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Joe Rogan Experience #1255 - Alex Jones Returns!

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Alex Jones is a radio show host, filmmaker, and writer. Eddie Bravo is a jiujitsu black belt, music producer, and author.
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MA'AT (27 minutes ago)
He never gave us Hitler’s secret either! Nor did he properly discuss the charisma that he emanated. During his rallies he could mesmerize not hundreds, not thousands, but tens of thousands of the German people and hold them in the palm of his hand. There have been few leaders in the history of the world who could wield this sort of magnetism over such huge swathes of people. Obviously this kind of power can be used for good or ill and that is a subjective matter. Any modern leader by comparison has the personality of a dried shit stick.
CHANNELZERO (31 minutes ago)
just so you huys know . joe . 15 of the 20 parents were i d k if you wanna call them crisisactors but do your reseach . we need to talk about sandy hook shows each parent and what their bsackground was and i think 12 to 15 were actors /worked 4 government /were all gun advocates all new to town. i live 20 mins away . ive heard from so many pple they dont know the families children that lived their their whole lives ! i also know fema did a drill there cuz they were supposed to do a live active drill at my school i worked 4 and they changed dates .. basssick high school bpt ct . is school
Peter Conlon (56 minutes ago)
You guys, Alex has the shining!
Andres Licona (2 hours ago)
crème de la crème
BabylonPadawan84 (2 hours ago)
You know people in the "truth" community are part of the deception when they don't talk about God/Jesus Christ, but instead flood peoples gullible minds with nonsense about DMT and aliens.
big boss bob ross (2 hours ago)
1:06:23 is the dumbest thing I've heard Alex Jones said. Hitler governs the world postmortem because of Volkswagen, the autobahn, and NASA having collaborated with former Nazi engineers. Wow, how the fuck do you even reach that conclusion lol
EternalSearcher (2 hours ago)
I'm not American but I'm inspired by that country because compared to Europe and the East and just the rest of the world it seems to have more freedoms. But Alex Jones being imprisoned and interrogated is a horrible assault on a freedom of speech. Alex Jones is probably not always right, but who is? Left media is totally bonkers, some of the right media too - everyone is, or who is that magical entity that gets everything right? CNN? I don't think so. But they start policing this area now and that's horrible.
MA'AT (3 hours ago)
He’s all over the place regarding Hitler, the Nazis and the Aliens. Joe should get some genuine experts in to discuss all this stuff and put it into context. It was like the Knights of the Round Table back them and very strict. You couldn’t even get into the SS if you had a filling in your teeth! People will be amazed what all this has morphed into today. Great material for the J.R.E.
Annette Louise (4 hours ago)
He's been down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories too long?
Annette Louise (4 hours ago)
what a loon
hamster in the machine (6 hours ago)
this episode has now more views that ben shapiro‘s but is still on third place....
MA'AT (6 hours ago)
ALEX "we are the aliens" JONES
TJ Robertson (6 hours ago)
The truth is sometimes stranger than fiction
Zack Jacobson (6 hours ago)
Alex "We gonna get steaks after this?" Jones God bless em
Hamza (7 hours ago)
It's called deja vu
Nick SanGiacomo (7 hours ago)
Alex Jones versus dead children. Great way to describe it. Congrats to everybody giving this loser a platform under the guise of discussion. Congrats.
nxghtmxre (7 hours ago)
Still at 12M views I see.. Let’s get it 13M on 4/20 bitches!! #InfoWars
tk (8 hours ago)
this dude is supposed to be banned
Justin Craig (9 hours ago)
2 months later and only at 12.9 million views.. hmm.
Ed Ricker (9 hours ago)
Podcast with just Jamie? Would be a helluva talk with the Google Master at the helm.
Rico Aguilar (10 hours ago)
I feel like he's the character (first time seeing Alex jones sorry) is the guy in the room with photos and news prints on the walls with strings across the board connecting stuff.
