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THORnews is for Winners, baby. + a Surprise!
THORnews is for Winners, baby. song by JJ & DOOMROOM now available for purchase https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/doomroom God bless everyone, Stay Cool. T ttps://www.paypal.me/THORnews THORNEWS PO BOX 35946 HOUSTON TEXAS https://www.patreon.com/thornews @newTHOR on twitter https://www.facebook.com/THORnewsthornews
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COMET ISON WTF NASA ? Star + Comet = EXPLOSION? WTF??? Part 14
www.youtube.com/thornews THOR is back talking about c2012 s1 ISON and Neutron Stars, Strange data, Wormwood, the 'official astronomy' media and an ISON black out until September. Why do comets become comets and asteroids become asteroids? NASA now acts like they've never even heard of Comet ISON and the economy is high gearing it into the toilet. Strange times indeed.
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A VERY angry THORnews rant about Gravitational Waves & the State of Science
I still love you science. Forgive me. There be cussing in this video. I recorded this a few weeks ago, I had an earache & a toothache and was very angry. So I took my frustration out on the discovery and celebration of Gravitational Waves. If you can accept criticism about science then by all means watch the video. God bless everyone, T @newTHOR on twitter https://www.facebook.com/thornewsgo
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Is the SUN pointing right at Comet ISON?!?!
http://www.youtube.com/thornews This is part Catch-22 of the Comet c2012 s1 WTF NASA? series brought to you by me, Thor of Thornews. I found a new question I find strange and mind-boggling. Has the Sun been "Pointing" at ISON since December 2012? And. If it's not pointing at ISON, what is it pointing at. Clearly that regular strong beam of light emanating from the Sun is sending all that energy to a specific point for a reason, right? I'd love for any professional astronomer, amateur astronomer or pseudo-astronomer to tell me what exactly it's been pointing at. Is that the Sun's exhaust pipe? http:/www.facebook.com/thornewsgo Tweet me on the Twitter @NewThor Stay cool, YAR!
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Comet ISON is Alive*!
www.youtube.com/thornews Comet ISON has survived and is alive*! What is left of the Nucleus? Is she a ghost in the shell? Reports of her death were greatly exaggerated!?!?! Stay tuned! To this Epic Saga of Ms. C/2012 s1 ISON.
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Comet ISON - This Joker is Wild
http://www.youtube.com/thornews The Comet of the Century is already living up to its billing as the drama and suspense heightens as Comet c2012 s1 ISON enter's the inner Solar System and makes its way towards Mars and the Frost Line. India is holding a three day workshop on Comet Ison in an attempt the study ISON's odd shape and shell more. Plus, India is looking to get college kids into and excited about celestial mechanics and the scientific mind. We are all still patiently waiting on the new photographs from the scientists who ran the Deep Impact satellite imaging of our favorite dirty snow ball on August 9th & 10th. A Hard Core amateur Astronomer explained to me that it is very hard to process a photograph and it is not one of their top priorities. Also, their HiRise Camera stationed around Mars was scheduled to photograph our double dusty like dragon on the 20th of August. Relax, they say 'It's just Parallax, now have a coke and a snickers and chillax to the max' or something like that. This is a totally normal* comet and it seems our imaginations have run off with some hot pixelating Hubble Moving and shaking, plus you've got to focus on the foreground or back ground. So there's that. Hey, was that even a complete sentence? Oh. Earth. We stand by ready. We're really treading on some weird turf these days. Comets a like a box of chocolate cats, you never know what you're going to get. THORNEWS - Awesome NEO old School - I remember when Jedis were cool. Effin' skynet. Stay cool, y'all. http://www.facebook.com/thornewsgo
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Galaxy throws a fastball of Runaway Stars at Earth
http://www.youtube.com/thornews The Messier 87 Galaxy has spit a chunk of stars in Earth's general direction. But don't panic - They say it'll take 53 million light years to get here. Or something like that. I am bad with math. Though if you love DOOM there is something in this story for you! Is it a science fiction astronomy tale of chain star disruptions? How fast does gravity travel, ya know? Oh. That's a good dumb question. Anyways, Globular Nebula Clusters are cool. The star baseball analogy is travelling 2 million miles per hour. That's fast! HVGC-1 is the first of its kind. Scientists, Astronomers & Astrologists have seen run away stars, runaway planets & run away moons before but never an entire globular cluster of stars ejected by a galaxy. Once again The Universe surprises us beyond our wildest imagination. Hey. How are Jupiter and Saturn doing? Venus was bright in the sky this morning. And Mars is always a trickster. I wonder if the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics thinks I am awesome? Probably. Cuz they deal in facts. And that's a fact, Jack! Right Shoulder! This article is interesting to say the least. Article by the HarvardñSmithsonian Center for Astrophysics "Entire Star Cluster Thrown Out of its Galaxy" http://www.cfa.harvard.edu/news/2014-09 Let's get extrasolar y'all! God Bless Everyone! T /discuss meet me on the facebook www.facebook.com/thornewsgo or tweet me on the twitter @NewThor
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13 New 2013 100+ km Near Earth Asteroids & the BIG Jackass that might be causing it all.
http://www.youtube.com/thornews THORnews Asteroid Watch is on the march in the early fall of 2013. With hyperbolic Comets 2P ENCKE c2013 r1 LOVEJOY c/2012 s1 ISON filling the inner solar system skies during the ThanksGiving Christmas, New Year's Eve and the THORnews all Earth party and watch meteor shower January 14-17th 2014, things just got a little more interesting. We've got 13 new 100+ km Asteroids discovered in the last 3 months and many others under 100 km. I don't know about y'all, but I am a super hero, so though NASA and I don't always agree 100%, when they asked everybody to join their Asteroid Watch, Understanding and Prevention program to help Earthlings protect the planet from future potentially hazardous near Earth objects, I put on my rocket boots and jumped at the chance. And here we are. Don't be alarmed, but it never hurts to think good thoughts, say our prayers and wish will be all be improved, charmed and unharmed. Stay cool, Y'all. Good Bless Everyone. T PS. RIP Bam 'BAM' Margera Post Script. Hey. You can follow me on the facebook if yee like. http://www.facebook.com/thornewsgo
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Astrobiologists switch search for life to Alien Oceans. LOL. WTF?
So Astrobiologists Shift Search for Alien Life To Oceans. Uh. Where they looking before? the Core? The Crust? The Soil? Looking in the alien ocean seems like a no brainer but.... Stay Cool. God Bless everyone, T @newTHOR on twitter https://www.facebook.com/thornewsgo http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2016/04/astrobiologists-shift-search-for-alien-life-to-oceans.html The salt levels of oceans on distant Earth-like planets could have a major effect on their climates – according to new research from the Centre for Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of East Anglia. The research published today reveals that the circulation in extremely salty or fresh water extra-terrestrial seas would influence their temperatures – and could in fact make for more habitable conditions for alien life. Until recently, computer simulations of habitable climates on Earth-like planets have mainly focused on their atmospheres. But studying their oceans is vital for understanding climate stability and habitability – as on our own Earth. But until now, researchers had not considered that the seas on distant Earth-like planets might not be quite like ours - they might be significantly more or less salty than the oceans on Earth. “The number of planets being discovered outside our solar system is rapidly increasing," said David Stevens, from UEA’s School of Mathematics. "Our research helps to answer whether or not these planets could sustain alien life. We think that many planets may be uninhabitable because they are either too close or too far from their sun. A planet's habitable zone is based on its distance from the sun and temperatures at which it is possible for the planet to have liquid water. "Oceans play a vital role in sustaining life and also have an immense capacity to control climate. But previous studies on ocean circulation on other planets have made the assumption that fundamental ocean properties - such as the salinity and depth of water – would be similar to that on Earth. We wanted to find out what might be happening on other planets which might appear superficially similar to Earth, but where conditions such as salinity are radically different to our own planet.” The research team used computer models of ocean circulation on exoplanets to see what would happen when their oceans had different salinity levels to Earth. They considered oceans with very low salinity (similar to freshwater), salinity similar to the average value of Earth’s oceans, and high salinity (similar levels to the Dead Sea).
