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Dua Lipa - Be The One (Official Music Video)

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Dua Lipa - Be The One Director and Producer: Nicole Nodland Director of Photography and Editor: Jackson Ducasse The Complete Edition is here!! https://dualipa.co/completeedition Stream Be The One Spotify: http://smarturl.it/sBeTheOne iTunes: http://smarturl.it/iBeTheOne Follow me online: https://wbr.ec/website_dualipa https://wbr.ec/facebook_dualipa https://wbr.ec/twitter_dualipa https://wbr.ec/instagram_dualipa
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Text Comments (35483)
Jakee Casablancas (27 minutes ago)
lutecio ROBLES (2 hours ago)
uuummmmm hhh que cosica mas bonica 😍😂
Tadeusz Szulik (2 hours ago)
Shubham Shaswat (2 hours ago)
I see moon when you looking at the sun Reason: Difference in the time zone
선하 선하 (3 hours ago)
두아 너무 좋아 사랑해
Luis Pastor (5 hours ago)
beautiful song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
flaco entero detonao (11 hours ago)
Lo que no me gusto es mamarme los 15 segundos de comercial antes de que empieze la canción
Antonio Martins (16 hours ago)
Peruano, peruano, peruano... 😂😂😂
Maryam Awadh (16 hours ago)
She should sing this song on VS's show
Moey M (18 hours ago)
Just brilliant pure class
Saja Jabbar (21 hours ago)
مين شاف الاغنية بعد مقطع بيضة وان يجي يصف جنبي هنا 😂✋ تف يو هلا والله
Raissa Almeida (21 hours ago)
Misha Burkalov (21 hours ago)
What happened to Adele?
Hussein Shabak (22 hours ago)
بيضه ون 😂😂😂 Be the one
Roby Bega (23 hours ago)
Resperkte nga Shqiperia....
Edney Silva (1 day ago)
I don't know for you guys, but I feel like this one is her best music. What do you think?
Rubi (1 day ago)
This is a bop tho
techno music (1 day ago)
Renato Llapushi (1 day ago)
Grande Dua Lipa
milena kostic (1 day ago)
I love Dua Lipa
Krzysztof Monarcho (1 day ago)
Happy EASTER ♥️
Girl have perfect charisma
Yomar Solis Quispe (1 day ago)
la mas hermosa
Jim Vanana (1 day ago)
I miss the voice of Dua every morning ")❥❥❥
It is fact that she is the most beautiful girl in the world
Dominika_ N (1 day ago)
jackson (1 day ago)
›› the hair ‹‹
Omg I’m in tears
Adem Kizir (1 day ago)
Be the one i like..voice Dua Lipa
icon Salahuddin (2 days ago)
i know!!!
L A N N S B I Z Z L E (2 days ago)
За Россию!!! 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
Nimrah Peeps (2 days ago)
2019 and I still love this song ❤️
Rudi Yanto (2 days ago)
Yallah Habibi (2 days ago)
I can't be the only one that thinks this would fit perfectly into a fifa soundtrack.
1 Kız (2 days ago)
Glaucia Santos (1 day ago)
Aqui estou eu Brasileira ouvindo essa bela música e lendo os comentários de vcs 😁😁😁
Edney Silva (1 day ago)
Glaucia Santos E aí, moça! Mais um BR na área! :D
Zahra Mouti (3 days ago)
Omg this song si soo... 😭😭
Amber Murray-Jenkins (3 days ago)
She is my aunt
Լուսին _o (3 days ago)
Hayley Rama (3 days ago)
Who's didn't Monday kfdbbed
Bec X (3 days ago)
I sing this waaaay too loudly whrb i THINK im alone lol
B.B.R. Facts (3 days ago)
When i first saw Dua <3 2019 ?
Sara Kara (3 days ago)
❤❤❤Dua, te dua. 😘
I love it
BORIS BULATOVIC (3 days ago)
LOVE DUA LIPA ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🥇😘
Mohammad Bilani (3 days ago)
Hit like if you came from the video "بيضة وان"
Salamon Horvat (3 days ago)
Johnny Reynolds (3 days ago)
Bebo! R u still singin?
Vinxent C.S. (3 days ago)
this woman should sign a song with Bad Bunny at reggaeton style
Bartlomiej Kula (3 days ago)
Yeah... You can... The thing is... Can you find me ? :D
Bartlomiej Kula (3 days ago)
I'm just beside.... The same planet.
والله بيظة وان احسن من الفيديو الاصلي 😂
Amo esta canción 😊
Hdnejeeis Hdijenhssh (3 days ago)
I like you girl,and i kisss yoy girl,love you sow mach ,
Scar A (3 days ago)
Thank you for this beautiful song. Totally made my two week vacation magical listening to this every day.
hotties3v3n (2 days ago)
Oh I can imagine ☺️
gintaras salna (3 days ago)
Hi wai from you,?
Ben Kemp (3 days ago)
Sounds like a 1980s song to me this !!
hotties3v3n (2 days ago)
A little, kind of....but I think that’s mainly because of the vocal echo.
