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LEAVE SOME COMMENTS TO LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! This guy Dick Masterson is the author of the book Men are Better than Women. Anyone on YouTube ever heard of this guy before now? If you have not, I urge you to read some of the entries on his website: http://www.menarebetterthanwomen.com He was on Dr. Phil a few months ago describing to the audience what it means to be a chauvinist. The look on the girls face in the audience when he tells her why he wouldn't date her is f*cking priceless. Here is a link to his book: http://mcaf.ee/z2cwe
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Adam Carolla - 'Men are Superior'
Adam's views on Men & Women in our Society.
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Men are better than Women
i got some lady at work to say she couldnt do something cause shes a woman
Views: 15923 ewreck31
Street Doctors: Are Men Better at Math Than Women? - Street Doctors | Lifetime
Dr. Ross Donaldson answers the age-old question of whether men are better at math than women. Lifetime® is a premier female-focused entertainment destination dedicated to providing viewers with a diverse selection of critically acclaimed and award-winning original movies, scripted dramas, and unscripted programming. A favorite and trusted network for women, we are continually building on our heritage by attracting top Hollywood talent and producing shows that are modern, sexy, exciting, daring, and provocative. Visit us at myLifetime.com for more info.
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Older Men Happier Than Women?
A new study says women are happier than men early in adult life but by late-40s everything changes. Cynthia Bowers reports.
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Men vs Women!? Who is more superior? Who is more dominant? Note - trying out my newest program, so if the video is shaky..that is why.
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Why women dont like men
A few men who have the lowest of dress standards. Be warned some images may disturb young viewers
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Laura Ripple Stand-Up, Women are better than men
Two Douche Bags put together a Stand Up Comedy Show at Carthage College on April 16, 2008. Featured in this is the host , and featuring Laura Ripple
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The power of female taking over ?
Women are outperforming men in college,Women are enrolling in higher numbers,earning higher grades,graduating more frequently with honors and making up the majority of graduate schools.Women now constitute 60 percent of students. As women continue to advance, are we headed for a female dominated society? Are Women Taking Over Society?
Views: 32457 hhippolyta
Equality Men and Women Part 1 of 4
Prentice Johnson Addresses Equality
Views: 92 Cipherinc
Lecturer CLAIMS girls are better than guys at gaming
I was at a lecture recently and the lecturer claims women are better than men at gaming. lol
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Men are better then women
this guy has some severe beatings coming his way.... by very angry women.
Views: 518 puppyloveteal
RilaxUrMind TV: Do women play the game better than men?
Me and my friends head out to Georgetown, DC. To get the answer to the age old question...Do women play the game better than men? Just Rilax... RilaxUrMindrecords.com
Views: 1025 Joshua E. Porter
Men V Women at Driving
This short video will hopefully instruct inferior woman drivers that their mirrors are not there for applying lipstick!!!!!
Views: 901 thewelsho
Why Men Are Better Then Woman
This is why men are better then woman at UT (Unreal Tournament)
Views: 70 Dylanjames07
Roles of Men
Link to "Roles of Women" video set. I thought it only fair that I talk about a woman's place in the relationship as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldvEesBUnWs Men need to be men. Step up to the plate, hitch up them britches and take control of your homes. Don't let women put you down, mock you, belittle you, rather let them know you're in charge now. Get your families back in the proper order and watch as everything falls back into place. It truly is the key to successful family, fulfilling the roles God created. If a man loves his wife, his kids, and makes decisions with his family's best interest in mind, who are we, as women, to knock him off his place in the home? Let him be the man he was designed to be!
Views: 18524 YounaTuber
Women are better than men, but not for allah
For more, please visit www.muhammadtube.com
Views: 417 boubou74075
Beer is much better than women ! :P
einfach geil...:D
Views: 406 Strumpf92
Men Vs Women: Feel The Pain
A UF Researcher discusses the difference in pain tolerance in men and women.
Views: 27422 UFGENETICS
What Men and Women Think About After Sex
Ever wonder what the other person is thinking about after sex? Find out by watching this hilarious cartoon. The differences between men and woman will be revealed. To learn more about the opposite sex go to http://www.wooingskills.com/index.html
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Why Do Pretty Women Date Ugly Men.
http://www.victornewtontalks.com New internet talk show hosted by Author,Producer,Director Victor "Bigg Vic" Newton. Episode 1 " Why Do Pretty Women Date Ugly Men? Leave comments .. thanks
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Can Women Do Everything Men Can Do?
some stuff i found on my uncles computer..I really have no idea where its from..sorry, im just bored..DDDDDDDD
Views: 1016 emokid956
Mega64: Marcus' Corner Episode 4 - Dick Masterson Interview
Marcus takes a break from the game industry this week to meet his idol, Dick Masterson, author of "Men Are Better Than Women." Mega64.com
Views: 126718 Mega64
Why Women Should Obey Men
Why woman should obey (without question) men
Views: 5510 ZReaction
debate:women made better bosses than men
just inter-class debate in STAR... held on 23/9/08.. won by opposition
Views: 804 vinciyvonne
In Islam Women is as equal as Men.
