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Joe Rogan Experience #1255 - Alex Jones Returns!

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Alex Jones is a radio show host, filmmaker, and writer. Eddie Bravo is a jiujitsu black belt, music producer, and author.
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Jesse Yancey (1 hour ago)
Van Allen Belt!!!
Jesse Yancey (1 hour ago)
Moon landing records??? Disappeared!! If we have been to the moon there would be a McDonalds there by now!!!
SUPERSHASHA (2 hours ago)
Alex “LISTEN! TO ME!” Jones
Jaden Smith (2 hours ago)
5:40 is probably the most legitimate Alex Jones moment I’ve seen
Robert Gonzalez (3 hours ago)
"In closing here at the end of this transmission, we should talk about... alot of things" 4:13:46 hahahaha
Hunter Perry (4 hours ago)
Flying Nimbus (7 hours ago)
At 1:45:00 Joe thought Eddie coming in the door was actually the government raiding the studio 😂😂😂
FLOATS the WORLD (8 hours ago)
Had to revisit after bob lazar came on. Seemed like the right thing to do.
Jacquelyn Slaughter (8 hours ago)
Lmao. I LOVE this broadcast Joe! I feel like I’m sitting in a room with 3 friends who fuck with each other for 50yrs lmao. You 3 are going to be doing YouTube videos at 97yrs old cussing out your grandkids like that one grandpa on YouTube. Lmao. I love it!
Joe handles his cocaine far better than Alex Jones 😂😂 that moment they come back from the toilets Alex just completely destabilises
Jose Loyola Pacheco (8 hours ago)
I want the phone number of his dealer..wooow!! Son.
BGfootballfan (9 hours ago)
You could probably wake up a coma patient by injecting them with blood from Alex Jones.
No Status (10 hours ago)
Going Hulk!! 2:04:52
John Dough (10 hours ago)
The Kids Nice (10 hours ago)
**Reads the caption** “Eddie Bravo is a music producer” Eddie Bravo is a music producer?
Truth Seeker (11 hours ago)
Warning, the context of this video may be offensive to snowflakes but it's worth the 4 hours to watch it
Austin W (11 hours ago)
Joe Rogan and Alex Jones in the same room is great shit love listening to both of em talk and Alex has SO MUCH INFO that's true it blows my fuckin mind and I've done DMT so seeing shit I've seen I truly believe theres other things out there shits fuckin nuts
9 LizaDay (12 hours ago)
... And all the voices in Alex Jones’ head join together in a chorus singing: “Paycho killer qu’est que c’est”. Fa fa fa fa fa fa
Transcendental Portal (13 hours ago)
Lol they don’t stitch up a kids head in jail 😂 they take him to the damn hospital. That story didn’t make sense. He definitely over dramatizes shit, I appreciate all the info but damn, lost credibility on that one
dabadadeeda (13 hours ago)
how many people in today's political climate will admit they were wrong about something? almost nobody. i commend alex jones for this
Transcendental Portal (13 hours ago)
I just need to know how he hasn’t given himself a heart attack yet. Jesus Christ Alex.
Jessica Dunn (13 hours ago)
Welp, double controlled opposition here. 👀👀
John T (10 hours ago)
Craig Bowen (14 hours ago)
4 months later here I am with 3 infowars t shirts on order and tuning in every day at noon.
Axel Elliott (14 hours ago)
Eddie Bravo taking the fucking piss was the greatest
Zeth Gonzalez (14 hours ago)
AmazingSase (14 hours ago)
Clear evidence Eddie s low IQ being
evil quAndari3s (14 hours ago)
hey joe rogan... i love your podcast/youtube channel its inspirational and informative, but i think youre a fucking cuck. if i drew a line down the center of your head it would look like the tip of a penis... 8===>
adam clark (15 hours ago)
What is sad is Alex screaming the lords name when he knows exactly what’s going on,,,, I’m ashamed to say iv done the same in bad situations,, I know better also.
