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Most Scary and Extreme Road For The Driver To Drive
1. Tianmen Shan Mountain Road, Zhangjiajie, China 2. Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway 3. Transfagarasan Road, Romania 4. Trosllstigen Pass, Norway, 5. Stelvio Pass, Italy
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Longest Train in the World
TOP Longest Train in the World --------------- A Very Long BNSF Container Train (Neotorious Earth) Longest train ever seen (antony T J) Norfolk Southern 11J - World's Longest Train (Central Penn Rail Productions) THE Longest and Heaviest train OFFICIALLY in the world (Vern's Videos 777)
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CSX Train Crosses Historic Drawbridge Then Raises After
This is a video I made of a CSX train known as the street runner through downtown Tampa Florida going over the historical drawbridge which turns 100 years old in 2015 next year. Known as the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad we see the train go over the bridge at a close view then the bridge raises.
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World's Most Beautiful Railway - The Bernina Express
Shortly after the construction of the Gotthard tunnel, Switzerland pulled off another pioneering achievement: the construction of the Thusis - St. Moritz railway line between 1899 and 1903. This opened the Upper Engadine to tourists. The Rhaetian Railway still passes over the same bridges and through the same loop tunnels. A still greater challenge was the subsequent construction of the Bernina Railway. No other railway in the world overcomes such steep gradients and winds through such steep curves without the help of a cogwheel. Subscribe to wocomoTRAVEL: https://goo.gl/tIk2Qc Follow wocomo on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wocomo/ An excerpt of the film "The Most Beautiful Train in the Alps"
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Since the discovery of aviation, aircrafts have been used to transport heavy and bulky cargo. Many transport planes have been created throughout the history of aircraft construction, impressing the world with their enormous sizes. Today, we will show you the 10 largest transport aircrafts in the world! Thanks for the video - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa2tUAFYllAtKsac54I26Hw
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Diesel Engine connecting to a Train (Coupling)
An HD view of how switching to a diesel engine is done at Secunderabad railway station for Bangalore Rajdhani train.
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10 Longest Bridges In The World
Lo and behold, 10 world's longest bridges. Guess which country dominant in this list. Subscribe us: Youtube Channel: http://goo.gl/H4x2vr Our Tweets: https://twitter.com/YT_Engineering8 Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Engineering8Channel Tumblr: http://engineering8.tumblr.com/ Google+ page: https://goo.gl/upGvEV 10. Donghai Bridge; Yangshan Port, China 9. Hangzhou bay Bridge; Zhejiang, China 8. Yangchun Bridge; Beijing, China 7. Manchac Swamp Bridge; Louisiana, USA 6. Lake Pontchartrain Causeway; Louisiana, USA 5. Beijing Grand Bridge; Beijing, China 4. Bang Na Expressway; Bangkok, Thailand 3. Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge; Xi'an, China 2. Tianjin Grand Bridge; Tianjin, China 1. Danyang-Kushan Grand Bridge; Shanghai, China Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_longest_bridges_in_the_world This video features images from personalities stated in links below which are licensed under CC BY https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/ List of original image owners. (list cannot written here since its too long according to YouTube): http://psudatabase.com/CC-BY-credits-youtube-yPUFxXjlr6Q.txt I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (https://www.youtube.com/editor)
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An Introduction to Switches & Crossings - Network Rail engineering education (12 of 15)
Switches and crossings play an essential role in connecting the rail network. We use them to guide trains from one track to another and to enable lines to cross paths. Put simply, they're the junctions that allow us to create a multi-lined, multi-routed rail network. This is how they work. For more information https://www.networkrail.co.uk/running-the-railway/looking-after-the-railway/track/ For all our national news, campaigns and to see how we're at the heart of revitalising Britain’s railway, please follow: http://www.facebook.com/networkrail http://www.instagram.com/networkrail http://www.linkedin.com/company/network-rail http://twitter.com/networkrail http://www.youtube.com/networkrail
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Darjeeling Himalayas India- Misty Mountain, Heritage Railway, Kangchenjunga Peak *HD*
Darjeeling, Himalayas, India: The video shows the beautiful Darjeeling Hill Station with a backdrop of majestic Kanchenjunga peak in Himalayas. Attractions add to the beauty of the place - Himalayan Railway, Cable Car, Tiger Hills, Mountaineering Institute, Zoo, Tea Garden, Monastery.
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Top 10 Unique Bridges Around The World
10. Glacier Skywalk: Glacier Skywalk is a stunning attraction in Jasper National Park. It is five minutes from the Discovery Center at the Columbia Glacier. This marvelous bridge lets you literally step into the scenery, high above the Sunwapta valley on a suspended glass platform. 9. Langkawi Sky Bridge: This 410 feet (125 meters) curved pedestrian cable-stayed bridge is located in Malaysia. It is around 2,300 feet (700 meters) above the sea level. 8. Garden Bridge: This pedestrian bridge is built over the River Thames in London. It is planned to feature trees and gardens. It is planned to be 1,204 feet (367 meters) long and 98 feet (30 meters) across at its widest point. 7. Gateshead Millennium Bridge: This pedestrian and cyclist tilt bridge is an award-winning structure. It is the world’s first and only tilting bridge. It is built across the River Tyne, between Gateshead’s Quays arts quarter and Quayside of Newcastle. 6. Undulating Bridge: This bride is an engineering marvel. Its distinctive architecture is attracting the attention of many engineers worldwide. The Mobius strip-style pedestrian bridge arcs over Meixi Lake. With a span of 490 feet (150 meters) and a height of 79 feet (24 meters), this bridge incorporates a variety of routes at different levels. 5. Helix Bridge: This pedestrian bridge links Marina Center with Marina South in the Marina Bay area in Singapore. It is located beside the Benjamin Sheares Bridge and is accompanied by a vehicular bridge named Bayfront Bridge. 4. Falkirk Wheel: It is located in Scotland. The wheel raises boats by 79 feet (24 meters). It is the only rotating boat lift of its kind in the world, and one of two boat lifts in the UK. The wheel has an overall diameter of 115 feet (35 meters). 3. Henderson Waves: This 899 feet (274 meter) long pedestrian bridge is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore. It is 118 feet (36 meters) above Henderson Road. It connects Mount Faber Park and Telok Blangah Hill Park. 2. Doha Sharq Crossing Bridge: The construction of Doha’s Sharq Crossing will begin in 2015. The fluid design is part of a 12 kilometer series of connections, comprising three bridges linked by tunnels below the sea’s surface. The multi-billion dollar project incorporates vibrant areas of recreation. 1. The Rolling Bridge: The curling movable bridge is part of the Grand Union Canal office and retail development project at Paddington Basin, London. It consists of eight triangular sections hinged at the walkway level. IMAGE SOURCE: "GOOGLE SEARCH" SOURCE: http://www.richestlifestyle.com/10-most-unique-bridges-in-the-world/
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Midwest Truck 22,000 lb railroad cart lift VID14
This may not appear to be much, but the cart weighed 22,000 lbs. Anybody that has worked around cranes or wreckers can tell you that this is an incredible lift at full extension. We were able to rotate and roll the boom backwards to reach far enough to set the cart down on the second set of tracks,which are about 20 feet behind us. A standard rotator wouldn't have been able to reach the track with the load. Thankfully we have the 1150R, which allows us to "roll" the boom back an additional 5 feet. The extra reach is extremely useful.
