has been devolving since the classical age.
LycanDeMorte (9 months ago)
Thanks for always making quality content and liking the new setup
Tameem Moaleji (9 months ago)
Mr Whistler, I like the new format of presentation. Maybe some soft classical music in the background, a smoking jacket and a pipe? couldn't hurt lol
Sun Star4931 (9 months ago)
Please come to Pensacola, Florida with no AC right now. I dare you.
Ulterior Motiffs (9 months ago)
Chinese mounted archers used dense silks to block or lessen the damages of arrows. In the 19th and 20th century, silk became popular because of its resistance to bullets .
Realm Rabbit (9 months ago)
In Ancient Greece, an inventor known as "Heron" is thought to have essentially created a steam engine... Except he didn't think to use it as a steam engine which would've meant an Industrial Revolution over a thousand years before the Industrial Revolution... Instead he used his creation as a toy for children... The dude was so close to really changing the whole course of history if he just thought about his invention differently...
Marko Juric (9 months ago)
Not sure about this, but did the ancient greece have abundant supplies of minable coal? That was what was needed to use steam power on an industrial scale.
Jeff DeWitt (9 months ago)
As I recall they used a version of his engine to open temple doors.
Jack Stone (9 months ago)
Very well researched channel on YouTube, hats of Simon
Charles Montague (9 months ago)
SNL made a joke about GPS. The ancients called it Going Places by Stars. lol
Bxnkroll (2 months ago)
ba dum tsssss
Kyousha (9 months ago)
What about the Etruscan Ceramic Boar Vessel from around 600-500 B.C.E?
martin messer (9 months ago)
too many adds
Minnesota Fatz (9 months ago)
It definitely wasn't a.c. but my great grandparents had a farm in south Georgia and their house had a space about 4 inches wide around the whole house that allowed cool air to blow through in the summer and it was easily closed off for the winter. I always thought that was a pretty clever way to beat the heat, for the time it was made anyway.
Andrew (9 months ago)
I’ve never heard of a gun doing a mass killing. Maybe you should do some better research or take an English class Simon.
Ken Fulton {Baby Elder} (9 months ago)
Im a time traveler the future sucks!!! Kanye West is president
Jeff DeWitt (9 months ago)
Could have been worse, could have been Hillary!
George (9 months ago)
My gun never killed anyone ! Your argument is invalid !
George (9 months ago)
New air conditioners do NOT harm the environment
Spetulhu (8 months ago)
And ofc, they still have to be produced. The raw materials didn't appear out of nowhere - minerals were mined and smelted, oil pumped and refined to get plastics, then it all had to be transported by truck, ship, train to a factory that put them together using electricity. And shipped out to be sold ofc. Ignoring that is ofc just like those "green" people who think new electric or hybrid cars will save the Earth because now our cars pollute less. Except mining lithium for the batteries is horribly dangerous for the environment, the new cars need even more electronics than before which are also polluting to produce, and ofc they never stop to consider where we'll get all that electricity from...
Marko Juric (9 months ago)
Yes they do, because of high energy requirements.
macbomb (9 months ago)
"mass killings are performed by guns" Really those gun just jumped up and killed everyone all by themselves?? I guess it is time to free Anders Breivik, since he obviously had nothing to do with those murders.
Kitana Kojima (4 months ago)
@Shawna Burt we learn how to drive in public high school and most people will imbibe alcohol at some point in life. Not everyone will handle or use a firearm.