Patrick Foster (15 hours ago)
Peak Interwebz. 10/10. Big up Joe.
Rilo Robinson (15 hours ago)
Shoutout to 5g
Dave McKay (15 hours ago)
By resuscitation, it makes null the abortion bill. You're essentially killing a human being, waiting for command to tell mom it's dead, resuscitation ensues. But Mom don't know this final step. Or she does, and deal is done. Whatever the case, it's plainly wrong. This infant has no chance to defend itself, or, to give it's consent. Evil men AND women. Man, and here I am worrying if I should have said hello or not to someone. Maybe, I should care less.
Dave McKay (15 hours ago)
Alex Jones: conspiracy theory prodigy
Chris H (16 hours ago)
In the late 1980s early 90's BBC had a series called chimera....a huge man with a dog head running around killing people....escaped from a lab!!!!!!!
WeekendParty __ (17 hours ago)
Eddie bravo,is a dumb fuck
Bo Zi (17 hours ago)
They dedicated over 4 hours ti a worthless piece of shit like joe rogan?
Will Martin (17 hours ago)
Alex needs to remember something we should all consider, What we resist persists, what we accept changes. Focusing on the problem is making it worse. I would imagine that as a celebrity it would be harder to ignore the negative press and slander. He should sever any and all ties with Trump if he wants to repair his reputation.
adam clark (18 hours ago)
The devil makes the drug experience what ever will work best for him, including joe convinced it’s a good idea to deal with the demons
adam clark (15 hours ago)
I agree with joe and Alex, i had done to much a couple and communicated with aliens, I’d say more like demons. No words just thought and feeling. Shows it’s real, but Alex has it correct when he says the higher ups are using it to communicate with Satan,,, even if he don’t call it Satan. Devil can convince Joe it’s ok but we know the truth
Chase (18 hours ago)
So when I rewatch this on my Roku, I will be in the middle of watching it and it will throw me directly into a different joe Rogan episode... this is the one and only podcast that will do that...... super creepy.
The Alphanoid (3 hours ago)
I just liked your comment 4 times it wouldn't let me lol
Curtis Beasley (20 hours ago)
The Nazis, the nazis the nazis. Here is a fucking newsflash. The good guys lost WWII. That was a war between the forces of good and the forces of pure evil. Since evil triumphed, the West is now is deep shit. The Germans were fighting the New World Order. Cant you get that through your thick fucking skull? The good guys lost and since 1945, the victors have told the most absurd and grotesque lies about the good guys. Pull up some David Irving, Kyle Hunt, Rodney Martin, Ernst Zundel or many others and damnit you will see that you've been lied to and brainwashed about the events surrounding WWII.
Jeremy Danks (21 hours ago)
Mad respect to Joe for not getting sucked up in Alex's intense energy and keeping it chill
JIDF bot (22 hours ago)
Nazis making flying saucers
JIDF bot (21 hours ago)
Best podcast ever. Great lads
Ahmed Mamoun (23 hours ago)
Alex jones is one of the most interesting characters out there
Dre Harper (1 day ago)
1:02:55 here is link to video what Alex is talking about reall fucked up https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=627&v=FzMAycMMXp8&has_verified=1
girlygamer (1 day ago)
Alex Jones talks so fast
Link Makers (1 day ago)
"Let's wrap it up" .. i check how longs left... 1 hour...haha..trust
Silas Ash (1 day ago)
If cocaine was a human it would snort Alex Jones
Fernando Gonzalez (1 day ago)
Jaime got a performance of the night bonus for this one
Hugh Mungus (1 day ago)
Opinions are like assholes, everyone has em but most of em are dirty and wreaking of fecies. And a man of this stature definitely fills the "DEPENDS"-TM This guy BREATHES AND BLEEDS fallacies!! Red Herrings; False Dilemmas, Appealing to Ignorance, Circular Arguments, Slippery Slopes.. he definitely makes hasty generalizations, ad hominems most definetly(basically ad hominem is a red herring but personal attack, misleading negativity focused on an opponents personal life..) and he straw mans!!(twisting ones words into an irrelevant argument easily exstinguishable through simple mediums of linguistics) its easy to sound like a lion in front of betas.. but no matter the intelligence of the coyote, a WOLF will never let the wool blind em.
