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Shallow Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga Cover "Ricky Connelley''
Shallow Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper "My Cover Version'. I love this song and what it represents. I do not own the rights to this beautiful song. This is my first video using the camera as an instrument. I hope I did it justice with my rough rockish acoustic live version. But all really wanted to point out is you can't always tell what someone is going through. Be a good person ask questions and pay attention to those around you. Suicide is a very serious issue that I have dealt with personally as a young boy. I really hope you all enjoy my first attempt at making a video. Thank you so much for watching! Please like and sub if you wanna see what doing in the future! National Suicide Hotline is 1-800-273-8255 Godbless...
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“Thats Where Come In” Ricky Connelley in Nashville TN
My very first time playing in Nashville TN. It was cold an my voice felt horrible, I’d been in a car for 5 hours, but that’s music. I wanted to share with you guys something I’ll always remember..everyone was so wonderful and treated me so kind. I could write a page on how amazing Donnie Winters an how wonderful the staff at Douglas corner cafe have been to a guy that has no name yet in music.. but u get the point.. go check it out if you ever get a chance. Last but not least the amazing crowd that made me feel so very at home.. thank you guys so much. Yes I use the Chris Stapleton reference allot so I don’t have to explain how to find the small town I’m from 🤷‍♂️. Thank you so much for watching, listening, and supporting me. 🌟❤️🌟
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That’s where I come In” Ricky Connelley
Love, love song, cover , independent artist, eastern ky singer songwriter. Ricky Connelley
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Bipolar Maniac               "Ricky Connelley"
My first Hip hop song! I made every sound no samples. I hope you guys enjoy it..
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Conway Twittys Goodbye Time Covered by Ricky Connelley
Cover of Conway Twittys Goodbye Time. I do not own the rights to this beautiful track. This song has always been there for me an is definitely on the soundtrack of my life.. As always I’d love to know what u guys think. If you enjoy this and wanna see what I do in the future please like and subscribe..thanks for watching
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When In Rome "The Promise" Cover By Ricky Connelley
I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS SONG..This is the first New Video I've done without using just an iPhone. I do play every instrument in this recording, and played the guitar and vocals live. I chose to Cover When In Rome's The Promise because 80s music is always fun. I hope you all enjoy this even though I didn't go crazy editing. I know its a lil rough but it sure was fun to make. Thank you all so much for listening..
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“It Takes A Woman”
Singer/songwriter Ricky Connelley playing an original song in Lexington KY.
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Going into 2019 like I came out of 2018
Love your life like there’s no tomorrow
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“That’s Where I Come In”
Singing/songwriter Ricky Connelley playing original song live in Lexington ky
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“Everything”  Written by: Ricky Connelley.
Original song written by Ricky Connelley singer song writer from Eastern, KY! This is a demo version of this song. We would really love to know what you guys think. Please like and subscribe if you want to see what I’m doing now and in the near future! Thank you all for the support!
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“It Takes A Woman” Ricky Connelley
Original song, It Takes A Woman performed at the Sipp Theatre in Paintsville Ky.
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