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Did the Economist magazine "Predict" the Nepal 8.1 Earthquake?
I'm going out on a woo woo limb here andtaking a guess that the Economist 2015 magazine cover predicted a Nepal earthquake, with bigger quakes to come. The economist magazine is rothchild owned so fair game for illuminati speculation, no? strange days indeed, God bless everyone, T
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CERN - Nostradamus - RAYPOZ
Don't shit your pants & cry, Junior. This is a simple starter video where I discuss the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland and Nostradamus and his Raypoz Quatrain. Stay cool. God Bless Everyone, T @NewTHOR on twitter https://www.facebook.com/thornewsgo
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Weird Weather - Earth Under Pressure: Quadrupole?
I think we all agree, the weather is weird. Mean Sea Level Pressure is a good indicator of how weird the weather shall get. We've got a low pressure spot between Europe & Greenland for about 2 years and now we've got one that's been sitting over Alaska for a while. It almost looks like the Earth has become like the Sun and has a Quadrapole. Strange Days, indeed. God Bless Everyone, T Awesome THORnews T-Shirts http://thornews.bigcartel.com/ @newTHOR on twitter https://www.facebook.com/thornewsgo
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NASA's newest Martian Rover is Broken*
NASA's cuddly & Favorite known to the public Mars Rover Curiosity has suffered a short circuit in its Science arm. So come along with me THOR of THORnews on this Blue Pill edition of Awesome Astronomy! http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2015/03/04/curiosity-rover-on-mars-down-for-the-count-after-a-short-circuit/ God Bless Everyone, T @NewThor on Twitter https://www.facebook.com/thornewsgo
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We have a new Sun grazer possible Sundiving Comet! Will it survive?
I woke up this morning and Ben Davidson aka Suspicious0bservers was raging mad at NASA's SOHO kids for getting super stingy with the data on this new sun diving sungrazing comet. Will it survive? I'd like to know. Suspicious0bservers video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0lfJF9Tcys God Bless Everyone, T @newTHOR on Twitter https://www.facebook.com/thornewsgo
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Horrific Flooding continues in 6 USA states as Multiple levees are breached.
This horrible flood situation just continues to get worse. Multiple Levees have been breached as 6 states have seen 10+ inches of rainfall. For some reason, the Mainstream media doesn't find this story very interesting. Strange days, indeed. God bless everyone, T @newTHOR on twitter https:///www.facebook.com/thornewsgo articles on the situation https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2017/05/04/aerial-images-arkansas-missouri-flooding/101295116/ Arkansas, Missouri flooding overtaking towns After floodwaters punched through levees in parts of Missouri and Arkansas, the National Weather Service warned Thursday of more high water in northwest Arkansas, where some 100 members of the National Guard are assisting in the flood-fighting effort. http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/breaking-levee-breaches-along-swollen-black-river-near-pocahontas-arkansas/70001570 Gov. Asa Hutchinson deploys National Guard to combat Arkansas flooding following at least 9 levee breaches Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson has deployed additional resources to combat the extreme flooding in northern parts of the state as many communities remain underwater. A dangerous flooding situation in northeastern Arkansas worsened on Wednesday morning when a levee failed along the Black River near the town of Pocahontas. Following the breach, the National Weather Service office in Memphis, Tennessee, immediately issued a flash flooding emergency and urged residents to seek higher ground immediately due to life-threatening flooding. Water rescues were occurring just south of Pocahontas in the community of Shannon, according to the NWS. Evacuation orders were issued on Monday for eastern Pocahontas, which included 150 homes, dozens of businesses and an assisted living facility, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Water had begun to spill over the top of the levee on Tuesday, and officials warned of an imminent levee breach. Gauge data shows the river crested at a record level of 28.95 feet at 8:30 p.m. local time Tuesday, but it is forecast to remain above the major flood stage of 25 feet through early Saturday morning. "This is the most extensive flooding in an urban area that I've ever seen as governor," said Hutchinson, who surveyed the flooding in Randolph, Lawrence and Sharp counties by helicopter on Tuesday. Hutchinson declared a state of emergency for the state and said he will ask for federal disaster aid, the Democrat-Gazette reported. At least nine sections of the levee system failed in Randolph County alone and three of the breaches were categorized as "major" Hutchinson said. The governor also said in a Wednesday press conference he authorized additional resources to be applied to what is already in place in impacted areas. This includes strengthening the deployment of the Arkansas National Guard, which has 25 vehicles ready to deal with high-water rescues and 108 service members in the affected communities. At least 500 evacuations have already occurred in the state, Hutchinson said. Days of heavy rain have resulted in the record crests of numerous rivers across the central United States. Many parts of the Mississippi River in Missouri and Arkansas will remain above flood stage into next week. "A general 4-8 inches of rain fell, while some locations received 10 inches of rain in part of the Central states," according to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski. At least seven people have been killed due to the severe storms and heavy flooding in Arkansas since April 26.
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Freak Double Storm to be Major Trouble for big East Coast Cities!
https://www.paypal.me/THORnews The Disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico is now Tropical Depression #18 & could still intensify. So now we've got a TD hooking up with a 2nd low pressure system hooking up with a storm front in what could be an epic storm with extreme damage elements. Stay cool. God bless everyone, T https://www.paypal.me/THORnews @newTHOR on twitter article on storm https://www.wunderground.com/cat6/cuba-south-florida-bahamas-line-drenching-93l-organizes Cuba, South Florida, Bahamas In Line for Drenching as 93L Organizes Hurricane Hunters were en route Friday afternoon to the Northwest Caribbean, where a long-simmering tropical disturbance showed increasing signs of organization. Models support the idea that the disturbance, called Invest 93L, could become a tropical depression or tropical storm as it moves across Cuba, near South Florida, and through the Bahamas this weekend. In addition, moisture from the vicinity of 93L will get swept northward, helping to juice a powerful midlatitude storm expected to slam parts of the U.S. Northeast from Sunday into Monday. [Update: At 5 pm EDT Friday, the National Hurricane Center upgraded 93L to Potential Tropical Cyclone 18. The PTC designation, introduced earlier this year, applies to systems that are not yet full-fledged tropical cyclones but that could intensify and bring tropical-storm conditions to land areas within the next 48 hours. Tropical storm warnings have been issued for parts of Cuba and The Bahamas. Although the Hurricane Hunters found winds of tropical storm strength within PTC 18, there was not yet a well-defined center of circulation.] At 2 pm EDT Friday, the center of 93L was located just off the eastern tip of Honduras. As it’s drifted north over the last 24 hours, 93L has moved into a frontal zone stretching from the Northwest Caribbean into the Northwest Atlantic. Reinforcement from converging low-level winds along this front appears to have given a boost to 93L, with an expanding area of strong showers and thunderstorms (convection) beginning to consolidate. Intensity forecast for 93L Wind shear around 93L is on the decrease: the 12Z Friday run of the SHIPS model predicts that shear will be less than 10 knots from midday Friday until Saturday evening. The mid-level atmosphere is quite moist (around 70%) and sea-surface temperatures are very warm (around 30°C or 86°F). There is also a pool of high oceanic heat content centered in the Northwest Caribbean, which would lend further support to any development. Together, the above factors will give 93L a brief window of very favorable conditions for development before shear begins to rapidly increase on Saturday night. This may be enough time for a tropical storm to form, although the increasing shear, the limited time frame, and the expected interaction with Cuba make it very unlikely 93L would reach hurricane strength. The GFS and European model ensemble forecasts from 00Z Friday gave 93L a 50-70% chance of becoming a depression and a 25-30% chance of intensifying into a named storm. None of the 70 ensemble members generated a hurricane. In its 2 pm EDT tropical weather outlook, NHC gave 80% odds that 93L would develop into at least a tropical depression by midday Sunday. The next name on the Atlantic list is Philippe. Track forecast and potential impacts from 93L The track forecast for 93L is straightforward, thanks to a strong upper-level trough moving into the eastern U.S. that will capture 93L over the weekend. 