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AMAZING GRACE | (Jayesslee Cover)

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Amazing Grace trio sung by The Cousins Janice Kara and Sonia. This was our 20th take of the same song. Glory to You GOD!
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Text Comments (159)
Xoxo 96 (20 days ago)
is that your cousin Cara??
Wonderful WG (23 days ago)
Amazing grace! how sweet the sound, That saved a wretch; like me! I once was lost, but now am found, Was blind, but now I see.
Harry Kim (8 months ago)
Thank you. I am suffering from work place by bullying and depression.
Meliana Wulandari (2 years ago)
I once was lost but now i'm found. you guys make such a good trio. like it
Harim Suh (3 years ago)
I love all your acapella versions !!
Ayush Dhar (3 years ago)
Ayush Dhar (3 years ago)
7 years... You guys are just amazing
tong chau (4 years ago)
I LIKE IT !  (10/07/2015)       500,779       3,205        45
Debbie Simmi (4 years ago)
Wow they are now grown
jasoon jarsoon (4 years ago)
Sounds are great you know!! Wow!!
Whitesnowolf Black (4 years ago)
You guys are sweet and great singing!
bonvaicu (4 years ago)
yeorobyun (5 years ago)
jesus guadalupe cruz (5 years ago)
Spanish please
ramazan akalan (3 years ago)
+อินทิพร ใจกล้า ş '
Alan Alcalá (4 years ago)
I not speak english yo hable español pero me encanta como cantan !!!!!!! :'D
Обожаю вас! Вы такие классные!!!
steph ek (5 years ago)
french love it
Wilfred Hu (5 years ago)
超讚=very great
TheHexa88 (5 years ago)
Well done guys!!! That was lovely to hear you ;)
Valeriia Cantu (6 years ago)
watching this in 2013
Nasia Fragia (6 years ago)
Pliz do cover :give me a reason by ping
kartiko cahyono (6 years ago)
sweet.... but more sweet if one of you can sing for me before go sleep every night... :) hemmm.... will be amazing for me..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arly lili (6 years ago)
cool ^^
ivan martinez (6 years ago)
Gory yo the King !!! GOD
Christina (6 years ago)
Amazing harmony <3
Erwin Tjahja (6 years ago)
beautiful voice !!
Vitor Augusto (6 years ago)
Muito dificil fazer 3° voz... parabéns!
Petros Hernandez (6 years ago)
I'll take this trip through to the end.
Nicholas Yong (6 years ago)
Love you all , God bless you !
Eric Christian (6 years ago)
I'm so blessed with this song :)
oduvanvalery (6 years ago)
Ajum Nacho (6 years ago)
this was amazing...
Jorge Suh (6 years ago)
alamon74 (6 years ago)
son coreanas?
jem cordenete (6 years ago)
Yeah ssssooooo great <33
Charisse Cacho (6 years ago)
Nice Cover for Amazing grace :)
martha ruth torres (6 years ago)
me encanto
Offiong Ekanem (6 years ago)
Fridolin Arnold (6 years ago)
Hannah Miao (6 years ago)
the brightest side of youtube:)<3 thank you so much!
Gabriel Anary (6 years ago)
I live in Brasil. I love your voice. Wonderful!!! Kisses..
Jackson Jibit (6 years ago)
Migdek (6 years ago)
Like the Chipmunks ! :D
strawberrysnow123 (6 years ago)
Can you please sing more Christian songs? You two always give me the strength and inspiration to get up and praise God. :)
D Mai (6 years ago)
haha! How old were you guys here!?
Sarah Hull (6 years ago)
Love it. :)
arabelle exoe (6 years ago)
love ur version its awesome
Marli Willemsen (6 years ago)
OMG that beginning........
lucas barros (6 years ago)
wauuuu alvin las ardillas!!!!
TheTriciaMejia (6 years ago)
Amazing Jayesslee :)
Lucid_Truth (6 years ago)
you girls, that was soo good! :) x
Jeremy Way (6 years ago)
lol Even by laughing you sing very well ^^
iLaRiettaiLoveYou (6 years ago)
lovely :D
Jack (6 years ago)
you three sound like the females chipmunks ;D
Mayara Levado (6 years ago)
Brasil Love it.. *u*'
brian walker (6 years ago)
Haha I read amazing trio, but this is fun aswell
Jack Nathan (6 years ago)
Aastha Shrestha (6 years ago)
Praise the lord .
