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Adam Carolla - 'Men are Superior'

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Adam's views on Men & Women in our Society.
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Rosanna Miller (1 month ago)
Yeah right. You're an absolute joke Adam because you think and say, "men are superior to women". Spoken like a absolutely stupid man. You wish you were superior. You're not even in the top ten percentage of good men. You're not smart or good looking. Idiot.
Eh, Canadian Gamer (1 month ago)
Saying women are "better at being human beings" ironically denies the fact that they are human beings. Meaning they are just as imperfect as men.
Fatboy Rebel (1 month ago)
Man, I dunno. Women do some things better than us and vice versa. I wouldn’t say they useless. He brought up some male historic achievements and to counter that, I think that men generally made themselves look better in history because of the predominantly sexist society we’ve had until the mid-late 1900s. So yeah. Imagine that women were the dominant gender in society during these years : do you think that someone like Darwin would have had the chance to take the spotlight and present the theory of natural selection and species evolution? Neeeeh. Women are good at some things and men are better at others
Stuff Buttz (2 months ago)
Women are cunts because there are so many men like Dr. Drew that let women get away with it.
Summer Wilson (2 months ago)
So you say you make all the inventions? Okay, those inventions are ruining the natural world. These inventions pollute the air and water, kill off animals and destroy earth. None of this would have happened if we went with our instincts and live like normal animals. This is why humans and just *men* in general suck,
BornFree (2 months ago)
And Democrats want 16yo to vote. Can’t smoke, drink, own guns, be trusted until 21, but smart enough to vote. That’s the ignorance they need to tap.
brokenupsound (2 months ago)
Another youtube video listening to an angry idiot. Find a mirror you sad man
Advent Society (3 months ago)
"Every guy i know has gone out, tied one on, stayed up till 430 am nd got up at 6 to swing a hammer all day in the sun. Women wouldnt go into work that day." THIS RIGHT HERE
dennis duran (3 months ago)
Corolla is wrong about alot of things.
who8myfish (3 months ago)
lol Drew making me cringe
blacklove79 (3 months ago)
Dr. Drew has no balls
M (3 months ago)
Women can be weak when working with a male boss/ manager for eg the male manager misconduct is tolerated/ normalized but not reported.I'm sure if the manager was a woman she would be reported to her superior on the spot! Bitchy double standard office politics.
Phil Leotardo (3 months ago)
Id love to see women ironworkers lmao
zombiewack (3 months ago)
Drew pussy
jake tripp (4 months ago)
Anything you can do I can do better. I can do anything better than you. No you can't. Yes I can. Honey I heard a noise wake up! I thought you could do anything better than me? Honey? Childbirth. Humkay. just say i got gaps you got gaps together we fill gaps. Yeah!? Let me just grab my remote cervical cerebral extractor and signal inhibitor device! Click click. Get out of my house! BOOM!
bren4621 (4 months ago)
I’m in construction...anyone can and will do a job if they want
mtnmann72 (5 months ago)
I have a female friend who gets massages every week and does zero manual labor.
Eli Eli (5 months ago)
The Guy who is talking to Adam is super pussy
SuperZippyzippy (6 months ago)
The other guy .. beta male
Kevin Odom (6 months ago)
“Like a handicap person uses more of his wheel chair” 😂😂
Jack Rusio (6 months ago)
Woman is a CARTOON of a Man....Spread the Word
Shifty__ (7 months ago)
Drew just couldn’t wait to say most things.
down boy (7 months ago)
You can’t argue with this
fopdoodle (7 months ago)
If Adam Carolla was less ugly women would have probably been nicer to him 🙃
Diz (7 months ago)
This is from Loveline, right? I never listened to it, and it's surprising to me how much of an alpha Adam is here, Drew seems more like a sidekick than a cohost.
Arlette Harutunian (8 months ago)
I'd bet my life that almost every man who believes that women are lesser beings than men is fiscally/socially conservative.
Bad Boy (8 months ago)
Quite simply, men are better at things that require a ball sack, and women are better at things that benefit from having a vagina.