Cameron Cichon (11 hours ago)
It’s been another week and still hasn’t got 13 million views 🤔🤔🤔
PatrickE39 (11 hours ago)
This is probably the greatest thing I've ever watched
g0neplatinum (12 hours ago)
tesabez (12 hours ago)
for ever one who hasn't seen it. here it is 2:05:00
Zachary Waldron (12 hours ago)
1:41:11 the German Nazi helmet has a clear goat head on it. It's clear as day which really really makes my head think but not freak out. Rachel out if u think I'm right. And I like Alex Jones and Joe Rogan, but I think Joe was fucking w Alex in this video by passive aggressiveness. Just a great video for realizing shit.
tesabez (13 hours ago)
i know this is a long one. but listen to at .75 speed. its worth it
GeniusImmortal (13 hours ago)
ALEX JONES VERSUS THE WORLD: https://youtu.be/e7SSaFK6d9A
Product Man (14 hours ago)
See dudes like that short sided ignorant with power and plain out wrong because he thinks hes smarter then others? and can hold power over them? with lies and tricks to deceive them you know What? that looks like the devil and it has nothing to do with relgion and skin but it does have to do with the way they sin and conduct themselves in this world some deeds just go to for bro and you know what thats bottom line people need to wake up and realize that people are not that smart and just dont know how to solve problems with common sense, good ideas and progressive thinking ita honor and respect above all else bro may the best man win and the best man win always and always allow for the best functions to thrive in any given civilization....
Albert Lee (14 hours ago)
type in “Alex Jones” on search bar and this video is nowhere to be found even with 12 million views. Only CNN (fake new media) appears on the top of the search . Big brother Orwellian censorship is real and there is a reason they are censoring this guy.
Jazz cabbage (15 hours ago)
I love watching alex jones' eyes just scan joe for any signs of him being connected to the cia or something lmaoooo
#1 Weeblord (15 hours ago)
What books are there for the extraterrestrial religious globalist stuff AJ is talking about at 2:30:00 ?
Steve Wells (16 hours ago)
Ken Denzer (16 hours ago)
Best podcast ever. Joe great job getting Alex to dig down.
Patrick Aherne (17 hours ago)
"Fuck that due" Eddie Bravo
Primal ZA (18 hours ago)
Honestly, we all know flat earthers are just trolls. No one is that fucking retarded.
Ricardo Colon (18 hours ago)
Alex Jones is too smart...he has too much to say...with not enough time.
Ambient Orca (19 hours ago)
Take a shot or a hit from a blunt every time Alex Jones says "Joe" then see where your mind goes as this progresses for over 4 hours.
Benjamin Smith (19 hours ago)
3:24:42 The part you're looking for.
John Dohn (19 hours ago)
Joe is a good guy, he could have taken the piss out of Alex
Aarjun Singh (20 hours ago)
Checkout Michael Tsarion, remember the ancient stories of half bull and man = the minator, half fish half human = mermaid, etc, they are doing the same thing again, apparently, the last flood apparently destroyed the olde crisp r, Michael Tsarion,
zsw3958 (20 hours ago)
3:24:42 Alex Jones takes a drink, and says, "I'm going to be honest with you, I'm kind of retarded"
Bobloblaw828 (20 hours ago)
It sounds as if Alex's dad was a conspiracy theorist who pushed it on his son and created the greatest conspiracy pusher of all.
Dennis Carter (20 hours ago)
The southern voice had me Rollin.
Georgios Lazaridis (21 hours ago)
This video is clearly surpressed!! [email protected]#[email protected] you youtube and NWO
Cool Patience (22 hours ago)
humannaki (22 hours ago)
Non pharma brain parasite cure? https://medicalxpress.com/news/2018-12-tea-infusions-wormwood-schistosomiasis-faster.html
Pathebach (22 hours ago)
But did the blonde bartender get the corvette or not!? Geez he never gets to the end of his stories lol!
