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Growing Up INTJ
Some wanted to know what it was like growing up INTJ. After all, my mother is an extrovert and so is my brother. My father is more introverted, though the Army took up much of his time. Here are some thoughts and memories growing up INTJ. Thanks for all the comments and messages. I appreciate and read them all. Yes, even the negative ones. Keep them coming and please subscribe. Blog post on growing up INTJ: http://bryonlape.com/growing-intj/
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Uncle Ethan Saves The Boys
There is no denying Ethan Van Sciver is passionate about his beliefs and ideas. On a recent High Council, Uncle Ethan preached for several minutes about how young boys are being destroyed by modern SJW politics and their need to have positive, masculine role models in their lives. It is more than just complaining about Captain Marvel or the Last Jedi. This is the most important fight to save the next generation: boys and girls. High Council episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eF8j9WVP7KM #Positivity #Masculinity #TheFandomMenace
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Fly Sparging
The mash is complete and it is time to wash the grains with sparge water. Here is my gravity fed fly Sparging setup. #Beer #HomeBrew #Sparging
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MTS Nutrition Barracuda Review
Barracuda by MTS Nutrition is a testosterone boosting supplement. It utilizes natural ingredients to get your body to produce more testosterone on its own. It is not a testosterone replacement therapy nor a steroid. The supplement itself worked well, though the taste was quite bad. Bryon Lape did experience a side effect of diarrhea though and decided not to continue using once the tub was empty. What has your experience with this product been?
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Nature's Plus T Male Review
As men age, their testosterone levels will drop. Various supplements claim to raise free testosterone within the body. Nature's Plus T Male is a supplement that makes these claims. Bryon Lape took it for a month and gives his thoughts on how well it works.
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The Search For Anna's (thatstarwarsgirl) Sister Is Over
It is with the saddest of news that Anna (@thatstarwarsgirl77) took to Twitter with an update on her sister Ellen. Her sister has passed away. No details at the moment, but please send your love to the family. There is a GoFundMe to help with funeral costs. Here is the link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/a8btmg-funeral-support-for-ellen Anna's Twitter: https://twitter.com/thatstarwarsgrl #Family #Love #Joy
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MuscleTech Pro Series Alpha Test Review
Looking for supplements to raise your testosterone? MuscleTech makes one called Alpha Test and Bryon Lape reviews how well it works.
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Captain Marvel Cancelled, Brie Larson Replaced? - The Pop Culture Minute
The current Captain Marvel comic run has reached episode 3 and the sales are crumbling. Will Marvel start shipping extra copies to comic bookstores to give the illusion that product is being sold? Is it time to cancel this run, again? Brie Larson took the job of a gay woman of color? There is an on-line petition to replace Brie Larson and bring back Monica Rambeau? Will Monica need to be gay to replace Carol Danvers in the modern era? #CaptainMarvel #PopCulture #BrieLarson
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Body Fortress - NOS Blast Review
Time for another fitness product review. Here Bryon Lape gives his thoughts and views of Body Fortress' NOS Blast pre-workout supplement.
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Disney Refuses Dying Child's Last Wish
Under Bob Iger, Disney has become an evil empire. Not only does Bob want to own every Intellectual Property there is and milk billions of dollars from it, he will deny a dying child's wish to have Spider-Man on his tombstone. If you believe Disney has gone too far, please sign the petition for Ollie Jones. https://secure.avaaz.org/en/community_petitions/Walt_Disney_Marvels_Disney_refuse_SpiderMan_headstone_for_Ollie_Jones_sign_petition_ma_help_change_their_mind/ #OllieJones #Spider-Man #Disney
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Loading Nikon N8008s
Time to load 200 ASA Fujifilm into the Nikon N8008s, like in the old days.