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7 Dangerous Roads In The World You Would Never Want to Driver On! #4
7 Dangerous Roads In The World You Would Never Want to Driver On! #4 You won't be able to keep your eyes off the screen for 10 minutes. Let's watch and feel! ● Subscribe my channel to watch more videos ● Please help me to goal 1.000.000 ● Subcriber : http://goo.gl/2Iq2ub ● Follow us : http://goo.gl/k5ellz ● Dont forget to Like comment and subscribe
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Fast Diesel Trains!
They're not the fastest trains in the country, but they still fly all over the U.S! It's Fast Diesel Trains! Come along for a look at several passenger and some freight trains pulled by diesels flying down the track! I wasn't able to record the speeds of all the trains, but as good as I can estimate, these trains are all moving in the range of 60 to 90 miles per hour, with many of the passenger trains toward the upper end of that range. CoasterFan2105 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/CoasterFan2105 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CoasterFan2105 ©2014 Mike Armstrong Video
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Denmark’s ‘Disappearing Road’ Is Really An Awesome Underwater Highway
After nearly 70 years of discussions, Sweden and Denmark finally united literally with the Oresund Bridge, a gorgeous wonder that tunnels into the sea. ► Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use Website ► For copyright matters relating to our channel please contact us directly at : [email protected] ► SUBSCRIBE US: https://goo.gl/CAyFbx ► Like us Our Facebook Page: https://goo.gl/SBs38W ► Follow On Twitter: https://goo.gl/nvhzU6 ► Follow Us On Instagram : https://goo.gl/3UXcnx ► OUR Website : http://www.letme-know.com ► Audio by Scott Leffler -- scottleffler.com #let_me_know #educational
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China - World's Largest Hole in the Ground - Jalainur 2003
Here we have plenty of SY action from Jalainur, reputedly the world's largest opencast coal mine, the figures quoted being 4 miles long, 1 mile wide and a quarter mile deep. The mine is close by the Russian border, being just south of Manzhouli, the main crossing point between the two countries. We see a wide variety of SYs, including SY0056 built in 1968 and SY1416 built in 1985 with smoke deflectors. This latter SY is seen operating the one coach passenger service for the mine workers. Steam operation in the mine has now finished. Filmed in March 2003.
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Top 10 LONGEST Bridges on Earth
10. Hangzhou Bay Bridge, China The Hangzhou Bay Bridge opened on May 1st, 2008 making it the longest sea-crossing bridge in the world. It spans 22 miles or 35 km in length which took 4 years to complete. The bridge connects Ningbo’s Cixi to Jiaxing. This highway bridge features a cabled-stayed portion in the middle which was chosen to endure, earthquakes and typhoons that can occur in the region. The completion of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge reduced a trip from Ningbo to Shanghai by 112 mi or 180 km and reduced the time traveled by 2 hours. The challenging design of the bridge required over 600 experts a decade to design. Offshore construction, turbulent waters, and pockets of underground methane are just a few of the construction obstacles faced by engineers during this project. Half way across the bridge is a manmade island called Land between the Sea and the Sky which houses shopping, parking, restaurants and a hotel. 9. Yangcun Bridge, China Opened in August, 2008 the Yungcan Bridge completed the Beijing Tianjin Intercity Railway. This high speed rail only bridge connects the 73 mile or 117 km path between Beijing and Tianjin. The bridge itself measure 22 miles or 35 km in length just as the previous bridge but this one is just 650 feet or 200 meters longer. The building of this bridge reduced the time between northern China’s two largest cities from 70 to 30 minutes. 8. Manchac Swamp Bridge, USA The Manchac Swamp Bridge carries Interstate 55 almost 23 miles or 36.7km over Lake Maurepas in the southern US state of Louisiana. This 4 lane bridge spans ⅓ of the highway’s total distance is over water. It cost 7 million dollars per mile to build the bridge, piles were driven 250 feet, 76 meters into the swamp floor to make sure it was stable. An impressive feat of engineering this bridge opened in 1979 and features a Twin concrete trestle bridge design which took 120,000 ft or 36,000 meters of concrete to complete its construction. 7. Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, USA The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge also in Louisiana runs a total distance of 23.8 miles or 38.4 km. This 4 lane bridge completed its first round of construction in 1956 being the southbound section and in 1969 the northbound section was complete. The idea for this bridge has been around since the 19th century, in the 1920s an idea for a long bridge hopping across multiple islands was proposed. In the 1930s a ferry service opened up and by 1948 a concrete plan was devised to build the Lake Pontchartain Causeway. 6. Beijing Grand Bridge, China Completed in 2010, the Beijing Grand Bridge opened in 2011 and spans 29.9 miles or 48 km between Beijing and Langfang. This bridge is a high speed rail bridge or classified as a railway viaduct bridge that floats over the surface of the ground. The longest span on this bridge measures 354 feet or 108 meters. 5. Bang Na, Highway, Thailand The Bang Na, Highway in Thailand or officially known as Burapha Withi Expressway is a 6 lane mega toll bridge that floats up off the ground. It is considered to be an elevated viaduct with average spans of 138 feet or 42 meters. 4. Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge, China Yet another bridge in China, ya they like they’re large bridges, the Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge is a part of the Zhengzhou-Xi’an High-Speed Railway. This railway connects Zhengzhou and Xi’an in China. The bridge is 49.5 miles or 79.6 km which crosses the Wei River twice as well as the Luofu River, Shidi River, Xi River, Ling River as well as highways and other railways. 