93L should continue to drift north through Friday night, then accelerate northeastward from Saturday into Sunday ahead of the trough. It now appears less likely that 93L be interacting interact directly with the intense surface low that's predicted to form off the East Coast and race northward Sunday in association with the upper trough. Instead, 93L will more likely merge with the strong front that will sweep ahead of the trough from the Southeast U.S. into the Northwest Atlantic late Sunday. Heavy rain is the main threat from 93L. Track models are in close agreement that 93L will move across central Cuba late Saturday, most likely as a weak tropical storm, then accelerate across the Bahamas early Sunday. The increasing motion will cut back on potential rainfall totals, but a swath of 2 – 6”, with locally higher amounts, can be expected across the Cayman Islands, central Cuba, and the Northwest Bahamas, along with gale-force winds. Across South Florida, widespread 1 – 4” totals can be expected, in part due to interactions with the approaching upper-level trough. Moisture from 93L will be funneled across the eastern U.S. in an atmospheric river on Saturday and Sunday, ahead of the approaching upper trough and cold front. Several north-south belts of heavy rain can be expected, with “training” cells moving from south to north along the corridors as they slowly translate east. One belt of heavy rain may produce 1 – 3”
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Florence & North Carolina is a FLOODING DISASTER that will continue through the Week
Rivers won't crest until Tuesday. Dams may break. Levees are already failing. Stay on top of the News if you are in North Carolina. God bless everyone, Stay Cool. - T https://www.paypal.me/THORnews Tshirts https://hitthebuttonbaby.com/ THORNEWS PO BOX 35946 HOUSTON TEXAS 77235-5946 https://weather.com/storms/hurricane/news/2018-09-17-florence-flooding-north-south-carolina Florence's Devastation: Workers Trapped at North Carolina Nuclear Facility; More Evacuations Ordered in South Carolina; Death Toll Rises Hurricane Florence has killed at least 20 in the Carolinas during its rainy siege. Floodwaters cut off Wilmington, the state’s eighth-largest city, from the rest of the state. Flooding stranded some employees at Duke Energy's Brunswick nuclear plant on Monday. Hurricane Florence, now downgraded to a tropical depression, began its second week of impacts Monday with much of the same – flooding that cut off entire towns and water rescues in parts of the Carolinas that have been inundated. Workers Stranded: Flooding surrounded Duke Energy's Brunswick nuclear plant on Monday, cutting it off from the outside world and stranding some workers at the facility, the News and Observer reported. The employees are not in any immediate danger, but the plant has raised emergency levels to an "unusual event" – the lowest level on the scale, the report added. Dams, levees threatened: On Monday, Ashe County Emergency Management officials posted on Facebook that the Headwaters Dam "is fine today." Shortly before 8 p.m Sunday, the emergency manager had reported the imminent failure of the Headwaters Dam in the Headwaters subdivision of Creston. The alert said the dam was in danger of being breached, and it said people downstream of 5010 3 Top Road were being asked to evacuate. Less than an hour later, another emergency was reported at a levee in Landis, but that situation is under control, the National Weather Service said. Missing child found dead: Union County officials said they recovered the body of 1-year-old Kaiden Lee-Welch Monday morning, who had been missing since he was swept away by floodwaters a day earlier. Rescuers said the child's mother was also swept from the car that she drove into the floodwaters, a WCCB reporter tweeted. She was rescued and taken to the hospital. Train derails: A CSX train derailment in Lilesville may have been caused after flooding washed out the tracks. In a statement, CSX officials said several railcars derailed about 6 p.m. Sunday. Personnel on the train were taken to a hospital with minor injuries. Wilmington cut off: Wilmington, the state’s eighth-largest city, is cut off from the rest of North Carolina by still-rising floodwaters from Florence, officials plan to airlift food and water to a city of nearly 120,000 people as rescuers elsewhere pull inland residents from homes threatened by swollen rivers. Charlotte flooding: In and around Charlotte, people trapped in their homes have prompted numerous multiple water rescues, especially on the south side of the city, where 20 roads were closed, according to the National Weather Service. Further east, in Union County, nearly 100 roads were underwater and at least two water rescues were underway Sunday afternoon. I-95 closed: Flooding led to the closure of a huge stretch of Interstate 95 from north of Fayetteville all the way north to U.S. 64 – a span of about 60 miles of the freeway. Officials told drivers to avoid I-95 entirely, and advised them to instead go west into Tennessee and take I-75 through Georgia, WTVR.com reported. Rainfall records: Five spots have preliminarily topped North Carolina's tropical cyclone rainfall record: Swansboro (34 inches), Hofmann Forest (29.48 inches), Sunny Point (27.44 inches), Nature Conservancy (27.12 inches) and Newport/Morehead City (25.20 inches). The previous record was 24.06 inches from Hurricane Floyd in 1999. N.E. Cape Fear River at Chinquapin: This location set a new record flood level on Sunday, topping the previous record of 23.5 feet from Hurricane Floyd in 1999. "Devastating flooding" occurs across the county once the river reaches 23 feet, according to the National Weather Service. The river gauge in this spot is no longer working, but serious flooding should continue this week. Trent River at Trenton: A new record crest was set on Sunday, surpassing Hurricane Floyd's flood level of 28.42 feet. The entire town of Trenton is flooded at this level. Record flooding continued as of Monday morning. Little River at Manchester: Record flooding is ongoing, topping Hurricane Matthew's previous record flood level of 32.19 feet. Power outages: About 450,000 homes and businesses remain without power in North Carolina, according to PowerOutage.us. Rescues: Gov. Roy Cooper said in a Monday afternoon news conference that more than 2,600 people and 300 animals have been rescued from the flooding statewide. Toxic threat:
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Coolest. Lens. Flare. Ever. by Jupiter & the Moon.
January 7th, 2015 - I saw the coolest lens flare eve. Caused by Jupiter & the Moon. ?* It's got a bunch of moving parts and shit, man. Check it out. Ya know. if you're into Lens flares & things of that optic Celestial nature. I found it on the Canada France Hawaii Telescope. Moons and planets with moons do lots of crazy things to the pictures, am I right? or what. Crazy. Maybe it's Jupiter and its moons: Io Ganymede Europa AmalThea Kubrick Metis Thebe Callisto Adrastea Leda Carpo et al. yo God Bless Everyone, T http://www.cfht.hawaii.edu/en/gallery/cloudcams/index.php?opts=movies&moviefile=data/movies-annotated/Jan07-2015.mp4
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Comet ISON  WTF NASA? Part 2 - Call to Action! C2012 S1
www.youtube.com/thornews --- THORnews presents... After 2 weeks of asking NASA to put one of their big old fancy cameras on Comet Ison. They have not granted my request. The news on the Comet has raised a few eyebrows though and brought up more questions. We now have less answers than we did before. So now I ask you to help. Pretty please? This Comet gets more interesting as it gets closer. It's a dirty snowball soap opera for sure. I sure hope my Bloomberg call to action works. :)
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My 50 year conspiracy timeline of the calculated dismantling of the USA's Freedom, Spirit & Will
http://www.youtube.com/thornews Everyone has their own perspective on History, how the West was won, how the West got lost and what we can do to build our way back to the future of the promised land. America has gone through some radical changes in the last fifty years. Now each decade the quickening gets quicker. How did we get here? I present to you my own personal of the major events that shaped the status quo of Fall 2013. Blame games will help no one now, other than the people who profit from the confused and divided masses chasing boogie men and conquering themselves. I recognize that this is a pretty emotional topic, but please keep the comment section civil. This 5,000 year old 3-card monty game was designed to make you waste your energy chasing a framed scapegoat. God bless everyone. God speed. Stay cool. If you'd like to discuss this further, comments section (Be cool) or http://www.facebook.com/thornewsgo (Be cool) or @NewThor on Twitter (It's twitter. no one is ever cool there for some reason. Peace. The Future is what we make it.
