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Intense Magic - Day 15 of 365

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A tribute to Arrested Development's GOB!!! A modern day magician's 365 project. Day 15! Follow me on Twitter @ LeclericShow or I will tell people you like Micheal Bolton Ipod touch giveaway ends January 31st! Like my Facebook page ONLY if you think Madonna is too old to wear only a bra on stage http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lecleric-Show/129735937093036
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Text Comments (66)
RSplayerDarktracy123 (1 year ago)
Samantha Herron (3 years ago)
Why is that guy doing pushups in the background
shreesh (4 years ago)
Why are you using music from the walking dead?
Aamir Khan (4 years ago)
Can you show the trips there good
Leo NunezOliver (5 years ago)
Im guessing the guy in the back doing push ups is a distraction or sonthing
Alan Dionson (5 years ago)
yeah why is someone doing push ups
Dustinne Gutierrez (5 years ago)
Why is someone doing push ups
Roy Ward (5 years ago)
Chuck Norris lvl misdirection right there.
lian thio (5 years ago)
Lol... Some guy doing push ups at backround
LukeTV Productions (5 years ago)
Alice Smith (5 years ago)
You still have the Oreos
Fubby Wubby (5 years ago)
owen morris (5 years ago)
Whats with the fat looking guy with a mask at the back
Brian Zaw (5 years ago)
What the is is a guy in a mask doing push ups???
Isabel Lentz (5 years ago)
Anybody else see the guy in the background doing push-ups?
H (5 years ago)
Why is there a dude with a wolf head doing pushups??
Andrea Slik (5 years ago)
and hello puoim go also to my channel
Aida Davila (5 years ago)
Send me some to
Tyler Ebert (5 years ago)
Your my favourite magician, the first video i watched of you was 40 magic tricks in 4 minutes and that inspired me a bit, so your tricks are my favourite. Thank You
AlphaLuminos (5 years ago)
can you send me some please
The messy nessy (5 years ago)
Wtf to the person in the back grund
earlyjack77 (5 years ago)
You forget to put "The Final Countdown" in the background! Haha, great video!
Anthony Sanchez (5 years ago)
The guy doing push ups that has the wolf mask on Eric
Damian Reloaded (5 years ago)
This was kinda gay. I mean, the bird and the flower...
Joco Daa Silva (5 years ago)
I love your show
Jen Jennifer (5 years ago)
i had to watch this twice because i was to busy paying attention to the wolf in the background
MrCozzy2 (6 years ago)
Tiffany Nelson (6 years ago)
guy doing push ups in the back!!! lol
bex lord (6 years ago)
who was doing push ups
split spades (6 years ago)
Kristofer Rose (6 years ago)
Is that Vanier as well?
Kristofer Rose (6 years ago)
Eric is still too late to get some business card... 2 years too late? ;)
CeleresVerraden (6 years ago)
i loved this, nice blend of quickie magic tricks, comedic werewolves doing pushups, and of course a badass suit. you were all fired up and certainly rose to the occasion.
Harley Wheeler (6 years ago)
At the end I was wondering if I was going to see you do the "infinite cookie trick" so you wouldn't have to buy a new bad EVER. But then I thought that by now you are loaded so you can afford cookies whenever you want xD. Love you man, love your videos. Too bad I just started watching though I could have used an iPod mine just broke. Feel free to message me if you have any new video's going on soon.
sumergida castro (6 years ago)
who is the guy doing push-ups
ARUCARDFTEPES (6 years ago)
A real tribute to Gob would have The Final Countdown playing, I'm so sad. However, you got some real nice outfits man, I'd kill for that suit. Or, you know, buy one.....whatever's easiest.
Kirpal Singh (6 years ago)
send me 5 bussness card my friends need adress : 111,aspen drive apt#6 pacheco, ca 94553
DaRazgul (6 years ago)
Fake....that bird wasn't real...
Topgeneral3070 (7 years ago)
That rose shit was crazy. Cool song at the end.
AmazingMagicDude (7 years ago)
i wish i could do that many push-ups
asder625 (7 years ago)
lol at the guy doing push ups in the back
Simon Black/Toby (7 years ago)
Love you!
Simon Black/Toby (7 years ago)
I LOVE you, Eric! I'm watching all your videos again! :)
gabriel quimosing (7 years ago)
MrMagic322 (7 years ago)
like if during the whole thing you just kept wondering who the wolf man in the back was
Louis (8 years ago)
thumbs up for random chiwawah doing push ups! :D
Majick242 (8 years ago)
This one cracked me up, and you totally fried me with the appearing birdcage...didn't see that one coming....actually, it kinda reminded me of a scene from Penn & Teller get Killed... :)
Eric Leclerc (8 years ago)
@rackasa lol best post yet
AcidRaZor (8 years ago)
@malnsk its all done with CGI
Elizabeth Walbert (8 years ago)
I want to see you and the werewolf do a contest of who could do more push-ups. lol. Nice video! I really liked it.
Jeff Stone (8 years ago)
That's what magic need brother . . . more werewolfs!
rackasa (8 years ago)
Fake! That rose did not come from a garden.
Julie Acheson (8 years ago)
Check phil....une machine!
markuscosinus (8 years ago)
Now I want some OREO's...
ZoomalataMagic (8 years ago)
An electric deck...Cooooool! I really should get another one of those.
yaxofossiad (8 years ago)
Lol the randomness. I love your videos. =]
malnsk (8 years ago)
wow this was badass. i am wondering how did he do it,...so many push-ups.
LUCAS SEWARDS (8 years ago)
you got so many business cards!! my favourite ones are the playing card ones.
Francine St.Amand (8 years ago)
mmmm...did that bird cage come out of Werewolf's head??
MrPREGE (8 years ago)
I sent you Philly187 for subscription!!!! Great magic.
hakusho04 (8 years ago)
that guy in the back is your boyfirend?
Jason Porter (8 years ago)
Your are hilaroious, i watch all ur vids, i am a magician too. it's funny seeing how all the basic tricks are super effective.
Francine St.Amand (8 years ago)
So wonderfully wierd!! Where do you come up with these scenarios??? Wasn't expecting the bird in the cage or the werewolf doing pushups.....all in one blast... Hehehehehhe...t'es fou comme un balais.
Amanda (8 years ago)
so random the guy working out in the background lol.....=D
Jacob Matthews (8 years ago)
cool business cards but kinda weird ending :)
Jacob Matthews (8 years ago)

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