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Law of Attraction: The Magic | DAY 3

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Here's day 3! How are you all getting on? Let me know in the comments below or find me in the following places: www.instagram.com/lawofattractionchangedmylife www.twitter.com/LOAChangedme www.facebook.com/lawofattractionchangedmylife My personal social media: www.instagram.com/francescaamber www.twitter.com/francescaamber See you tomorrow at 7am for day 4! Fran
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Dr. Tracy Timberlake (3 years ago)
oh man. i think this one is going to be an emotional one!
Jessica Lynn (3 years ago)
I wish these were uploaded earlier :( I'm in california so I always see these super late
Ah I'm so sorry! Yes maybe do a day later? Hope you're enjoying them!
Ida Michelle Dittlau (3 years ago)
I started yesterday and it feels good. Thank you for the inspiration!
Thank you for taking part!
carradoll64 (3 years ago)
So enjoying taking part in this 😊
I'm so glad! Let us know how you get on.
OfficialJaelTV (3 years ago)
I feel like this is the one I would always skip or half do the first couple times I did the Magic and just not finish because it made me uncomfortable but I did it! I almost cried but I did it haha
It's good to move outside of your comfort zone. Well done for doing it today. I've done it before and honestly it really helps! Thanks for updating us x
Jennifer Ballard (3 years ago)
+OfficialJaelTV awh lovely, you are a strong person for doing it today!! I'm sure your dad is very proud of you and now you can get your relationship with your mum how it should be, full of love and happiness! and I bet your dad will be very happy because of that ❤️❤️❤️
OfficialJaelTV (3 years ago)
+Jennifer Ballard i guess i thought i was too cool or i thought the idea of it was stupid 2 years ago, w.e the reason i kno it wasnt a good one, the reason i almost cried this time is because my dad past away and i was looking at a picture of my mom and our relationship is all over the place sometimes and originally when i was doing the excercise i wanted to use my dad cause we were just rocky as well and i couldnt get myself to do it, so it just sucks that we couldn't have had better communication skills.😕😐
Jennifer Ballard (3 years ago)
Just out of interest why did it make you feel uncomfortable? I am going to do it today but I am going to chose 5 people today then another 5 every other day I think :)

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