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GANGNAM STYLE - PSY - Simon Leong (Acoustic Style)

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My take on PSY's "GANGNAM STYLE". Arranged for solo acoustic guitar by Simon Leong. You never know when or where inspiration can strike, so it's always handy to have an extra roll lying around. Please comment, rate and subscribe for more videos! Enjoy.
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Text Comments (35)
Ramel Bautista (4 years ago)
Isn't that Al's guitar? Jimmy Wahlsteen signature and all 
duduwt (4 years ago)
I'm so used to it, that I can't really go to the bathroom without taking my guitar with me =/
gyashaa (5 years ago)
3 seconds after u started playing guitar, I forgot you were sitting on the toilet. XD
Kain Ark (5 years ago)
Doesn't sound much like osy's gangnam style... Still fucking awesome though. Keep up the amazing work.
Junior Robichaud (5 years ago)
What de fuck is not good
Quency Caroline (6 years ago)
thx you :) I can't play guitar actually. Your cover is awesome ! I mean it
Simon Leong (6 years ago)
Hey there, I just checked it out. You have a good voice! Just keep practicing your chords and keep up the confidence, you'll only get better! :)
Quency Caroline (6 years ago)
ColdDevilZ (6 years ago)
Definitely one of the most underrated videos on YouTube! This is awesome!! :)
iSraFeL HaZe (6 years ago)
You should take a year off to write all the tabs you're asked for! haha :D
virgocomputing (6 years ago)
Amazing....This should really have like...um..... 6 billion views.... Really good cover
rassakul (6 years ago)
Fabián Pacheco (6 years ago)
WoW! Amazing
Matt Hall (6 years ago)
Hell yes! would love to learn this.. bloody amazing arrangement and incredible playing
FabriceChoudryMusic (6 years ago)
i like the move you made at 1:34 very nice
Simon Leong (6 years ago)
Thanks so much! The tuning is open G minor (D-G-D-G-Bb-D) and I've got a capo on the 4th fret.
Geoff Thoma (6 years ago)
tabs <3
Geoff Thoma (6 years ago)
dude i never comment on here but this cover is incredible. what tuning are you using?
Min-woo Yoon (6 years ago)
i love this perfermance!! but i hate ur penix
Di (6 years ago)
aaahmg Simon no you're too radiant for me. *shields eyes* Talent aahghghhhdfggds
Simon Leong (6 years ago)
Hi thanks for the comment! Sure I could write out some tabs if enough people want it, like this post if you'd like some!
Harm (6 years ago)
rotkoo cotoo (6 years ago)
Pura vida!!!
dennis dungo (6 years ago)
man you forget to wipe you ass. btw its much better than sungha..
skullstabber9 (6 years ago)
Better than Sungha Jung's version
David Bernard (6 years ago)
Great one ! You guy rock, best acoustic cover of it for me. Funny video, by the way.
ralph wong (6 years ago)
0:57 <--- michael jackson
yamato yami (6 years ago)
Great, I admire your work \o/
DannyBee21 (6 years ago)
This needs more fucking views!
Jusakko (6 years ago)
haha! This makes me happy, man. Really nice job!
dpthomas94 (6 years ago)
This is the best rendition of the song ever!!!! I love your stuff!!!!!!!! I look forward to hearing more in the future!! Any chance of getting the tabs for this???
Damian Ryan (6 years ago)
Toilet is the best place indeed. Bloody epic cover!
Chris C (6 years ago)
MissMog (6 years ago)
epic :O
jamescookson (6 years ago)
Truly amazing. You have to do more covers like this! haha

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