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Top 10 Facinating Facts About Black Holes — TopTenzNet

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→Subscribe for new videos every day! http://bit.ly/toptenzsubscribe →10 Reasons Bruce Lee was a Superhuman: http://bit.ly/1Hl4mVu →Simon's VLOG: http://bit.ly/1mJlVdR Entertaining and educational top 10 lists from TopTenzNet! Brand new videos 7 days a week! Videos are published at 6pm EST every day! Subscribe to our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTenz/ Other TopTenz Videos: Top 10 Weird Fruits That Could Kill You http://bit.ly/1WjutEm Top 10 Weapons of the Near Future http://bit.ly/1O5qHua With the recent discovery of gravitational waves, we thought we would do a video all about black holes! Black holes were first theorized by John Michell in 1783, and the theory was pushed forward in 1915 when Albert Einstein published his general theory of relativity, in which he theorized their formation. Their existence wasn’t confirmed until 1971. Since then, research has continued into these mysterious regions that are sprinkled throughout the known universe. Text version: Coming up: 10. Three Types of Black Holes 9. What Do they Look Like? 8. Colliding Black Holes 7. Times Slows Down Around it 6. What’s at the Center? 5. Closest Black Holes 4. Energy Source 3. Could We Create One? 2. Evaporate Over Time 1. What Happens When You Fall In Source/Further reading: http://astronomy.swin.edu.au/cosmos/S/Stellar+Black+Hole http://www.iflscience.com/space/scientists-measure-mass-supermassive-black-hole http://www.space.com/26857-medium-size-black-hole-discovery-m82.html http://www.phys.vt.edu/~jhs/faq/blackholes.html#q7 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyDcTbR-kEA https://www.ligo.caltech.edu/news/ligo20160211 http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/12/science/ligo-gravitational-waves-black-holes-einstein.html http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-35524440 http://www.space.com/27701-interstellar-movie-science-black-holes.html http://www.physlink.com/Education/AskExperts/ae564.cfm http://www.livescience.com/32662-whats-at-the-center-of-black-holes-.html http://blackholes.stardate.org/objects/factsheet.php?p=A0620-00 http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20131203-could-black-holes-provide-energy http://www.livescience.com/27811-creating-mini-black-holes.html http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/scientists-close-in-on-creating-black-hole-in-lab/ http://www.universetoday.com/119794/how-do-black-holes-evaporate/ http://www.livescience.com/19683-happen-fall-black-hole.html
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Text Comments (265)
starfireat2011 (5 days ago)
time never stops time is only a number
Abercrombie Shelmerdine (2 months ago)
Jacob Knigge (5 months ago)
How is there
Hadija Brahim (9 months ago)
Just thinking about the possibilities of what could have been sucked into a black 🕳 and what the planets would look like is awesome and mind boggling, I love it!😁💖
Claudiu Mihael Terenche (10 months ago)
Black holes are singularities. They don't have diameter.
So what happens when you drop SPAGHETTI into a black hole? Check mate, atheists.
Jloc (3 days ago)
Spaghettified spaghetti.
Robert Coutinho (11 months ago)
You would not get to see the entire "History" and "Future" of the universe from the "bigger" black hole. Reason: the gravity inside the black hole pulls you to the singularity and thus you and only see backward in time (as light is also pulled that way). So anything that comes afterwards would be invisible since no emanations from such things could ever reach you.
black holes are better than green holes because green is the color of nasty snot
Mark Mitchell (1 year ago)
It's claimed each galaxy has a black hole in its centre a our galaxy seems to have Caused it said by a sun exploding at the end of its life a sun much larger than our own The sun exploding throws so much matter out into its own galaxy this material has to go somewhere surely Does this matter cause the galaxy it's expanding into to expand the universe as a whole plus create solar systems like our own within the galaxy it's in After this huge suns explosion it's claimed a huge void is left than then creates a huge vacuum that sucks every thing that gets to close as the matter from the initial suns explosion has blown far enough to be to far away to get sucked in the vacuum left as a black hole would exist for billions of yrs But surely everything sucked in has to go somewhere however much gravity compresses what's drawn in so if it cannot just vanish there must be a point where with the right conditions that the gravity drawing material in has to even out or even reverse to be thrown back out or to form another object such as a new sun If the gravity is so great and squashes everything in it so dense and is rotating as great speed surly once the right ingredients and matter are sucked in it has to begin creating an object that can begin fueling its own chain reaction heat and pressure like another sun
zn00p (1 year ago)
is that johnny sins? 🤔 well you've got the biggest hole you could ever have.
