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The Animals - The House of the Rising Sun Mafia III Trailer 3 Casino Battlefield V !!!

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By José Antonio.... Because the original version of this video, has low quality in both audio and video, I took the trouble to improve with better sound, better image quality, better zoom and better edition with the best of intentions, thanks. En vista de que la versión original de este video, tiene baja calidad tanto en audio como en video, me tomé la molestia de mejorarlo con mejor sonido, mejor calidad de imágen, mejor zoom y mejor edición con la mejor de las intenciones, gracias. My other work ... highly recommended: KC and the Sunshine Band - I'm your Boogie Man (Full version) Radar Love - Golden Earring (audio y video espectacular) The Doors - Light my Fire - (the best audio) "Macho" Música Disco con Celi Bee (Mejor Audio) John Travolta Saturday Night Fever - Bee Gees "You Should be Dancing" Hear me Calling - Slade Alive (The Best Video) Last Train to London - ELO (Very Excelent Audio) Ultimo tren a Londres Baby Come Back - Player (el que tiene mejor audio) MUSIC: Moscu Moscou Moscow Moskau Moscú Москва́ Designer Music - Lipps Inc (Música Disco de los 80) Diseño Musical (jejeje) "Hit de Road Jack - Ray Charles Tribute" https://vimeo.com/101017388 The House of the Rising Sun, traducido al castellano "La Casa del Sol Naciente", sencillo grabado en disco de vinilo por el grupo inglés The Animals en 1964, N° 1 en Inglaterra y Estados Unidos. Esta canción tiene infinidad de versiones en todo el mundo y en todo los idiomas, quizás la versión de Animals sea la mejor... y saben porqué?... porque a mi me gusta (que tal argumento). Nombre de los integrantes proporcionada por Konte2011, muchas gracias. Eric Burdon -- śpiew Alan Price -- organy Hilton Valentine -- gitara Chas Chandler -- gitara basowa John Steel -- perkusja
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Text Comments (54744)
Фривайт (2 hours ago)
Это наилучшая гипотиза этой песни.
코드바이블 (3 hours ago)
GLORIA SUAREZ (4 hours ago)
his voice so powerful..love it..
Kittopaul (10 hours ago)
Fuck that voice so beautiful
Sandy Garcia (16 hours ago)
Simplemente me encanta esta música
Hanna (17 hours ago)
And there I thought that this song was The white buffalo’s. Now I find the original. Oh well. The lyrics kind of fits Sons of anarchy
Alan Coney (17 hours ago)
Bariton Baritonovich (18 hours ago)
Ruberio Queiroz (19 hours ago)
Não entendo como um filho da puta dá um "deslik" pra um vídeo desse....
dfcz225 (19 hours ago)
ну-ка ни чего для себя за год просмотры в четыре раза поднялись...где средства за продвижение...ХА ХЕ ..
kathomi69 (19 hours ago)
Thank you so much... I grew up listening to this song... one of ma favz
Thiago 85 (20 hours ago)
muy bueno jaj
бляя и это попросту СУПЕР !!!!
matthew seller (23 hours ago)
The guy on the drums is still learning, the guy on the keyboard is advanced
Karina Ortigoza (1 day ago)
Ke buena canción
Ch3d (1 day ago)
this song is perfect
Ben Ali Belkaie (1 day ago)
Peace from Hammamet Tunisia
Oliver Helbing (1 day ago)
They look like schoolboys, play some dirty nice stuff, making todays bands look like schoolboys again. Love it!
Limon Despero (1 day ago)
Кто помнит серию Сверхъестественного где при приближении призрака эта песня игралась?)
españolo (1 day ago)
Viva España!❤💛❤
Esteban Pérez (1 day ago)
I want this song at my funeral I'm gonna go to the house of the rising sun
ThiccBoi (1 day ago)
The guitarist looks pissed off lmao
Conorius (1 day ago)
How is the genre called?