Chloe Peppa (3 days ago)
Dua Lipa is the one
chevy Gang (4 days ago)
هذي الاغنية جميلة بلحنها وكلماتها البيض والفول والليمون حطهم فطيزك
fikret 123 (1 day ago)
استغفر ربك شتقول ياخي هذول نعمة الله
True person (4 days ago)
You are already the one 😍
Osaa Alshoul (4 days ago)
😍😍Anyone in April ???
shadowsta r (4 days ago)
It touches my soul
bartulov (4 days ago)
Mohamed sameer (4 days ago)
بيضه وان بردو 😂
baing 1 (4 days ago)
يلي جايي من عند مازن اوطه باشي يطج لايك 😆 بلافول
Edward Lopez (4 days ago)
Be the one
Luan Fabianno (4 days ago)
Essa musica me faz lembrar algo legal que ainda não vivi, saudade de alguém que sei lá quem é! como pode isso? 😍
Guilherme Souza (21 hours ago)
Edney Silva (1 day ago)
Confuso, mas lúcido! hehe :V
Wander Rodrigues (3 days ago)
Verdade 💚
Gerardo Gonzalez (4 days ago)
Hola te amodualipaaajejejejesaludis
Whitewolf Vanducchi (4 days ago)
so beautiful,I fall in love with this song💖💖💖 Thank u
Defne Halil (1 day ago)
Ibrahim RB (4 days ago)
بيضة وان🤣😂 TN
Janish Figuereo (4 days ago)
2019? Nadie? Okay no 😐
Houda Boudraa (5 days ago)
Why she looks so gorgeous...
Cekku-W-9 GFO (4 days ago)
Cause she is Gorgeous
Natasja Kinnard (5 days ago)
Gabino Benson (5 days ago)
'cause, I could be the one
ESC Cyprus (3 hours ago)
be the one be the one be the ooooooooone
بيظة وان ؟؟؟؟
Nicolau Silva (5 days ago)
Além de uma ótima cantora sua música são ótimas.
EĞLENCE ZAMANI (5 days ago)
ı love thıs woman
Huseyin Ayik (5 days ago)
Insan olmak yetmiyur bende insan sifatinda kalmayi tercih etimim icin yaniyum
Emna Benhamouda (5 days ago)
بيضة وان xD
falcon (5 days ago)
عصير ليمون وبيضه ون وبلافول عرفنا الخلطه خلاص
الي جاي من بيضه وان😂😂😂🙏 تحياتي😂😂
aziz Yousef (5 days ago)
Ohhh that s good song egg one hhhhhaaaahhhaa
Leo Hernandez (5 days ago)
K mujer tan hermosa
wainevi45 47 (5 days ago)
Lipa Lipa plia plia plia plia plia plia plia plia plia plia plia plia plia plia plia plia plia plia plia plia plia Lipa Lipa 🤩Lipa Lipa Lipa Lipa Lipa plia palua pplia plia plia plia plia pli plia plia plia plia plia pli plia plip "😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 😎
wainevi45 47 (5 days ago)
🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🏙️🏙️🏙️🏙️🏙️🏙️🏙️🏙️🏙️🏙️🤩🏙️ "🏙️ 🏙️ 🏙️ 🏙️🏙️🏙️🏙️🏙️🏙️🏙️🏙️🏙️🏙️🏙️🏙️
Am here and it's 2019 that is how this song is amazing
Hammam Rimawi (5 days ago)
مزبوط جاي من فيديو بيضة ون بس للامانه اغنيه تستحق التحميل كلمات جميلة ومعانيها كبيرة لحن ولا اروع صوت يالطيف وبعدين مع عرضك ولي من وين طلعتيلي 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lloe Zizarro (5 days ago)
Dua lipa ven a chile porfa soy fan de ti dua porfa.
Wael SAOUD (5 days ago)
This is not her music... I don't know why i feel that?
Mohammed El-Sayed (5 days ago)
مافي فول ؟؟ ياخي بلاها الفول عصير ليمون بيضه ون 😂😂😂
pretty lilma (1 day ago)
Mohammed El-Sayed lol yes I can
Ahmed Sherwyda (2 days ago)
بيضة ون 😂😂😂😂
Mohammed El-Sayed (2 days ago)
+pretty lilma Hello could you understand Arabic 😂😂
Mohammed El-Sayed (2 days ago)
+Khadidja Rebiai وصلنا لكام بيضه 😂😂
Mohammed El-Sayed (2 days ago)
+jaafar ismail حبيبي تسلم 😂😂😍
مهند حماده (5 days ago)
بيضة وان لايك كل مين اجا من بدضة وان
sasa Darsh (5 days ago)
💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋ilove yoooou
Back Wards (5 days ago)
Love u Dua
Roma Tr (5 days ago)
Te amo Dua.
pawel ziolkowskí (5 days ago)
Świetne kocham tą piosenke I ciebie ślicznotko

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