neiana (4 months ago)
@Shawna Burt but there are a lot of problems with that argument, and it's a foolish argument: 1 - drunk driving ---- even after all the "campaigns" about not driving drunk--- still kills MORE than guns and the "campaigns" aren't anti-ALCOHOL they are anti-DWI. A lesser argument for a higher death rate. 2 - The "campaigns" seek to "educate" the public, and we love to educate others, don't we? Okay, let's EDUCATE the public on weapon safety. That won't top the suicides (the #1 cause of gun death) or the homicides, but it'll stop a lot of accidents because people will be EDUCATED instead of IGNORANT. That's basically the argument in every other debate, isn't it? We need to educate. Let's educate. 3 - The arguments for getting rid of guns, because let's face it the majority of loud obnoxious voices are trying to get guns banned or removed or whatever, is that "every life matters". Okay, cool, DRUNK DRIVERS STILL KILL MORE. 4 - Full circle, the campaigns against guns are against GUNS. The campaigns against drunk driving isn't against alcohol but the act of doing something dangerous while under the influence. Campaign against guns in THAT way, maybe? 5 - Mass shootings are a TINy TINY TINY TINY TINY fraction of gun-related deaths yet they are used as the de facto gun-death argument. How about we deal with the source of the problem? People are committing suicide. Why? People are murdering others. Why? Fix that. Spend your millions on that. Fix people rather than try to take away something people like. I mean, the prohibition worked, right? -_-
Shawna Burt (4 months ago)
@neiana And we have campaigns about drunk driving, telling people not to do it., but not a damn thing about gun safety.
neiana (9 months ago)
I mean, I don't like guns and I wish they never existed but this nonsense about guns being the root of mass murder is pathetic. Look at China, where there's a weekly mass stabbing in their version of preschool/kindergarten. Bad people WILL find a way to be bad people. Take away the guns and yeah it's harder to kill more people, but drunk driving kills more children than mass school shootings do in the US each year. Yeah, there's an organization to combat that, but the numbers--and risk--is still higher for being killed by a drunk driver than by an angry teen with a gun.
Jeff DeWitt (9 months ago)
More than one, and just how is that a problem?
Love Hate Sex Pain (9 months ago)
reefer kefer (9 months ago)
It's not called freon.its refridgerant.freon is just a brand name.its like calling all shoes Nikes.
Kitana Kojima (4 months ago)
Its not 1950, what fridge uses Freon anymore to begin with?
Joe Blow (4 months ago)
Refrigerators don’t use coolant nowadays anyway.
AngeliqueStP (8 months ago)
pedantic much?
neiana (9 months ago)
Or an adhesive medical strip called a Band-Aid, a single use hand wipe Kleenex, or a photo copy a Xerox. OR... OR... calling "searching for something on the internet" Googling.
BC ElginTex (9 months ago)
I thought you would have mentioned the first FAX transmissions were by telegraph, before the invention of the telephone.
neiana (9 months ago)
Fax is not a "modern" technology anymore, and that's why the writer discussed texting and instant messaging, instead.
Perry Dowd (9 months ago)
The condom was first used by the Arabs using the intestine of a goat. The British later improved on the idea by removing it from the goat before use.
Rana Hossain (8 months ago)
mpforeverunlimited that’s a non sequitur. Do you know the difference between race and religion?
mpforeverunlimited (8 months ago)
@A. I. L Facebook is a leftist shithole now. Can't say anything bad about muslims
Emilie Kearney (8 months ago)
This took a turn I wasn't expecting 😂 😂
A. I. L (9 months ago)
I'm on a 30 day facebook ban for this joke. Well actually the joke was fine, but someone didn't understand it and my explanation got flagged. The comment was something like "the joke is that Arabs have sex with goats. Obviously I don't genuinely believe that, it's just a joke"
Johnny Dominguez (9 months ago)
seedy3 CD3 (9 months ago)
You didn't mention silk as a form of body armor, which may be older then the Greek. Otherwise GREAT video!
KAMIKAZE (9 months ago)
9:17 Ed, Edd n Eddy
Tallis Keeton (9 months ago)
About battery there is also this posibility that it was an innovation which was not used at all, like a prototype or a model of fancy idea of one inventor. But it was too advanced to have been more acclaimed and they couldnt imagine for what to use it in the technological process. Its like a one piece of too great invention but without the other parts of manufacturing, and repeatedly producing and using for some popular activity. I hope my language is enough to describe what it could be. A model of innovation but they could not imagine for what to use it in any repeated circle of production.