Francesca Sinani (6 years ago)
If you ever come to the UK on tour I'm coming to see you and getting front row tickets! You are amazing guys :)
jkjkjk (6 years ago)
This was beautiful!!!
HUI, Yi Lam Yvonne (6 years ago)
so cute
Lan Shao (6 years ago)
Wow you guys have a really nice group singing together
Ashlee Johnson (6 years ago)
Jessica Stocker (6 years ago)
God's grace is so refreshing. I can not help it .. At that time I was struck by him. Suddenly, the once blind :)
Jessica Stocker (6 years ago)
Vlog Ira (6 years ago)
Wow! You guys are CHRISTIANS! :D
PlayList (6 years ago)
Good Job... and Praise God
MusicEvryDay (6 years ago)
@NOOBs3331 Amazing Grace(My Chains are Gone) is by Chris Tomlin. The original Amazing Grace was by a man named John Newton :)
Chris Lenin (6 years ago)
wow my favorite song :) that song is by Chris Tomlin
Girlsfanyaoi BL (6 years ago)
beautiful voices
yham (6 years ago)
Janice is chubby here :) still pretty ^^
Sabrina (6 years ago)
probably their most underrated cover...
EVERTON T (6 years ago)
very beautiful and sing very
EVERTON T (6 years ago)
Rose Gold (6 years ago)
you guys were so young here
perfecto gado (6 years ago)
nice voice girl. amazing grace is my favorite song 4 nyms,now my favorite trio singer.ur gop girl.
kuznechik1 (7 years ago)
Amazing, always love duets and trios.
Eryka Liu (7 years ago)
keep it up!
min chul lee (7 years ago)
가운뎃분 백인 남자들이 미치는 동양 미인 스타일... 음... 그렇습니다
manie minie (7 years ago)
พระคุณพระเจ้านั้นแสนชื่นใจ ช่วยได้คนช่วยอย่างฉัน.. ครั้งนั้นฉันหลงพระองค์ตามหา ตาบอดทันใดเห็นพลัน.. Thai ver.
Michelle Wong (7 years ago)
great voices. love it! :)
Geon Simone (7 years ago)
love the arrangement...great blend... ;)
Elmir Rophe Lausa (7 years ago)
amazing!!!! ^.^
KenDiriwan (7 years ago)
lmao the happiest amazing grace i ever heard =D
Ken Ellerton Wasquin (7 years ago)
Nice version. Acapella version. :D
INDO BENCHMARK (7 years ago)
Onge Ify (7 years ago)
The best Amazing-grace-version I´ve ever heard :-D
PrinceV1R (8 years ago)
14 girls hate and are jealous fn these 3 talented ladies...
KolourfulGurl (8 years ago)
hey could you guys give me some tips on harmonizing?
Rose ann Pormento (8 years ago)
Like the blend of your voice ladies.
Leonardo Dito (8 years ago)
this big family is blessed with extraordinary voices!!! \m/_
helpdotth (8 years ago)
The three wonders.
Lee Sanchez (8 years ago)
Goretti Rivera (8 years ago)
:)) great singing!!
Val Bryan Viscara (8 years ago)
@coolest99ever well .. you expect them to know bout ur sister's death eh?.. IDIOT.. if u didnt enjoy the video .. then fine.. BUT WE DID so GTFO and find a BETTER version that sounds like ur sister's death song geez ><
Erica Bue (8 years ago)
waaw!! ^^
kdawg spooner (8 years ago)
wow deep conversations about the exsistence of religion....thats amusing to me that you choose to talk about that subject in the presence of talent, save it for the chatting forums that people with no life visit to kill time...also an invention of man to create sanity in ones mind....if your looking for GOD join these beautiful girls in church and have a descusion there, but if your looking for beautiful, talented people you come to youtube....
Cassi Noelle (8 years ago)
imma Christian ,,,,im Korean,,,,,im 12years old and i love to sing whats your edvice
rebeca (8 years ago)
:o amazing
Wilson Costa (8 years ago)
You girls are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like that version very much. I’m defiantly going to try that with my friends… Keep it up….. ~ Wilson

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