Hugh Mungus (1 day ago)
Alex Jones is the perfect example of fake it till you make it, he started off as a dude tryna sell his soul for clout, time ran out and the lowest bid won the soul. So now hes just a delusional narcissist shitting on anyone else who has their own opinion and immediately runs to the mental illness excuse, maaan you gotta live Narcissistic self centered/motivated sociopaths. Prime time entertainment 🤣🙃
Noneya Bidniss (1 day ago)
Jesus tap dancing christ, Alex. Shut the fuck up for your own good.
Will C (1 day ago)
This honestly opened my eyes a lil bit about Alex Jones. I used to just follow the gay frog memes about him. The memes still funny af though.
Zac Jeong (1 day ago)
Look at the views damn
fan1701 (1 day ago)
I'm ready for another Alex Jones on JRE!!!!
aR eM (1 day ago)
Alex is only 45?! He's had one hell of a life
Adam Kuhn (1 day ago)
Not sure if this podcast plateaued or the view count is being limited?
AmazingSase (1 day ago)
Alex lost 5 lbs after the show
Kevin Thompson (1 day ago)
Then he ate 5 steaks
Spencer Dansby (1 day ago)
This guy sounds like a talking cigarette.
Sean Harrison (1 day ago)
Alex needs to start purposefully lucid dreaming but definitely not astral projecting
Chad Smith (1 day ago)
this is the single greatest thing youtube has ever allowed to exist
Haggard Morning (1 day ago)
Uber mention
c janssen (1 day ago)
This is what undiagnosed A.D.D. looks like.
sinisterdanefan (1 day ago)
This is actually a little sad. He needs help. If not from a doc, then a friend.
Ben (1 day ago)
Lol! I’ll volunteer to be shot into space to prove it’s round! Also check out the Back to the Future movie hypothesis (theory) about 911 and how it was for told. Trippy stuff! I shows the two towers and 911 markings all over that movie.
_blod (1 day ago)
Alex Jones was once bitten by a snake, after several days of severe pain the snake died.
Ben (1 day ago)
You guys are awesome! I’m on board :) watch the movie John Dies at the End!!! It’s right up the ally.
Phill Delguidice (1 day ago)
Its beyond classified eddie lol
Saul W (1 day ago)
3:40:20 just my time for later
james (1 day ago)
Alex's "it's declassified" Jones
J. OCHOA (1 day ago)
What’s level 2, what’s level 8? 🤣🤣
The fckers choked eddy so many times, i don’t understand how he still breathes😂
newswars-dotcom (1 day ago)
14.3 million views?? Anyone believe that? Lol This podcast has at least double (if not triple that number). Of course Evil Corp. aka Alphabet Co - aka google/youtube/android -- sensors and lies about anything Infowars. First they demonetized his show, then deplatformed his show. Now they're taking down videos of others who's recorded his show via Infowars.com or Brighteon.com ...... it's quite surprising this episode is still here... I guess I better not bring that up eh?!?!?!
james (1 day ago)
Alex Jones is fucking mad but he's a good guest he's funny as fuck
Ben Shaw (1 day ago)
Hitler set up the EU 😂😂 the more crap you speak Alex the more you’re truths will fall down. Fact check thoroughly dude
Johnson McBig (1 day ago)
Joe "I believe you" Rogan
Sreekar Nim (1 day ago)
Joe "YES" Rogan
In my opinion this podcast and the one with Elon Musk are the best Joe's podcasts I've seen.