3. Tianjin Grand Bridge, China Another railway viaduct bridge on this list the Tianjin Grand Bridge in China runs between Langfang and Qingxian which is also a part of the Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway. This monstrous bridge measures 70.6 miles or 113.6 km. 2. Changhua-Kaohsiung, Rail, Taiwan The Changhua-Kaohsiung Viaduct is the world’s 2nd longest bridge which was completed in 2007. It spans 97.8 miles or 157 km from Baguashan in Changhua County to Zuoying in Kaohsiung. 1. Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge, China The grand daddy of them all, the longest bridge in the world, currently is the Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge just outside of Shanghi, China. The route was completed in 2010 and opened in 2011 after a 5 year construction period. It took 10,000 people and cost $8.5 billion to build this 102.4 mile or 168.6 km bridge.This bridge travels across both land and water and roughly parallel to the Yangtze River. Check out some of our other videos: Top 10 Fruits You’ve Never Heard Of Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRdgPyZF45g&feature=youtu.be Top 10 Most Dangerous Cliffside Roads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7d-aEqVeE8 For copyright matters please contact: [email protected] Intro music thanks to Machinmasound: Rallying the Defense: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruPk4RD19Nw
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Railroad thermite welding
Rail thermite welding in Storfors, Sweden. Schienenschweissen in Storfors, Schweden Rälssvetsning på Inlandsbanan i Storfors
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The Amazing Feather River Railroads-see the Seven Railroad Wonders of the World!
One of great railroad routes in the world. This film was done in 2009, one of the last busy years for this route. That's because the Union Pacific Railroad made the Donner Pass tunnel larger so it would accomodate the container trains and now many of those trains go over Donner Pass, not down the Feather River. You can still see trains there, such as coal and grain and manifests, but not the heavy traffic you'll see in this program. Thanks for enjoying it!
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Swiss Rail: Zurich to St. Moritz
Recorded August 15, 2011: My Swiss Rail journey from Zurich to St. Moritz. Watch my complete Switzerland video @ https://youtu.be/2SyW_CPXxcU From: http://timvp.com
Enjoy watching the trains sprinting through the East Coast main lines of Indian Railways.The Eastern Coast of India along the Bay of Bengal is also called as the Coromandel Coast.This video is a compilation of several crossings encountered from on board 12864 Yesvantpur - Howrah Superfast Express between Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam stretch. This stretch is completely electrified and almost all trains are hauled by Electric Locomotives of 25 KV AC Traction. Index of Trains captured : 22825 Shalimar-Chennai Central Sf Express at Krishna River Bridge. 17481 Bilaspur-Tirupati Express at Krishna Canal Junction. 12835 Hatia - Yesvantpur Sf Express. 12863 Howrah- Yesvantpur Sf Express Crossing 12864 Yesvantpur - Howrah Sf Express. 13351 + 18189 Tata / Dhanbad - Allepey Express 12841 Coromandel Sf Express. 18463 Bhubaneswar - Bengaluru City Prsanti Express. 22882 Bhubaneswar - Pune Sf Express. 57232 Kakinada Port Vijayawada Passenger. 12717 Vizag - Vijayawada, Ratnachal Express, Anakapalle. 22642 Shalimar-trivandrum Central Sf Express. 12655 Ahmedabad - Chennai, Navjeevan Sf Express. (This train crossed us on the Gudur- Vijayawada stretch , sorry for the confusion) Vijayawada situated on the Northern bank of River Krishna, is the single largest junction on Indian Railways strategically located between the Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Guntur and Secunderabad Divisions. It is the pivotal point of the Golden Quadrilateral connecting South to the North and East of India.It is one of the busiest railway stations in India with more than 250 express and 150 freight trains passing through it while serving 50 million passengers per year. The two big Iconic LANDMARKS of this stretch are the Krishna River Bridge at Vijayawada and the Godavari River ARCH Bridge and the Godavari Rail cum Road Bridge at Rajahmundry also knownas the Kovvur Bridge. The Vijayawada Railway Station is a junction of tracks from 5 directions to Vijayawada: Vijayawada-Guntur-Guntakal-Hubli/Bangalore. Vijayawada-Tenali-Gudur-Tirupati/Chennai. Vijayawada-Gudivada-Narasapur/Machilipatnam. Vijayawada-Eluru-Rajahmundry-Vizag-Howrah. Vijayawada-Warangal-Secunderabad-Mumbai/New Delhi Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheRailzone © The Rail Zone 2015
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Train Driver's View: Swan song of the 69 pt.2 - Flirting Back home
Driving a empty rolling stock transfer after delivering one of the last Class69. Now on my way back from Ål to Voss with the brand new Stadler FLIRT Class 75. The Stadler FLIRT will service the Voss line between Bergen and Myrdal as well as a extra train between Bergen and Gol. Today there are no Class69 left on the Bergen Line. The last of the Class 69 are servicing Line L2 Stabekk - Oslo S - Ski in Oslo. You can find part 1 here: https://youtu.be/wqJIqmy89uI 🚄Bergen Line information: https://goo.gl/SXknN6 🚞Flam Line information: https://goo.gl/T1HSya 🚦Signaling information: https://goo.gl/zjLmKk 🚆Line information and speed: https://goo.gl/eNsfSp ► Subscribe to my channel: https://goo.gl/skcDZC ► 🔔Remember to tap that bell to get notified!🔔 ► If you want to support the channel you can donate here https://goo.gl/R2LLL1 Donations will be used for: - Editing hardware upgrade - More/upgraded camera
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How To Read Trackside Signs & Markers
I get lots of questions about wayside signs so I did some research on them and created this how-to video.
