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I covered the hit-song "Gangnam Style" by PSY on the guitar. Hope you enjoy! All rights belong to YG Entertainment.
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Text Comments (21)
Park Paul (3 years ago)
what audio software did u use?
Melissa Gunduk (5 years ago)
so geil so much better than psy *.*
445 86 (6 years ago)
lepsze od oryginału :D
JJ HB (6 years ago)
...K-pop means Korean Popular Music. So it doesn't deppends on which gengre this is played. And who knows, He can be famous and popular.
ian abel (6 years ago)
cz they got it wrong.. thats why kpop sucks.. they dont even noe the difference.. go wiki kpop and then argue..
ian abel (6 years ago)
dude.. kPOP.. its POP music..
Ferdi Gerlich (6 years ago)
but you dont kno me o_O
Ferdi Gerlich (6 years ago)
i know you
Maica Bucag (6 years ago)
you are sogood :D plus very cute ^^
Lev Perlman (6 years ago)
You are great! Thanks! Good luck if you are planning a career or something :D
Seoulucky (6 years ago)
what up with the pronouncation? great voice but...very weird pronounce
ian abel (6 years ago)
no... not kpop... this is not pop... not kpop..
Pauli G (6 years ago)
heiße scheiße bro :D
Chan Hyuk Kong (6 years ago)
herst cool hahah
xRainbowB00mx (6 years ago)
this is incredible :o <33333333
Lia Franz (6 years ago)
Im inlove ♥.♥
Liz Kaori (6 years ago)
Holy Gangnam Style.. You are so good :D
Dave Yang (6 years ago)
Thank you!
Dave Yang (6 years ago)
Thank you very much!
Lofo Day (6 years ago)
dave chris :D not bad!
Castative (6 years ago)
in dem video fehlt mir das heisse mädchen :P

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