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Gag Reel! Day [9] vs. Alison Haislip in Magic: The Gathering: Spellslingers

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More gags! More bonuses! And more from Sean Plott's duel with Alison Haislip in episode 1 of season 3! For the full episode check out: https://youtu.be/Ibn5E82t77o GLHF, everyone, and don't forget: Magic the Gathering is for winners. Don't do drugs, kids. Visit us on http://geekandsundry.com Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundry/
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Text Comments (176)
Varler (5 months ago)
This gag reel was hilarious. They just both seemed to be having so much fun, unlike some of the other ones where it's awkward.
angrydrummergirl (8 months ago)
Why is she so funny!? I don't think I've literally girl crushed this hard this fast, omg. ALISON WHO ARE YOU AND I LOVE YOU
Dannyballsub (1 year ago)
Whatever happened to the Spellslingers show?
JK It's Jeriko (1 year ago)
Wait so why did you guys change clothes?
Satch Boogie (2 years ago)
And then it got booted. It was the only good thing in here guys. Why cancel it?
Tasty (3 years ago)
any new ep up anytime soon?
Roman Penna (3 years ago)
I love the gag reels, also how is there even a class for remedial gym?
MetalSmasherGaming (3 years ago)
Alison was on The Price Is Right? I gotta see this!
Paul Hogan (3 years ago)
I do like an ethnic banana
MrSerrrg88 (3 years ago)
Why the fuck did he change a shirt in the middle of a video..?
Qwentar (3 years ago)
Man, I really like Alison. She's hilarious!
Arın Akay (3 years ago)
Raspberry. perfect.
The Scotsman (3 years ago)
If he isn't even going to try to not cuss, why bleep him out?
THB nano (3 years ago)
4:05 xD lol subtitles (rasberry) lololol
David B. (3 years ago)
She's the best, love her! Plantains!
GAR (dragonic13) (3 years ago)
This girl is fantastic!
LegndaryStorm (3 years ago)
I love you Sean lol
Brad Gravett (3 years ago)
[losing it]
Blair Beveridge (3 years ago)
Dat shirt change though :)
Jon Idoncair (3 years ago)
i dont get to keep anything on this show??? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ haha she's hilarious XD
MrSlade2814 (3 years ago)
Alison was on the price is right, and won. Dude doesn't that make her equivalent of a unicorn. You know Super rare, and super awesome.
Clean Living (3 years ago)
Dang this fat dude is getting fatter
What'a'nerd (3 years ago)
this is the Nerd mating-dance..! --AND NOW ITS ON YOUTUBE! Dum-DUM-duM!
deadlybuzz (3 years ago)
Sometimes I enjoy the outtakes even more than the game itself. Spellslingers is brilliant.
Shane Grytness (3 years ago)
I still can't do jumping jacks :(
Subtitles are awesome
Locane256 (3 years ago)
That was hilarious. Why weren't any of these in the episode??
George Soros (3 years ago)
Extra gym to learn jumping jacks lmao
Quick Attack Films (3 years ago)
Friggin love alison...
xxDAMBAM2xx (3 years ago)
"Up the rasberry" thanks youtube
Pete (3 years ago)
"One Shot Sean." It's One Shot Plott
Bas de jong (3 years ago)
A cool guest would be tolariancommunitycollege, make it happen!
VictoryNibbles (3 years ago)
"With your nerd's friends."  Because it's not enough to be a nerd, you have to own one.
Trevor Williamson (3 years ago)
These videos are the reason Spellslingers is such a great program. Also, Alison Haislip is incredible.
Turn Based Games (3 years ago)
I don't think my nerd has friends lol.
Edeinawc (3 years ago)
One shot Plott strikes again!
Jay Bee (3 years ago)
superguy2569 (3 years ago)
Those 2 are AWESOME.
Megans Average Gaming (3 years ago)
2:36 "I am a fan of an ethnic banana" .....am I the only one that burst out laughing or is my mind to dirty?
Satch Boogie (2 years ago)
Sean makes everything funnier than it is
Tom Maxwell (3 years ago)
Could we please stop with the gag reels and get back to why we watch the show?? Tabletop suffers the same way... Show us the game
Spencer Key (3 years ago)
I love all of this.
Kyr'galaar Solus'oya (3 years ago)
These shows are awesome. I wish there were some way to slip some of the MtG Podcast community in there too, since that's where I first heard about the show
HNX Media (3 years ago)
Is a Brazilian Banana a banana that does not have any hair on its…oh nevermind.
Hammdog Porkington (3 years ago)
Wasn't he One Shot Plott on his Hearthstone stream?
Anathema Nu (3 years ago)
I just wish there weren't censorship.