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Top 10 Craziest Intersections
This video features world's most unusual interchanges from any metrics—such as design, driving experience, project costs, historic values and many more.. Youtube Channel: http://goo.gl/H4x2vr Our Tweets: https://twitter.com/YT_Engineering8 Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Engineering8Channel Tumblr: http://engineering8.tumblr.com/ Google+ page: https://goo.gl/upGvEV 10. Gravely Hill Interchange Also called 'Spaghetti Juction', its is one of earliest stack interchange in the world as it opened in 1972. It is located in Birmingham, England. 9. Gate Tower Building Located in Osaka, Japan; it is the only elevated interchange that goes into buildings. It happens due to landlord refused to gave up land, hence the an agreement archived with such design. 8. Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange Found in Los Angeles, USA; it is one of a few five-level stack interchanges existed in America. What makes this one so special since it also integrated with metro line and bus transit station right in the middle. 7. Nanpu Bridge Interchange Located right in the middle of Shanghai, it's unique circular design is a smart way to integrate 3 highways while elevating traffic into a very high bridge at the same time. 6. Porta Maggiore Road that go around this historic monument give drivers hurrendous experience with trams and train railways cross exist every 20 feet. 5. Springfield Interchange Being most busiest interchange in USA, it also host two interchange in one place—one for regular highways, another for HOV. It costs 676 million USD which makes it the most expensive intersection in USA (maybe even world). 4. Oyamazaki Interchange Can be found in Osaka, Japan. This tentacles junction makes driver go rounds few times before exit the interchange. Another crazy fact is two unnecessary branch which leads to same destination. 3. Arc de Triomphe Roundabout Being Paris famous landmarks, it also serve 12 roads by its wide roundabout. The traffic atmosphere would trigger question if you are still in Europe. 2. Yan'an Interchange This is the only 6 level stack interchange and the highest stack number on the planet. It joints two elevated motorways while pedestrian overpass and local crossroads uninterrupted. 1. Magic Roundabout Located in Swindon, England; it contains five small roundabouts on each entrance of roads. Its design may look insane but the it works in dispersing traffic into bigger area and accident rate statistic is fine too. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (https://www.youtube.com/editor) This video features images from personalities stated in links below which are licensed under CC BY https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/ List of original image owners. (list cannot written here since its too long according to YouTube): http://psudatabase.com/CC-BY-credits-youtube-aVJcPWgCDHQ.txt Hep Cats by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1500022 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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The Longest Trains in the World! TOP Cargo Double Decker Trains
A compilation of the longest trains in the world. Dozens of containers, tanks and other things. Double decker trains! Railroad of Australia, USA and other countries. More trains here - https://www.youtube.com/user/natarajanakrishna Самые длинные поезда в мире. Дюжины вагонов, цистерн и танков. Двухэтажные поезда! Железная дорога Австралии, США и других стран.
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THE MOST DANGEROUS AND MOST EXTREME RAILWAYS IN THE WORLD! Subscribe! http://goo.gl/YjCTrJ My second channel! https://goo.gl/w0WJkB Best collection from around the world. On this channel you will find a selection on different themes: funny jokes, car accident, failure, incredible luck, instant karma, and many other collections. All pleasant viewing! Fresh compilations every day!. VK: https://vk.com/club78812535 G +: https://plus.google.com/u/0/117141528068534842716/posts Ok: http://ok.ru/group/53321223766246 Twitter: https://twitter.com/evgeniyas7 The most spectacular railways of the world, including: - Maeklong Railway, Thailand: the railway crosses the Maeklong market, one of the largest fresh seafood markets in Thailand - Burma railway, Thailand/Myanmar: also known as the Death railway, was built by the Empire of Japan during World War II - Indian railways: India has the world's busiest railway system whit over 8 billion passengers every year and the most dangerous one: more than 25,000 people die annually on India's railways - Nepal railways: Nepal has just two railway lines with a total of 37 miles (60 km) and the train makes only two trips a day - Nariz Del Diablo railway, Ecuador: the construction of this railroad began in 1899 and its highest point has an altitude of 11,841 ft (3609 m) - Rameswaram Pamban Bridge, India: it is considered the most dangerous sea bridge due to its location in a cyclone-prone high wind velocity zone - White Pass and Yukon route, Alaska: the railroad began construction in 1898 during the Klondike Gold Rush to reach the goldfields - Pilatus railway, Switzerland: the world's steepest cogwheel railway - PaSak Chonlasit Dam, Thailand: one of the longest rail bridge in the world - Kuranda railway, Australia: many lives were lost during the construction that began in 1882 to provide supplies to tin miners - - CREDITS - - Janakpur Railway Nepal (second clip): courtesy of Lex de Lang from www.vimeo.com/user2956871 Some of the videos and images are under CC license and listed in "Source videos - View attributions" and below: - Maeklong railway market (picture): m-louis .® from www.flickr.com/photos/m-louis - Burma railway (second clip): Peter Szilagyi from vimeo.com/szilagyip - Burma railway (first picture): denisbin from flickr.com/photos/[email protected] - Burma railway (third picture): Deror Avi from wikimedia.org - Indiand railway, Mumbai: Gabriel Feld from vimeo.com/user10685773 - Nepal Railway (picture): Qeqertaq from wikimedia.org - Bangladesh (first picture): Muntasirmamunimran from wikipedia.org - Bangladesh (video): taylorandayumi from flickr.com/photos/taylorandayumi - Bangladesh (second and third pictures): Asian Development Bank from flickr.com/photos/asiandevelopmentbank - Bangladesh (fifth picture): Mayeenul Islam from wikimedia.org - Nariz del Diablo (pictures): Roy & Danielle from flickr.com/photos/roydanielle - Pamban bridge, Rameswaram (first picture): Picsnapr from wikimedia.org - Pamban bridge, Rameswaram (clip): Rameswaram from vimeo.com/user38660929 - Pamban bridge, Rameswaram (second picture): Ashwin Kumar from flickr.com/photos/ashwinkumar - Pamban bridge, Rameswaram (third picture): Tracy Hunter from flickr.com/photos/tracyhunter - White Pass and Yukon route (picture): Wendy Cutler from flickr.com/photos/wlcutler - Kuranda, Barron falls (clip): Kiki from vimeo.com/kikitse - Kuranda (third clip): Emerson Martins from vimeo.com/emersonmartinstv - Kuranda (picture): Geoffrey Rhodes from flickr.com/photos/[email protected] - Kuranda (last clip): HJ Mueller (aka The Old Railfan) from vimeo.com/hjmueller