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The SJW crusaders may have to put down their mugs of Fanboy tears and encounter a little bit of reality. The latest rumor out the Marvel Cinematic Universe is much of the cast does not like Brie Larson and Captain Marvel entering the scenes at the last moment to defeat Thanos. They have been on this ride for several movies and are not getting their own movies. One in particular, Elizabeth Olson, is rumored to be unhappy being pushed to the background and soon to be low budget shows on Disney+ stream service. Is this any way to treat the cast members Kevin Feige and Bob Iger? Yes, I get some names wrong, though I do correct them. Yes, I do say Martin Downey, Jr and Hawkman. Now that Endgame is out, we know Black Widow dies and that explains why there is no talk of a movie starring Scarlett Johansson. This is a real shame. Elizabeth Olson will reprise her role as Scarlett Witch on a Disney+ show, after putting in the time to build her character. Is there no wonder the MCU cast is unhappy with the new comer Brie Larson? They will be out of work while she continues into Phase 4 of the MCU. #Marvel #CaptainMarvel #Cast
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Xtreme Antler and Maximum Shred Review
Their advertising is all over the Internet. They claim the likes of Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson use their products. It is time to try Xtreme Antler and Maximum Shred to see if their claims are real or all just a punch of hype. The company behind Xtreme Antler and Maximum Shred is dishonest and is counting on you to not cancel in time to charge you $80 for each product. Sure, the adds claim a free sample, but they start counting the days when you order. In my case, no product arrived on time. I contacted them via e-mail several times and was told to call their service department. I did. The first tech could do nothing except read from a script and offer me 50% back. I called again a few days later and finally had someone who agreed to send a second shipment. It did finally arrive. The clock was still ticking though and a second round of charges went on my card. I still have only one set of products. This is ridiculous. I cancelled. Xtreme Antler does work a bit as a testosterone booster, but the taste is enough to make anyone puke. The further one gets down the bottle, the worse the smell and taste get. When I finally could not take anymore, I tossed the remaining of the bottle. Maximum Shred is a good enough pre-workout. Unless others that have loads of niacin and caffeine, this one does not generate a sudden burst. It will give a stead state energy level with no big crash afterward. I found that taking more than two pills caused me gas and I had to run to the can several takes to dump. I cannot recommend neither Xtreme Antler nor Maximum Shred. They are overpriced mediocre products being sold by an unscrupulous company. Avoid.
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MuscleTech #Shatter SX-7 Black Onyx Ripped Review
The world of preworkouts is vast and varied. Which ones work and which ones are a waste of money? Into this array comes #Shatter from MuscleTech. Black Onyx is available in several versions and this one includes thermogenic elements to help burn fat. The complete title is a bit of a mouthful: Muscletech #Shatter SX-7 Black Onyx Ripped. Bryon Lape found this to be a very good preworkout, though the thermogenic properties of the supplement were a bit light. The flavor and mixability were both excellent. This is a recommend, though perhaps without the thermogenics. For more information about MuscleTech #Shatter SX-7 Black Onyx Ripped, see their website: http://www.muscletech.com/products/sx-7/shatter-sx-7-black-onyx-ripped/
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Orgain Grass Fed Whey Vanilla Review
Bryon Lape came across this grass fed whey protein powder while shopping at Sam's club. Grass feed meats is a good alternative to the corn fed, steroid riddled beef most people buy. How will the grass fed milk affect the taste of a whey protein powder? How good is this New Zealand import. It is time for another review you can use. For more information on Orgain's whey protein: http://orgain.com/products/grass-fed-whey-protein-powder/
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More In Depth On Myers-Briggs - INTJ
A follow up to the INTJ discussion, Bryon Lape is back to discuss the results in more depth. Showing the break down of each category, his thoughts and reflections on them and an open invitation for everyone to comment. Introvert iNtuition Thinking Judgment Previously, there was some discussion of whether or not Bryon is more Extroverted than Introverted. This video should help shed new light on the results and what might really being going in in that head of his. Stay tuned to the whole video, subscribe and comment.
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At the Avengers: Endgame premier, both Brie Larson and Scarlett Johansson wore jewelry inspired by the Infinity Gauntlet and the Infinity Stones. Both stars had fantastic and beautiful jewelry from great designers, but who wore it better? Vote your choice of Brie Larson and Scarlett Johansson. #BrieLarson #ScarlettJohansson #Jewelry
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Feldschlösschen Schwarzbier Review
Schwarzbier is a black lager style beer made from roasted malted barley. As it is a lager, it still has a clean finish, though the roasted malt flavors come through well. This is no stout or porter. Don't be afraid of the dark. Feldschlösschen is a brewery in Dresden, Germany. Have you tried their beers?