GameGrounds (3 years ago)
I only come for SpellSlingers.
residentzombie (3 years ago)
Getting a few other pro MTG players like Brad Nelson would be nice too once and awhile.  Brad Nelson has a great sense of humor.  Evan Erwin wouldn't be bad either, he's the guy that hosts the Magic Show (MrOrangeGuy).  I don't think there is many videos on Youtube of Evan actually playing a game of Magic the Gathering.
residentzombie (3 years ago)
Boogie2988's real name is Steven Jason if you guys need to figure out how to contact him.
residentzombie (3 years ago)
I got the perfect guest Magic player for you guys:  Boogie2988.  He is a long time Magic player, and a top Youtube content creator perfect for what you guys are trying to do.  If you want more comedic genius from Boogie2988, ask him to play as his Francis character.  I just hope Francis doesn't rage after flip your table over if he loses. lol
Alexander Hand (3 years ago)
Maybe he could lose some fucking weight then.
kilian phillips (3 years ago)
+residentzombie travel has been difficult for Steve in part due to his size, but also because of health issues tangential to his size. It would be a fun pairing but unlikely.
Alexander Hand (3 years ago)
he would not fit on the chair
Mout M. (3 years ago)
When is the newest episode of Spellslinger coming out? Or do they released an episode one week and the next weel a gag reel? Then the thrid week new episode with guest?
Monkeywithbombasstit (3 years ago)
dang that stinkers
AssKickingDork (3 years ago)
+Mout M. Yes, a new episode every other week! (With a gag reel from the previous episode inbetween)
Monkeywithbombasstit (3 years ago)
+Mout M. yeah I'd like to know as well. I was actually looking forward to it today!
Out of Character (3 years ago)
Not normally a fan of outtakes, but these were hilarious.
Mojje42 (3 years ago)
Awesome!! =)
Kai Römer (3 years ago)
haha can we get like an uncut version, i feel like the whole process would be so funny to watch
Ehke (3 years ago)
The games are enterteining, but it's day9 that makes this show amazing. GOod lord is it good.
Radish Raccoon (3 years ago)
Hang on... does he change shirts at some point?!
Vosoros (3 years ago)
Sorry Sean, but I fear your card draw ability is as dire as Wil Wheton's dice rolling abilities!  :P
Firebert (3 years ago)
I'm a little disappointed that there aren't more people saying, "I wish you didn't curse so much. :'( :'(" Because those fuckers make me laugh.
MarcusTheAbsolute (3 years ago)
One Shot Sean? I feel betrayed. Whatever happened to One Shot Plott? Is he not around anymore? Why haven't I been informed of this?
Jesse Cohen (3 years ago)
Most memorable gag reel to date. Not saying the others were bad, or boring, but this one is literally making me cry with joy and hilarity. Truth.
imkluu (3 years ago)
she is great. seems so fun to hang with and easy to tlak to, plus not bad on the eyes
Brad R (3 years ago)
No full new episode? :'(
Drew Brandon (3 years ago)
Classic Day9 laughing that you can't resist laughing with at 2:20. No one laughs like "One Shot" Plott.
Keith Pitts (3 years ago)
Love. Love love lurv love. Both.
Matthew Espinoza (3 years ago)
I still love Sean's laugh after all this time.
sullgass (3 years ago)
I'd love nothing more than to see the whole uncut video, since this gag reel shows how much entertaining stuff is happening behind the scenes.
asianextinction (3 years ago)
can we lose sean for an episode and just have Alison play LSV? this might be the greatest thing ever
Jay Jayson (3 years ago)
Episode 2 would ve been nice to go along with this today.
A.M. Ray (3 years ago)
It apparently takes a bit of time to get coordination to do jumping jacks (although most kids have it by 2nd grade). One of my kids' karate instructors has the little kids do jumping jacks (i swear) just for the shear entertainment of seeing them be so uncoordinated.
zombiekiller2112 (3 years ago)
Wish I was rich enough for magic or tcg in general
wilezra (3 years ago)
+zombiekiller2112 Life's too short to be negative! Get out there, find a job and make your mark on the world! #YOLO
Philip Young (3 years ago)
+zombiekiller2112 if you want to learn how to play the game and get free cards if u can find a lgs(local game store) that sells magic the gathering products then there is a good chance you can get something called a "sample deck" most lgs's have them and are not allowed to sell them for money and have to give them away for free but they have zero monetary value in them there just small 40 card deck that can help u teach yourself how to play the game
zombiekiller2112 (3 years ago)
well I graduate in 3 months so that would be kinda pointless prob just move in with parents after degree and rot away
zombiekiller2112 (3 years ago)
Its college and my parents dont trust me with money they give me gift cards to buy food I always have an empty bank account. Cant find work since I have never have had a job before 
ZalrokOnDemand ZODs (3 years ago)
+zombiekiller2112 BudgetMTG has decks you can make for $11
jjjnapier90 (3 years ago)
That was the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life.They should have kept all that in the episode.Also where can I find more stuff with Alison in it cause shes really funny and cool to watch.I hope that doesn't sound weird when I say that.
scbtripwire (3 years ago)
Until next time, may you go forth and play M:TG with your nerd's friends!
MikeSierraFox (3 years ago)
God I love these gag reels
Marvin Rock (3 years ago)
One shot Sean....good bluff Plott.  Nod.
