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Markelle Fultz Orlando Magic Trade Reaction Analysis; Bust?

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Markelle Fultz Orlando Magic trade analysis & reaction to NBA trade news. Can he help the rebuild or is the point guard a bust? What happened to Markelle Fultz in Philadelphia was a bad NBA news story from the jump. The first pick in the 2017 NBA Draft was traded from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Orlando Magic after playing in 33 games and not one since November due to a misdiagnosed shoulder injury. That is crazy NBA news! Orlando may have their point guard of the future to team up with Aaron Gordon, Mo Bamba, Jonathan Isaac, and the rest of the Orlando Magic roster. If and when the Markelle Fultz injury heals that will be great Orlando Magic news! The Orlando Magic trade Jonathon Simmons, the Oklahoma City Thunder’s 2020 first round pick, and the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 2019 second round pick to the Philadelhpia 76ers for Markelle Fultz. This NBA trade was a low-risk, high-reward transaction for the Orlando Magic roster, one that the fan base will likely be satisfied with. If Markelle Fultz thoracic outlet syndrome gets right and fix his shooting form, the Orlando Magic rebuild will speed up. As an Orlando Magic fan I am glad that Markelle Fultz in college was an outstanding and I when he gets healthy will get a shot with our young core and prove that he is not a bust. Sorry Philadelphia Sixers fans, but there aren’t may Jonathon Simmons highlights from the 2018 NBA season. Orlando Magic fans! What was your Markelle Fultz trade reaction? I am excited to see makes his Markelle Fultz Magic debut! Liked my Markelle Fultz Orlando Magic trade analysis video? Want me to see more Orlando Magic news videos, please do subscribe to my channel: https://goo.gl/2QcQ95 #markellefultz #orlandomagic #philadelphia76ers #fultz
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Text Comments (56)
The Lonely Banter (14 days ago)
Was this a good #nbatrade for the Orlando Magic?
Andrew Belton (4 days ago)
Good trade for both sides. Honestly Philly needed to clear cap space, get some bench talent and we wanted at least a first round pick for him so we got what we wanted. Hopefully for Orlando he can actually be useful
The Lonely Banter (4 days ago)
Thank you for stopping on by! Glad to see some positive words from a Sixers fan. I hope he works out for us too because we need a PG!
321thach (6 days ago)
Magic fan here I'm glad I founded a fellow fan channel. New subs
The Lonely Banter (6 days ago)
Ay that's what I like to hear. Magic playing so good right now!
david brown (6 days ago)
Have fun with that bum. We stole guys and picks from you ahhhhhhh. We didn’t mess him up regarding his shoulder. Do a little more research on the issue and you may not feel so great about him
The Lonely Banter (6 days ago)
How has Juice been for the Sixers?
Adding Kelle along with fighting for playoffs has me so hyped!
The Lonely Banter (8 days ago)
Yeah that definitely lit a fire in him. I like it. We need that from him.
+The Lonely Banter JI fueled from the rising stars snub looking like a a future perennial all star
The Lonely Banter (8 days ago)
Magic playing well right now. It’s looking like we’re going to make a run for the playoffs!
Mark Jacob (10 days ago)
Bust? Not so fast..he is out if that high pressure environment in Philly now, his confidence took a beat down..now he can get healthy and grow
Just in (11 days ago)
Maybe this is blessing in disguise.?
The Lonely Banter (11 days ago)
I hope so! 🙏
Scottish Raider (12 days ago)
Potentially awesome trade will need to see how it pans out much love from Scotland
Scottish Raider (12 days ago)
+The Lonely Banter been a long drought from the playoffs we never do anything easy keep the vids coming they are awesome
The Lonely Banter (12 days ago)
Scotland! Nice for to stop on by. I hope the trade pans out. The Magic need a string of good luck.
Kyle Curiale (13 days ago)
Subscribed because I died laughing at 6:23 😂😂 glad I found your channel 🔵⚫️🔵⚫️
The Lonely Banter (13 days ago)
🤣 thank you so much for watching and subscribing. I really appreciate that for real!
rick mason (13 days ago)
Goat Squad (13 days ago)
Subbing for this👊
The Lonely Banter (13 days ago)
🔥🔥🔥 thank you so much. I appreciate it!
