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Day[9]'s Day Off - Magic The Gathering P1

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Time to do some Gatecrash Drafts! My Website: http://day9.tv/ Me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/day9tv/ Find me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/day9tv/ Fancy Day[9] Swag: http://day9.tv/store/
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Cassun (1 month ago)
Watching this is making me sad, because the War of the Spark draft environment is absolute dogshit, and I'm reminded that I just want to draft more dominaria
Cassun (1 month ago)
"Black has the best art" Madcap skills was right there. It may be an unpopular opinion, but I love the art. Red and blue have great art tbh
captainevilhare (1 year ago)
Do yourself, you're are not upper. You got helped.
Jason Lin (3 years ago)
Where do you find this website ?
Thomas T (3 years ago)
Its a game and you can find it at MTGO.com
Kareem Jonson (3 years ago)
11:14 - "I thought long and hard to make sure I had a solid di..eck."
Kareem Jonson (3 years ago)
+Kareem Jonson twenty seconds later, "I guess I'm really excited about ruffians now"
Chris Winslow (3 years ago)
hey man I really enjoy your videos. I'm curious about the future of spellslingers. are you still filming for it?
I Just Bought A Donkey (3 years ago)
i have absolutely no idea what is happening. But im enjoying it...
Ryan (3 years ago)
What does he do for a day job?
Hopelust (3 years ago)
@Ryan Wittert He programs i think
Jtracy1698 (4 years ago)
What is the program you guys are using?
Guilherme Cardoso (1 year ago)
I know I'm 2 years late, but that's MTGO (the official Magic Online game). It's not free and you need to buy the cards with real money so, something to bear in mind. If you want a free program to play Magic, try xmage.
MAYOR (4 years ago)
god damned mtg online is so bad in design, that i'm shocked. Why WOTC doesn't want to reload MAGIC for new players and increase its popularity in 200%. We need F2P Hybrid of Magic Online + Duels of the planeswalkers aaaaand it's a WINNER game. If WOTC want to compete with hearthstone which is really weak at the time compared to magic, they need to ACT quickly to let the second breathe into the MAGIC world. Because for newcomers, hearthstone is more reliable than magic. WOTC god damned WAKE UP, ask your Stainless games friends to create one big magic online game which you will update every year, adding content on a fly. THAT is what every game is living and let players be in it, because of new things coming. I believe in you, please don't screw up.
Stylianos Gakis (2 months ago)
How does Arena look for you mate? :D Satisfied?
MAYOR (4 years ago)
@steven Claessen i live a life. But also i love my hobby.
Paul Ahrenholtz (4 years ago)
@Dante Mayeno You can play it irl assuming you have 5 laptops to check rulings on every single card :')
steven Claessen (4 years ago)
@Pavel Geiba 1) Heartstone is for noobs.2) GET A LIFE!!!!!!
Anyone knows what software he's using?
Junda Tan (4 years ago)
@Intracis do you need to pay and download it
Greg (5 years ago)
Magic the gathering online
ir0nsquire (5 years ago)
Just so you guys know, you can go to Spell Slingers to watch Day9 play more Magic
Q S. (5 years ago)
hey u should do more mtg videos
Ortheos (6 years ago)
MTGO - Magic's official online game.
SuperOnyxGuard (6 years ago)
what is he using to play mtg????
MegaFoozle (6 years ago)
loving these kind of vids ;D
BBrecht (6 years ago)
I used to have that same Ikea bookshelf. Apart from that though, our decors are... wildly different...
WrenAkula (6 years ago)
This isn't single player...
Asbjørn Kennedy (6 years ago)
I think almost anyone can pwn Day9 at any non-starcraft singleplayer game
Diosukekun (6 years ago)
no more chocolate milk for you
daniel marriott (6 years ago)
Hey dude this is Daniel Marriott your Cousin :-) been playing this game for many many many years MTGO is awesome but doesnt compare to the actual card game :-) Next time we are in Brighton might tag along to the play group down there :-) if you see this my email is [email protected]
melikeit23 (6 years ago)
wish granted
Misconduct24 (6 years ago)
Does it cost real money to do this?
Nolajir (6 years ago)
Looks like he does :D
Jack Rosenberg (6 years ago)
Magic the Gathering Online MTGO
Afoo (6 years ago)
What's the name of this game? Can anyone give a link to it? Is it as crappy as Duels of Planeswalkers where you can't even create your own deck?
FORtheSWARM1000 (6 years ago)
popertop (6 years ago)
Oh god. I got excited when Day9 said he drafted a lot, but then this happened... lol!
Tuft641 (6 years ago)
If you had forced 5c, you would have done much better.........
APAKane (6 years ago)
Here we have the start of something magnificent.