And... if anyone needs proof that both of these guys are disinfo and here to do a job, just listen to them conflate the truth community (aka "conspiracy theorists") with schizophrenia. Mission accomplished, and it took you 4:40:28. Traitors.
shoehorn oplenty (1 day ago)
sign me up
cockeroach (1 day ago)
If only alex could just stop
Steve Olson (1 day ago)
Remember that time comedian Joe Rogan did 37,000 podcasts and didn’t make anyone laugh once?
shoehorn oplenty (1 day ago)
I want to go too. Antarctica here we come.
Negative Vizion (1 day ago)
The cocaine party starts at 3:51:45
Noah (1 day ago)
Summary - Joe: "Are you saying they take the babies from the mother, and the mother doesn't know that her baby is alive? Alex: "You know how they engineer tomatoes to last on the shelf?"
Kevin Mills (1 day ago)
I haven’t watched this yet but if you’re doing anything other than ripping this fucking joke a new one, this will be my last podcast and I want to like you I’m just from sandy hook newtown and can’t stand the lies this fucking joke is spreading about my community I personally knew Adam Lanza and talked to him as a friend when the rest of the school bullied him for being a nerd and part of the tech team, don’t believe find me on Instagram itskevinmills, I can show you my yearbook from 2006, you want real info talk to me not Alex Jones, my best friend was a first responder to his little sister being in that classroom, I’ll fucking kill you myself Alex Jones keep your bullshit out of my town and let’s clear one thing up I live across the street to yogananda the street Adam lived on hes was my neighbor growing up, no ones in my town going door to door looking for information we have guns and lots of them if anyone ever tried that they would probably be shot sight... trust me don’t fuck with Newtown or anyone in it. We are trying to move past this nightmare just leave us alone. “Get some more apple juice in your system, fella”
Leif (1 day ago)
What a fucking loser you are lmao
MrFoggyG (2 days ago)
When Alex Jones talks about *aliens* he really means *Djins* ... the globalists do demonic rituals & pretty much sell their souls & call on these beings in the other dimension. I know it sounds crazy, but pull up “Hamza Yusuf” talking about Jack Parsons & mass control, & you’ll be able to connect more dots (hopefully).
SUPERSHASHA (2 hours ago)
MrFoggyG those are evolved life forms, I hope you know this
Kidd_Adventures (2 days ago)
Joe Rogan, under 20min. in you ask, who knows how to make a nuse. Almost every boy scout knows how to make one, it's a simple knot, really not that hard.
joshua crane (2 days ago)
But what if, and its a big if, but what if he is right?
Kevin Thompson (1 day ago)
What if he's not wrong?
City Hunter (2 days ago)
The Moon is a gigantic Anthropological Observation deck & embassy.
Thrusty Macpherson (2 days ago)
The pinnacle of podcasts on all levels. Genuine
Rodrigo Aragon (2 days ago)
This is pure gold
stoopidperformance (2 days ago)
Woke Af (2 days ago)
Who's going to put a track to Alex Jones talking
alucientes (2 days ago)
1:07:18 OMG! lol. Neonates are not the same as babies and babies dont even have their immune systems developed until years into childhood. How could they viable organs for transplant? and to whom, Another infant? This is absurd. He makes all kinds of extreme claims with absolutely no evidence being cited.
Joseph K (2 days ago)
Amazing, this scumfuck piece of shit has the balls to claim he's the victim after leading a campaign of harassment against the parents of Sandy Hook victims.
James OBrienNZ (2 days ago)
alucientes (2 days ago)
29:00 Jones is wrong on the history of China. The CIA backed the 'nationalists" in the Chinese civil war. They were the ones friendly to US's capitalist interests. That is why Taiwan looks the way it does, and China has been through the history it has.
Christian Espitia (2 days ago)
When are you going to get the Diaz bros on the podcast!? Nick Diaz gave you the best iconic intro ever! @nickdiaz @natediaz

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