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Star Wars Celebration 2019 - The Epic Fandom Menace Trailer
The city of Chicago hosted Star Wars Celebration 2019. What better way to close out the show than with an epic trailer featuring Jeff, Nik, Kendo, and Dion of The World Class Bullshitters; Jeremy of Geeks + Gamers; Anna, That Star Wars Girl; Channel Dad Bryon Lape; Jessi Milestone of Mindless Entertainment; Odin's Movie Blog; and The Fandom Menace. All video shot by Bryon Lape and edited in Final Cut Pro. #StarWars #Celebration #TheFandomMenace Music by Atomica Music Library Song: Darkness Falls Fast Composer(s): Tilman Sillescu, Dominik Morgenroth Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rzquu1h6Vh0
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Comparing Myers-Briggs to Dani Johnson's Gems
http://www.bryonlape.com/ A start with another homage! This time Jared Polin of FroKnowsPhoto is up for some recognition. His no nonsense approach to photography advice and equipment reviews is very refreshing. Plus, he is hilarious. Check him out on YouTube. Giving more detail for INTJ and some of my thoughts. Some comparison and contract of Myers-Briggs and Dani Johnson's Gems. The Myers-Briggs system is based on understanding people according to their personality types. Breaking down into four categories, with two types of traits in each, the system allows for 16 different types. It is quite detailed and very useful in understanding people. Dani Johnson identifies people by what motivates them. Her system uses four categories of gems: Sapphires, Pearls, Rubies and Emeralds. Dani's system is very useful in understanding how to motivate people to better themselves. Learn what people are and how to motivate them to greatness.
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Cellucor P6 Ultra Review
Low testosterone is no joke and there are many supplements that claim to help improve their levels. Cellucor P6 Ultra is a testosterone boosting supplement and Bryon Lape tells how well it worked for him.
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Body Fortress - 100% Pure Creatine HCl Lemon Lime - Review
Bryon Lape reviews Body Fortress' Creatine HCl product. It states it is a 100% pure product and contains some ATP exchange for energy. The flavor? Lemon lime. What does Bryon have to say?? No loading is needed for this product. Creatine HCl is a more readily available form of creatine to the body and does not cause bloating. If you are someone who is sensitive to creatine, you may want to give a creatine HCl product a try. The flavor for Body Fortress 100% Pure Creatine HCl is quite intense. Not sweet nor bitter, the tartness is what you would expect from a lemon lime flavor and then some. This supplement is a good value and is a recommend. For more information about Body Fortress 100% Pure Creatine HCl, please visit their web page: http://www.bodyfortress.com/100-PURE-CREATINE-HYDROCHLORIDE-LEMON-LIME
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C4 Sport Pre-workout Review
On this edition of "Reviews you can use" is a review of C4 Sport pre-workout by Cellucor. The flavor is blue raspberry. C4 Sport is one of the best pre-workout supplements for energy and stamina during strenuous workouts. It mixes very well and acts very quickly. The blue raspberry flavor is delicious, as well. Though it has a bit of a sweet taste, there is a very low insulin response, so there is no crash afterwards. C4 Sport is not for everyone. As Bryon Lape explains, the intensity of the supplement may be too much for some. Bryon only take about 2/3 of a scoop before workouts and that is enough. The label also advised no more than two scoops for a 24 hour period. Yeah, it is that intense. Need a very good and powerful pre-workout supplement? Cellucor's C4 may very well be the one for you. See Bryon Lape's blog: http://www.bryonlape.com/ Want more information about C4 or other Cellucor products: http://www.cellucor.com/c4
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Chris Evans Returning To The MCU?
At the end of Endgame, an old Steve Rogers is seen sitting on a bench. He had traveled back in time as planned, but decided to stay and marry Peggy Carter. He passed his shield on and said goodbye to his best friend. Captain America, it seems, has died within the MCU. Does this mean Chris Evans will not return? Here are some ways he can. #CaptainAmerica #MCU #ChrisEvans
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New Belgium Tartastic Raspberry Lime Ale Review
Tart beers come from a variety of sources: wild yeast, bacteria infections, and tart ingredients. The Tartastic series from New Belgium combines some of these ideas and puts he twists with various fruits added. Brainmuffin and his daughter review the Raspberry Lime version of this refreshing summertime ale.