Rachel H (1 year ago)
Really? A disk? It’s a sphere! That’s basic, come on now TopTenz.
Rabih Faiad (1 year ago)
"you would be able to see te history of the universe from the big bang to the end of time all at once" no, light is also trapped in the black hole so you would either see nothing at all or be blinded by the amount of light (and i'm not sure if light would stay in the black hole)
8jdb2 (1 year ago)
Theory time: 1) Blackholes emit dark matter. The total amount of dark matter determines the black holes position. 2) Blackholes eat time. They are where from the universe came from. 3) A blackhole exploded and created this space-time.
captainfarktard (1 year ago)
THe first type of black hole is a hoo ha of a skank. All who enter will perish.
Nicholas Shiva (1 year ago)
How can one see everything that has yet to fall into a "Black Hole"? This would obviously mean that you could "View" or "See" the Past & Future whilst inside!
What are the chance of Stephen Hawking finding something called Hawking Radiation?
Mark Mitchell (1 year ago)
Rollin With Uncle Pete I think he named this way back in 1974
Mark Mitchell (1 year ago)
Rollin With Uncle Pete to much annoyance of many physicians he named this phenomenon after himself even though the phenomenon was suspected for quite some time and isn't actually proven it's a likely theory in principle
Blade Ravinger (2 years ago)
this video should come with a disclaimer, alot of these 'facts' are unproven theory based on imagination, there fore, not facts.
P.R. Gaming (2 years ago)
i really love watching anything scientific. I enjoy it a lot
P.R. Gaming (2 years ago)
I have some serious questions for you. Q--1 If black holes the size of the sun is so strong that you get sphagettified on due entry, how can we survive bigger ones..... aren't bigger black holes supposed to be stronger?? Q--2 If time slows down around a black hole, and it is supposed that one exists in the middle of our galaxy, then, can we even state the distance of stars from the earth, the further they are in the galaxy??? Q--3 If a person is bridging the event horizon in black holes and sees the past and future of the cosmos itself, then are those actually passageways or doors to new dimensions or eternal life, since time stops completely??? Q--4 There are opposites of black holes, white holes respectively. White holes spit out a lot of gases and immense amounts of gamma rays and radiation. Given that the singularity theory is true, then black holes can travel the elements and gases it sucks up to complete new cosmic areas via white holes through a wormhole which may be the event horizon, because the singularity could actually be the white hole spitting out the stuff. Q--5 Black holes radiate with energy. Radiation is very high, would we even be alive to witness a black hole, if we were a relatively measurable distance away like about 400 miles???
Little Hammy (2 years ago)
How is there any proof about the "see all if time thing"?
Andrew Christensen (2 years ago)
No you would not see the beginning of the universe. You would see the entire history of the universe starting from your current time.
Keybounce (2 years ago)
You do not see what falls into the black hole after you do, going to the end of time. That's a common misconception. Your light cone still faces towards the past; the lines of space/time are curved, but don't quite wrap around that strongly.
MatureTranny68 Patton (2 years ago)
can stellar black holes be drawn into super massive blackholes?
MatureTranny68 Patton (2 years ago)
what diffrence between ecreation disks an cyntrifical force?.. as the galaxy forms.. are spiral galaxies a supper massive ecresion disk?.. center super massive blackholes , could they be a collection of stellar blackholes or bubbles?
MatureTranny68 Patton (2 years ago)
nature seems to be diverse an cyclic..
MatureTranny68 Patton (2 years ago)
what if, not a black hole, but a black bubble??
cakleware (2 years ago)
fact: they did discover something coming out of a black hole.
Shineymcshine79 (2 years ago)
Time stops altogether? Huh? Wha? How? Argh my head.
Strumptavian Roboclick (2 years ago)
I suprised sjw's haven't made scientists apologize for calling it a "black" hole.. ya know cause muh racism
Dr. Jackson Bright (2 years ago)
My one problem with #1 is that, after you see all of time, you will implode infinitely, probably into antimatter or dark matter. So, yeah. Don't jump into a black hole just to see the next episode of "Survivor" because it will pull apart the cells in your body into individual subatomic particles.
1959Edsel (2 years ago)
The idea that you'd see the entire past and future of the universe on the way down is incorrect according to what I've seen on Sixty Symbols.
Keiran Marley (2 years ago)
subbed :)
Mykey McK (2 years ago)
So the title should be a bunch of theories about black holes.
Carson Ford (2 years ago)
The only theory was the answer to the question "what is inside a black hole?"