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Hot Shutdown for unusual reasons at North Carolina Nuclear Power Plant
this serious story is brought to us by @tronictime God bless everyone, Stay Cool. T https://www.paypal.me/THORnews Tshirts https://hitthebuttonbaby.com/ THORNEWS PO BOX 35946 HOUSTON TEXAS 77235-5946 the full article https://www.intellihub.com/north-carolina-nuclear-power-plant-declares-unusual-event-following-storm-hot-shutdown/ he Nuclear Regulatory Commission is being tight-lipped about an “unusual event” which occurred at the Brunswick Nuclear Plant last Saturday which forced a “hot shutdown” of both the plant’s Generation IV-type reactors 1 and 2. The NRC classified the emergency as an “unusual event” but provided little to no details on the situation. Additionally, the NRC reports that weather conditions from Tropical Storm Florence are currently preventing workers from accessing the plant. “A hazardous event has resulted in on site conditions sufficient to prohibit the plant staff from accessing the site via personal vehicles due to flooding of local roads by Tropical Storm Florence.” From the NRC regarding Event 53609: The current rector mode is showing as “hot shutdown” and more rain is on the way. River waters in the area are expected to rise as much as 20 feet in the coming days. Not to mention, local dams in the area may be to capacity. We will provide updates as we get them. Please comment below and share. H/T” @tronictime
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Earth is Cracking up - Giant Cracks, Sinkholes, Volcanoes & Madness
We've got giant cracks in South Africa, Ariizona USA, & Antarctica, Volcanoes erupting all over the world, more sinkholes than I can count and a global civilization that is going insane. I think it's time to step outside & bask in the beauty of life and Mother Nature. Strange days, indeed. God Bless everyone, T @newTHOR on twitter https://www.facebook.com/thornewsgo articles http://www.forbes.com/sites/trevornace/2017/01/30/enormous-crack-opened-middle-arizona-desert/#53c9f48f2b08 An Enormous Crack Just Opened Up In The Middle Of The Arizona Desert Trevor Nace , CONTRIBUTOR I cover geology, earth science, and natural disasters. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Play Mute Current Time 0:28 / Duration Time 1:00 Loaded: 0%Progress: 0% Share Fullscreen The Arizona Geological Survey is monitoring a 2-mile long crack that has opened up in the Arizona desert. Recent drone flights over the crack reveal that it has continued to grow both in length and width in Pinal County, to the southeast of Phoenix. Scientists are actively monitoring the crack and took drone video of the extent of the fissure as normal documentation of an area prone to large cracks in the Earth. The northern portion of the crack is older and partially filled in by eroding sediment and from collapse of the crack’s edges. Meanwhile, the southern portion remains 25 to 30 feet deep and 10 feet across. The fissure tapers out toward each edge but the southern edge continues to grow in length and widen. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4129206/Shocking-drone-footage-shows-huge-crack-ice.html Shocking drone footage shows the huge scale of the 25 mile-long crack in ice that forced a British Antarctic base to shut down The Halley VI Research Station is home to the British Antarctic Survey The research base is being relocated 14 miles across the Brunt Ice Shelf If the research station is not relocated, it could be swallowed by the ice by 2020 Once operation is finished, station will be abandoned for the winter Yesterday, the Halley VI Research Station was forced to close its Antarctic research base amid rising fears it could fall into a huge ice chasm. Shocking new drone footage has now been released that shows just how massive the growing crack in the ice is. The worrying footage has forced the British research base to relocate 14 miles (22 km) across the Brunt Ice Shelf and close its doors for the winter. The footage shows a 25 mile-long (40km) crack that appears to be a few feet deep. In some areas, the crack has split into two, leaving behind small islands of ice. The British Antarctic survey said that changes to the ice presents 'a complex glaciological picture' that causes concern about the shelf on which the station is located in the coming months. The survey says a new crack on the floating Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica will force them to remove people before the Antarctic winter, which runs from March to November, ends.
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Ceres is a Planet in our inner Sol system & probably has LIFE. WTF NASA?
www.youtube.com/thornews Welcome to Ceres the series part 1. Where, I, THOR now feel like Indiana Jones if he were a pseudo Astronomer. My mind is a bit blown. I did my due diligence on this planet and am jaw droppingly gobbstopped. Ceres. She is a planet planetoid dwarf planet Asteroid #1 found on January 1st 1801. And then it starts to get weird. Welcome to part one. Oh boy. www.youtube.com/thornews www.facebook.com/thornewsgo @NewThor on Twitter CRAZY
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WTF is the Strange recurring shape in Sun?
In the last 1/2 year or so, this Bat like flying v shape has continued to show it self time and time again. What is it? Comet c2012 s1 ISON? A Neutron Star? Nibiru? lol I don't know what it is, but I find it odd to say the least. It does seem to be the shape of a comet type object but who knows. Maybe you can tell me.
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Erupting California Volcanoes, Big New Madrid Earthquake & Planetary Alignments.
This video contains Celestial Mechanics, Astrology & Physics. you are welcome. God bless everyone, T God bless everyone, T https://www.paypal.me/THORnews Tshirts https://hitthebuttonbaby.com/ THORNEWS PO BOX 35946 HOUSTON TEXAS 77235-5946
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Can I make you a deal? Big laugh wins a piece of cake. No problem. We've reached peak Peak & Terror. It's time to celebrate. Have a wonderful weekend. God bless everyone. T https://www.paypal.me/THORnews https://www.patreon.com/thornews @newTHOR on twitter https://www.facebook.com/THORnewsthornews THORNEWS PO BOX 35946 HOUSTON TEXAS
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A Father's Day BIG STORM update
For DRL & JRV, Heaven is a better place with y'all. May y'all Stay Cool forever & ever. Amen. God bless everyone, your Son, T everybody should go read crankywxguy's blog. seriously. http://www.stormhamster.com/entry/e061518.htm
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THORnews is Funny.
When life gets too serious & stressful, I must let go and fully embrace the Silly in the Good name of Comedy, Fun and Humor. So Enjoy this peak into Sage & I's adventures. God bless everyone, T @newTHOR on twitter https://www.facebook.com/thornewsgo
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Comet ISON WTF NASA? Part 8 : Dust Double Feature
www.youtube.com/thornews In part 8 about Comet c2012 S1 ISON we're looking at the new article which talks about Comet Ison's 'Dust Feature'. Uh. LOL WUT? Is that a movie? No. SPACE UNDERWEAR IN YOUR FACE!!! The feature only gives us more questions and ads more mystery to this comet of the century. NASA and pals haven't given us a new photograph or movie of ISON. They announced this comet in September of 2012 and it reaches the closest approach to the Sun in December of 2013, so now that we're 1/2 past that life span, when is NASA going to give up the goods? I'm going to try and recruit NEOWISE specialist Amy Mainzer to the cause, but my luck has been bad in this area. So we'll just have to see how it goes. Thanks for watching! God bless everyone!
