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George Green & Donald Marshall Say The Same Thing
PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT. THIS VIDEO IS OUTDATED. TIA, Chester. THE COMMENT SECTION IS READ ONLY. DO NOT COMMENT. FUTURE COMMENTS ARE DELETED UNREAD. "Nothing surprises me anymore." Nor I since "life" an 'f'd up "lie" is just another dream albeit it one long linear dream. This is why anal-yzing everything is pointless. As consciousness shifts timelines, facts become obsolete and the time spent logging obsolete facts becomes a futile grand waste of time. Instead, be a consciousness captain to steer the ship to more favorable timelines. Row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream. "How do clones know everything and walk and talk normal?" Simple: very few things make perfect sense in dreams ... or have to. "Why clones?" Why not? This is just a dream. You can shift into timelines where you can clone several doppelganger twin-self "servitors" to help you in every way. The skies the limit. You can become mortal with enough mind work. "Aliens don't exist, just part of the deception." They exist etherically as with everything else. Nothing is truly physical. Life is but a dream. "I'm pretty sure this is BS" Depends on the timeline you're in. "Donald Marshall is wrong." About what? Empty broad-stroke blanket statements aren't exactly the most convincing arguments, just saying. "George Green is a high school drop-out!" Good on him; that's a plus in my book. Get out of church early too. Leave all corrupt un-educational sewer sissy stems and mind-fkery alone. "Kerry needs to let the guy finish speaking." I remain unbothered. There's bigger fish to catch. "To know if he's lying all there is to do is reverse speech." Reverse speech isn't that accurate and 99.9% of speech reversed is incoherent even for the trained ear. The only exception is to be very lenient and biased to interpretation. "Check out the books of Greg Hallet; in particular; "Hitler Was a British Agent". Off topic. "Why would anyone want clones?" I prefer servitors where you create etheric "helpers" to help propel yourself to supersoldier levels with superior health and longevity ... and wisdom which grows with time. "George and Donald are counter-intel" Less. Both are old school for me. Once you move a stage beyond these mythos levels of consciousness, you instantly see the triviality in it. I kept these old outdated obsolete videos up to attract a for newbies. "Aliens don't exist, just part of the deception." Aetheric ET exist (in the "luminiferous ether") ... along with everything else ... in the experience of this dream-whirl'd. At the deepest level is the Akashic Records view of reality. The AR *IS* something worth learning. Stop dwelling on negativity and videos that suggest that you have no power. Learn quantum jumping so that you can grow into better versions of yourself. Mirror. Source: Project Avalon with Kerry Cassidy.
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A Technique to Remove Mental Negative Baggage
Mirror. Source: Dr. Henry Grayson https://www.youtube.com/user/DrHenryGrayson/videos Highly recommend him. Just listen to his calm energy. He's on the right track and offers a lot of his tools for free. Laugh It Off Seriously, you can laugh off almost anything negative - every thought, negativity, fear, etc. It works 100% for most things - even diseases. Seasoned psychologists and hypnotists know about this power technique and know it works 100%. Most people think fighting off negativity is the only way to banish it. Few know that laughing is a VERY positive tool. Comedy is positive ki. But it becomes even more powerful when timed right - the instant any negativity hits - especially a negative thought. Try it. It works for me. I can't begin to tell you how much it has worked. Try as many procedures as you can. Few of these work even 1% as good as people tout. Even those that work are weak. My two cents. These are old uploads, but if it works 10% of the time for 10% of the people, it's still worth a try. Hypnotherapy, qigong and quantum jumping out-perform these once you master and tap them like a seasoned pro.
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Oxygen - The Superfood for the Body
If you enjoy similar topics, I'm over at Zoroaster here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC38QMg3QDmQqdxlYrLQQIyg/videos ... new and improved ... the most accurate, deepest-truth channel on youtube to date. Learn and live "right." Mirror. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qx6_073GDkQ A little secret and tip to increase your oxygen intake and well-being: dry your air using an inexpensive dehumidifier. Dry air provides ki as well as keeps your living quarters and electronics in better shape and provides longevity to everything, including of course every cell in your body.
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What you Are INSIDE FOR TWO WEEKS Becomes the Reality You Enter
If you enjoy similar topics, I'm over at Zoroaster here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC38QMg3QDmQqdxlYrLQQIyg/videos ... new and improved ... the most accurate, deepest-truth channel on youtube to date. Learn and live "right." Mirror. Source: Dr. Henry Grayson https://www.youtube.com/user/DrHenryGrayson/videos Try as many procedures as you can. Few of these work even 1% as good as people tout. Even those that work are weak. My two cents. These are old uploads, but if it works 10% of the time for 10% of the people, it's still worth a try. Hypnotherapy, qigong and quantum jumping out-perform these once you master and tap them like a seasoned pro.
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What Happens After Death & Ascension Tips - Simon Parkes
I highly doubt there is a "mind zapping" at death as much as there is between dreams. We forget dreams fast. So our memories form the last life is nearly all forgotten by our first day in this life. We simply enter another dream (another timeline or time stream in the Akashic Records) just as we wake from one dream in REM during sleep and enter another dream. We forget because we time travel. There is no bad memory but a vast change in timelines ... when you quantum jump ... from REM to beta consciousness. It makes sense at the deepest level of understanding REAL reality.