Erafune (6 years ago)
Hahah I'm so confused how this can be interesting! x) But I'll just keep watching and see if it makes any sense...
firedrake110 (6 years ago)
Oh lord... I'm amazed he could be this bad at deckbuilding XD but then, limited isn't for everyone lol
Ryan Anderson (6 years ago)
lol gatecrash sux
Citharn (6 years ago)
"I thought long and hard so that I would have a solid deck." I completely misheard that sentence.
Ashton Simmons (6 years ago)
Yeah, I tried it when HoN was way more popular and thought it was stupid and have ever since.
IYPITWL (6 years ago)
Man doesn't have the time to put into it.
OldSchool Ninja (6 years ago)
dark souls is beastly
kiranearitachi (6 years ago)
so you cant use starter decks + the 200 cards for standard play? Also i would play like i play in real life using what i have and buying more when i get bored
FauconDeNuit (6 years ago)
The $10 has 200 commons/uncommons from standard + a booster pack but thats imo, not sufficient to create a good deck. Cards are bought like in real life but the biggest plus is that most of them are dirt cheap. I play paper magic for my top tier stuff but for fun decks, I use MTGO cause a casual budget deck would cost less than $5. I cant really give you an estimate for how much you'd probably spend unless you tell me how "hardcore" you want to be
kiranearitachi (6 years ago)
so the cards you have for standard are different from what you have for the $10?
FauconDeNuit (6 years ago)
You can pay $10 and not buy more if you just want to play the planeswalkers format. Even that has expansion packs for extra cards if you want those. If you want to play standard, modern or any other format(im assuming you know what they are) you would have to pay extra money. What day9 is playing for example is a draft which costs about $15 but you can keep what you pick in each booster + prizes you win
kiranearitachi (6 years ago)
so i can pretty much just pay $10 and not buy more unless i want them.
Zivon (6 years ago)
feedback to what end? this is still not an official show, so Day[9] not making perfect content is totally ok. leave feedback on his main videos because that's where it belongs.
FauconDeNuit (6 years ago)
There is no monthly fee. You pay $10 once for 200 randomised commons and uncommons from the latest core set, 2 tickets, a booster pack and a planeswalkers 2013 set. If you want to build a custom deck, you actually have to buy the cards with real money. If youre really on a budget, the planeswalkers set contains gold bordered cards that you can use to play the planeswalker format(imagine if you had most of the cards from dotp and you are able to build a deck from those)
kiranearitachi (6 years ago)
itsnt it just a one time cost to play it casual. im thinking about buying it but dont want to be charged every month like an mmo
FNunez347 (6 years ago)
@Kyle Marriott
witchapparatus (6 years ago)
Goddamn, Sean. At first I just thought you were awesome, now I want to marry you. Mtg ftw!
Zeonae (6 years ago)
booniak (6 years ago)
Is that...an ogaming t-shirt?
joel6113 (6 years ago)
I have to agree. I was highly disappointed by DotP when I got it since I really just wanted deckbuilding. (I hadn't heard about MTGO at the time, as I was just a console gamer at the time.) I just started MTGO - because of this, actually - and I've enjoyed it a ton. And I haven't played a game yet, I've just been messing around with deck-building and organization.
FauconDeNuit (6 years ago)
LOL. Obviously MTGO. DotP is meant for newcomers which is why they restrict deckbuilding. I mean, if you just want to play a couple rounds of balanced and fun magic, dotp is great but if you want to experience drafting and deckbuilding which is what magic is all about, get mtgo as long as you are prepared to pay.
Goggle Box (6 years ago)
but for entertainment purposes and competitive play. which one would you suggest. if money wasn't an object to consider.
Samuel Ihlenfeldt (6 years ago)
Samuel Ihlenfeldt (6 years ago)
Duels is a one time cost. MTGO has an upkeep cost.
Goggle Box (6 years ago)
Please recommend, which should I get, Magic the Gathering online or Duels of the Planeswalkers?
jackalvulture (6 years ago)
The weirdest mash-up just popped into my head... "Magic: The Gathering of the Jugaloos". Just clown make-up and cards everywhere. Sorry.
Nicholas (6 years ago)
Ahhh its ok friend. A simple misunderstanding of opinions :). What kind of music do you like?
Winston (6 years ago)
Also, if they did have a code on the boosters to use in the game than people would buy more of them, I know I would. I'd probably buy a box, something I don't normally do.
Winston (6 years ago)
Yeah but digital content should not be the full booster price. If it was 1 dollar or maybe 2 for a booster in the game I would get into it, but otherwise I'm going to end up spending much much more than I'd like..