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Short's Brewing Hellacious Rock WCBS Review
Brainmuffin likes to share his love of craft beer with others and impart some wisdom on them. Joining Brainmuffin are Jeff Hicks and Kendo Slice of the podcast The World Class Bullshitters. Here they review Short's Brewing Hellacious Rock Double American IPA.
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Rule 1 Protein live taste test and review
Time for a live taste test. In fact, the very first live taste test on the "Reviews you can use" show. Here Bryon Lape tries the chocolate whey from Rule 1 Proteins. They allow samples to be purchased off their website. This whey protein supplement had a good overall flavor and was a bit sweet tasting. It is thin and digests quickly. This powder will not fill you up and is a great post workout protein and amino acid source. For more information, check out Rule 1 Protein's website. Vendor website: http://www.ruleoneproteins.com/category-s/1855.htm Bryon Lape's official blog: http://bryonlape.com/
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Six Star Explosion Ripped Pre-Workout Review
Six Star is a line of inexpensive products from the same creators of MuscleTech. Reviewed by Bryon Lape is a pre-workout that gives you energy for the workout and helps to get ripped, or so it is claimed. How well does it work?
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Iron Horse Quilter's Irish Death Review
Patch American High School classmate Robert Heath sent Brainmuffin some beers to review. He started to review Quilter's Irish Death from Iron Horse when he was interrupted by his daughter. They finish the review together. Watch and discover what they each thought of the beer.
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How Much Is Brie Costing Disney?
Barely a day goes by without Brie Larson verbally accosting or antagonizing the main audience of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Early projects for a huge opening weekend for Captain Marvel have shrunk by as much as 60%. Will this be the first failure of the MCU? Is the Captain Marvel full of identity politics or is this Brie Larson virtue signaling to keep from being doxed or trolled by SJWs? The world will only know after the movie is in the theaters and the audience has watched it. Politics and entertainment can mix. The best results come when the movie maker creates the audience as knowledgable, but lacking in full understanding. Present your side open and honestly, the audience will listen.
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With the death of Luke Skywalker, the last of the Jedi faded away. Ben Solo has given to his dark user persona of Kylo Ren and Rey is too good to be a lowly Jedi. Kevin Smith offered a theory that the episode IX title of "The Rise of Skywalker" is a reference to the new force religion and the practitioners being called Skywalkers. Is this far-fetched or accurate?
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Discussing Dani Johnson's Sapphires
http://www.bryonlape.com/ Dani Johnson uses 4 gems to help categorize people based on what motivates them. Understanding that is key to leading people. Here Sapphires are discussed from Dani's free book, First Steps To Wealth. Get and follow along.
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ON Gold Standard Natural Whey Review
Optimum Nutrition has a naturally flavored and sweetened line of whey protein powders. Not only are these without artificial sweeteners, they are also banned substance free. Great. How do they test? Bryon Lape reviews the ON Gold Standard Natural Whey powders vanilla and chocolate.
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New Belgium 1554 Black Lager Review
Many know New Belgium for their Fat Tire beer. While it is a good beer, they make many others. 1554 is their take on a black lager. Brainmuffin reviews and gives thoughts.
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Understanding Others - INTJs Unite
http://www.theroadtothefuture.info/ Understanding others starts with understanding yourself. The Myers-Briggs test is a good way to know your personality and how they relate to others. Having taken the test, today the discussion is about INTJ. There are many famous INTJs, among them are Thomas Jefferson, Susan B. Anthony, Chevy Chase and Hannibal.
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Mutant Multivitamin Review
Whether doing high volume or heavy lifting training, your nutrient needs will be more than the average person. A good way to get these extra nutrients is with a quality multivitamin. Enter Mutant with their supplements. How well do they work? #Mutant #Multivitamins #Lifting
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Sam Adams Sam '76 Lager Review
Samuel Adams brings the spirit on 1776 to the 21st century with a pale American lager with flavor and balance.
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A Pacifist In WOW?
Is it possible to level a toon in World of Warcraft by only picking flowers and mining ore? Sure. It just takes time. Here's an article about DoubleAgent.
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Rhinegeist Truth Review
Rhinegeist Truth has become one of the most popular local craft beers in Cincinnati. It is available in nearly every local bar and restaurant. On tap, it is fantastic, what about from a can? It is time for Brainmuffin to review and give his thoughts.