GetMeThere1 (8 months ago)
One thing I'm certain of: if it was all women -- they were in charge of and did everything -- we'd still be living in grass huts. They'd surely be very CUTE little grass huts, and they'd probably be very well made and would work fine. But that's what we would have. And no electricity, no cars, etc. Just grass huts and gardens and maybe some rabbits and chickens, lol. That would be civilization. And maybe it would be best that way -- I wouldn't want to argue that one. But there's NO QUESTION that the world as it is today is essentially COMPLETELY MAN MADE. And there's no question that -- now that it's so good it almost runs itself -- women want to be handed the keys to it all and be able to say it's "half theirs."
first last (3 months ago)
sounds like modern marriage
K0A1a (9 months ago)
Man made fire Woman made men
Rades (9 months ago)
Hilarious that Adam is arguing with a 15 year old girl. Imagine this convo happening in real life.
Nick DipaoloFan (8 months ago)
Funny thing is I can absolutely see Adam having this argument at Thanksgiving with a 15 year old niece or something. hahahaha
Amanda McBride (9 months ago)
I love adam!!
sithounet sith (10 months ago)
Ladies are good at giving birth!! Men are good at building everything! Thanks to testosterone it changes your brain and body so much! We are everything about humanity! Man are builders and women breeders!
J K (10 months ago)
Adam is awesome but he's wrong about one thing: Women are NOT better parents.
Amanda (10 months ago)
True, that's why it's best for both parents to be equally caring for the child, just in case the other person isn't a great parent
manintheplutoid (11 months ago)
Drew is such a son-taming bitch. I wonder how many tampons his wife shoves up his ass before he leaves the house each morning. Better at being human beings? WOMEN?! They are professional back-stabbers and parasites. Men save lives that are born. What a terrible example for sons everywhere.
Kyle Stewart (11 months ago)
Men are crucial to building and maintaining a working civilization. Women are crucial to rearing generations of people who populate and advance our society. If you live in a city, look outside. None of that would have ever been possible without men.
Kyle Stewart (11 months ago)
Hit the nail on the head.
Victorious Yankee (1 year ago)
So adam, you prefer men to women. Congrats on coming out of the closet. We clean Americans support your lifestyle choice. Its the trash from your side of the aisle that should concern you. When they find you're gay your "career" is over.
Alt-ered Beast (1 year ago)
A Truer youtube video title has never been written. Adam humiliates the callers with facts & statistics & reality.
Gamergirl4AyaBrea (1 year ago)
I'm heartbroken because I have seen thousands of men say that women are inferior to men, are not as smart, that men are smarter than women, women are only good for sex, taking facials, having kids, etc. and many men who want to cause pain to women sexually. That's extremely hurtful to us women to hear. This is why feminism exists. And yet when we women talk about this, men hate on us.
Arlette Harutunian (8 months ago)
My advice would be to step away from the computer. You'll come across nicer men in the real world. Sure, there are the toxic lowlifes who are just upset that they have no luck with women, but the good news is that the majority of men don't hate women or think that they are only good for sex and babies.
SamytheGreek (1 year ago)
Did women ever mine for limestone, grind it down, heat it to 1500 degrees, mix it with sand and gravel to make cement and concrete to build sidewalks, roads, tunnels and bridges, factories, buildings and homes? Who makes all the iron, steel, copper wiring, aluminum, who drills for oil, make fuels, grows forrests and harvests lumber, makes cars, trucks, trains, ships, who grows the foods, raises animals? Where does cotton, wool, leather come from? who jumped from planes to shoot Nazzies? and on and on and on, and all we want is just a little pussy.
papa peepee (1 year ago)
Fuck yes
Kirk Hahn Jr. (1 year ago)
We're both necessary for humanity to thrive. Men are stronger both physically and emotionally, women are more nurturing and caring in general. We need both.
Ryan S. (1 year ago)
Kirk Hahn Jr. As a man, im very weak physically. It's not an insult it's a fact, I've got beaten up by so many women in highschool (im 5'2-3", 115 pounds) it depends on the person, yes men tend to be stronger physically but that isn't always the case.