Puzzle Box (3 years ago)
Sean's laugh is one of the greatest things in the world.
Magic: The Gathering (3 years ago)
MORE Alison Haislip and "One Shot" Sean Plott in the gag reel for S3, Ep1! For the episode itself, go here: http://bit.ly/1HgHdFY
Liam Houchin-Miller (3 years ago)
Thpell thlingers #nerdy  
Spencer Key (3 years ago)
+Magic: The Gathering Thank you for making an amazing game that allowed this awesomeness to happen!
Mira Mori (3 years ago)
What episode did Alison appear in on the Price is Right. On actually what day I'd love to see it?
Pwasma Dwagon (3 years ago)
I wish you didnt censor the curse words :/ still good job with th show, its awesome :P
Satch Boogie (2 years ago)
I really like the bleeping. It makes the curse funnier for me at least :P
Pwasma Dwagon (3 years ago)
+Jalathas yeah i feel the same way
Jalathas (3 years ago)
+Pwasma Dwagon If they didn't, it would probably affect their ad revenue and mean they couldn't produce as much, so I'm okay with the trade off.
Richard Aka Silver (3 years ago)
Hahaha! I laughed so hard. Sean is just amazing, and Alison is gorgeous in a none creepy way. I guess you can't really compliment a girl online without sounding creepy but I don't care. Loving it! Keep it coming!
I like Alison Haislip, she's like a calmer version of Felicia Day.
Soganox (3 years ago)
I love Spellslingers and I love the gag reels! Keep them coming :)
Myrdin90 (3 years ago)
One-Shot-Sean..... Yepp.
MrRoKenshin (3 years ago)
Remedial gym is a thing?! How is that a thing?
magicrhombus (3 years ago)
Sean is the best human.
AccidentalMentalPic (3 years ago)
TheSteve 1992 (3 years ago)
Why did Sean change his shirt?
lovelyrita64 (3 years ago)
oh my god I'm so happy this is back lol so many LOLZ! XD
Kaoss134 (3 years ago)
Alison is the type of person I want to play video games on the couch with with a glass of some alcoholic beverage.
Pepe Kebabo (3 years ago)
+Kaoss134 And then fucking smash like there is no tomorrow
Harris Lam (3 years ago)
+Kaoss134 Alison is the type of girl I wan........um..........I wanna um............ok I'll leave.
Kaoss134 (3 years ago)
+TehMastere :O but I don't wear a fedora! Can't I just wave?
TehMastere (3 years ago)
+Kaoss134 hahahah kaoss132 tip's his fedora "m'lady"
Robert (3 years ago)
+Kaoss134 crate* instead of glass but I agree
comicguyrulez (3 years ago)
Andris Stafeckis (3 years ago)
Day9 just has amazing chemistry with every single person on the planet!
Doug The Moleman (3 years ago)
+WirlWind That explains the shirt change.
WirlWind (3 years ago)
+Andris Stafeckis Day9 is a charisma flower. His musk envelops others and gives them +2 char.
+DrNomadEater you have no proof of that! I think... hope? Actually, do you have proof of that, I'd be interested in seeing that.
Nathar45 (3 years ago)
I don't get the #nailedit. How do you edit nails... wait... oooooh!
Guffennn (3 years ago)
Give us a new episode with some play.
ViciousSeacow (3 years ago)
that's some funny shit!!!! i had a smirk on through the entire segment
bonewalker 1127 (3 years ago)
that ending though. xD
Heishkin (3 years ago)
These are my favorite things on geek&sundry after the actual spellslingers episodes. <3
Brutal Noodle (3 years ago)
so do we get an actual show today? or is it show, next week gag reel, next week show?
Fenixz Filip (3 years ago)
that sexual tension ,tho
Kaoss134 (3 years ago)
+Crick1952 Perfect
Crick1952 (3 years ago)
Seawee (3 years ago)
+StubbornProgrammer I think we could organise an orgy with day9 and the entire world and people would be into it.
littleratblue (3 years ago)
+StubbornProgrammer Worf
StubbornProgrammer (3 years ago)
+Kaoss134 Let's be honest... who would we not ship with Day9?
Bruno Melo (3 years ago)
Plantain = Banana-da-terra here in Brazil, according to Google. It would be like "Earth's banana". ^^
Bruno Melo (3 years ago)
+roerd +Henrik Munk Madsen That's right. But it is not a "Brazilian banana". ^^ You can find in many places in the world. In the markets here it is easier to find other kinds of banana than this one.
roerd (3 years ago)
+Henrik Munk Madsen It's less sweet, and therefore usually consumed cooked or fried rather than raw.
Henrik Munk Madsen (3 years ago)
+Bruno Melo But is the fruit different from a normal banana? I don't get it.
roerd (3 years ago)
+Bruno Melo I supposed that's because they are used as a staple food like potatoes, and potatoes are called "Earth's apples" in many languages.
Grillpander (3 years ago)
Alison is so cool!
*monotone screaming* (3 years ago)
This was beautiful. 10/10
J M (3 years ago)
Best gag reel to date!

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