George TBCL (1 day ago)
What a song!!!
hirigoyen dominique (1 day ago)
from the 60 , from an old song , still alive and well
jaca van heesch (1 day ago)
my father was a teacher. teached me how to read. my father was a leacherous man. down in amsterdam. the only thing a leachor needs is a blowjob and a slut. and the only time he whould be satisfied is when he busted a nut
Dom (1 day ago)
Depuis quand les sous titres traduits sont aussi bons ?
Marcos Mota (1 day ago)
Música boa não morre
Jajami Cham (2 days ago)
love it
O h y e a h y e a h (2 days ago)
If Germany won WW2, the Wolfenstein version will be published.
the mighty ranger (1 day ago)
*H A U S A B E N D R O T*
Nick Ashton (2 days ago)
They look like geeks.
Matias HINODE (2 days ago)
ceruspen (2 days ago)
Usually outside i can^t see the sun because i live in the house of the rising sun
Maureen Riley (2 days ago)
Omg I luv this song and the group just the best
Pedro Tenório (2 days ago)
Música alucinante
Shelly Clark (2 days ago)
Love it so much.😍😘😍😘🤗😘😍😘
gamé blog games (2 days ago)
Que onda ay puros extranjeros 🇮🇩🇭🇹🇭🇰🇮🇳🇬🇾🇬🇹🇬🇸🇬🇱🇬🇸🇪🇷🇫🇯🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇷🇩🇪🇬🇪
Vincenzo Pelle (2 days ago)
Sunny Wakefield (2 days ago)
Tim Pollack (2 days ago)
Holy shit i'm 16yo and mostly listen to rap and stuff, This song is soo good
S Goodman (1 day ago)
try a little ccr neil young, old man...
joseph dixon (2 days ago)
great record saw them in whitley bay weekly (club agogo)
Shyam Kotecha (2 days ago)
Newcastle's finest, americans usually forget that , fuck them
Shyam Kotecha (3 hours ago)
+Person101 101 I appreciate your candour. Many thanks.
Person101 101 (5 hours ago)
Shyam Kotecha I’m American and I haven’t. I’m sorry you feel that way. It’s a legendary tune nontheless
Mortal 5502 (2 days ago)
Tiene la gracia de interpol
OpieOp Core (2 days ago)
Я старая Инструменталочка кста
krishna chaitanya (3 days ago)
Thank you Andrew Fenlon
Дом Восходящего Солнца,я хуею!
Фривайт (3 days ago)
Кто от услышал эту роскошную песню от Делорензи?
chương nguyễn (3 days ago)
Robert Rodriguez (3 days ago)
安家慶 (3 days ago)
i love youguys
Beto Sot (3 days ago)
Donde carajos están los que hablan español y les gusta la buena música reportense con un like 👍
지오듀드 (3 days ago)
What a crazy song
Tan Dinh (3 days ago)
Go Ahead ...Tiến lên, cứ tiếp tục
Joao Lucas (3 days ago)
Teodoro Roque Quispe (3 days ago)
Música que nunca pasará de moda, saludos desde Lima Perú.
Occult Music (3 days ago)
U ppeoples are awesome.Lots of love from Band "OCCULT"....
Simon Baraya (3 days ago)
This could be an amazing ending for SBR!
Gabriel Rivas (3 days ago)
Shit song, i hate it. The vídeo is the worst
Oliveira Munim (3 days ago)
Idêntico aos BLEATS!
Don Lopez (3 days ago)
One foot on the platform, the other foot on the train. I'm going back to New Orleans to wear that ball and chain.. It always gets me because I too went back to wear that ball and chain knowing what it would bring.
Ágata Nascimento (4 days ago)
me lembro de tempos que nunca vivi :/
??????????? (4 days ago)
what is the most vital organ of a band?..
Peet Kotze (4 days ago)
Love it sometimes the old original stuff is just the best.
何creepy camp何 (2 days ago)
Love how this isn’t really an original song as it’s an old folk song. The cover by the animals is of course still legendary.