Kurt Wagner (13 days ago)
Magic Twitter spoke it into existence and it was wonderful #PureMagic
The Lonely Banter (13 days ago)
Definitely did. We deserve it. 😂
BigGio115 (13 days ago)
I think it's a steal. When you look at the way our rotation was going, Iwundo started to out play J Simmons which means we really dont need his service anymore and would probably be waived in the offseason for nothing so when you look at it we got Fultz for a late 1st round and 2nd round pick. That's a win in my book. If we can get a Culver (Texas Tech), Matthews (Michigan) or NAW (Virginia Tech) to pair with Fultz I'd love it. Your delivery is cool with me too lol. You broke it down as simple as can be. #PureMagic
The Lonely Banter (13 days ago)
It's a big time win. Crazy how some don't feel this way. OKC pick was going to be a later rounder if we kept it anyway. We going to draft our next Jeryl Sasser with that pick? 🙄 But I appreciate you watching and sharing some comments. Go Magic!
Jamel Cofield (13 days ago)
Dude I was calling this trade on Twitter. Ppl kept trying to trade ross for him. I'm like, why would we trade our whole bench for someone who isn't playing. Yea, he has nerve damage that's messing with his shooting form, but it's treatable. You cant just forget how to shoot. This ain't Space Jam lol. He had a motorcycle accident that was kept quiet and that's how he got the nerve damage in his shoulder.
The Lonely Banter (13 days ago)
Thanks for stopping on by. Not trading Ross for him was big!
Jose Pereira (13 days ago)
Everything you said was on point 💯 Go Magic!
The Lonely Banter (13 days ago)
I appreciate you watching and you're absolutely right. GO MAGIC!
biblicalex (13 days ago)
Great vid! Can’t wait to see Fultz be healthy here in Orlando
The Lonely Banter (13 days ago)
Appreciate you coming through to watch. This trade has definitely rejuvenated the fan base.
Michael Vincent (13 days ago)
U a real one bro , 💯
Michael Vincent (13 days ago)
6ers are going to regret this. Go Magic
david brown (6 days ago)
Michael Vincent yea right have fun with this waste of space
1luvcity (13 days ago)
Once he get right the whole better watch out the 76ers coach is not a good one.
The Lonely Banter (13 days ago)
You right. Such a low risk high reward thing here. Magic due for some good luck!
Meme Star (13 days ago)
I love the Magic
The Lonely Banter (8 days ago)
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Let's make it 5 tomorrow!
Meme Star (8 days ago)
The Lonely Banter 4 wins in a row rn :D
The Lonely Banter (13 days ago)
That's what I like to hear!
RSD Productions (13 days ago)
As a Magic fan I adore this trade. Can’t wait to see how he fits into our team. Let’s go #puremagic
The Lonely Banter (13 days ago)
Thank you for stopping on by. This trade got us all excited!
Irrelevant human (13 days ago)
Isacc needs to get that 3pt shot up and bamba needs to improve mid range for fultz to show out. Spacing could be really bad in the start but fultz gonna get right. Magic obviously won the trade.
The Lonely Banter (13 days ago)
I think they'll make it work. Exciting times! Thank you for coming on through.
Ali Toroganan (13 days ago)
Hows his rehab tho? I hope tmac can work with him and improve his game
Ali Toroganan (13 days ago)
Kurt Wagner cant find anything about his la rehab, but i heard its done and hes back at philly working out his shoulder but i hope orlando would also have a look on that shoukder and wrist
The Lonely Banter (13 days ago)
Kurt Wagner  Management better be all the way careful with him. Don't need a Grant Hill part 2 happening here. 😅
Kurt Wagner (13 days ago)
I read in the ESPN article that his agent said he’s been doing great and expects him to return this season, but Management will probably be careful with playing him
The Lonely Banter (13 days ago)
I hope his rehab going well. Haven't actually heard anything about that.
Chun-Jen Chen (13 days ago)
Hope he can be the next number one of Magics
MORDEKAIZ (14 days ago)
The people who call MAGIC the magics (like me) are Spanish people, cause we use the plural a lot.
The Lonely Banter (14 days ago)
Naw plenty folk in West Orange County do it too. 😂
Micah 5ive (14 days ago)
My fav magic player now hardaway potential
The Lonely Banter (14 days ago)
Ok, that what I like to hear! Thank you for coming on through!

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