ONE HELL OF A GRADIENT : Indian Railways EMD Roller Coaster
Enjoy watching the deadly Roller Coaster gradient action by the furiously notching WDG4 Electro Motive Diesel / EMD hauling the 21 coached Hubli Intercity bound to Dharwad. Location : Bhairanayakanahalli,Karnataka. South Western Railways. Locomotive : WDG4 GT46MAC 12638 , Krishnarajapuram Diesel Loco Shed.South Western Railways. Train : 12725 BANGALORE CITY - DHARWAD , HUBLI INTERCITY EXPRESS .South Western Railways WATCH : ONE HELL OF A GRADIENT - PART 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPObHxYkjso
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TOP 10 Fastest Trains in the World! The 10 Most Rapid and Expensive High Speed Trains
A great collection of extreme and incredible high-speed trains, including an unbelievable Shinkansen L0 series (SCMaglev) reaching the speed record of 603 km/h (375 mph). ► ► Share it on FB: http://goo.gl/0Rt92L You will see the most impressive and amazing trains, including the futuristic VacTrain (Vacuun Tube Train) that, based on magnetic levitation, using airless tunnels could theoretically reach 8000 km/h (5000 mph). The 10 incredibly fast and most expensive trains in the world are: - SCMaglev L0 series (Japan): 603 km/h (375 mph) - The complete rail system of this high speed magnetic levitation train is expected to cost $75 billion - TGV (France): record for the fastest wheeled train, reaching 575 km/h (357 mph) between Paris and Strasbourg - Transrapid (China): the first commercial implementation of this High-Speed rail system was completed in 2004 connecting the city of Shanghai to the International Airport, reaching 501 km/h (311 mph), and the total cost is believed to be $1.33 billion - CRH3 (China): 487 km/h (303 mph) - Shinkansen (Japan): 443 km/h (275 mph) - KTX (South Korea): 421 km/h (262 mph) - ICE (Germany): 407 km/h (253 mph) - AVE (Spain): 404 km/h (251 mph) - ETR (Italy): 362 km/h (225 mph) - Eurosprinter (Europe): 357 km/h (222 mph), the world record for conventional electric locomotives These trains can easily beat airplanes and jets on short distances and maybe, in the future, you will not need even to book an expensive flight from New York to China or Tokyo. Incredibly, United States are not in the list, having the record for the highest speed by a train in the USA only at 171 mph (275 km/h), achieved by the UAC TurboTrain (Acela Express). Maybe Amtrak should really invest much more! ------------------------------ CREDITS All clips and images in this video have been directly recorded by me or used with written authorization from the author or in accordance with their CC-BY/CC-BYSA license. Clips and Images under CC license are listed in "Source videos - View attributions" and below: - "Il nuovo supertreno di Fs Italiane - Frecciarossa 1000": Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane from flickr.com/photos/ferroviedellostato - "SC Maglev Test Ride": Maryland GovPics from flickr.com/photos/mdgovpics - "Tunnel vision": Jeremy Keith from flickr.com/photos/adactio
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The Raising Trains ! Incredible GRADIENTS : Indian Railways
Enjoy yet another compilation of the Roller Coasting Trains raising like huge Snakes over the super monster gradients , something which is not commonly found across all parts of the Indian Railways. These gradients are largely found in the Deccan plateau where the terrain is extremely rough and uneven. The South Western Railway Zone of Indian Railways stands top when it comes to these Monster Gradients how ever the average speed of Trains in the Zone takes a major dip due to the unavailability of flat straight lines. The freight trains especially require High Horse Powered Locomotives to work efficiently in these terrains, most of the freight trains here are operated by EMD's either Single or Double depending on the load they need to carry for sufficient braking and to avoid Wheel slips, never the less ALCo's still do wonders. WATCH Train Videos in ULTRA HD 4K http://bit.ly/1PtZQu8 Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheRailzone © The Rail Zone 2016
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Huge Train Chase And Pace!  244 Cars, 5 Locomotives!
Epic Train Chase Of All Time! Pacing and chasing a huge freight train of over 2 miles in length! 5 Locomotives pulled this beast. We paced along side the CSX main line of the old Seaboard Line in Plant City, Florida and then filmed the whole thing at a level railroad crossing north of town. Millenniumforce took me on the chase along with Quacky Louie and Moonshine. This was 2 trains in one. This is a result of Harriman making the trains longer and fewer before he passed away. This is a savings idea but it results in fewer trains for us railfans. This train had just about everything on it except for a hobo. It seems like the train yard must have been cleared out after they put this train together. Lol. Our chase almost ended right after it started when we came upon the semi truck blocking the road. As you will see in the video, the semi truck backed out of the way and we went around them. Thanks for watching! Please comment, rate and SUBSCRIBE TO JAWTOOTH!! Please Watch Another JawTooth Video Below: Truck Inches From StreetRunner! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYqA5wnan90 Remote Control Train Caboose! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbD4olO7Uxo&t=337s Conductor Flips Off Railfan! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sl_td5PSWHY
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The Longest Trains in the World! TOP-10 Trains
A compilation of the longest trains in the world. Dozens of containers, tanks and other things. Watch our TOP! Самые длинные поезда в мире. Дюжины вагонов, цистерн и танков. Смотри наш топ!
