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https://www.facebook.com/charles.echols.5 You know where Nike gets Sneakers and how Phones are made. Do you care?
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Do not question God!
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Global Warming take 1
Just a round about question...
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Marijuana should be illegal.
Marijuana should be illegal. Heee Hee.
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Pavlov's Americans  First take
https://www.facebook.com/charles.echols.5 Had make sure I had permission lol.
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Higgs Boson Bitch..and like kittens or something...
Rant, And Monkeys... Always Monkeys..
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Religion and Stuff
Religion, Beer. Why ask me? And monkeys...Always Monkeys.
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Decent Leaders
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Trump Training 101
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Kamala Harris.
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Casual Cruelty
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American cure to cancer caused by smoking
Anti-cancer, Trump is a con, Protect America
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5 Bucks!
This is how you stop for-profit prisons.
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Venezuela.  Socialism sucks.
Socialism sucks.
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Evolution  bitches!!!! I told you it is ALWAYS freaking Monkeys.
No script... Off the cuff. Freaking Monkeys.
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Drunk, Stoned, Value of Life. Monkeys...It is ALWAYS...Muther-frickin monkeys.
Ahh the blank page... The curse and the blessing... You ever thought about the value of life? It's real value, why we continue to live it...When it seems so freaking hard sometimes and the world seems to give it such little value? Is it maybe lying on a couch with your 4 year old daughter cuddled to your chest watching the best cartoons you have ever seen in your life? Is it maybe the look in your lover's eyes when you reach that moment together? Is it maybe pancakes at the kitchen table on a lazy Sunday morning? It maybe lying on a hospital bed watching the heart monitor record your heart rate at 194 beats a minute while your best friend is holding your hand trying to be brave for you? Is it maybe sitting on the floor next to the coffee-table stoned out of your mind debating the political structure/ramifications of the Smurfs? Gargamel was totally Russia... Is it maybe seeing a funeral notice in the newspaper of a person you haven't seen in years...The realization...You are never going to see them again. Is it maybe hotdogs with your dad and a fishing-pole? Is it maybe losing your first fight and having your mom give you ice cream. ..... Those are memories... Memories that made life incredibly valuable to me. We are not "statistics", we are not "collateral damage", we are not numbers on a spread sheet. We are living, breathing, loving, laughing, hating, pooping, sex-crazed, dreaming... Humans. Every single moment we have is priceless. Love to all of you. Now that we have covered the value of life lets take a look at how little YOU really care for it. Pat Robertson is a Blood Diamond Trader... Don't believe me? Then Google four words... "Pat Robertson ...Charles Taylor". Yep, Just Google those four words. While you are munching on a triple cheeseburger wrapped in cheese and bacon.... A minimum-wage 34 year-old mother-of-three in Alabama is considering prostitution so she can feed her kids. Oh, in another country the 34 year-old mother of three is watching her daughter get a clitoral circumcision...With the glass from a soda bottle. While you are pissed that you just dropped your Smart-Phone (cracking the glass)... An eleven year old child is performing oral on an Rich White Business-man in Bangkok, Thailand. Not to worry, an 11 year old kid is making the replacement screen you are gonna order on Amazon. While you are taking surveys to get free crap...All that data is being entered into a computer that writes the advertisements that will make you TRAMPLE PEOPLE TO DEATH the next Black Friday... people die! You save 50% on sneakers... While you were sitting there being afraid of terrorists ( most of you will never even share more than 20 words with a Muslim... But there is A MUSLIM!!!...Lurking around every corner waiting to kill you right?)...They passed a law called the Patriot Act... They can now legally...Do what every they want...Provided they name you a terrorist...Google Casio F-91W.... Yep. While you are listening to THEM bitching about Benghazi...You forget these are the same people that were bitching about Obummer's Birth-Certificate. .. THEY LIED about the Birth-Certificate...Evidence is pointing that they are "exaggerating" about Benghazi... (It's Obama...Like it or not he is our president, if you don't support him then you don't support the election/electoral process...DUH?).(For the recorded I think Obama is a corporate puppet put in place to keep you distracted...DUDE, they spend hundreds of millions of dollars just asking you to take surveys...They know how you think and why you think it...You have been taking surveys for, what...Like 67 years now? You really think they didn't anticipate the DRAMA created by a BLACK president?) Just sayin.. Well it turns out the average American only has about a 3 and a half minute attention span so I am gonna stop writing... Here is hoping you can read at the 9th grade level from 1987.
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