Young Doodle (23 hours ago)
Take a shot every time Alex interrupts joe *dies of alcohol poisoning*
Esteban Solis (23 hours ago)
No adds!
Vince Correa (1 day ago)
Alex Jones has no clue the powers that are it's all has to do with the sons of Cain Rothschild and how they murdered Jesus 2000 years ago Jesus called the Pharisees there father who was a murderer from the beginning referring to Cain and his descendants Cain was not Adams seed but Lucifer's he was the tree of knowledge of good and evil and Adam was the tree of life and before you say I'm wrong when it describes the two trees it's meaning two life forms a tree starts as seed grows into a tree and from the fruit of the tree there are seeds which bare more trees exactly like humanity also the fallen angels were inspired by Lucifer's actions and slept with the daughters of men in Genesis chapter 6:1-9 the nephilim this is the true luciferian doctrine that all mankind is truly controlled by Lucifers great descendants the sons of Cain also the fallen angels were masters of genetics able to transform gods original earth into this wild earth we live on they changed plants and animals twisting gods original creation into there creation they were the alien gods of ancient times
Pappa Boudewijn (19 hours ago)
I think you are wrong
Uncle43YT (1 day ago)
3:24:43 and 2:05:00
Michael Di Liberto (1 day ago)
April 19th........STILL at 12 million views??? Hahahaha. This is easily over 20 million views in the real world. It's been at 12 mil for at least three weeks. They don't want him to have the most viewed JRE, or have him on rending. He has woken up millions of people. Alex is right about most that he is talking about. THEY are scared of him. If he was just crazy and spouting nonsense, they wouldn't care about him. Also....He is funny AF. His rant's are epic and his character voices are gold. The internet deserves AJ.
Black King's (1 day ago)
Joe Rogan is z best
bryan hernandez (1 day ago)
We need another Alex Jones podcast he should be a weekly Guest!
david lee (1 day ago)
If Alex does dmt it’s going to start a black hole
Jordan Miller (10 hours ago)
JA M (1 day ago)
How many times did Joe say rap this shit up and Alex kept going 😂
eye opened (1 day ago)
Like I alway say don't trust or believe anything they say
Logan Swart (1 day ago)
Is it just me or is the video skipping for no reason??
david lee (1 day ago)
This will be studied for years!!!! -Jones
MildGonolini (1 day ago)
What the hell is he talking about? I was at a complete loss for words.
(1 day ago)
Does anyone else think that Alex’s deep state theory is eerily similar to full metal alchemist brotherhood? And that Alex is Walter Schobak from the big Lebowski?
Nick Scholl (1 day ago)
What if the CEO of Youtube went on this podcast with Joe and Alex?
Tyler Garner (1 day ago)
You got to be a stupid motherfucker to not think their is an alternate agenda to third trimester abortions and infanticide. No woman is going to experience pregnancy and go along with a baby in her stomach for several months, feel it grow, watch and feel it kick, develop through a series of ultrasounds, THEN decide they want to have an abortion. There is undoubtedly a monetary incentive to do so and that alone PROVES that someone or some organization, whoever it is, wants fetuses that are more developed. Because they are SICK FUCKING ANIMALS that want to, in some form, ingest blood or certain body parts from that fetus for whatever demonic fucked up reason they do it. You should be ASHAMED of yourself if you support this fucked up shit these demonic motherfuckers are trying to legalize. Where’s the Boondocks Saints when you need them?
Green M0nster (1 day ago)
Its darker than that brother, Look up what Senomyx In california is doing with aborted baby cells
M Σ G Λ (1 day ago)
oh I know who (((they))) are
Freepatriotism (1 day ago)
G O O G L E M E !
Freepatriotism (1 day ago)
Craig David (1 day ago)
is this still up
M. (1 day ago)
2:04:49 milk came outta my nose
Vita (1 day ago)
Watch this stoned to be even more tripped out
MAC (1 day ago)
View count hasn’t changed in a month...