Derrick Barnes (2 years ago)
I just found my favorite playlist! 81 videos about science and nature!
amante pensanta (2 years ago)
Well, that's an interesting spelling of "fascinating"...
surya sivakumar (2 years ago)
D.Russ (2 years ago)
Im not a science wiz and I really dont have any idea what im talking about or if it even makes sense but what if the 'singularity' tears through the 'fabric' of space time and creates basically a portal to parallel dimension
Grateful Dead (2 years ago)
I seriously would like to know why 14 people gave this video a thumbs down. Very good work as usual.
george walton (2 years ago)
Could you communicate from inside a black hole's event horizon by vibrating a quantum entangled particle or sending energy through it? Because quantum entangled particles react as if both of them are being effected without any known conveyance of matter or energy.
BertyFromDK (1 year ago)
That's an interesting question, however, since no one has ever observed this phenomenon, let alone been able to create a pair of entangled particles, it remains unknown - for now at least.
Cruaver VoidDrake (2 years ago)
Seriously Steven Hawking never took into account that the anti-particles and particles falling into the blackhole would cancel out the same Hawking radiation he suggested.
Mr Webb (2 years ago)
I kind of wanna fall in a black hole now to see Big Bang
nattsurfaren (2 years ago)
What if we drop a GoPro in a black hole then we can stream from the camera and see what happens. High Five!!!
The Mad Mystic (11 months ago)
Theoretically, we could use a method of communication involving genuinely teleporting particles, if we master that technology, but I doubt it would work inside a black hole.
BertyFromDK (1 year ago)
Electromagnetic radiation, AKA radio waves, are subject to the same limitations as visible light because light IS a form of electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, the signal from the GoPro would be cut off the moment the camera enters the event horizon.
MrDarragoon (2 years ago)
You wont get a signal because it will be in the black hole aha
Jack Garrison (2 years ago)
but the signal will always be constant so you will always get a signal till the battery dies
HawkDave (2 years ago)
the signal from the GoPro would get pulled into the black hole has well has everything else you throw at it
Alexander Rogers (2 years ago)
I'm afraid that everyone that wants to see the entire history of the universe may be dissappointed. The black hole would have formed an acretion disk - thats a disk of gas around the event horizon. This can get incredably hot and bright and black holes actually form the brightest things in the sky - the quasar. The heat can reach billions of degrees so getting past the event horizon is a no go.
Genna F (2 years ago)
Mind blown at that last one
Swapnil Shinde (2 years ago)
How can you confidently say that time stops once you exceed the horizon? There is no proof to that, just theory.
Dafuzz (2 years ago)
Because it has been proven that in areas of high gravity time does slow down. Then, if you use some of the rather lengthy equations used to calculate the time dilation you'll find that time should stop pat the event horizon
Gaiita Songwe (2 years ago)
#1 is my favorite fact
Brady Chef Favreau (2 years ago)
Space is just amazing
Sharni Tilbrook (2 years ago)
i was so amazed by half of this that i had to write it down in a notebook. and whats even better was that it wasn't to hard to understand if you know the basics.
Tanker Review (2 years ago)
Fact 4. This is wrong in general. He said and I quote here. " Stephen hawking showed ". IT ISNT FACT!! It is just a theory if you look into it. IT HAS BEEN PROVEN WRONG!!! Leonard Susskind is the one that did this. Sorry dude. If you are going to claim a theory to be real and fact. Make sure you look into it. Since you uploaded this video 13th of feb. YOU HAD MORE THAN ENOUGH TIME to see this for your self. Do some work next time and you might get a new sub. But right now. Since I have shown you to lie and not offer real information about this. I won't be subbing to you.
Tanker Review (2 years ago)
@Connor Okay. The main reason why I didn't sub is due to calling a theory about black holes real and stated as a fact. Leonard Susskind has many videos out and the fact that he didn't even take the time to research it.. Is why I posted. that is why. When you start to talk about theories being real without proven facts. When you are talk about a theory in general as your video { aka black holes.. No I am not trolling. Google " Hawking proven there are no black holes } you need to take the time to do that extra mile more. But yes. It is the Schrödinger's cat all over again. =-P
Yyyy ThatsFiveYs (2 years ago)
I mean, he's not technically wrong. there are theories from Einstein and others that conflict with Susskind's theory on the functionality of black holes and their ability to destroy information and the like. they're both theories, one hundred percent, and neither is truly proven wrong by the other. stating it as fact is silly, sure, but it's not something that is completely wrong, just something that could be wrong, depending on how you view different parts of physics
Thijs de Bont (2 years ago)
Two errors. Nr. 2, it's 'virtual particles', not 'visual particles'. Nr. 1, You wouldn't 'see' the beginning of the universe till the end of time. Since seeing is a time driven process and time stops when entering a black hole, your mass would just conjugate with the black hole at a timeframe equal to the beginning of the black hole (not the universe!) until it evaporates.