Joe Blow (4 months ago)
It might have just been part of an experiment.
just b (6 months ago)
Or to zap people.
C Smith (9 months ago)
They didn't make just one, they've found many of them, they think they could have connected many together to increase the voltage, and use it to plate metal.
neiana (9 months ago)
Or there were other uses for stored electricity that we have either forgotten about or they are so dangerous that we don't even consider as an option, anymore.
Sirzechs Gr (9 months ago)
Who needs air conditioning when your house if full of holes for air to blow throw?
Samantha Vanscoder (9 months ago)
When it's 120f outside ac is a must
Paul Ste. Marie (9 months ago)
Fabric armor may have existed in the past, but Kevlar is a specific type of synthetic fiber with extremely high tensile strength, which makes it practical for use against bullets. Kevlar is not a synonym for fabric armor, and in fact, it has many other uses, such as in tires.
Jason C (8 months ago)
Lol "Ince" Im an ess
Jason C (9 months ago)
I feel it could be synonymous in the sense that it's a woven thing. It's interesting to see the course of these various technologies over our history. Just recently listened to Stuff to Blow Your Mind podacast episode "The Ince Kingdom of Fibers" and It was a great listen on that culture's woven society, even down to the armor.
tommothedog (9 months ago)
"Guns perform mass killings all the time." Yes Simon, inanimate objects actively go out of their way to kill people.
AngeliqueStP (8 months ago)
+Owain Complete and utter horseshit.... I can reel off 3 to 4 DOZEN RWNJ ammosexuals just off the top of my head. CITE your sources, fabricator. (And try using legit sites; no, Breibart doesn't count.)
The Last_Saint (8 months ago)
fenhen (9 months ago)
Love how you quote something that he doesn’t actually say. If you’re going to quote something then you should use the literal words. The meaning of what he said is obvious to anyone without an agenda to peddle. Mass shootings are performed by (using) guns.
Owain Shebbeare (9 months ago)
Funny, Gigawhatever, I am not American, and certainly not an NRA member, but far more mass shootings are done by deranged Democrats. None so far are attributable to NRA members.
GigawingsVideo (9 months ago)
riordan104 (9 months ago)
Any one else make the connection between birth control and “come in, come out”
jaspr1999 (9 months ago)
Very very cool! Thank you!!!
Kristian Marius (9 months ago)
Your way of talking and breathing and articulating and .. it's so weird, like you've got astma, but I believe as you're british, that helps on the video sound, the channel is awesome !!
jeremy debraccio (9 months ago)
Exposed brick. Ill give you exposed bricks! Hey oh
Renee Meyers (9 months ago)
You want to see a true world War, try to take away air conditioning
Renee Meyers (9 months ago)
neiana (9 months ago)
That wouldn't happen if air conditioners had guns. (I had to, you know I had to)
michael shampine (9 months ago)
First off guns do not kill people do!
George (9 months ago)
michael shampine he's English. He doesn't have the level of consciousness .
Gordon Lawrence (9 months ago)
~Does this mean Egyptian hyrogliphics were ancient emojis?
Nuff Nuff (9 months ago)
Simon.. could you do a video on the Byzantine Empire? Love all your videos .. but this is of my upmost interest! Thank you 😊
Jinx Dragon (9 months ago)
I come from the tropics and have always stunned people by wearing clothing that covers my entire body all year round. They assume it is a natural immunity to the heat but it is entirely that little secret about long flowing clothing and thermal transfer....
Kitana Kojima (4 months ago)
I bet those robes reek of sweat.
neiana (9 months ago)
A few years ago I attended summer classes at a university about 16 miles away. I had no car, so I rode a bicycle. If necessary I could push myself to arrive in about an hour, but most days I took an hour and a half to two hours each direction. This particular summer had highs in the 120s for many days, the upper 110s most days, and I was literally burnt within the first week of class....so I grabbed one of my stretchy and light jackets I'd bought in Asia and proceeded to--not be cool, but not be hot, either.