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House wants to use Martial Law power to Avoid Government Shutdown
With the clock ticking on a government shutdown, the House Republican leadership will move to give themselves authority to fast-track a bill through the legislative process, according to multiple senior congressional sources. Congress parties with the Pope and then Another Government shutdown? Awesome. Strange Days indeed. http://www.politico.com/story/2015/09/house-martial-law-authority-213790 http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-09-21/times-government-shutdown-odds-spike-75 God Bless everyone, T @NewTHOR on Twitter https://www.facebook.com/thornewsgo
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NASA's Satellites are filled with Strange Things: Jacques, Giant Eye Ball, , WTF is that?, etc.
https://www.youtube.com/THORnews We're playing the fun game of watch the STEREO HI-2 Ahead & Behind satellites before they die and I've found several strange things. Join me for a light an easy romp through the latest footage. Maybe you can tell me what some of this shit is. Peace! T https://www.facebook.com/thornewsgo @NewThor on Twitter
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Binary Stars whizzed passed our Solar System. When?
Astronomers report some stars passed close by our Solar System approximately 70,000 years ago. Oh really? Article by the Bad Astronomer Phillip P. Plait http://www.slate.com/blogs/bad_astronomy/2015/02/19/close_encounter_near_stellar_flyby.html Stay cool. God Bless Everyone, T @NewThor on twitter https://www.facebook.com/thornewsgo
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Big Texas Flood & High Hurricane Alert!!! September 26th - October 10th.
Tropical Storm Kirk will probs become a major Hurricane & threaten the Gulf of Mexico to Florida. The Remnants of Florence could complete a worst cast scenario and turn back into a hurricane and hit the East coast. and there are 2 wildcards on the board. The data changes so fast its hard to keep up so be ready for anything. God bless everyone, Stay Cool T https://www.paypal.me/THORnews Tshirts https://hitthebuttonbaby.com/ THORNEWS PO BOX 35946 HOUSTON TEXAS 77235-5946 the crankywxguy blog http://www.stormhamster.com/entry/e092218.htm the wave master https://dabuh.com/ article on storm https://weather.com/storms/hurricane/news/2018-09-21-tropical-activity-atlantic-pacific-late-september-trami-kirk Here's What We're Watching in the Tropics as Activity Starts to Increase Again The first half of September was a very active period in the tropics. The last few days have been fairly quiet across the globe. Tropical activity has begun to increase again in the Atlantic and Pacific. Tropical activity in the Atlantic and Pacific is starting to increase again after a few generally quiet days. This recent break in tropical activity came after a busy first half of September. This was no surprise, as the active period came at the peak of hurricane season in the Atlantic. There were five named storms in the first two weeks of September, three of which became hurricanes – Florence, Helene and Isaac. In the Pacific, the strongest storm of the season, Typhoon Mangkhut, developed and caused extensive damage in the northern Philippines and southeastern China. Now, there are several areas we are watching for tropical activity as September ends. Watching Four Areas in the Atlantic Basin Tropical Storm Kirk developed Saturday morning about 450 miles south of the Cabo Verde Islands. Kirk will track quickly westward over the next few days far from land. Some intensification is possible this weekend, but vertical wind shear may increase next week possibly limiting additional strengthening. Trami is more about 900 miles southeast of Okinawa and is tracking toward the west. Moisture from Trami increased rainfall near Guam. With the ground already saturated from heavy rainfall from Mangkhut last week, the increased moisture in this region has brought the concern for flooding.
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1.7 Mile PHA Asteroid 1998 QE2 has a Moon!
It looks like potentially hazardous Asteroid QE2 has a Moon or celestial body girlfriend bound by gravity!That's cool. I used some of my special filters to boost the image. This big bad 1.7 mile wide space rock will pass us on May 31st 2013. While it won't hit Earth* it does qualify as a NEO Near Earth Object and it's the junk behind it we've gotta watch out for. So, if this puppy has a moon, it's not crazy to think Comet c2012 s1 ISON might have a moon as well, neh? Crazy times people! Let's party like it was 1999!
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Is Comet ISON really a Comet?!?!?
http://www.youtube.com/thornews PLEASE do not watch this video unless you are an intelligent human being with a sense of humor. Thank you. In this episode of Comet c/2012 s1 ISON WTF NASA / EARTH ?!?! part 41 - I THOR ask the Question. AGAIN. Is Comet ISON really a comet? We've got John Bortle one of the top Comet Experts in the last 50 years saying that the recent images along with his own visual impression, is "downright weird." He adds that, "There is a bright, miniature, long-tailed comet situated within a much larger, but very much fainter and diffuse halo of a coma." He goes on to add "At this stage of the game, with the comet about to cross the orbit of Earth, I cannot recall any previous comet in my 50-plus years of comet observing looking quite like this. So, what does ISON's current look foretell, or mean? I honestly don't know. All I can say is I don't like the odd look of it at this time." Article linked below... http://www.nbcnews.com/science/observers-perplexed-comet-isons-erratic-performance-8C11512045 ...Comet? Jettrink? Other. It's a good time to revisit this question oh and the Sun is freaking out with a bevy of M class & X-class flare and filaments popping off the like crazy. At least the weather on Earth is kind of normal for like 5 minutes. So there is that. God bless everyone, Stay Cool, T http://brucegary.net/ISON/ http://digilander.libero.it/infosis/homepage/astronomia/c2012s1.htm http://www.solarsystemscope.com/ison/ http://solarimg.org/artis/ Want to talk about it? meet me on the facebook www.facebook.com/thornewsgo or tweet me on the twitter @NewThor
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BREAKING! Monster Storm THREATENS Eastern N. America Seabaord & Gulf of Mexico population!
This is an up to the minute update as of 4:13 pm Texas Time. The monster moisture machine that may become a tropical terror is growing large and baffling spaghetti hurricane models. lets be cool, stay cool, be aware and prepared for which ever way this thing goes. Momma2 bets Brownsville Texas. The East coast is my guess. tropical subtropical invest 92L & invest 93L it's dangerous no matter what they call it At the moment, no one really knows. God bless everyone, T https://www.paypal.me/THORnews @newTHOR on twitter https://www.facebook.com/thornewsgo articles on storm https://weather.com/storms/hurricane/news/tropical-development-area-to-watch-caribbean-gulf-june-2017 There is a high chance that a tropical or subtropical depression or storm will form in the Gulf of Mexico or northwest Caribbean. Added moisture will enhance rainfall along parts of the Gulf Coast if even development does not occur. Flooding is possible this week along the Gulf Coast from the heavy rain. A separate system is being monitored in the Atlantic for development. The northwest Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico are being monitored closely for the potential development of a tropical or subtropical depression or storm early this week. A threat of heavy rain and flooding may develop along parts of the U.S. Gulf Coast early this week no matter where this future system eventually tracks. Current satellite imagery shows vigorous shower and thunderstorm activity in the northwestern Caribbean in association with a broad area of low pressure that has developed. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) has dubbed this system Invest 93L and says it has a high chance of developing into a tropical or subtropical depression or storm. A hurricane hunter investigative flight has been tentatively scheduled for Monday. (MORE: What Is An Invest?) A well-defined low-pressure system is needed for a tropical depression or tropical storm to organize, and that hasn't happened yet. The next named storm in the Atlantic Basin will be "Bret." In the near term, heavy rainfall from Invest 93L will affect portions of Central America, the Yucatan Peninsula, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and western Cuba. U.S. Threat: Heavy Rain, Flooding Possible Along Gulf Coast Most of the forecast guidance suggests the area of low pressure will track in a north or northwest direction through the Gulf of Mexico early this week. As this occurs, parts of the U.S. Gulf Coast and Florida will see increasing moisture, which will fuel heavy rainfall. That said, forecast guidance is not in agreement on exactly where the low will track in relation to the U.S. Gulf Coast. That makes a large difference when it comes to pinning down exactly where the heaviest rain will occur. Florida will be the first area to experience this influx of moisture, resulting in heavy downpours Sunday into Monday. Other parts of the northern, central and western Gulf Coast could also see heavy rain depending on the track of this system Tuesday-Thursday. This heavy rain could eventually lead to flooding in some areas, but it's too early to determine where the greatest amounts will fall. A low that tracks toward the Florida Panhandle would increase the threat of heavy rain there and in other parts of the Southeast. Meanwhile, a track toward northern Mexico, Texas or Louisiana would lead to the possibility of heavier rains on the central and western Gulf Coast along with areas farther east. It should be noted that the majority of the rain will be on the northern and eastern side of the low-pressure system and could affect areas well away from its center. Portions of the Gulf Coast may also see an increase in gusty winds, high surf and rip currents this week. (MORE: Florida's Drought Has Been Reduced by 60 Percent in Just Two Weeks) The uncertainty in the track of this system is due to a southward dip in the jet stream developing early this week in the eastern states. A greater influence from that jet stream will tend to lift this system farther north toward the northeastern Gulf Coast. If that jet stream dip has less of an influence, a track toward Texas or northern Mexico can be expected. The jet stream energy could also cause this system to be subtropical in nature, meaning it would have characteristics of a tropical and non-tropical low. All interests along the U.S. Gulf Coast should continue to monitor this situation. Check back with weather.com during the days ahead for updates on this potential system. Eastern Atlantic Disturbance A tropical wave in the central Atlantic Ocean is also being monitored for development by the NHC. This area has been given a medium chance of development through the middle of this week. (MORE: What is a Tropical Wave?) The system is producing some shower and thunderstorm activity,
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The best* of THORnews Year 1 part 1 (*Non - Comet ISON)
http://www.youtube.com/thornews THORnews Year 1 has been a learning process. It's been since 11-23-12 that I told myself I'd take my channel srzly and put out at least 1 video a year on any subject I felt like. Then, a year later, turn around and take a look back. And. Wow. Really? Whoa. What a wild ride 2013 has been. Thanks for riding along, y'all. (PS. This does not include highlights from my 45 part series Comet c/2012 s1 ISON WTF NASA / EARTH ??? ....that'll be soon-ish*. :) ) God bless everyone, always. Your pal, T you can sometimes catch me at.... meet me on the facebook www.facebook.com/thornewsgo or tweet me on the twitter @NewThor Peace. Stay Cool.