Mark Wade (2 years ago)
5:23, virtual particles, not visual particles
Leo Roth (2 years ago)
Ty Chotam (3 years ago)
okay the last one kinda freaked me out...
Lexi Burris (3 years ago)
not sure you should talk about science if you use terms like "just a theory"
Jloc (3 days ago)
_...a game theory!_ Thanks for watching.
Kimberly Renée Mills (3 years ago)
Black holes are scary shiznit. I'll just stay safely here on planet earth, thanks! 😀
Kimberly Renée Mills (3 years ago)
@TopTenz lol. Glad you like. 😀
TopTenz (3 years ago)
+Kimberly Parker "Black Hole (noun) 1. Crazy shiznit"
Smii (3 years ago)
"Disturbance in" and i immediatly said The Force
AwesomeHero 2004 (3 years ago)
I am now still in primary school the last year of it and my teacher introduced this black hole to us and another fact is that The gravity is so strong that on earth light travels in a straight line but around the black hole,light bends around it
Braeden Watanabe (3 years ago)
I just had a question, in his last example of a giant black hole the size of our universe, how could we see the history and future of time and space? That boggles my mind.
y2ksw1 (3 years ago)
Ah, we are already in one :-)
Sack Master (3 years ago)
Gravitational waves haven been allegedly detected recently.
Tetsu Shatarii (3 years ago)
Can we not try to make black holes?
Jaddua Jones (3 years ago)
*virtual particles
Here For The Comments (3 years ago)
That #1 fact... whoa... I know what I'm spending my tax refund on...
Here For The Comments (3 years ago)
+TopTenz A large refrigerator and several balloons so I can go to a supermassive black hole in space, and witness all of time at once.
TopTenz (3 years ago)
I don't...
Edgy Name (3 years ago)
Number 1: Stephen Hawking based his theory of your mum.
Edgy Name (3 years ago)
Tyler Gores (3 years ago)
you got correction cuz i black hole size of our universe that I think you might be wrong about that is 1 bottles of a freaking law of gravity and anytime like small amount of matter gets crushed full so much that we don't know what happens so you not be incorrect you're wrong
Tristan Marshall (3 years ago)
Last year I went to a Steven Hawking lecture in which he described much of these facts at length. This video is a perfect summary of that lecture and is more accurate than all of Wikipedia, blogspot, and The Daily Mail put together. Respect to you for being able to belt out one of these every single day. 👍
Tristan Marshall (3 years ago)
+TopTenz fair dos. That was a poor example. Still a brill vid though
TopTenz (3 years ago)
+Tristan Marshall There is not much less accurate than the Daily Mail, but I appreciate your sentiment, thank you.
Mark McNamara (3 years ago)
Good informative video.
John Brewer (3 years ago)
I thought when a particle and an anti particle interact with each other they are annihilated in a burst of pure energy. They don't just "disappear". More research is needed.
Quantti (3 years ago)
0:41 "[The] radius [of the supermassive black holes] is about the size of the Sun, hence their masses are billions of times greater than the Sun" - Pretty inaccurate statement. The central black hole of Milky Way (Sagittarius A*) is ~4 million solar masses with a radius of 17x the radius of the Sun. The most massive known black hole (S5 0014+81) is around 40 billion solar masses and has a radius of 1600 times the avarage orbiting radius of the Earth or around 47 times the avarage distance between the Sun and Pluto.
cyberdaemon (3 years ago)
They say how mini black holes are harmess due to the hawking radiation destroying them so quickly. But what if the Carlo Rovelli's theory about black holes eventually exploding as white holes turns out to be true?
bmorefunnyman (3 years ago)
Are black holes holes or objects?
AsapNicky Bars (3 years ago)
I will fap til completion for every like I get
Kimberly Renée Mills (3 years ago)
@Nick Chmielewski 😀
AsapNicky Bars (3 years ago)
oooohh creepy lol
Kimberly Renée Mills (3 years ago)
@Nick Chmielewski I'd have to find you 1st. Lol
AsapNicky Bars (3 years ago)
*spank you
AsapNicky Bars (3 years ago)
why thank you
ian fox (3 years ago)
Amazing facts, really great video and you held my attention every second.............I could listen to your voice all day.
