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One Handed Fan Tutorial

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Text Comments (389)
Ahzerno (3 months ago)
Did it first try but not clean fan
Micro Tech (6 months ago)
You are not funny
Jacob A. Gibson (7 months ago)
What is the name of this deck?
Benson Downey (7 months ago)
what cards are those
Heather Pitlanish (1 year ago)
Yeah, you could do it like that.... it’s more stable, or you can think of it as the same motion as snapping, cuz when you snap, your thumb goes up and your index finger goes down..... that’s how I learned it
Robin Thuresson (1 year ago)
ketchup break
Discount Jack (1 year ago)
when he said nine of hearts, I looked and had the same card
x_youssef _magic_x (1 year ago)
Finite (1 year ago)
does it work on old cards?they're a bit sticky :/
Clorox Bleach (1 year ago)
what are those cards?!
Lauren McDowell (2 years ago)
you are so funny i luv you
ben mintzer (2 years ago)
Jarek your the best! Love all your videos!!!!!!!!!!! This helped me a TON! I learned a ton of my flourishes easy from you! Thanks again!
kamal singh pannu (2 years ago)
i can't do it with small hands noooo!
Riam Mey (2 years ago)
i had the nine of hearts on the bottom too at 1:08 😬
BluWolfe (2 years ago)
What card deck do you use
RockerKid (2 years ago)
I like this tutorial but for some reason I still can't get it right. Are the fingers on the back doing anything to help the cards fan out or is it all in the thumb
Slend3rR (2 years ago)
Which cards are you using?? >.< They look so freaking cool.
Everard Jay (2 years ago)
Where did you buy those cards?
Zenuk (2 years ago)
Doesn't help at all, you don't say how to move your index finger out of the way
Leevi (2 years ago)
Use your muscles, that might help.
Dylan Vip (2 years ago)
tutorial pressure
Jason FS (2 years ago)
If you are having problems getting the cards to fan out and they come out in clumps,it's because you are probably pushing way to hard on the cards. Do it softly but in a quick manner,I had the problem with the cards sticking and coming out in groups rather singular
Roy Saber (2 years ago)
0:20 hahahaha, you're a king
ZvD Blackshot (2 years ago)
why when I push the card , it not push like so good when I push it one time push it all
Anfaal Imran (2 years ago)
OhDamnLyrics (2 years ago)
what deck of cards are those ?
Scam the Scammer (2 years ago)
This is gonna take some practice. I keep getting 5 or 6 groups of cards, instead of all the cards spreading equally\
Sytsn (2 years ago)
I have a brand new bicycle deck and as I fan them the cards stick it don't know if I'm doing something wrong or what
Space Gamer (2 years ago)
SeeMyMustache37 the new one sticked the old one is smooth
Sytsn (2 years ago)
dawn taruc nah I got it now I just sucked
dawn taruc (2 years ago)
SeeMyMustache37 no the deck is just old or you need to buy a new deck like me i have 9 decks of cards
Jeremiah Raylan (2 years ago)
theyre fake
Ethan Mares (2 years ago)
the pass
Mothzila (2 years ago)
Hell yeah i did it this guy deserve a sub
Irshaad kodoruth (2 years ago)
Mothzila u are right
Maddy :x (2 years ago)
The cards keep falling off man.... FUCK!!!!
Jumong Piglet (2 years ago)
that 0:14 though 😂
thang hai (2 years ago)
What's the deck's name?
EkuRoyal (2 years ago)
awesome :) where can i buy these cards??
Dedredlink (2 years ago)
0:43 Funny. Actually, today I went to DQ for a blizzard, and when I flipped it over to see if it would actually stay, it fell and spilled all over my suit.
Andrija Gaming (2 years ago)
i have some bad cards so it looks like a giraffe poops
Yotamsi (2 years ago)
rip headphones users.. wait how am i posting this?
mrbigweenieman (2 years ago)
don't be a fegit
Yotamsi (2 years ago)
no im serious it was really loud
Hamzah Alzayed (2 years ago)
You're not funny.
Avery Chappell (2 years ago)
into killed my ears
Mr Fantastic (2 years ago)
Yo my top card was 9 of hearts wtf
tri icky (2 years ago)
karnival dose dangggg
Ferhad Memmedov (2 years ago)
4:53 song name?
Ferhad Memmedov (2 years ago)
+Garrett McGhee thank you brother
Neuz YT (2 years ago)
me too
7 keys (2 years ago)
were gnna start off with a hand lol
leron poh (2 years ago)
Does it work in left hand
Alia Alamri (2 years ago)
NarcheL (10 months ago)
Try to do a new "riffle fan versa"
RadioactiveCow45 (2 years ago)
0:19 Not everyones hands have fucking super human powers you silly git
Ognen Lozanovski (2 years ago)
one of the easiest card moves,great tutorial Jarek
D Wayne Mendoza (2 years ago)
i got it! I was learning the fan from another tutorial and couldn't quite get it to look good. About the fourth try i made a perfect fan! Thanks man!
Neaty (2 years ago)
Jayben Locion (2 years ago)
I want those cards please give me :(
Cosmonaut. Hills (2 years ago)
For me it doesn't work
Ahzerno (3 months ago)
Raman-Kishore Duvvuri same I did it literally first try but not clean fan
Raman-Kishore Duvvuri (2 years ago)
i can do it but just not get a clean fan (that shows all the cards)
Fucc Boi (2 years ago)
Rainingman (2 years ago)
what is the deck his using?