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Scary Frankenstein Storms happening across the World!
Take the Weird Weather Watch up a notch. Massive Tropical Cyclone Omais heads to Japan, Hurricane Earl is big & slow and is headed to Mexico & I have no idea what kind of strange storm is going on in Africa but it looks scary. I guess the Climate Change Chaos is here. Be Prepared. God bless everyone, T @newTHOR on twitter https://www.facebook.com/thornewsgo Earl is now inland after a Category 1 landfall near Belize City early Thursday. Flash flooding and mudslides will be the main threat going forward through southern Mexico. Tropical Storm Earl made landfall early Thursday morning near Belize City as a Category 1 hurricane with estimated maximum sustained winds of 80 mph. Now, the main concern going forward will transition to excessive rainfall and major flooding. The seventh tropical cyclone of the Northwestern Pacific Ocean season formed, and infrared data from NASA's Aqua satellite showed powerful thunderstorms persisting in the storm's center. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer, or MODIS, instrument that flies aboard NASA's Aqua satellite captured infrared temperature data of the newly developed tropical storm on Aug. 4, 2016, at 8:10 a.m. EDT (12:10 p.m. UTC). The MODIS data showed cloud top temperatures of strong thunderstorms around the center of circulation as cold as minus 80 F (minus 62.2 C). Temperatures that cold indicate strong uplift in the storm and cloud tops high into the troposphere. NASA research has shown that storms with cloud tops that cold have the ability to generate heavy rain. At 11 a.m. EDT (3 p.m. UTC) on Aug. 4, Tropical Storm Omais had maximum sustained winds near 46 mph (40 knots/74 kph). The storm developed quickly from a low pressure area into a tropical storm. Omais was centered near 19.3 degrees north latitude and 146.2 degrees east longitude, about 223 nautical miles north of Saipan, Northern Marianas Islands, and farther away from Guam. Omais has tracked north-northwestward at 3.4 mph (3 knots/5.5 kph) and is expected to continue in that general direction. NOAA's National Weather Service Office in Guam has not issued any watches or warnings associated with Omais as the storm is far to the north. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center forecast calls for Omais to move on a northerly track and strengthen to a typhoon by Aug. 6 after passing far to the east of the island of Iwo To, Japan. It is then expected to continue tracking in a northerly direction through the northwestern Pacific Ocean. Earl was the first hurricane to landfall in Belize, or anywhere in the western Caribbean Sea west of Jamaica, since Ernesto almost exactly four years ago (Aug. 7, 2012). The center of Earl was located about 50 miles north-northeast of Coatzacoalcos, Mexico, with maximum sustained winds around 40 mph, as of late Friday morning. Earl's center likely won't spend much time over the Bay of Campeche Friday into early Saturday, so any re-intensification over water should not be an issue. it should remain a tropical storm through Friday, however. A tropical storm warning is in effect from Ciudad del Carmen westward to Laguna Verde, Mexico.Earl will eventually weaken to tropical depression or remnant low over interior southern Mexico this weekend, but one threat looms large despite this weakening. Rainfall totals of 8-12 inches (locally higher) are possible along the path of Earl in parts of Belize, Guatemala and southern Mexico. Dangerous flash flooding and mudslides are possible through the weekend in these areas. Of perhaps more concern is the threat for higher surf and rip currents by the weekend up the Texas coast, possibly as far north as Galveston. Earl became a Category 1 hurricane on Wednesday, August 3, when NOAA Hurricane Hunters found winds of 75 mph. Earl was just off the coast of Honduras at the time. Earl was named late Tuesday morning after a Hurricane Hunter reconnaissance mission found that an area of low pressure had formed. This system was already impactful prior to being named Earl. Six people were killed in the Dominican Republic Sunday into Monday as this system passed near the island.
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Perspective. You think you're having a bad day?
I've got 2 hours of edited footage like this. God bless everyone, T God bless everyone, T https://www.paypal.me/THORnews Tshirts https://hitthebuttonbaby.com/ THORNEWS PO BOX 35946 HOUSTON TEXAS 77235-5946
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The Original Planet X - Why hasn't NASA taken a new photo of Eris in over 10 years?