Carew Martin (11 months ago)
Adam's point about men being smarter than women is no better exemplified than the women's rights/feminist movement because if women had never gotten behind those causes they wouldn't be nearly as ubiquitous in the workplace as they are today because women have it harder today than they did in the 40's and 50's before those movements took hold. Back then most women were housewives, which is much easier than women's lives today where they try and balance family, career, education and parenting. Men would have thought it through, realized that their lives will only be harder by pursuing such things and thus avoided them. Also, why is it that about 80% of the stupid comments I see on facebook made by women?
crucialexecutioner69 (1 year ago)
Adam Corolla is a god
Slay (1 year ago)
Slim Shady (1 year ago)
men are better jesus was a man bitches
David vs Goliath (1 year ago)
Dr. Drew going against his own gender, what a traitor, pussy.
Dennis Diamond (1 year ago)
Dr. Drew is full of it. The aggressive nature of men is exactly what makes the more productive and more durable than women in practical situations. The weakest women is always weaker than the weakest male no matter what because nature made us this way whether you like it or not. What is going on in society today is an attempt at refuting that natural law with social engineering and environmental countering of that fact. It’s artificial and it doesn’t work although the effects nowadays are hard to see in practical terms. I don’t care because I won’t be around in 50 years or so when those effects, if society stays on the current course of refuting all natural law, will be apparent. God help us then! Equal pay? Stats are biased not to include lifetime earnings versus hourly earnings because the latter shows a disparity at every turn and the soapbox is supported for equal pay enthusiasts. Companies don’t pay more for the gender of a person as the sole factor and anyone who claims such has never owned their own business. Anyone who would do this is probably hiring relatives also without the right qualifications. Is hiring relatives for less money discriminating too?
nathenism (1 year ago)
if i was about to walk into a skyscraper and there was a sign on the front door that said " this building was designed and constructed exclusively by women"...i would stop and think about whether or not to go inside...
Nick DipaoloFan (1 year ago)
that will never happen so you don't have to worry about it. first off, the design and planning phase would never end because women hate accountability so much that they would keep doing everything by committee and they would never commit to any final plans so they would just keep having meeting after meeting but never getting anything done. Then if "the committee" finally decided on plans, they would then need ten years just to find enough women that are in construction to build it without a man (also, just think about all the women workers calling in sick that day because someone at work made them upset, bla bla bla) . Then if they every tried to build the thing, it would collapse before being completed because the women would be more concerned with ascetic that they did not put much thought into structural integrity "columns and support beams just look ugly". So no worries, this would never happen
Roman (1 year ago)
Dr. Drew is retarded lol. What man honestly believes women are better? And not when potential pussy is on the line
Joe Vigilante (1 year ago)
A man's creativity exists in his mind, and gets birthed into existence with hands. A woman's creativity exists in her womb, and gets birthed into existence through her vagina. I have only met a few exceptions to this observation.
experiment0789 (1 year ago)
UGH, FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, can we please stop this bull shit once in for all. Men and women are made differently, that's a fact, men were made to be the the hunter gathers (ironically this is different in some other species) and women were made for childbirth and raising the family. Now no one is saying women can't do things like be CEO's are be construction workers, but biologically speaking men have an edge over women, its like how a 7 foot guy will have an edge over a 5 foot guy when it comes to playing basketball, not saying that the other person can't win,just that the taller guy has an advantage. Women ,also keep in mind that there is always an exception to the rule, in the case above, maybe the 5 foot guy is a better basketball player then the 7 foot guy.
Vinny Angell (1 year ago)
Adam is a piece of shit just like Howard Stern
A H (1 year ago)
Men are better at being women 🤔
Markus Williams (1 year ago)
Can't we all just be equal? Everybody needs to shut up and just ignore what type of genitals we were born with. Women, in history, were treated unfairly, but have very recently gained equality. In a retrospective sense, men were regarded as superior in history, women were thus forced to do nothing but cook and clean. But today, both men and women contribute equally to society; both have jobs. Let's step forward as a nation, let's not be sexist.
Nick DipaoloFan (1 year ago)
Every married man understands EXACTLY what Adam is talking about. Every wife I know has the nicer car in the relationship, goes out to eat with the girls way more often then the husband goes out, gets pampered at a spa way more often then a guy does, spends way more money on dumb shit......But the man is out there making the money, then comes home and fixes the car, or mowes the lawn, or repairs the house. Bottom line, women in general have a WAY better life then their men, and their lifestyle is only possible BECAUSE of her man.