Views: 1091 Imam Ghurabah
All The Woman I Need - Luther Vandross
Great song by Luther Vandross
Views: 1145068 Pierson11
Women Endure Pain Better Than Guys
I'm questioning Caitlin's intellect. With this video, you'll understand why. Her answer made no sense to the statement she made earlier in the night . She is stupid. (but i love her)
Views: 498 KI2ISTINCI
20/20 Report - Are Short Men at a Disadvantage in Romance?
Ask any woman: Men who are 5-foot-9 -- that's average -- or taller clearly have it over their more compact counter parts. 20/20 concocted a test to illustrate an indisputable rule of love: height matters.
Views: 299619 Steven Larson
Women: Know Your Limits! Harry Enfield - BBC comedy
An important public service announcement brought to you by the comedy legend Harry Enfield and his Chums. From BBC. Watch more Harry Enfield clips with BBC Worldwide here: http://uk.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=FD374EF0A219D89A
Views: 5132747 BBC Studios
Things women do when men aren't around
Just a small insight into the things women do when men aren't around. Respec' to the ladies. :P
Views: 525 Kate Banks
Something For Both ~ Gifts for Men and Women
Gifts for men has handmade knives, leather sheaths, watchbands,carvers mallets, sports hunting and camping trip gear. Look for our next video with jewelry by Dodies Designs gifts and arts, crafts for women. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces.
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Wife Beating in Islam with a rod
The Koran (Quran) orders men to beat their wifes with a rod. After watching this, you will no longer be able to claim ignorance of Islam. QURAN 4:34 - "Men have authority over women because God has made men superior to women, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them."
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Christopher Hitchens: Why Women Still Aren't Funny | Vanity Fair
From http://www.VF.com: Christopher Hitchens rebuts Alessandra Stanley's essay, "Who Says Women Aren't Funny?" To see more pictures and video, read more controversial commentary, and tell Hitchens what you think, visit vanityfair.com.
Views: 4077001 Vanity Fair
Views: 4747 TheAttractionFactor
Black women say, Where are the good black men??
Where? there out and about, either you don't see em or there avoiding you.
Views: 9761 macadon
GEF: Leadership Study Says Women Are Better Managers
A large reaserch study about gender and leadership found that women, as a group, are better managers than men. Women have earned their right to lead!
Views: 5445 GenderEqualityFilms
Why Men Suck
Views: 5443 calivaproductions
Re: Black Men Need To Stop Complaining About Black Women
My Poetic Response to SrgtWillie.
Views: 1352 Tonya'sWorld
Black People -Do Other Races of Men Date Better Than Black Men?
www.ShayBetter.com Shay Your Love Diva explores if black men as a whole know how to date and treat a lady just as good or better than other races of men.
bashing black women?
blog response to accusations of 'black woman bashing'. showing a different perspective on black women's talent of playing victim and confusing issues.
Views: 3524 Wayne Brandon
Men and Women in Islam part 7
Lecture by Hamza Yusuf http://quranexplorer.com/Quran/
Views: 1534 Green Noor
Men Are So Lucky, Women Have Nothing to Worry About
Directing Assignment - Shoot a short film based on this dialogue A: How things have changed B: What did you expect A: I'm hopeless B: Just like everyone else A: Men are so lucky B: Women have nothing to worry about
Views: 196 Jonathan Goh
Why men are better cooks?
Please listen to this fascinating international debate and take your position!
Views: 264 Wojtek Szymczak
Men do not go to war over women 1
'Men do not go to War over Women' is a theatre production directed by Sladjana Vujovic, produced by Act TC. The text is adapted by Gina Landor (who also stars in all the roles) from 'Troy', a play by Andrew Rissik. The production has been called 'an extraordinary and very important work of art' by NY Theatre Magazine in 2002
Views: 738 sladjanavujovic
The Truth About Women
Here's an interesting fact. Did you know that the median 22 year old woman has TWICE as much sex as the median 22 year old man? You might ask, how is that possible? If a woman's having sex, doesn't that mean a man is having sex at the same time? And thus, shouldn't men be having just as much sex as women? NO...because most men hardly get laid, or if they do, it's because they "got lucky." But a small group of men get laid ALL THE TIME, and bang LOTS AND LOTS of women! It's evolution at work. Women follow their emotions, and that leads them to sleep with men like me (who know how to control female emotions.) Women want the top man...so the top man bangs lots of women. That's right - the sexual revolution, feminism, etc has resulted in a return to harems. Women, at the mercy of their own emotions, are volunteering for the modern-day equivalent of harems. Lucky for me!! Heh.
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Mar 7 2008 let the men marry
Dear Governor Schwarzenegger - Yesterday I proposed that you recognize the boundaries of the old-testament admonishment against homosexuality by letting lesbian couples get married. But the bible actually says men are superior: "But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God." 1 Corinthians 11:3 "But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence." 1 Timothy 2:12 So gay male couples are naturally superior to couples where a woman is involved. Why would you want to discourage -- through banning marriage -- these more perfect unions? So why not let gay male couples wed? That wouldn't tread on these religious decrees, but it would get us half-way closer to bringing the freedom to marry to everybody who wants it. Yours,
Views: 249 signab43
Peter Himmelman - Woman with the Strength of 10,000 Men
...with Dolly Varden
Views: 7465 Peter Overom
FUNNY Why Cars are Better Than Women Commercial
Views: 637 lookyhereman

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