Please Tweet #AskNASA Why haven't you taken a photo of Planet Eris in over 10 years? Planet/Dwarf Planet ERIS was originally declared Planet X or Planet 10 by the International Astronomical Union & then stripped of the title along with Pluto. Eris is so amazing it disrupted all of Astronomy & how we think of the Solar System. It's so Amazing the ESA & NASA haven't really talked about it or taken a photo of it in over 10 years. That's weird. God bless everyone, T @newTHOR on twitter https://www.facebook.com/thornewsgo more info on Eris https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eris_(dwarf_planet) Eris (minor-planet designation 136199 Eris) is the most massive and second-largest dwarf planet[g] known in the Solar System. It is also the ninth-most-massive known body directly orbiting the Sun,[g] and the largest known body in the Solar System not visited by a spacecraft. It is measured to be 2,326 ± 12 kilometers (1,445.3 ± 7.5 mi) in diameter.[8] Eris is 27% more massive than dwarf planet Pluto, though Pluto is slightly larger by volume.[16] Eris' mass is about 0.27% of the Earth's mass.[10][17] Eris was discovered in January 2005 by a Palomar Observatory-based team led by Mike Brown, and its identity was verified later that year. It is a trans-Neptunian object (TNO) and a member of a high-eccentricity population known as the scattered disk. It has one known moon, Dysnomia. As of February 2016, its distance from the Sun is 96.3 astronomical units (1.441×1010 km; 8.95×109 mi),[13] roughly three times that of Pluto. With the exception of some comets, Eris and Dysnomia are currently the second-most-distant known natural objects in the Solar System, [h] the farthest object being V774104 discovered in November 2015 at 103 AU. Because Eris appeared to be larger than Pluto, NASA initially described it as the Solar System's tenth planet. This, along with the prospect of other objects of similar size being discovered in the future, motivated the International Astronomical Union (IAU) to define the term planet for the first time. Under the IAU definition approved on August 24, 2006, Eris is a "dwarf planet", along with objects such as Pluto, Ceres, Haumea and Makemake,[22] thereby reducing the number of known planets in the Solar System to eight, the same as before Pluto's discovery in 1930. Observations of a stellar occultation by Eris in 2010 showed that its diameter was 2,326 ± 12 kilometers (1,445.3 ± 7.5 mi), not significantly different from that of Pluto. After New Horizons measured Pluto's diameter as 2372±4 km in July 2015, it was determined that Eris is slightly smaller in diameter than Pluto.[ Eris was discovered by the team of Mike Brown, Chad Trujillo, and David Rabinowitz[2] on January 5, 2005, from images taken on October 21, 2003. The discovery was announced on July 29, 2005, the same day as Makemake and two days after Haumea,[26] due in part to events that would later lead to controversy about Haumea. The search team had been systematically scanning for large outer Solar System bodies for several years, and had been involved in the discovery of several other large TNOs, including 50000 Quaoar, 90482 Orcus, and 90377 Sedna. Routine observations were taken by the team on October 21, 2003, using the 1.2 m Samuel Oschin Schmidt telescope at Palomar Observatory, California, but the image of Eris was not discovered at that point due to its very slow motion across the sky: The team's automatic image-searching software excluded all objects moving at less than 1.5 arcseconds per hour to reduce the number of false positives returned. When Sedna was discovered, it was moving at 1.75 arcsec/h, and in light of that the team reanalyzed their old data with a lower limit on the angular motion, sorting through the previously excluded images by eye. In January 2005, the re-analysis revealed Eris's slow motion against the background stars. Follow-up observations were then carried out to make a preliminary determination of Eris's orbit, which allowed the object's distance to be estimated. The team had planned to delay announcing their discoveries of the bright objects Eris and Makemake until further observations and calculations were complete, but announced them both on July 29 when the discovery of another large TNO they had been tracking, Haumea, was controversially announced on July 27 by a different team in Spain.[2] More observations released in October 2005 revealed that Eris has a moon, later named Dysnomia. Observations of Dysnomia's orbit permitted scientists to determine the mass of Eris, which in June 2007 they calculated to be (1.66±0.02)×1022 kg,[10] 27%±2% greater than Pluto's.
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Quadruple Red Alert! Coronal Hole. Storm. Comet. Floods & ICE. 1/2 of America & Europe.
This situation is unfolding to be a doozy. We're looking at a nasty snow-sleet-ice-rain-floods possible tornado storm starting Friday & through the Weekend. The Sun has a Major Coronal Hole. Comet 46/p Wirtanen is 10 days from it's close Earth approach. It's going to get more interesting than it already is. Stay Cool. God Bless Everyone. TGod bless everyone, T https://www.paypal.me/THORnews @newTHOR on twitter https://www.facebook.com/thornewsgo Tshirts https://hitthebuttonbaby.com/ the crankywxguy blog http://www.stormhamster.com/entry/e120618.htm mike's weather page http://www.spaghettimodels.com/ models https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analysis/models/ a look at the Sun https://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov/data/ https://weather.com/forecast/regional/news/2018-12-05-texas-gulf-coast-flood-threat Soaking Rain May Trigger Flooding From Texas to the Southeast Friday Into the Weekend
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The Worst of the Storm - Georgia & South Carolina set to get hit by Hurricane Matthew
Georgia & South Carolina are about to get hit with the worst part of Hurricane Matthew. If it makes landfall, it could be catastrophic, but even if it doesn't Storm Surge & Rain will be devastating. My Prayers are with you. God bless everyone, T @newTHOR on twitter https://www.facebook.com/thornewsgo Information on the storm https://weather.com/storms/hurricane/news/hurricane-matthew-bahamas-florida-georgia-carolinas-forecast Hurricane Matthew Hugging the Coast near Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia; Life-Threatening Flooding Imminent in Carolinas, Georgia Category 2 Matthew's center is hugging the coasts of northeast Florida and southeast Georgia. Storm surge flooding has caused devastation along the northeast Florida coast. Hurricane-force wind gusts will impact the coastal Southeast. Heavy rainfall and storm surge will combine to trigger major flooding in coastal Georgia and South Carolina. The magnitude of the flooding in coastal South Carolina could match last October. Matthew will then meander off the Southeast coast or near the Bahamas well into next week. Hurricane Matthew's eyewall continues to brush parts of Florida's northeast coast and Georgia's southeast coast with high winds and major storm surge flooding and will spread those impacts, in addition to potentially serious rainfall flooding, into Georgia, South Carolina and southern North Carolina through at least Saturday night. Hurricane warnings are in effect north of the Flagler/Volusia county line in Florida to Surf City, North Carolina. This includes locations such as Jacksonville, Florida, Savannah, Georgia, Charleston, South Carolina, and Wilmington, North Carolina. A hurricane watch has been posted north of Surf City to Cape Lookout, North Carolina, meaning hurricane conditions are possible within 48 hours. A tropical storm warning has been hoisted north of there to include the Outer Banks of North Carolina, as well as Albemarle and Pamlico Sounds. All coastal warnings have been discontinued south of the Flagler/Volusia county line in Florida. Matthew's precarious track, in which the eyewall may scrape the coast with destructive hurricane-force winds, will spread north through Saturday along the northeast Florida coast, the Georgia coast and parts of the South Carolina coast. Storm surge flooding has already occurred along the northeast Florida coast, including in the Daytona Beach, St. Augustine and Jacksonville Beach areas, and has already spread as far north as South Carolina during Friday afternoon's high tide. During Friday evening's low tide, tides at Charleston Harbor were running about 3 feet higher than normal, which means life-threatening flooding is imminent during high tide at 12:57 a.m. Saturday. According to the National Weather Service (NWS) in Jacksonville, Florida, Friday morning, "Barrier islands are likely to be breached and it is extremely possible that new inlets will be cut off in the worst affected areas." The NWS office in Charleston, South Carolina, said Friday that tide levels at both Charleston, South Carolina, and Ft. Pulaski, Georgia, could approach or even surpass those seen during the October 2015 epic flood event. Isolated tornadoes are also possible. A tornado watch is in effect for parts of southeast Georgia and coastal South Carolina until 12 a.m. EDT. This watch area includes Savannah, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina. Latest Status and Storm Reports Satellite and radar imagery show the eye of Matthew marching northward roughly paralleling the northeast Florida coast and southeast Georgia coast. Matthew's tropical storm-force wind field (at least 39 mph sustained winds) extends up to 185 miles from the center, and hurricane-force winds extend up to 60 miles from the center. The center of Matthew remained within 25-40 miles of the northeast Florida coast much of Friday, but has been close enough to bring hurricane-force wind gusts to some coastal areas. Storm Surge Reports Early Friday afternoon, storm surge flooding affected the St. Augustine area, including major flooding on Anastasia Island where water was reported to be 2.5 feet above ground level. To the south in nearby Flagler Beach, Florida, parts of A1A were washed out by the storm surge.
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WTF is that Giant Solar Body on Stereo Behind COR 2???? Venus with wings and a comet tail???
It's huge. It's moving. It's not Jupiter. And it grows wings at the end. STEREO lists it as Venus but it's got a trail, it's got wings, it's bigger than the Sun and it's not on the elliptic. Venus is pulling some magic tricks, I guess. Stereo shows Venus to be right in front of the camera, but still no explanations for why it's so high off the elliptic, why its got a comet tail or why its grown wings. Very odd. The Sun's volume is 1,520,000 times bigger than that of Venus. The Sun's diameter is 114.9 times bigger than that of Venus.
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The Earth has a Star inside - Shall I sing to you about Volcanoes, Weather & the Sun?