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Train laying new tracks
Train laying new tracks
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Indian Railways. No accidents happened during this registration.
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California Trains! 1 Hour, 150+ Trains!
All aboard! Let's look at trains from all over the state of California! It's California Trains! You will see just about every different train in California - steam, diesel, passenger, and freight - it's all here! A wide variety of some of my best shots of trains running in California in all different climates: sunny beaches, shady redwood forests, dry deserts, and even snowy mountains. Trains and railroads featured include Amtrak, Coaster, BNSF, Union Pacific, Metrolink, Caltrain, ACE, Pacific Sun, Fillmore and Western, Skunk Train, California State Railroad Museum, Niles Canyon Railway, Orange Empire Railway Museum, and many more! This is by far the longest video I have ever released, so be sure to let me know if you like these longer videos! Thanks! Intro music courtesy of The Mysterious Mr. Shoe. CoasterFan2105 is a channel dedicated to providing you with some of the best videos of trains and railroads on the web. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss weekly uploads every Friday! (and soon to be Monday too!) CoasterFan2105 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/CoasterFan2105 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CoasterFan2105 ©2016 Mike Armstrong Video
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Meter Gauge MG trains NFR . Watch India's most dangerous and scenic Rail road in interior Assam .METER GAUGE TRAIN (MG) ON YDM4 Locomotive, North East Frontier , NFR.This is one of the most adventurous, scenic , most beautiful and the most risky Meter Gauge Rail Road of the Indian Railways - North East Frontier Zone located in the Indian State of Assam. WATCH PART-2 here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9e_BZkv7oB4 This was one of the terrains which I wanted to explore since ages and luck finally struck me when its high time for the section to undergo Broad Gauge Conversion . Never the late I made it . The video will justify why this section is known as the most beautiful stretch, how ever what is so risky about this Section ? There are two kinds of risk that one can encounter in this section. The first one being frequent Land slides which can leave your train stranded in the midst of the dense forests for several hours or even days until restoration. The terrain receives the highest rain fall round the year. The road connectivity is very poor and is not easily accessible from the Rail route. The second one being a major risk with the presence of local insurgent - terrorist groups living deep inside the forests who often tend to harm the travelers and Railway authorities . There have been several instances from the recent past that these activist groups have opened fire at a approaching train, brutally killing people on board the train for valuables and money, kidnapping the Security Personnel's , bomb blasts on moving trains, blowing off Railway tracks , vandalizing railway property and many more such devastating incidents . This is one of the main reasons why the tourists fear to explore this dangerous section . With extreme risk surrounding this corridor, I still dared to take a chance to explore this section . The most daring and the thrilling part of this trip was Foot plating all alone on the YDM-4 Locomotive in the dense forests and ghats sections. I bet this journey was the most memorable & thrilling one I've ever had in my life so far. The video is shot on board the Lumdning - Silchar - Lumding Barak Valley Express. The video covers the scenic spots from River Dyang , Haflong hill, Jatinga ,Harangajao & Barak River. Hope you enjoy the North East. WATCH PART-2 here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9e_BZkv7oB4 #MeterGauge #IndianRailway #ALCO #YDM4 #MGTrain
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China Has Opened The World's Longest Sea Bridge
An engineering marvel the Jiaozhou bay bridge has finally opened up after four years of construction. The 26.3 miles long bridge links the port city of Qingdao to the island of Huangdao.
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20 Railroad Videos in 10 Minutes  !! INDIAN RAILWAYS TRAINS !
20 Rail Videos in 10 Minutes !! INDIAN RAILWAYS TRAINS ! A quick compilation of trains and locomotives operating on Indian Railways . This video includes videos of trains like WAP5 Shatabdi express , WAP4 Tamil Nadu , WAP7 Karnataka express , Kerala express , WAM4 Patalkot express , Chattisgarh , etc . And diesel locomotives like ALCO WDM3A , WDM3D etc . Indian Railroad network is one the biggest in the world and most of the traffic consists mainly of passenger services even though the main revenue earning is from freight train operations .