GuideR Art (4 days ago)
Steve jobs!!
punkgreg 138 (4 days ago)
ok dammit I'll admit it, this is decent. so why the fuck do you suggest this on every other video I watch YouTube?
briaden cashman (4 days ago)
Ashton kutcher on piano?
Kk Oo (4 days ago)
Eric Burden, the Plaster Caster s favourite model
Larry Ward (4 days ago)
My favorite version of this song
luiz santos (4 days ago)
O mais loco e o Jim Carrey na guitarra k😅
Ivan Pik (4 days ago)
the BEST !!!
Ap pA (4 days ago)
On , bast then f**kin bts (More then one)
Hunkmarvel (4 days ago)
here is a house in New Orleans They call the rising sun And its been the ruins of many a poor boy And god I know Im one My mother was a taylor She sewed my new blue jeans My father was a gamblin?man Way down in New Orleans Now the only thing a gambler needs Is a suitcase and a trunk And the only time you keep him satisfied Is when hes all a drunk Oh mother tell your children Not to do what I have done Spend your life in sin and misery In the house of the rising sun I got one foot on the platform The other on a train And Im goin?back to New Orleans To swing that ball and chain Yeah, there is a house in New Orleans They call the rising sun And its been the ruins of many a poor boy And God I know Im one Songwriters: Tim Hardin The House of the Rising Sun lyrics © Carlin America Inc
Millso (17 hours ago)
Nice copy paste lol, most of those lyrics are false
knowledgetracker (3 days ago)
Hunkmarvel - it's "tailor" 😉
vetalmass (4 days ago)
Alex Laguna (4 days ago)
Mirip Bedu
Susan Ponce (4 days ago)
Crazy Cat (4 days ago)
The guy on the drums has just started to learn
Video: 360p Song: 16K
This will always be a classic!
Robin Mayhew (5 days ago)
Just heard this on Golden Years Radio . net and all the 60's music that gets played takes me back to the good old days when I had a rock band called The Presidents. Our recording for Decca in 1965 was lost for 53 years and just released in June 2018 and Golden Years has included it in the playlist.  Got the old band back together and made a video so it's me 78 miming to me singing 25 - great fun and who knows we might trend : -) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjcKGcM0Rtc
alison fontenelli (5 days ago)
esse vocalista é muito gato!
From delorenzy : я из делорензи
Quang Tuyeens (5 days ago)
sound like song " the saint are comming"
ערוץ אשנב (5 days ago)
זאת תיקיה יפה: שירים שכל הליווי שלהם מתבסס רק על: דו מג'ור או: לה מינור! אודה מאוד אם תוסיף פה עוד כאלה!
mastavee (5 days ago)
that guy on bass looks like donald trump 0:36 lol
Aeddy -Free (5 days ago)
Dios mio, pero que buena maldita música enserio, maestro.
Shawnparis Alib (5 days ago)
He kinda looks like tekashi 69
Flavio walter Ansaldi (5 days ago)
Fantastico Tempo e Mundo do Rock , onde voce dizia a verdade nas letras, e protestava contra o que era abusivo.
ROMO BONNO LARIDE (5 days ago)
2019 anyone?old days are gone.missing childhood days.
Mr.Ender (5 days ago)
*You know what I'm willing to do for my family... What are you gonna do for yours?*
Tiger Karma (5 days ago)
Jose Antonio, Muchas gracias! El video es muy mejorado!!
the sun (5 days ago)
Legendario tema La casa del sol naciente se decia q era un prostibulo.
AsubayA 10 (5 days ago)
Oh mother tell your children NOT TO DO WHAT I HAVE DONE !
Tony russell (5 days ago)
Battlefield v? This was posted 8 YEARS AGO!?
Luke (5 days ago)
The song was made in 1964 -_-
Laguna Beach (5 days ago)
Arthur Fonseca (6 days ago)
Aquele solo de teclado foda
HASAN ALI (6 days ago)
One of the greatest
Música linda

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