UPDATE: The Energy is Wild AF RN, Yall. Earthquakes, Volcanoes, People. Stay Cool. I love you. God bless everyone, T https://www.paypal.me/THORnews Tshirts https://hitthebuttonbaby.com/ THORNEWS PO BOX 35946 HOUSTON TEXAS 77235-5946
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Cat 4 or 5 Hurricane Matthew - Florida braces for a potentially catastrophic strike
From the Weather Channel "Hurricane Matthew a Potentially Catastrophic Category 4 or 5 Strike Ahead on Florida's East Coast; Strongest in Decades" Prayers go out to all involved. Be safe. Stay dry & be smart. Hurricane Matthew looks to make landfall as a strong category 4 or 5 hurricane. Beware the Storm Surge. God bless everyone, T @newTHOR on twitter https://www.facebook.com/thornewsgo https://weather.com/storms/hurricane/news/hurricane-matthew-bahamas-florida-georgia-carolinas-forecast. Matthew may be a Category 4 or 5 hurricane before striking the Florida coast starting Thursday night. This will be the strongest Florida East Coast strike since Hurricane Andrew. Matthew will bring destructive hurricane conditions to eastern Florida, the Georgia coast and coastal South Carolina. Dangerous, life-threatening storm surge and flooding rain are also likely. Matthew will then meander off the Southeast coast well into next week. Hurricane Matthew, once again a Category 4 hurricane hammering the northwest Bahamas, is hours away from beginning a potentially catastrophic, rare Category 4, perhaps even Category 5 siege on Florida's east coast, with dangerous storm surge, destructive winds, and flooding rainfall stretching into Georgia and South Carolina by the weekend. The eyewall may deliver the strongest, most destructive winds anyone in parts of the northeast and east-central Florida coast has seen in their lifetime. The last, and only, Category 4 hurricane to make landfall anywhere in northeast Florida or the Georgia coast was an 1898 hurricane south of St. Simons Island, Georgia. The National Weather Service in Melbourne, Florida, pulled no punches regarding the potential impact, saying Matthew would likely be stronger than any hurricane in recent decades, including the 2004 hurricanes (Charley, Frances, Jeanne) as well as Hurricane David in 1979. Embedded in NWS-Melbourne's hurricane local statement Thursday morning were these chilling paragraphs: WIDESPREAD EXTENSIVE TO DEVASTATING WIND IMPACTS WILL BE FELT. AIRBORNE DEBRIS LOFTED BY EXTREME WINDS WILL BE CAPABLE OF BREACHING STRUCTURES, UNPROTECTED WINDOWS AND VEHICLES. EFFECTS SUCH AS THESE RANGING FROM THE COAST TO WELL INLAND HAVE NOT BEEN EXPERIENCED IN CENTRAL FLORIDA IN DECADES. LOCAL WINDS WILL EXCEED WHAT OCCURRED DURING THE HURRICANES OF 2004. ANY EVACUATIONS AND STRUCTURE PREPARATION SHOULD BE COMPLETED THIS AFTERNOON. TRAVEL WILL BE STRONGLY DISCOURAGED BEGINNING AT DUSK. EXPECT WIDESPREAD POWER OUTAGES. The severe impacts from this hurricane could lead to some locations being uninhabitable for weeks or months, the National Weather Service says. Hurricane warnings have been extended northward to Edisto Beach, South Carolina. This also includes inland locations such as Orlando, Jacksonville, Florida and Savannah, Georgia. Hurricane watches extend to just north of Charleston, South Carolina. A hurricane warning remains in effect along the entire east coast of Florida, as well as the central and northwest Bahamas. Latest Status Hurricane Matthew is hammering the Bahamas' capital of Nassau. Hurricane Hunters reconnaissance aircraft confirmed the central pressure of Matthew plunged 24 millibars in 24 hours since Wednesday morning, a disconcerting trend. Matthew's tropical storm-force wind field (at least 39 mph sustained winds) extends up to 160 miles from the center, and hurricane-force winds extend up to 60 miles from the center. Here is the approximate timing of the worst wind and surge impacts, coinciding with the nearest passage of the eyewall of Matthew. (Note that Matthew's eye may never make landfall, but its eyewall, containing the hurricane's strongest winds, may do so.) Southeast Florida: Thursday evening through early Friday East-central, northeastern Florida: Friday through Friday night Georgia coast: Friday evening through Saturday morning South Carolina: Saturday through Saturday night North Carolina (mainly south): Saturday afternoon through early Sunday Small, subtle changes in the path of the eyewall, sometimes not resolvable until hours before the passage, will make a large difference on wind impact. Major, damaging storm surge flooding is expected as Matthew curls its way northward along the Southeast coast. If you live along the immediate coast and are told to evacuate, please do so. Here is how high the water could reach during this life-threatening inundation if the peak surge coincides with high tide, according to the National Hurricane Center: Sebastian Inlet, Florida to the Savannah River, Georgia: 6 to 9 feet above ground level Deerfield Beach, Florida to the Sebastian Inlet, Florida: 3 to 5 feet above ground level Savannah River, Georgia to South Santee River, South Carolina: 3 to 5 feet above ground level Virginia Key, Florida to Deerfield Beach, Florida: 1 to 2 feet above ground level
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A rain band acting like a snake trying to eat itself? Oof. This is going to cause big problems in the future. God bless everyone, T https://www.paypal.me/THORnews
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Strange Outer Space Questions 2013 : Solar winds, Asteroid & Moon, Sun activity, Coronal Shapes
I've got some Strange Outer Space Questions. Hopefully you can help me answer some of them. We're talking about two solar winds, a frozen Stereo behind camera, why the Sun's activity dies down to nothing when it faces Earth, the crazy shapes of the coronal Holes and the bizarre Moon of Asteroid 1998 QE2 . Does Comet c2013 S1 ISON have any effect on our solar system? And why won't NASA put the HUBBLE on it? Uh. Those last two questions I don't ask in this video. But. Inquiring minds still want to know. yo. You can follow me at www.facebook.com/thornewsgo twitter tweet me @newthor or....
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Our Sun give birth to a baby Star? WTF is that Giant Object next to the Sun? Black Knight Satellite?
www.youtube.com/thornews Peace! God Bless Everyone, T Astronomy is fun*! Science loves you! Hey. You can follow me on the facebook if yee like. http://www.facebook.com/thornewsgo WTF is that giant body near the Sun? It was on the Solar IMG SDO eve Sam forever & then someone captured a strange giant Sun baby looking thing next to the Sun & then they shut of the SDO EVE SAM camera. So the Hyderflare we had a week ago reminded of it and I had to ask what is it/was it? Was is the Satellite down or broken? Is the accretion disk theory totally wrong and Stars are celestial forges making kick ass planets? Nothing would surprise or shock me these days. This minimal double peaked solar max has been interesting for sure. Keeping Astronomers & Scientists on their toes. I thought this was the perfect video for Father's day! The Sun has a Baby! How cute! ISON got her pregnant I guess. THORnews +1 yeeha! God Bless Everyone, Yeeeha! T http://solarimg.org/artis/ /discuss https://www.facebook.com/thornews or tweet at me on the twitter @NewThor
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Big Lightning Blows something up in Dallas & More heavy Rain
I caught big Lightning blowing something up in Dallas Texas during another heavy Thunderstorm. It has a secondary flash that looked green. Crazy. Also, the National Guys seemed to miss this storm. God Bless everyone, Stay Cool. T @NewThor on Twitter https://www.facebook.com/thornewsgo
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The scariest Weather video I've seen in a long time: The Chile Flood
Spring is here & that means hurricanes & floods instead of Snowstorms and Blizzards. So be awake, alert, informed, prepared and ready. The Oceans will rise & the weather will get weirder. original chile flood video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24R2Gw2qAuk God Bless Everyone, T @NewThor on Twitter https://www.facebook.com/thornewsgo
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