SHROOM (1 day ago)
“They take it to a Chinese government run facility & they gut the sucker”
Bogy Time (1 day ago)
Elfs is the main group, Lol!
LATERALUS (1 day ago)
It's true
Glenn Rickard (1 day ago)
The ONLY way I will EVER watch another StarWars movie is if Alex Jones writes it.
Game Render (6 hours ago)
Should be a series
Game Render (6 hours ago)
🤣🤣🤣🤣 yes
John Dohn (19 hours ago)
Glenn Rickard that would be amazing!
Kasperx138 (1 day ago)
Why does Joe interrupt him every single time he starts getting into the real shit.
Raymond Escobar (1 day ago)
And call the aliens
Raymond Escobar (1 day ago)
They're gonna make a meal out of Eddie and snort his penis blood.
Raymond Escobar (1 day ago)
They're probably talking to each other off the record.
Adam Easton (1 day ago)
This is why I cant respect Rogan.
Juan martin Jimenez (1 day ago)
I just wacht u guys for 4 hours straight u better spill the beans u guys always say all things but dont go into full detail i need a part 3 to this another 4 hours so mr jones can inform me
Juan martin Jimenez (1 day ago)
Hey i need an answer to that tooo people call it dejavu and shit but i have had dreams like that and they have happend too dam!!!
Subaru Brz (1 day ago)
Wooo! 🤙 Alex Jones !!!
Questo Young (1 day ago)
This video should have like 20 million views by now
LATERALUS (1 day ago)
30 Million
Alex Elliott (1 day ago)
STILL 12 mil
Ducky Man (1 day ago)
Joe you're a big man for having him on. Holy shit this was fucking hilarious.
Dan Trebune (1 day ago)
Eddie you can see the ISS with a telescope lmao
Juan martin Jimenez (1 day ago)
Yo them deicovery shuttle people are alive wtf come on jones u khow ther alive bro
Green Bay (1 day ago)
Gay fogs🤣🤣🤣
Juan martin Jimenez (1 day ago)
Bro hownthe fuck is alex jones still alive khowing all this info yo yo ask jones have they tried to kill him for all this info that he khos
ChanoPokes (1 day ago)
This is the best forum I’ve ever seen AJ, being able to run searches and back track explanations makes a huge difference.
ChanoPokes (1 day ago)
And right on cue.... Media Matters attacks Joe and the media follows suit. Listening to and talking to EVERYONE is the definition of diversity.
Tru Evangelist (1 day ago)
Luv Joe Rogans interviews. My only issue is that he let Alex Jones ramble and jump from topic to topic . Alex Jones needs to answer questions and finish points with clear definable information or just leave the subjects alone .
Der Hansl (1 day ago)
SHIT, im excited for a new show with Alex that with Game of Thrones. lol :D
Juan martin Jimenez (1 day ago)
Bro theybout alex j9nes in devil may cry 4 did anybidy say this to alex jones mr jones i thought ubwas crazy but when i found out u was the one who exposed skull and bones great job bro
Andres Del Angel (1 day ago)
Ive been watching Joes Videos for months now, and i just realized i wasn’t subscribed..... rip
tristan greaves (1 day ago)
Dancing with smurfs
Gareth Lloyd (1 day ago)
He used the word palantir. That's a Lotr crystal ball, he's basically describing the Istari order gandalf is member of.
L M (1 day ago)
peter theil has a company called palantir
Kascio GG (1 day ago)
Some of what Alex Jones covers has some truth to it but so much bullshit comes out of his mouth. He seems even worse when high. It's a shame because of this, his credibility will always be questioned.
May Yeung (1 day ago)
Joe Rogan showing some serious patience in this vid. Call me cray cray but I find AJ insufferable blowhard, but I've only been listening 20 mins so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
java the hut (1 day ago)
look Alex jones right wrist and forearm looks like he was hacking away at himself poor man forgive and learn
bob smith (1 day ago)
Alex Jones looks like his breath smells like ass!
LATERALUS (1 day ago)
It Does!

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