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Amazing Thailand - Mae Klong Train Market
Read more about this weird train that plows through the middle of a Thai market every day! http://www.renegadetravels.com/trains-runs-through-middle-of-maeklong-market-in-thailand/. This is the train coming through the middle of Mae Klong Market in Thailand. It's an amazing sight to see as all the stallholders move out of the way so that the train can pass, and then carry on as if nothing has happened. Well worth a visit. This video is being managed exclusively by Newsflare. To use this video for broadcast or in a commercial player go to: https://www.newsflare.com/video/99191/other/amazing-thailand-mae-klong-train-market or email: [email protected] or call: +44 (0) 8432 895 191
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The Shinkansen Bullet Train (speed 320 km/h) 700, N700 and N700A Series
The Shinkansen Bullet Train (speed 320 km/h) 700, N700 and N700A Series The Shinkansen (新幹線?, new trunk line) is a network of high-speed railway lines in Japan operated by four Japan Railways Group companies. Starting with the Tōkaidō Shinkansen (515.4 km) in 1964, the network has expanded to currently consist of 2,387.7 km (1,483.6 mi) of lines with maximum speeds of 240–320 km/h (150–200 mph), 283.5 km (176.2 mi) of Mini-shinkansen lines with a maximum speed of 130 km/h (80 mph), and 10.3 km (6.4 mi) of spur lines with Shinkansen services. The network presently links most major cities on the islands of Honshu and Kyushu, with construction of a link to the northern island of Hokkaido underway. The maximum operating speed is 320 km/h (200 mph) (on a 387.5 km section of the Tōhoku Shinkansen). Test runs have reached 443 km/h (275 mph) for conventional rail in 1996, and up to a world record 581 km/h (361 mph) for maglev trains in 2003. Shinkansen literally means new trunk line, referring to the high-speed rail line network. The name Superexpress (超特急 chō-tokkyū, initially used for Hikari trains, was retired in 1972 but is still used in English-language announcements and signage. The Tōkaidō Shinkansen is the world's busiest high-speed rail line. Carrying 151 million passengers per year (March 2008), it has transported more passengers (over 5 billion, entire network over 10 billion) than any other high-speed line in the world. Between Tokyo and Osaka, the two largest metropolises in Japan, up to thirteen trains per hour with sixteen cars each (1,323-seat capacity) run in each direction with a minimum headway of three minutes between trains. Though largely a long-distance transport system, the Shinkansen also serves commuters who travel to work in metropolitan areas from outlying cities. Japan's Shinkansen network had the highest annual passenger ridership (a maximum of 353 million in 2007) of any high-speed rail network until 2011, when China's high-speed rail network surpassed it at 370 million passengers annually. Information sources: Wikipedia
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Mega compilation of train videos from INDIAN RAILWAYS ! A mix of passenger as well as freight trains from one of largest rail networks in the world . Watch some other videos : Honking : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cY29WpVTO44 20 in 10 minutes : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBZRI-u1Q94 IR has a mixed fleet of electric and diesel locomotives . ALCo fans check this : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHzrPsPbd-X1Y2StRjmkb2xmSDL9AJcKO
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Big model trains running inside my small house
Is my train collection too large for my house? Nevermind, I already know the answer. The obvious next step will be to move the whole thing outdoors. This is a collection of G-scale model railroad trains from LGB and Piko. It starts with a LGB 25554 White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad diesel locomotive pulling freight cars. Next, there's a LGB 21576 Santa Fe diesel locomotive pulling passenger cars. Finally, a Piko 38212 AT&SF steam locomotive provides some pretty cool steam train sounds! I don't know what the deal is with the headlight on that locomotive... it seems to randomly go on and off. The operation of multiple trains on the same layout is made easy due to DCC - digital command control - which allows you to control each train individually. This includes changing speed and operating the horn and bell of each train. It's a fun hobby! What you see in this video was the way my train layout was in early 2015. About a year later, I still hadn't stepped up to an outdoor layout... but I came up with a much more elaborate layout for inside the house. Check it out at https://youtu.be/MMVZxWKB-Ls
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Amazing Train Race : Indian Railways.
Hey folks, here i present you all my first parallel action clip taken in Chennai area, which lies under the Southern Railways. [SR]. Boarded the Chennai Central bound EMU (Electrical Multiple Unit) from Nemilicherry after a rail-fanning session. As soon as my EMU exits Nemilicherry heard a honk. It was the Red Bull ED WAP-4 22223. Enjoy the long and amazing parallel action as my EMU competes with the Red bull resulting in a neck to neck encounter. Train hauled by WAP-4 was the MAS bound Yelagiri Express. 16090 departs JTJ 4.55hrs and arrives MAS 09.15hrs. Longest Unreserved trains with a FC compartment too :O :O. Subscribe me and post your valuable comments :-)
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The worst rail journey in the world TOP 10  -=HD= -
The worst rail journey in the world (curves of the rails, wavy rails, train, undulating track, Dangerous railways world, snow removal from railway,bad railroads) Song title: https://wvportal.net/videos/view-79-samye-hudshie-zhd-puti-v-mire-720p/ (music without copyright) More interesting videos: http://wvportal.net/videos/ VK: https://vk.com/wvportal Facebook EN: https://www.facebook.com/wvportalnet/ Facebook RU: https://www.facebook.com/wvportalru Twitter EN: https://twitter.com/wvportalnet Twitter RU: https://twitter.com/wvportal Google +: https://plus.google.com/u/1/101705509436335554283/posts If you see your video in our video, please contact us, ready to share the profits: [email protected] Волнистые рельсы, кривые рельсы, самые худшие железные дороги Η χειρότερη σιδηροδρομική διαδρομή στον κόσμο Le voyage pire ferroviaire dans le monde Die schlimmste Bahnfahrt in der Welt Fundraising for surgery: PayPal: [email protected]
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The Top Five FASTEST TRAINS  Of Indian Railways In Action!!!
Here Is The List Of Top Five Fastest Trains Presently Running In Our Country..This Video is Made According To Train's Top Speed As Well As Train's Average Speed!! THE FOLLOWING TRAINS IS LISTED BELOW 1)12049/60 NDLS-AGC-NDLS GATIMAAN EXPRESS 2)12001/02 NDLS-HBJ-NDLS BHOPAL SHATABDI EXPRESS 3)12951/52 NDLS-BCT-NDLS MUMBAI RAJDHANI EXPRESS 4)12259/60 NDLS-SDAH-NDLS SEALDAH DURONTO EXPRESS 5)12033/34 NDLS-CNB-NDLS KANPUR SHATABDI EXPRESS So, Enjoy The Compilation And Comments And Suggestions Are Welcomed
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Goa Monsoon - Train Through Dudhsagar Falls Tunnel *HD* гоа дудхсагар фаллс
Goa, India: гоа дудхсагар фаллс Dudhsagar Falls -The video captures the Indian railways train, passenger and freight, passing through tunnel in beautiful monsoon settings near Dudhsagar falls in Goa. The falls are really majestic and a must visit while in monsoons, and train sights through tunnel under rain is just amazing.
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Trains perfectly crossing each other captured from various angles ! When you are eagerly waiting to capture your favorite train and you encounter another Train or Locomotive coming from the opposite direction simultaneously provided we are at the right view point where both trains fit in to the same frame with out blocking each others view makes it a Perfect Crossing. Here comes a specially compiled video of numerous such Crossings of two Trains that I have encountered during my Train Spotting sessions. Hope you enjoy watching this video. Locomotives captured in this video are WDM-2 , WDM-3A ,WDM-3D , WDG-3A ,WDP-4 / 4B, WDG-4 ,WAP-1, WAP-4, WAP-7, WAM-4, WAG-5 & WAG-7. MEMU & DEMU.
