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Kansas - Carry On Wayward Son (Audio)

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Playlist Best of Kansas: https://goo.gl/LK42Ru Subscribe for more: https://goo.gl/VHTUin Kansas' official audio for 'Carry On Wayward Son'. Click to listen to Kansas on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/KansasSpot?IQid=Ka... As featured on The Essential Kansas. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/KanEssiTunes?IQid=... Google Play: http://smarturl.it/KanCOWSplay?IQid=K... Amazon: http://smarturl.it/KanEssAmz?IQid=Kan... More from Kansas Dust In The Wind: https://youtu.be/tH2w6Oxx0kQ Fight Fire With Fire: https://youtu.be/TuFkavneS60 Play The Game Tonight: https://youtu.be/W2azO25JtFo More great classic rock videos here: http://smarturl.it/ClassicRocks?IQid=... Follow Kansas Website: http://www.kansasband.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KansasBand Twitter: https://twitter.com/kansasband Instagram: https://instagram.com/kansasband/ Subscribe to Kansas on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/KansasSub?IQid=Kan... --------- Lyrics: Carry on my wayward son There'll be peace when you are done Lay your weary head to rest Don't you cry no more Ah Once I rose above the noise and confusion Just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion I was soaring ever higher, but I flew too high Though my eyes could see I still was a blind man Though my mind could think I still was a mad man I hear the voices when I'm dreaming, I can hear them say"
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Text Comments (62012)
Random User (20 minutes ago)
I’ll be back in September.
cuzaum santos (21 minutes ago)
roo deejoo (1 hour ago)
Great! Thanks! @~
MitchMellow (6 hours ago)
One Last Ride Supernatural 15th season
Wang Yao (9 hours ago)
I love this song i played it on rock Hero a few years back
Greg van den Cyunt (11 hours ago)
Ive come across this song not because of Supernatural or Kansas...but GTA V lol. Surely I cant be the only one
Josué (13 hours ago)
Know this song thx to Arin
Kristjan S. (15 hours ago)
EU 500 millions are not wating for jokes from US ....?
Joseph Stalin (17 hours ago)
what is supernatural, and why is it mentioned so many times in the comments for a kansas song
Fernando Franco Félix (18 hours ago)
I'm so glad you specified this was the audio in the title, I was worried I was only gonna get the flavor
gronkhs_ tochter (19 hours ago)
Why so much dislikes??? I don't understand :o best song ever! #Supernatural4Ever
Carolyn King (22 hours ago)
Part of Friday ritual
THE JEW from Israel (1 day ago)
This song is of EPIC Biblical Proportions. Truly incredible regardless of what era you're born in.
I actually cannot listen to this song withou my heart hurting. 15 SEASONS!!
J MJ (1 day ago)
GTA V brought me here.
Louie Guadalupe (1 day ago)
Three years after the hippie rade,code name 1ton.one member of team2 sucan drop sufficed. Hie clames were beyond the norm:he clamed to have meet drakula,and monsters of ever nature. That he even wished to die there and thet he would of killed himself after he left if he wasent afraid because they told him not you?
This was in my watch later I didn’t put it in there I’m do what happnede
no one: supernatural fans: allow us to introduce ourselves
slacken flop (1 day ago)
Beavis and Butt-head brought me here. That's cool heuheu :D
Jermiah McCormack (1 day ago)
"Bye boys..."
Alex Playz (1 day ago)
GTA V radio .
Adriel B S (1 day ago)
JacobAllenFilmz (1 day ago)
This is one of those songs that isn't all that good live but amazing listening to it like this
themasterninja110 (1 day ago)
This song only made me like supernatural even more. Imagine watching it for the first time and you hear your all time favorite song at the season end. Hell yeah
loverg1rl sara (1 day ago)
not here for supernatural, but here for the vampire and chosen one
DSFWT (1 day ago)
whats supernatural
slacken flop (1 day ago)
I believe a TV show, but could also be some specific event of unexplained, haven't checked.
Amira Grace (1 day ago)
0:00 1:05
Ring Pops R Gr8 (1 day ago)
first tumblr, then my instagram feed, then my discord chats, and know my playlists.
Garvit Nagdev (1 day ago)
We need to get back on the road, Dean. Doing what we do best. Saving people, hunting things. You know? The family business.
Kushblowing420 (1 day ago)
While everyone found this on Supernatural i found this on Rock band unplugged on my PSP the memories :/
Joy Galler (2 days ago)
This Song is for The Loud House
Kaitlyn Saltsman (2 days ago)
“When I told dad I was scared of the thing in my closet he gave me a 45.” “I was 9”
Angel Valkyrie (2 days ago)
I love seeing the young Supernatural quotes but the song was not originally from Supernatural people
So, Supernatural is a thing. Knew this song before the show.
ashton swift (2 days ago)
Found it from mega meme mashup
Omar Nadeem (2 days ago)
This song makes me feel very comfortable
Joy Galler (3 days ago)
This Song is from The Loud House
Wyatt Thomas69 (2 days ago)
Its actually from Kansas
GaSsiM AL-SaBEi (3 days ago)
whos coming for sam and dean 😍
I love tv series (3 days ago)
I want this to be played on my birthday next week!!😉😎
Krevetka Varyonaya (3 days ago)
15 сезон, прощайте винчестеры, благодарю за всё…
ban anonymous (3 days ago)
I'm busy fighting an angel from another dimension can't talk right now Dean let him take over his body
queen mera (2 days ago)
Why why?season 15 is the last😓❤
Brenda Dorantes (3 days ago)
They better play this song at the end of Supernatural
Rase Random (3 days ago)
I listened to this when my dad said he was going to buy some McDonald’s for me, it’s been 2 years he’s not back yet help me I’m scared I’m running out of pop tarts to eat
Magnus Maximus (3 days ago)
It's sad they don't make epic music like this anymore.....