TopTenz (3 years ago)
+ian fox Thanks Ian, glad you liked the video :)
Corky Schillinger (3 years ago)
So, if it were possible, falling into a large enough black hole could make one a god, or at least, a Time Lord. (Goes off in search of a TARDIS). :)
TopTenz (3 years ago)
+Corky Schillinger Yes, but the opportunity cost is quite high.
Caro V (3 years ago)
Extremely fascinating
TopTenz (3 years ago)
+Caro Van den Broeck Thanks!
Joni Underwood (3 years ago)
I love learning about the universe. Black holes a very amazing.
Kevin (3 years ago)
Simon works baldness so well. He could be a hitman if he got ripped/more stern.
TopTenz (3 years ago)
+Nivek Dasarp *hits the gym *
Sunny Panwar (3 years ago)
I am gonna make a house in super massive black hole and become immortal.. MUAHAHAH
How bout a top ten for/about Stephen Hawking
WOW this one is really cool next time how about making one about Stars cause lets face it every marvel fan wants to know if we can forge mjolnir from dying stars if they don't end up as black holes ofcourse
Randolph de Leon (3 years ago)
I like this. Going straight away into the countdown. no more introductories. I can always count into the description box for that anyway, if the theme of the countdown is unclear. Thanks. :)
TopTenz (3 years ago)
+Randolph de Leon Sure :). We are always trying to tweak things to produce the best videos we can :).
NinjasticFlare (3 years ago)
#1 is horrifying
Eric Taylor (3 years ago)
#2 Virtual particles, not visual.
Eric Taylor (3 years ago)
#4 The problem for this idea is that you would expend more energy pulling your bucket back up than you collect. Hawking radiation can be measured by it's temperature.. The smaller the black hole the higher it's temperature. The temperature of a stellar mass black hole is several degrees cooler than the microwave background. radiation, which is around 3 degrees K (about three degrees above absolute zero) This means that at this time more energy is falling into a black hole than it radiates. This means that even an isolated black hole that has no matter going into it is still getting bigger, not smaller. This is also a problem for collecting energy from a black hole. To get energy to do work, that energy must move from a place with higher energy (a warm place) to a place with less energy (a cold place).
Eric Taylor (3 years ago)
#6 If time stops at the event horizon the the object inside a black hole, at least from our point of vie, would be the object that formed the black hole,. The surface of the star (or whatever) would be right at the event horizon and it will be until the black hole evaporates. If you were to enter the black hole however, you will not encounter the surface of anything because once you cross the event horizon time will stop for you as well. This is why scientists say there is a singularity in the center. They are talking about what is inside from the point of view of the black hole.
Humbug Ryerson (3 years ago)
*points in a haze of bong smoke* hey this is uploaded on my birthday
Nathan Barley (3 years ago)
Love this channel, it's well bum. Keep it chopped out yeah?
TopTenz (3 years ago)
+Nathan Barley I don't know what this means, but sure.
Captain Cook (3 years ago)
he looks the drug guy
Captain Cook (3 years ago)
+TopTenz psychedsubstances
TopTenz (3 years ago)
+Captain Cook THE drug guy. The only one.
Brian H (3 years ago)
Oh, so What happens in a Black Hole, Stays in the Black hole.
Bengal Tiger (3 years ago)
Really awesome video!
TopTenz (3 years ago)
+Bengal Tiger :)
Atler the Dark (3 years ago)
Why do people talk about Stephen Hawking? It's the robot saying everything, the actual person has nothing to do with it.
When The Music's Over (3 years ago)
TYSON JNR 7 (3 years ago)
good video 👍
Oneshot (3 years ago)
he spelled "fascinating" wrong
ChemicalPlant (3 years ago)
There's a black hole sex joke out there somewhere but it's not coming to me. Oh well, someone else probably did it already
TopTenz (3 years ago)
+TheVideoGameObsesser Yeah, someone already did, see comments ;)
Wicho (3 years ago)
you should do a video about out Earth. if its FLAT (disc shape) or actually ROUND. ?? unless you already did then never mind
TopTenz (3 years ago)
+Beatbox Kid Not sure if a joke... We did that recently...
Black holes........also known as yo momma
Simone Eli (3 years ago)
read that as black ho's
Black holes are very interesting ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
keltar2007 (3 years ago)
Awesome void, Simon. awesome vid
TopTenz (3 years ago)
+keltar2007 Thanks :)

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