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World Ventures Compensation Plan   Business Presentation by Matt MorrisHD
Join the #1 travel directselling company in the world. WorldVentures provides you with everything you need to market and sell vacation and entertainment memberships and other related products and services. Start your own homebased business and work from home full or part time...from anywhere in the world 10 good reasons to join WorldVentures today: 1. Lowest Price Guaranteed (If you can find a vacation package at a lower price elsewhere, WV will refund you 100% of the cost and send you on a trip for FREE) 2. Rate Shrinker (Automatically re-book ticket at lowest price available) 3. Dreamtrips (over 600 travel destinations throughout the year) 4. Dreamtrips Mall (thousands of online stores like Macys, Target, Walmart) 5. Refer 4, Pay no more! (Maintain 4 active memberships, and yours is FREE 6. Vacation Saving Program (Every dollars spent towards your monthly dues is credited to you at your membership anniversary date) 7. BMW (Bring 20 customers, and the company will pay for your brand new silver BMW 8. Travel Dollars (Earn travel from the dreamtrip mall, dreamtrips.com and team sales, and use them towards your next trip. 1 dollar = 1 travel dollar) 9. 65% Payout (65% of all sales revenue is shared with WV members) 10. Voluntourism (WV organizes several volunteering trips thoughout aimed at improving the life of children in developed countries) *Bonus 11. World Ventures is all about FUN, FREEDOM AND FULFILLMENT YOU SHOULD BE HERE!!
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Driving to South Beach, Miami
Driving to South beach http://www.ingresocybernetico.com/dmgrouphldgs Ingreso Cybernetico (IC) is an online business tools company based in Medellin, Colombia founded by - Dwayne Golden,CEO co-founder - Juan Carlos Olaya Zapata, President co-founder - Jatin Patel, CIO and head programming co-founder - Bill White, COO co-founder What do we have to offer As an independent distributor of Ingreso Cybernetico you have access to the IC Tool Suite. The tools included are based on your Business Center. Here is a brief description of these tools... Cloud Storage - Gives you the ability to store files on a Cloud Server. Ingreso Cloud is your personal storage space on the Internet. It's unlimited, it's secure and it's there forever. If your computer is lost or damaged, all your files(documents, pictures, videos, etc) Web Hosting - Web Hosting that includes up to 4 gb of disk space and 40 gb of bandwidth. You can even have your own domain name. Autoreponders - Autoresponder service with unlimited campaigns. Your autoresponder service can support up to 20,000 subscribers. Ingreso Apps - Reach your customers with Ingreso Apps, and rest assured they will pay you, visit you more often, and even participate in your specials and loyalty program. Digital Products - Have access to up to 26 professional digitial products that you can resell and keep 100% of the sales. Everything is setup for you, including the sales page, and there is nothing to install. Just share your product link and you are ready for business. Domain Registration - Our search engine allow you to search for the domain name of your choice, and register it at no cost IC Lead Pages - Create customizable opt-in pages in less than 2min without any web design skills Much more... How can you make 125-1025$ daily with Ingreso Cybernetico? Ingreso Cybernetico has also engineered one of the best compensation plan in the industry allowing affiliates to maximize their earning in six different ways: - 100% commissions on digital products sales - 2x2 follow me system (earning between $125-$20,500) - Fast Start Bonus - Monthly Contests - Presidential Circle Car Bonus - Residual Income (on up to 11 levels) With a startup cost of only $50 you can begin earning in the first Business Center. As you begin earning commissions you can take some of these earnings and purchase additional Business Centers where you can ultimately be earning from all 6 Business Centers. To take a look at the Ingreso Cybernetico Business Presentation, click on the link below: SPANISH: http://dmgrouphldgs.ingresocyber... ENGLISH: http://www.ingresocybernetico.co... For testimonials, please visit: http://www.ingresocybernetico.com/landing/?dmgrouphldgs For the latest updates on Ingreso Cybernetico, visit IC business tools FB page: http://facebook.com/joiningreso For Ingreso Cybernetico Income Disclosure statement: https://www.ingresocybernetico.com/u/pages/Income-22 For information on Ingreso Cybernetico: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multi-level_marketing Any questions or comments, please contact me: Dave Michaud, IC Business Specialist facebook.com/dave.michaud.583 [email protected] (647)503-7534
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Set up your Bitconnect account
GET STARTED: https://bitconnect.co/?ref=dmichaud03 What is Bitconnect? Bitconnect is an open source, peer-to-peer, community driven decentralized cryptocurrency that allow people to store and and invest their digital currency , and even earn a substantial interest on investment. I have been an investor of Bitconnect since December 2017. Investing is a very risky business yet I always look at the “future potential” more than its current price. The cryptoworld is a brutal market where all your assets could go to zero overnight. I have failed several times trying. But I am glad to have tried again and invested with Bitconnect and other cryptocurrency platforms. For more info about Bitconnect, send me a message. #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #bitcoincash #Bitconnect #cryptocurrency #digitalcurrency #blockchain #ethereum #litecoin #bbc #iota #xrp #ripple #bitcoingold #coinbase #binance #compoundinterest #passiveincome #mca #iml #forex #freemoney #dailyinterest #dailyprofit
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Happy New Years 2015 ecard Carte de voeux
Joyeuses fetes et une bonne et heureuse annee a tous
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