Crankbait Baron (3 days ago)
Sam and Dean sent me here
Chris Garvey (3 days ago)
Hey guys (The Band) Your record company manager was wrong....These were ALL miracles, and not "practical miracles" as he put it. I AM the wayward son, and The Wall is about to come down. Thanks for the sign! (1976)
neneredd💋 (3 days ago)
I want this play at my funeral 🤣🤣🤣
AwesomelyWitchy (3 days ago)
I'm here cause Panic! At The Disco sang this song live.
Jennifer Fehr (3 days ago)
got my ticket hurry up oct
Jennifer Fehr (3 days ago)
love this group this song was way cool be for super natural . still have the record
Allison Staples (3 days ago)
Everyone's talking about Supernatural, but any Simon Snow fans out there? Can't wait for Wayward Son!
Cevanth (3 days ago)
Used to listen this song with my dad along with creedence and blue oyster cult. The good old days man, the good old days...
hammy0 _ (3 days ago)
Anyone from GTA 5 radio?
Prince (4 days ago)
Supernatural brought me here
Tarif Adib (4 days ago)
Judy Pastore (4 days ago)
Yet another song from my high school years...Kansas always played so tight!
trex1060 (4 days ago)
Great band great sound. I have some of their albums Wish I could play them. I live next to a rr track no said. Fantastic band. B. Wright 1060
Random User (4 days ago)
*what the actual hell is supernatural, im here because of Rainbow Rowell aaa theres a sequel*
Random User (23 hours ago)
Allison Staples Thank you!
Allison Staples (3 days ago)
santini_ 35jr239 (4 days ago)
When you hear someone say something bad about supernatural Me:*Hey ASSBUTT*
Bishant Saha (2 days ago)
Castiel (to Dean): See that,right there is one of my followers!
Zakk Elemento (4 days ago)
Who's here in April 2019 still listening?
Meeko OT (4 days ago)
I'm in love with that heavy guitar riff in the middle of the song, can't get it out of my head so I shall learn it on guitar myself
Rosita Espinosa (5 days ago)
Ya espero con ansias la secuela de Carry On. 🧡
Ana Raquel (5 days ago)
Who else is here because of Luke Hemmings? Just me? Okay...
Karate Kermit (5 days ago)
~~I’m from a 70’s playlist off of Spotify~~
Nikolas Ramos (5 days ago)
Muito foda.!!
When I flip omelettes in front of guest at the conference center that I work at sometimes little kids that people would bring would start crying. I always start singing after that *Don't you cry no more!* Most of the time, it actually works. ;)
Maniac Marcus (5 days ago)
Now he's gifted.
rm army (5 days ago)
Season 15 is gonna be the last supernatural season😢😢😢
Angie (5 days ago)
Mi infanciaaaa! The family business
Derek Knight (5 days ago)
General Vance's dad cried out through me today. That was sacred.
Bunny Bhargav (6 days ago)
Dad's on a hunting trip and hasn't been home in few days!
Reed Bahr (6 days ago)
I feel as though this song will be considered a classic amongst those like Mozart in the annals of time
Влад 5-А (6 days ago)
А шо здесь таке?
#ManiaDeSaber ! (6 days ago)
O negócio da família ❤
AJTheClasher (6 days ago)
Supernatural will be missed. 😔
Kayleigh Bird (6 days ago)
Supernatural 💕
Inspired Fandoms (6 days ago)
“Driver picks the music, shot gun shuts his cake hole.” 😋
Shade Beast (6 days ago)
What’s Supernatural?
Kyle Gray (6 days ago)
This song has some of the sweetest riffs and drum beats of any rock song ive heard.
Karen Mirzoyan (6 days ago)
Cary on my wayward sooooon )... YES !!!
Karen Mirzoyan (6 days ago)
Supernatural )ehh
Bob Mage (6 days ago)
Am I the only one here because of Shatner's Prodigy?
sheer 1937 (6 days ago)
"Don't you cry no more"
Isabel Gastelum (6 days ago)
Supernatural 💓💓
midoribishi (7 days ago)
I am still sad nay heartbroken that the long and glorious ride is coming to an end, one last ride #spnfamily you all are the best much love! May season 15 be most epic with the boys riding baby off into the sunset with Jack!
Brandon Everitt (7 days ago)
Good to see so many people appreciating what a masterpiece this song is.... Oh no wait it's a bunch of tards crying over a TV programme.
Billy Mack (7 days ago)
_AntonAlek _ (7 days ago)
"Though my eyes could see I still was a blind man Though my mind could think I still was a mad man"
Bkyurem (7 days ago)
I've watched 12 seasons of Supernatural and don't recognize this song I came for the music and now know it's in the show....
maribel caudillo (7 days ago)
Every time i hear this song, i just grab a spoon or a pencil pretending is a micro. and I sing it out loud! This is what i call MUSIC!
eddsworld y fnafhs (7 days ago)
south park
Dogs Daily (7 days ago)
Ricardo Ricardo (7 days ago)
"The road so far.."
Arthur Gamer 009 (7 days ago)
Eis que vem uma nova temporada: A estrada até aqui
eviladam23 (7 days ago)
Even though the road is coming to an end, atleast there will be peace when they are done!
Three Camels (7 days ago)
There'll be pizza when you are done.
landon9345 (7 days ago)
who else is here is from south park

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