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Using he James Charles x Morphe palette
In this video I used the James Charles palette for a beautiful eyelook and gave dupes for the colors I used. Sorry for the lighting but I hope you can enjoy the video anyways!
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Blue water Smokey eye
Music- America by Imagine Dragons This is a beautiful blue Smokey eye look.
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Dark eyelook tutorial
I just realized that the thumbnail looks like I’m dabbing. I’m not. I promise.
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Brown eyelook (I know it’s boring)
Hey guys! This is the first video I’ve ever done where I’ve edited it! I hope you guys like it even though I’m not the best at editing... don’t roast me! Song: The Overpass by Panic! At the Disco
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First video!
Yo dudes this is my very first video! Hope you like it. (you probably won’t but it’s ok). If you do miraculously like it please tell em in the comments! Yo I’m watching it back and I just realized how hard my breathing was. I’ll try harder to breath less hard in the future. Ya that sentence makes sense
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Purple and blue eye look tutorial!
This tutorial is to show you how todo this purple and blue eyelook. I hope that I did better with this video than I did with the last one! I send you all love! Also I realized after I made this that my Instagram is @rainyday2723 not @rainyday. Sorry for the confusion
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