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A Live Day Trade, 2 Minute Chart on Facebook Inc (fb)

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https://www.djellala.net/ I made this trade today on a 2 minute chart. I want just to show you how to carry out a day trade. the trade lasts around 27 minutes. i bought at the first green candlestick at $36.92 and sold at $37.16. 24 cents profit. You should have a good capital. If you bought 400 shares you got $100 in this half an hour. all depends on your capital. Big day trader have a lot of money to trade with the least is $25000 and on. Bought at 1.50 pm sold at 2.16 Tuesday 30 July 2013. This is a real virtual trade. That means I did it as for real money that is why i waited to the end of the trade until i got my stop get hit at $37.16. I change my stop loss many times then i used it as a sell stop to exit the trade. i chose Facebook stock (fb) because it is very liquid and volatile. Moreover, it is in a bullish trend these days after the breakout up. Hope you guys enjoyed the video. Thank you for watching. Please check my swing training levels at http://djellala.net Any question just ask directly to [email protected] Free chart training https://gumroad.com/l/PYkDh/freetraining Facebook https://www.facebook.com/djellalafanpage Twitter https://twitter.com/djellala_llc https://www.linkedin.com/in/abdelkarimrahmane/ Subscribe to my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO3vhVCXqUssYDYTInvto9A?sub_confirmation=1
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komododragon trader (1 year ago)
all losers want to sell their dream startergy as a book software etc etc..... a professional trader don't have time for this things......its a funny world.....
Welcome. For more information, write back directly to [email protected] Check my free training about how to use the chart at https://djellala.net Learn my swing trading strategies by videos or ebooks or subscription or even direct training by skype. Huge discounts, just click Thanks
komododragon trader (1 year ago)
+Djellala Make Money Trading Stocks master old forgive me... I didn't mean your teachings... I told some other ametur trading coaches ..i commented for them.... sorry for that... really I never meant you... I always follow you and your lessons.... I am from India and I am a commodity trader..... old forgive me if you hurt....
hi komododragon it is funny that you dont know anything about professional traders and you are speaking on their behalf. Who tells you that we dont have time. i have seen that you are subscribed to some youtubers who have few subscribers. are they professional traders? thanks
reedmak77 (1 year ago)
You CAN'T RUSH an art
Yes true, you should wait for opportunities. thanks [email protected] https://djellala.net
Gene Starwind (1 year ago)
how do you know when to enter the trade?
Gene Starwind (1 year ago)
Thanks Nick Tetcu
NickT (1 year ago)
Gene Starwind He entered the trade because of the clear double bottom reverse pattern. It's a safe bullish pattern and easy to spot on because will eventually look like a W. Your position bounced twice from the bottom (support) and obviously it's moving up next.
Joseph Salman (2 years ago)
what chart program you using
hi again please check my free training about the chart. it is free and you will find the link and how to use it and install it. for more questions write back to [email protected] huge discounts http://djellala.net
Samir Mohanty (2 years ago)
Hi SIr, Is this Training level 12 (Intraday trading) strategy.
hi samir yes this is day trading. For more questions write back to [email protected] Huge Christmas Discounts on training levels by videos and Ebooks.Check it now. http://djellala.net
Shalintha Don (2 years ago)
hello. can you tell us what the trading platfor you use and the broker charges?
hi shalintha please send me an email and tell me where you live i will send you a link for my broker. second this chart i am using is a free one it has nothing to do with the broker. i use to plan for my trading because i like and i have never found similar in the market. [email protected] there is a 75% disocunt for ebooks and 50% for training levels by videos check them http://djellala.net
Alexander Yaz (2 years ago)
this is a PAPERTRADE, the account is FREE and has 0 Money in it....you are pretending to trade....FRAUD
i know you dont focus on how i trade you focus on if it is paper trade. thsi is a free chart i use to trade. i dont trade daily i did before when i was a beginner. then i specialize in swing trading. as i told you stop using bad words. your mouth is filthy. try to respect people who try to help you out. i agave you many chances but it seems to be you have a bad character. no free lunch at the market. thanks
CUNALPAS (3 years ago)
Dear Mr. Abdul R., I just purchased your book after watching many of your videos. I like the videos a lot, and find them so helpful. The book, too. I loved reading it. It took me no time at all to finish, why? Because it's short and to the point. The information and strategies are so simple, yet very effective. I am going to cancel all the expensive services and newsletters I subscribe to and rely on your strategies. Honestly, I have learned from your videos and ebook more than all the books and newsletters I have read so far. And mind you, I have a ph.d and two masters.Great work. Thank you. PS. How can I get access to the chart you use? C. Pas
+CUNALPAS hi please send me a private email so we can continue our discussion my email is [email protected] thanks
hi mike leeosikipobo. well i trade what i see. i dont trade the past.  when you see the chart and comment is very easy anyone can do it . even a person who has never traded in his life can do it. when you trade live shows you one thing. how a person is trading. another important thing a trade is a trade either with a profit or loss. because you cant base your profits on one trade it is a succession of many trades and the average if you are a good trader you will see the money. if you are not you will see your account shrinking and you lose money. i checked your channel  you have no video. so it better to show people how to trade if you can do it a live one. thanks
+mc_4peace i think you have bought the $35 ebook. i am giving discounts on my training and my new ebook. wait for the discounts. http://djellala.net thanks
Afro-haitian18x (3 years ago)
+Make Money Trading Stocks Thank you so much for the reply which raises another question for me, so after you entered the trade with your broker the previous ( swing trading) ; you are able to keep moving your stop loss the next day? i havent traded yet. im trying to gather as much info as i can before i start.
+mc_4peace trailing stops are automatic. trading is an art. you should see each day and make a decision. stocks sometimes move slowly and other times are volatile. so if you put trailing stops you will exit more than needed. thanks
Afro-haitian18x (3 years ago)
Why not just use a trailling stop instead of having to move your stop loss all the time? Is there a specific reason for not using a trailling stop instead? Do you change your order with your broker every time after moving up your stop loss? A reply would be very very much appreciated sir, thank you. I bought your book last year, the digital version.
Mike S (4 years ago)
You won but I don't think that was a good trade. You should have enter on the 3 or 4th bar after where you actually entered. You only went off of a support line. There were better entry points especially on that engulfing bar and that breakout. Also many opportunities to scalp.
+Mike S it is easy to trade from the past. but in real each trader has his own strategy. thanks
Jerry S (5 years ago)
what website/software are you using?
hi jerry S  i am offering my chart i am using for free when you buy my book or ebook.  the chart is a small company you will not find it when searching online. it is not a broker.  here is the link for my book  http://www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?keyWords=djellala&categoryId=100501
no this is a chart software but more professional than what you see in general. thanks
Noah Tenik (5 years ago)
Is this a website or software showing the market?
well there is a blue bar at the bottom check it. when you move it you can zoom in and out. thanks
Javad Rahimik (5 years ago)
Just have one question, how did you zoom inside your screen. I am using the same website and I couldn't get the same zoom. My candles sticks are so tiny. I will also want to thank you for your great job.
aneel jam (5 years ago)
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Ahmed Sheikh (5 years ago)
great ty

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