Darrell Leber (9 months ago)
Enough fear mongering. Refrigeration systems have not used Freon for several decades. Its all r134a or similar now. Also no, coal and oil use will not cause the collapse of humanity.
Kitana Kojima (4 months ago)
No, social media use is what will bring about the fall of humanity.
Joe Blow (4 months ago)
There were a lot of misstatements of fact in this video! Not only the Freon comment but the one about Japanese using guns and the Europeans weren’t ? Yet Europeans are the ones the sold the guns to the Japanese? What? Their knowledge of history is poor to say the least!
ll Kasper ll (7 months ago)
Aggressive, industry-blanketing conversion to (much safer) R134a refrigerant = fact. Cause of humanity's collapse = TBD.
gingerginger999 (9 months ago)
A voice of reason!
KAMIKAZE (9 months ago)
Great video as usual! Although, what’s with the random environmental and gun control comments?
Joe Blow (4 months ago)
Um, he said guns kill people all the time which is part of the anti-gun tropes because guns don’t commit mass killings people do.
Joe Blow (4 months ago)
Also historical revisionism and outdated understanding of refrigerator technology. Freon? That stuff got phased out 2 decades ago.
Michael Patriot (9 months ago)
He didn't make an anti-gun statement. He said guns are a topic of debate in most countries.
Helicard (9 months ago)
That is Sylvester Stallone training for his role in Rocky @ 12:00 not Alexander the Great, I can see how you would make that mistake
Tahoe Jones (9 months ago)
The complete absence of soot residue, and impossibilty of reflected sunlight, means megalithic tunnels required; Electric light to create them. Or, a really big jar of lightening bugs.
Gregory Myers (8 months ago)
Mind blown.
Tahoe Jones (9 months ago)
Cleaned off to an invisible level... I see. And what about the soot they're adding, to see the soot they're cleaning off? How does that work?
Jeff DeWitt (9 months ago)
Or they cleaned up the soot. There is ZERO evidence of electric light before the 19th century. No light bulbs, no arcs, no wires, nothing.
Nyar 23 (9 months ago)
The Baghdad Battery was probably not a "battery". This has nothing to do with us having preconceptions about the area (thank you for the subtle jab at an entire field *frowns*), rather it is because of lack of evidence. It might have been used for "magic" (think 'entertainment' or placebo healing rituals). Maybe try researching a bit more than just superficially the next time. Seriously, that jab at Assyriology was entirely uncalled for. P.S.: Ancient freezers were already built by the ancient Mesopotamians (without batteries).
Jobotubular (4 months ago)
@Joe Blow -- right; even if it weren't hugely successful, it's still a paradigm-changer for us today -
Joe Blow (4 months ago)
Actually you can see evolution in action in bacteria.
Joe Blow (4 months ago)
It could have easily been an ancient experiment with the forces of electricity.
Jobotubular (4 months ago)
>>It might have been used for "magic" << Yes, and it might have been used as a penny jar. But that isn't the best explanation. If it can hold an electric charge, it can be a battery. To say it "was probably not" without offering a more comprehensive explanation is dogma, not science. We can't say it definitely was used as battery -- without evidence, that too would be dogmatic. But for the present, that is the best explanation going. And hardly a jab at you or your field (unless you are against the sharing of information, and guessing at the purposes of artifacts)
neiana (9 months ago)
@Nyar 23 I find your reply probably was based on feeling personally biased, but if you paid any attention you would have noticed that at least one of your suggestions was actually mentioned. Also, I thought of a giant 'sparkler' like you might see at a concert, the kind that blast sparks into the air at a certain time during the concert. However, neither of your statement or anything you've said can preclude this from possibly being a battery. Much like other scientific advancements, there will be something that just sits there because "what the hell can I use this for?" is the result. Or a scientist is trying to achieve one thing but achieves something else, so the arguably more advanced technology goes unused and wasted because it's not what was desired at the time. Maybe pull your head out of your Assyriology?

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