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Star Wars IX Leaks - Rey's Parents?
LucasFilm is hard at work getting new Star Wars Episode IX leaks out to the public. After the Last Jedi, interest has to be maintained or it will fail miserably. Do we know know more about Rey's parents??
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Founders Brewing Azacca IPA Review
Many IPAs have heavy pine or fruity characteristics, but what about one that is more tropical in flavor? From the experimental arm of Founders comes Azacca IPA. How good is this new take on the IPA? Brainmuffin reviews.
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Performix ISO 9:2:2 Multi-Phase Bead BCAA Review
People are getting smarter and so should their supplements. Up for review by Bryon Lape is the Performix ISO 9:2:2 Multi-Phase Bead BCAA. This is the first BCAA amplifier to deliver Terra Intelligent Beads™. How well does it work? Watch and find out. For more information about this product, see the Performix page: http://www.performixdriven.com/iso.html
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Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar Ale Review
Nut brown ales have been around for quite some time. The more traditional beers gets their nut flavor from the roasted grains. There are times when actual nuts or nut extract are added to pump the desired characteristics.
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MuscleTech Labs Series Pre Build Gummy Worm Taste Test And Review
Walking through the health section of your local grocery store, you are no doubt doing to see the MuscleTech brand. They market themselves as the best selling brand and there is good reason for that. Their products are good and priced where most people can afford. But how good are they? Do they work? Bryon Lape reviews a new offering from MuscleTech Labs Series: Pre Build Gummy Worm pre-workout supplement. Bryon does a taste test and then hits the gym to see how well it works.
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A Pattern To Prime Numbers? - BrainVlog #001
Is there a pattern to prime numbers? Sometimes it seems that way. Let's see: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23....yeah, kinda...Brainmuffin found an article about how quasicrystals may hold some answers into whether or not there is a pattern to primes. Link to the full article: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/pa8dw8/prime-number-pattern-mimics-crystal-patterns
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Cellucor BCAA Sport Cherry Limeade Review
The body uses protein to breakdown to amino acids. Sometimes after a workout, a protein shake is too heavy, but the body does need some aminos. Enter Cellucor's BCAA Sport. Made to help with recovery and hydration. Bryon Lape does a live taste test of the Cherry Limeade flavor.
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Met-Rx Creatine Blast Review
Met-Rx Creatine Blast provides 6 grams of creatine and 2 grams of BCAA. It can be taken pre or post-workout. Unfortunately, it also provides 33 grams of sugar per serving, which is a crap ton. Here Bryon Lape reviews Met-Rx Creatine Blast and provides information on his results. Have you tried Met-Rx Creatine Blast? Do you agree with Brainmuffin's review? Think he is full of it? Leave your experience in the comments below. And thanks for subscribing. Want to know more about Met-Rx Creatine Blast? Here is the product page on the Met-Rx website: http://www.metrx.com/products/advanced-creatine-blast-fruit-punch/
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SweetWater 420 Extra Pale Ale Review 4/20 Edition
Wait a minute. Didn't Brainmuffin just upload a review of 420 Extra Pale Ale from SweetWater Brewing? Is he so drunk he can't remember which beers he has reviewed and which he hasn't? Yes, Brainmuffin did review the 420 Extra Pale Ale, but this time he reviews it with his daughter Keleigh. Her birthday is 4/20 and today she turns 21. What better way for Brainmuffin to celebrate his daughter's birthday than with a beer review. What and learn. Take note, Liquid Metal Pro, Keleigh is not playing Overwatch.
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Marvel Dumps 250,000 Books On Ollie's
It is no secret that Marvel comic books have not been selling well for some time and many comic book stores have gone out of business. In an effort to move stock, Marvel sold 250,000 graphic novels on Ollie's Discount Outlet for barely 15% of cost. Are they artificially inflating "copies shipped"? #MarvelComicBooks #Ollie's #GraphicNovels
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SweetWater Tropical Lover Berliner Weisse Review
The Berliner Weisse style beer is slightly sour and quite refreshing. It is made for the summer and goes well with many foods. Not content to just make one to style, SweetWater has added mango, passion fruit, and guava. What will Brainmuffin think of their creation?
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