DeathMarkz (2 years ago)
I think it's the bicycle karnival dose
Nate Segal (2 years ago)
I have no clue what he did in the beginning with his thumb I can't figure it out... please help 😂
ALBREKTGAMING (2 years ago)
"a hand position that were all used to"
LandonRB - ROBLOX (2 years ago)
Someone call the ambulance, My pinky is hurting xD
Robert Curtis-Haigh (2 years ago)
Could you teach us how to do that cool professional shuffle
Jenna Goble (2 years ago)
It's a pointer finger not index index is on the left side of the middle finger it's between the pilnky finger and middle finger ideot
AsinineIntentions (2 years ago)
+Jenna Goble It's actually not. The index finger is also called the pointer finger, among other things. But it is that finger. You're wrong.
JackOP (2 years ago)
I died when he got rid of half the deck, just hilarious
The Polar Bear (2 years ago)
Did anyone notice "call me" with a number below it in the intro?
Pedro Assuncao (3 years ago)
its April fools I forgot
Pedro Assuncao (3 years ago)
What a a a a at? ??????
TweakerForLife (3 years ago)
I'm having a hard time with my left hand
LOLNEWB SAMMY (3 years ago)
14 seconds idk why but that's just so funny to me
bigfriki (3 years ago)
The way he says his name always sounds like "jerk" to me lol.
Noah Clewlow (3 years ago)
whats that dope deck called?
Pablo Young (3 years ago)
0:13 when a self working card trick is not working
+ZomboY # Ha ha XD
Denton Ledesma (3 years ago)
Got it on my first try
tictac92 (3 years ago)
2:11 sounds like my little brother playing with toy soldiers
Philipp (3 years ago)
Laughed out loud at 0:22, well played mate!
Sparkly Raccoon (3 years ago)
What cards?
+Sparkly Raccoon Karnival Dose Deck By Big Blind Media
João (3 years ago)
update your thumb fan tutorial please
Matt XC (3 years ago)
my fans aren't consistent
The Luatrecian (3 years ago)
I did it yay I can do it always
Remmy Soto (3 years ago)
whats the decks name
The Luatrecian (3 years ago)
Small hands only the top spreads :(
Kory West (3 years ago)
Thxs for the help
Kory West (3 years ago)
Thxs for the help
omri schmidt (3 years ago)
Where can i buy those cards as in the video?
Fakher Samim (3 years ago)
you look like a christian bale with blondie hair lol
Dakota Burns (3 years ago)
Your videos are really great and helpful. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
Taimur Saeed (3 years ago)
my cards keep sticking together ughh
JumpOnIt (3 years ago)
+Taimur Saeed thats because you're using an old deck of cards, try buying a new deck and try it again.. you'll get it in the first try.
Gabriel Hernandez (3 years ago)
I cant fold my Pekin
bubbybumble (3 years ago)
The thumbnail reminds me of 52Kards
ShadowXg0z (3 years ago)
i feel like i will lose my pinkie finger
Jay Que (3 years ago)
jerek plese i need those cards
PicsNation (3 years ago)
when i try to do this i can only get the top cards to spread or my thumb on ly spreads chunks how do you do it like smoothly and card bye card
Kaylee P (3 years ago)
+Dylan Thompson get a new deck, when you use them a lot they start to clump
Kaylee P (3 years ago)
+Dylan Thompson get a new deck, when you use them a lot they start to clump
Pickens Incorporated (3 years ago)
I haven't a clue what you do :/
Lavecchia (3 years ago)
The Klaw (3 years ago)
dude thanks i learned it in like 3 minutes
NIneDJcali (3 years ago)
What a jerk!! He threw cards at my face!!
ashlee c (3 years ago)
Love those cards!!
AHAKuo (3 years ago)
this is extremely easy when done with an airflow finish deck of cards
keshav acharya (3 years ago)
So easy! Did it in first try.
Lewd Panda (3 years ago)
+keshav acharya what the fuck
keshav acharya (3 years ago)
+keshav acharya Shut the fuck up you lying son of a bitch
Ryn Thief (3 years ago)
Svyatoslav Beletskiy (4 years ago)
dude what deck of cards r u using in the tutorial? ive been going all over the internet trying to find it :P
gsdcbill (3 years ago)
+Svyatoslav Beletskiy It's the Karnival Dose deck from Big Blind Media ... out of print now, but they have just re-released a red version
KHGlass (3 years ago)
+Svyatoslav Beletskiy Karnival Dose by Bicycle.
Mara Contrary (4 years ago)
Nice chessboard
Toothpick (4 years ago)
To a position we are all used to 0:20 xDD
Andreas Tsek (3 years ago)
I thought I was the only one that understood it
Ma Son (4 years ago)
Anthony Groll (4 years ago)
You sound like Garrett Hill.
Prince M.H (4 years ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHA what a start 2 the vid , u slapped the fuck out dat deck 😂😂😂😂
TBgamer3000 (4 years ago)
dairy queens theme song is "thats what i like about texas!" so does he live in Texas?

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