Hellsmoke X (1 year ago)
Sounds good Adam when you become a man let us know.
Brian Phillips (1 year ago)
This argument makes Adam look like a know-nothing schmuck.
That Guy (1 year ago)
Wow, 1:20 in and Adam #SAVAGE jebus cripes lol
Mr.Eggplant (1 year ago)
Dr. Drew is the next Bruce Jenner.
TheOlzee (1 year ago)
You just can't make a winning argument that women are better than men.
Deftones 26 (1 year ago)
200 percent true today I was sick as hell at work, a chick was sick like me she went home 3 hours early and I stayed over 3 hours.
daniel alarcon (1 year ago)
so basically his logic is that if you ignore it then it can't hurt you. I wonder what would Adam do if he got cancer? do you think he'd ignore it and just move on? This guy is a shitty comedian not a man with substance
djordan22 (1 year ago)
Go luck at the chunnel. Lmao what a dumb bimbo
Piana Cokehead (1 year ago)
if they are so much smarter than we are how can we get them down 😂😂😂 too right! The other guy is a castrated puppy dog what a pussy
Young Nino (2 years ago)
He's right about this wage gap that is indeed documented. At most jobs I've had, women take tons of sick days, leave early all the time, and take time off all the time. Then, like schoolchildren who can't compare variables, complain they only make 75 cents for every dollar, as if they get the same pay check for missing work time and time again. What is actually amazing that it's only 75 cents for every dollar, which suggests women must be making more money than men; which you are unlikely to hear since it's established they don't understand variables and would hate to lose the grounds to complain.
Discernment (2 years ago)
Adam's just calling it like is in the real world, & the liberal & bopper chickie are in agreement. Sorryass PC bullshit that's got us in the fix we're in. Get fucking real. ...
JeromeBeckett (2 years ago)
So much sexism in this video and the comments fucking hell
Daniel Hunt (2 years ago)
Carolla speak the truth and nothing but the truth. Replace the bible in court with a bust of Carolla!
Tintin Degrelle (2 years ago)
And they need to be reminded of this when they start bitching and complaining.
digital wayfarer (2 years ago)
Drew really doesn't come across as terribly bright in a lot of these. He can rattle of medical factoids, but the rest of the time...
thanksfernuthin (2 years ago)
Women are vastly superior to men! They're smarter, funnier, stronger and faster! And on top of all that they're extremely gullible.
Nick DipaoloFan (1 year ago)
hahaha there are probably a lot of women who don't know what gullible means and take it as a compliment.
Joseph Wilkinson (2 years ago)
Men are superior. Women are more important. Men make living easier. Women make life worth living.
D W (2 years ago)
drew are part female like do u put ur legs togerher and squat down when u drop ur manhood
D W (2 years ago)
drew shut up
matt dupuis (2 years ago)
men are responsible for most of our inventions, but also for all of the war. testosterone is one hell of a drug
Matt D (2 years ago)
Women are great at creating problems, Men are great at fixing problems.
Jim Raynor (2 years ago)
1:09 "They use more of their brain like a handicapped person uses more of their wheelchair." Hahaha I'm dying...
adambakas13 (2 years ago)
It's like watching two children, on fire, flailing and arguing.
El Californio (2 years ago)
Carola is right but I think he gets his material from Tom leykis.
Nick DipaoloFan (1 year ago)
Nah, Carolla has been saying this just as long as Tom Leykis. I felt this way before I listened to Tom or Adam, if you have half an observant mind you will come to the same conclusions as them. That is like saying that nobody recognized gravity until Newton came up with the Law of Gravity. Newton may have created the scientific Theory, but we all have been operating under gravitational laws for thousands of years before him. Tom may be one of the best at articulating views on women, but most men have noticed it too.
TetrisClock (2 years ago)
I love Drew, but there's very little more cringey than a male feminist.
SugaryCoyote (2 years ago)
51% of the population are women. If women really wanted a female president they would have had one already.
Andrea Catalano (2 years ago)
Women are better in predictable environments and in doing repetitive things. Men are better in unpredictable environments in situations where taking risks and being creative becomes decisive.