Shawn4168 (6 years ago)
Yikes, sorry that my opinion offended you so horribly. I'm just giving my personal thoughts. I'm not telling him to change his show, I'm not telling him that Day[9] should only play games I understand at a slow pace, and I'm not telling everyone else that they're wrong for enjoying this. You seem far more upset from my simple little comment than I am upset from this entire show. In the future I will refrain from giving any opinions that might possibly tarnish Day[9]'s immaculate image.
Shawn4168 (6 years ago)
You're right, he can do whatever he wants. I'm not telling him that he has to play more casual games on his day off. However, I am giving honest feedback as a viewer, that this just wasn't as enjoyable compared to the others. He is free to consider or ignore my feedback. Don't take personally the fact that I didn't enjoy this show.
poppanaattori89 (6 years ago)
100 times yes. That game is like a virtual version of meth though, at least for me.
Zivon (6 years ago)
It's his day off. what did you expect? he can do what he damn well pleases. it's not an official show, it's bonus content. enjoy it or don't watch
LAGoodfella (6 years ago)
James Baker (6 years ago)
This is the official version, Magic the Gathering: Online.
Ian Grasamkee-Beasley (6 years ago)
What program is this Magic thing? my son plays magic and he would love this
SevereFaith (6 years ago)
BBEST DAILY EVER. Halfway through Friday I totally pulled out all my cards again and built a deck now everyone is getting together next weekend xD
Nicholas (6 years ago)
Damn dude will you stop being so casual already? Contrary to popular belief, Day9 doesn't exist to blow you at all times. Maybe he wants to do something he enjoys in hopes that others will like it too.
theMOCmaster (6 years ago)
I agree. Seeing him learn the game is what's great about day off and metadating, this was meh.
frokenkasque (6 years ago)
Sorry dude, I always enjoy day9s videos, but this game is way too booooring to endure...
Shawn4168 (6 years ago)
Gotta be honest, I didn't really care for this Day Off. Every one so far has been about Day[9] playing and discovering a game alongside the audience, while this one has been him playing a game he's very experienced at with his expert friend observing. That doesn't lend itself well to casual observation. I've dabbled in MTG and I enjoy Duels of the Planeswalkers, but most of the time the action was moving so fast that I had no idea what was going on, as I'm sure most of the audience felt.
Rujasu (6 years ago)
And that would be giving two boosters at the price of one. You can see why they don't do that.
Nasengold (6 years ago)
omg dat t-shirt
Winston (6 years ago)
Yeah but what they COULD do is add a code to boosters and you could then redeem that code in the game for an in-game booster.
demilung (6 years ago)
I have played quite a lot of Duels of the Planeswalkers... I don't know what the hell is going on!!!
MistaSmith (6 years ago)
what kind of software is that?
Victor Sommer (6 years ago)
I don't get your comment, but I won't dislike your comment
InLife LTU (6 years ago)
I dont get it.... but wount dislike or like the vidio...
skaap2008 (6 years ago)
I don't play, but I'm quite sure he's using MTGO (Magic The Gathering Online): goo .gl/AzGBY
Roey (6 years ago)
he literally could have been speaking french and i'd not know the difference,but ill be damned if i didn't watch the entire series.
James Tarrant (6 years ago)
what program is this?
lucafrix66 (6 years ago)
You make me want to play MTGO again Day [9]...
metalhead6604 (6 years ago)
What is the program he is using?
RanEncounter (6 years ago)
Day 9 play Chrono Trigger on SNES!!!!
Robert Hopwood (6 years ago)
Finally !!!
CKM.Asuka.msi (6 years ago)
wow finally a game in wich I can pwn Day9...
Nolajir (6 years ago)
Wanna see Day9 play some DarkSouls!
Earn Muse (6 years ago)
What program is he using?
Goggle Box (6 years ago)
er no
Sam Plater (6 years ago)
DotA 2 descendant of Valve and Blizzard; the two most influential developers in e-sports, is a game you are able to play at this very moment. You are OBLIGATED to play this game.
Jh112196 (6 years ago)
He should accept the challenge of his viewers. I'd love to death lotus Day9 in some LoL. :D
Bloodn0k (6 years ago)
good present
TheSoulSilv3r (6 years ago)
Would Dark Souls just make Day9 lose his mind?
Dane H (6 years ago)
HOTS comes out on my birthday :3
Jaymo (6 years ago)
Or Dota :D <3
glorgon1 (6 years ago)
it says he's mostly doing non multiplayer games, so it's unlikely
Freezy3 (6 years ago)
Me too, wish it was a bit better for completely clueless people like myself. Oh well :P
Ashton Simmons (6 years ago)
LoL is retarded, maybe a game where you can deny your own damn creeps
Cole Tidus (6 years ago)
Play Yu Gi Oh?
Tyranidus (6 years ago)
you should do a video explaining Magic

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