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Top 10 Most Amazing Bridges In The World
Top 10 Most Amazing Bridges In The World 10. Pont du Gard Aqueduct: Gard, France The ancient Roman aqueduct bridge Pont du Gard Aqueduct constructed by Roman Empire, placed Vers-Pont-du-Gard near Remoulins of southern France, ancient Roman aqueduct bridge Pont Du Gard Aqueduct believed to be built between 19 BC and 150 BC that cross Gardon River in Vers-Pont-du-Gard. Pont Du Gard Aqueduct itself explain it purpose which was to carry water to city Nîmes over the Gard River, 9. Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia Sydney Harbour Bridge is a steel is amazing miracle by the Government of Australia, is a steel through arch bridge across Sydney harbor which is able to carry multiple vehicles including rail, bicycle, pedestrians well also other any kind of traffic between the North shore and Sydney Central Business district, also famous for celebration of New Year on this bridge. 8. Tower Bridge London, United Kingdom Tower Bridge in London is another master piece, crosses the river Thomas, bridge consist of two bridge tower which are joint together at the upper level by two straight walkways, the bridge is standing on the mysterious height of 65 meters have length 244 meters. It is very close to tower of London that why called as Tower Bridge, has two massive piers which have weight about seventy thousands tons of concrete so according to estimate almost 40,000 people including motorcyclist, pedestrians cross over this bridge, 7. Nanpu Bridge: Shanghai, China China is known as country of bridges because it has 8 out of 10 longest bridges in the world, Nanpu Bridge in Shanghai, China, sister bridge to the Yangpu Bridge, is one of the main bridges in Shanghai, as bridge is cable stayed, also designed by Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute. It has span of 428 meters which is just shorter than that of its sister bridge, 6. Brooklyn Bridge: New York City, United States The Brooklyn Bridge is also most famous in America as this is hybrid because suspension bridge as well as cable stayed in most beautiful city New York, also oldest bridge of America, connects Brooklyn and boroughs of Manhattan by spinning the East River 5. Akashi-kaikyō or pearl bridge: Kobe-Naruto, Japan Akashi-kaikyō or pearl bridge is another amazing miracle in this world, it is suspension bridge that connect the two main cities Kobe on the Japanese mainland of Honshu to ilaya on Awaji Island, also crosses the busy Akashi Strait as a main part of Honshu- Shikoku Highway. Construction of this bridge started in 1988 so completed in ten years in 1998, also known as one of the longest suspension bridge of the world due to total length 3911 meters, longest span of bridge is 1991 meters. 4. Millau Viaduct, France Millau Viaduct is largest Cable stayed bridge in the world that span the River Tarn Valley in the south of France, also known as tallest bridge, construction of this bridge started in 2001 and completed in three years in 2004, so construction cost on this bridge is nearly equal to €400 million. 3. Gateshead Millennium Bridge: Gateshead, England Gateshead Millennium Bridge is another mysterious miracle in England which is just for pedestrians as well as for cyclist, tilt bridge spanning the River Tyne in England between the Quayside of Newcastle upon Tyne on the north bank and Gateshead’s Quays arts quarter on the south bank, award winning design and architecture of this bridge. 2. Ponte Vecchio: Florence, Italy Ponte Vecchio is a another amazing featured bridge, is a Medieval Stone closed Spandrel Segmental arch bridge which is made over the Arno River in Florence in Italy, as shops are also build this, initially Butcher occupied place there but now a day’s art dealers, souvenir seller and Jewelers occupied this place. It is considered as historical cultural bridge 1. Golden Gate Bridge: San Francisco, United States Another master bridge in United states is Golden Gate Bridge which is also world famous, is suspension bridge straddling the Golden Gate Strait, one mile wide and three mile long considered as widest suspension bridge in the world, a channel between Pacific ocean as well as san Francisco. Connects two cities San Francisco with Marin County, bridge is known as most recognized internationally Symbol of California, San Francisco and also United States therefore considered as wonder done in this modern age. Source By: http://www.themeshnews.com/top-10-most-amazing-bridges-in-the-world-2016/ Egmont Overture by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1200069 Artist: http://incompetech.com/ I have such of all images WWW. Google.com.use to made by video for educational purpose. also background sound of the video i have collect from YouTube audio library free music ..So please Watch and Subscribe my channel..
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Indian Train Simulator - WAG-5 Humsafar Express - Ratlam to Kota at Afternoon
Indian Train Simulator - WAG-5 Humsafar Express - Ratlam to Kota at Afternoon In other language, train is : train, kereta api, tren, treno, trein, قطار, Գնացք, Trena, цягнік, রেলগাড়ি, voz, влак, 培养, Zug, τρένο, ટ્રેન, nalowale, रेल गाडी, רכבת, 列車, Sepur, 기차, trem, поезд, ट्रेन #train #keretaapi #tren #ट्रेन
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Thomas and the High Speed Train
The fat controller feels that steam engines are too dirty and the passengers would appreciate a modern, clean and fast replacement, but things don't work out as he had hoped. Filmed on the Sandwell Valley Railway. For up to date news about the railway visit http://sandwellvalleyrailway.blogspot.co.uk. Background Music: Soft by Jingle Punks from the YouTube Audio Library.
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Land of freights GTL-BAY line Hwh bound Amaravati Exp - Indian Railway's
18047 Vasco-da-gama Howrah Amaravati lead by GY WDG3A twins chugging like an hell after getting Proceed signel & The freights with head lamp on UBL WDG4 Dou's & KjM WDG3A Note:- you can see In the middle EMDs are looks like I am the DON ;) Also I you can see respective Raifans sirs & brothers ! Shiva satiraju sir , Vamsi Krishna brother & Kumar brother in action A Many many thanks to LPs & ALPs a friendly they were spend with us they too happy that a railfans is thier ? , Thanks a lot railfans brother that's was a wonderful day in my life :)
Views: 3158104 Vishnu Datta