Porter (2 years ago)
Bunch of cucks taking credit for what great men have accomplished just because they share a gender... Lol. It's only at the extremes that men stand out so much. Your average guy is not all that much smarter than your average woman, if at all. Men just tend to be more ambitious and have higher expectations.
mastermooky (2 years ago)
Carol doesn't know shit. you get people o of the way by interrupting them and making inane points that don't mean shit. maybe its because you are a shit for brains
Carlos d (2 years ago)
If women were really smarter than men, women would have figured out a way to outsmart men a long time ago, and be most of the discoverers, scientists, doctors, successful business owners, etc. Don't use the excuse they were "oppressed " because to be smart is more worthy than to have muscles. If women were really smarter than men, women would have got together in unity and dominate the world by controlling men who are less smart. But that's not the case, men are better than women at almost everything. And history Has showed us that, a large part of what has been done for the good of our society, was done by men
Ahmad Amin lmao ok
Ahmad Amin (2 years ago)
That's really racist against Black & Brown men cuzz we also haven't outsmarted the whites, you RACIST cis-white male.
macdavy70 (2 years ago)
Every single Civilization is built around Patricachial Monogamy based on the family unit, It is the atomic unit of civilization, the lefts is dismantling, and attacking it for a reason, why because they know its the foundation of their enemy
SkepticTank (2 years ago)
The callers on this show are extremely insightful...
sirroxalot (2 years ago)
Men and women are better at different things, it's just that men are better at things that actually matter.
Sanctus Manifesto (6 months ago)
lizzie love = Triggered bitch.
Gamergirl4AyaBrea (1 year ago)
sirroxalot Woman are better at parenting, though. Some things some women are "better" at, some things some men are "better" at.
Divine Jacob Mathew (1 year ago)
Try raising a kid as a guy... it's tougher than as a woman
Divine Jacob Mathew (1 year ago)
lizzie love (2 years ago)
@cray nelson because I said ok? Are you mad in the head or are you just retarded?
Lusitanus (2 years ago)
The BIG reason a lot of women think they are better than men is because they can manipulate us using their beauty, femininity , and obviously...SEX. That's it! It's understandable. We in that regard are like little kids to them sometimes. You have to listen how they talk about men when they think no guy is listening! try it. It's fun to me. I'm saving "ammo" for latter.
Mike Monteforte (10 months ago)
Lusitanus Women have a nasty habit of manipulating men and end up ruin society as a result... Jezebel, Herodius, and Cleopatra are three historical example of women who through their own innate love for greed and lust for power have gotten control of large sectors of influence and screwed up the civilization they got influence over! Solomon was the same way!
SSJFro (2 years ago)
"They use more of their brains like the way a handicapped person uses more of their wheelchair" God bless you Adam, you have the balls to say what the rest of us only think XD
junglebratty (2 years ago)
Working after 3 hours of sleep. No wonder they die first and have bad attitudes.
Stop making excuses and get back to work, you CIS White male. Pay your taxes, my supporters' welfare checks aren't big enough to get me re-elected yet.
Timothy Stratton (2 years ago)
adam carolla's mother must have left him or something. Holy shit
Nick DipaoloFan (11 months ago)
Adam has often stated that his Dad and mom were both losers. He has no respect for either.
Matt ____ T (2 years ago)
No. He's just honest
I hate dr drew so much some times.
DougSherman55 (2 years ago)
There is no true way to measure equality because men and women are completely different and were programmed to serve to different roles.
whole27 (2 years ago)
Humayun Hassan (2 years ago)
fuckin' preach, bruh
K-Saw Dilla (2 years ago)
FlezzDurjis (2 years ago)
I'm confused, the title says men are superior, but adam tip toes around the issue. The undertones of it are pretty clear to me, adam is a narcissist, old news. Did the person that posted this video want to paint adam in a bad light or is he simply just proudly exaggerating sexism?
Krista Star (2 years ago)
All people in this video are stupid and wrong. The least wrong was the host and he's a little wrong. So everyone just shut up and do a self check.
theicediamond7 (2 years ago)
women look at the world of things like a chicken watching a card game
doge fm (3 years ago)
no person is equal to other one, so why bother? everyone is different. why do have women priviledges? just to be women?

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