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Jamaica: Out of many - One People

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A video essay on Jamaica and Jamaicans based on their country's motto. In 2012 Jamaica will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Their philosophy of Peace and Love is shared all over the world. We all should go to Jamaica and share their celebration.
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Aly Julmiste (5 months ago)
Jamaica is an amazing place. No matter what's going on whether it's good or bad, they never look hopeless. The men are proud and the women are even prouder just they are beautiful. They don't show their teeth to every guy they meet, but when they do, that means you are a very charming mf. Beautiful place and beautiful people. But, don't go over there thinking the island is one big paradise. Just like any other country or island, there are going to be a few bad apples; especially where and when you go to certain areas. Out of many, one. It started in Jamaica and is commonly used in some south American countries. Some people in the western civilization take it out of context. They think the person saying it, is trying to rise to dictatorship. Alot of them know what it means, but they will convince others of the negative as opposed to the positive depending on who is saying it. Common sense is not as common as one may think. First time I heard it I felt it meant, always strive to be the best. Evil minds always have evil thoughts. Really take your time to understand that. Again, evil minds always have evil thoughts. What that means to me is, there is absolutely nothing you can do to change that person training of thought. The fact that Jamaica is being talked about in a very good and positive way, there is someone or something that is reading everything in this forum and is building up hate in their minds and thinking, what can they do to take away that beacon of positive light. I say, if you find someone like that in Jamaica make sure you do what your ancestors use to do with a machete. I am not Jamaican, but people from Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba (not the ones in America that forgot where they came from) and the continent of Africa, I can roll with them all day and all night. The world would be a better place if we all had "one love" I believe Bob Marley would still be here today and preaching words of wisdom if that "one love" was intertwined and woven into the hearts of everyone in this big beautiful place they call the planet earth. Greed and envy is what started corruption and evilness in the world. Even if cavemen really existed millions of years ago, there had to be at least one of them that wanted to take the other caveman's woman out of jealousy. When people from the western world started traveling all over the world in search of treasure, they went there with evil thoughts. In other words, they refuse to go back home empty handed. One of the most vile thing they did, was to dig up a person's grave knowing that a lot of those people in places like Egypt were buried with all kinds of goal and jewelry. Some of those graves and especially the ones that were bolted shut, when you open them, it's like opening up Pandora's Box. It's bolted for a fucking reason When you see someone's rich family are cursed, it's not bad luck. It's what their ancestors did and now they are paying the price and it doesn't matter how good and nice they are, when it comes to Pandora's Box, you will be cursed for generations to come. The mark of the beast is not always visible. But the action of the beast is always visible. Some people might miss it and some chooses to ignore it. But one thing for sure, they will never outlive the righteous.
Colleen Henry (3 years ago)
Bless up my lovely country!!!
Colleen Henry (3 years ago)
love the scenery!!
Infinite Sky (3 years ago)
@Colleen Henry What parish? My great-great grandfather was named Augustus Henry, he was from Saint James, do you think you might be related to him? 
Colleen Henry (3 years ago)
+Infinite Sky : Oh Yes, I sure [email protected]
Infinite Sky (3 years ago)
+Colleen Henry Are you Jamaican?!
Discoenex newway (3 years ago)
scomaican Records (4 years ago)
Bless,heartikal God bless Jamaica.
scomaican Records (4 years ago)
The best just the best Sweet Angel
Reggae World Promo (4 years ago)
 very nice country  
Arlene Francis (5 years ago)
From St. Bess, Top Hill to be exact!  One Love! You better recognize!
I agree!
Malcolm Pagett (6 years ago)
"Out of many, one people". This should be the motto for the world.
Errol McLaughlin (6 years ago)
marci04771 (6 years ago)
Looking forward to being home...Having a major countdown..Will be eating lots of bammy/ fish, mangos, etc, etc, etc..LOL!!~!
The views are of different parts of Jamaica; including St Mary.
chadsani (7 years ago)
Is this in St.Mary?
Music: Sagnik Krishnaroop "Guru - The Master vs Bob Marley (Vocal mix)"
Sooklam (7 years ago)
nice sound? what the name of the song plz?
That's the attitude!!!! Enjoy yourself!
scoreman75 (7 years ago)
Nice vid
@Fallout3131 Next year in Jamaica!!
Ryan Cannady (7 years ago)
I Want to go there someday!:D
Sheety33 (7 years ago)
Really nice video microdac! I hope to visit Jamaica one day!

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