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The Secret of Instant Initiate Induction Hypnosis Revealed
If you've enjoyed this, I share similar topics, I'm over at Zoroaster. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC38QMg3QDmQqdxlYrLQQIyg/videos ... new and improved ... and offers up some of the most accurate, deepest-truths under a single channel on youtube to date. Learn and live "right." Mirror. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykrYSMXUWcg Follow up (part 2) found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5feC64gtVU Instant Hypnosis finally revealed! FINALLY! How to Hypnotize a volunteer in seconds - THE one key step that few (none in my past time streams) disclose. Okay! Hey NOW! We got action baby! I'm on the road to Tipperary FINALLY! It was just an inch away all along. All you do is grab a willing partner to scare you into gamma state. No drugs as one of my subs suggested, no harm, no need to fall down stairs like the incredible shrinking lady, none of that nonsense! Just get your partner to scare and catch you off guard and with the word "sleep" timed right, you're off to lala-land to total suggestibility to rewire your mind in the way you want. For me, no more BINGEING. FINALLY! THANK YOU BRITAIN!! The British pull through again. This is something that even Burt Goldman never discloses ... if he even knows this secret. You now may know something more powerful than even these wealthy Gurus know about! Think about it, you can now charge wealthy people for your services as a professional hypnotist. But what I'm more excited about is to Quantum Jump using this technique and fight off any or all self obstacles in my life. I'm very grateful for this guy revealing this single tip. I hope you also find this technique for your self-empowerment / spirituality launching pad useful in your futures. Namaste. Much of this is all still new to me. What he's doing at 0:40 is looking for clear evidence of "hypnotic seduction patterns" that suggest she's trance-ready. What exactly this is ... I'm not sure yet. So there's a few minor wrinkles to iron out yet. One thing is once you get your client in a trance is to keep talking to them without vocal pauses to keep them in a trace and to further get them to dive deeper into the trance before going into the suggestion process - the heart of qigong, quantum jumping, spontaneous remission, NLP, etc etc. The nice thing is the more you are hypnotized, the easier it will be to self-hypnotize yourself because you will already recognize the exact state of mind you need to be in. No more reading books that lead you nowhere. LEARNING instant induction hypnosis takes mere minutes, but to MASTER it HANDS ON is a very different thing. It may involve hours for the average person - provided the teacher is good. Another important key part is the suggestions after you're in the trance state.
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Why We Sleep, Peggy Kane & Phil Schneider Share Similar Views
Humans are cocaine to aliens ... at lower levels in the Akashic Records. There are two things to do: get the hell out of dodge ... by climbing Jacob's Ladder. There's no coping solutions as these energies are ruthless. And there's no techniques you can learn to master them, only mild ways of getting eaten less frequently. I know, tough choice, stay and be eaten fast or slowly ... or just leave. Bear in mind that there are no (zero) alien species anywhere ... outside of consciousness. Even in the physical realm, they remain etheric, hidden out of sight.
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See Your Aura in Two Minutes
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYlb_XtNP7c Brighter yellows, greens, and white, the better the ki (etheric energy).
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A Simple QJ Manifestation Trick That May Work; Try It And See if It Works
Source: Burt Goldman's American Monk YT Channel (He's Gr-r-reat! and his "occult" wisdom & info is yours for FREEEE!) Video Title: "Positions of the mind" I say shift your visualizations to the past, Burt says to the future. So try one and try the other another time and see which one wins for you. Just don't visualize your goals in one spot each time. Here's a twist. Think of a sweet memory you've experienced in your future position to bring about a similar experience into to your future.
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Manifestation Breathing
Accelerated Wholesome Manifestation Breathing Mirror. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxEn12LQ43U
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Orgonite Done Right ... Making Orgonite With Corrections
Orgone and orgonite are for HEALING/ CLEANSINGS, not for aiding and improving health and wellness. For everything there is a season. Mirror. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mma5ljvcT0
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Detoxing Power of Sodium Thiosulfate
Mirror. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EKXbeLK36o This stuff is very powerful. Use gingerly/sparingly. Start off 1/2 the suggested dosage and only slowly increase to the suggested dosage if your body isn't affected by it. Same goes for turpentine.
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Hemisphere Tapping ... For Positive Change ... To 'Rewire' The Subconscious Mind 2/2
Source: Donna Eden Tapping Hemisphere Tapping Firstly, the good news: This is a proven ancient re-programming technique. It is NOT new ageist whatsoever. Unfortunately it's weak. You know this by the crappy lives of the very people who promote it. Think about it. If such techniques truly worked even 10% as good as these gurus purport, they'd be as fit and happy at 120 as they were at six years of age, but they're not. None of them would ever look old, fat, or sickly, yet they all eventually end up the same way anyone else does. But since it's easy and does have SOME degree of merit since "hemisphere tapping" doubles the power of tapping. Procedure - Prep: Eliminate all resistance first. You must firmly believe in a technique for it to work (as good as it can). - Tap using all fingers and thumb for maximum effect. - Tap from front to back around the ear to cover the entire brain hemisphere. - Eliminate the problem first. Tap the negative reversals on one side and positive affirmations on the other side. Bear in mind that most new agers say to tap the RIGHT side to reach the RIGHT (feminine) hemisphere of the MIND (not brain), because after all the feminine MIND is what we're talking about, not something physical like the brain. So logically, these new ageists are wrong. The RIGHT "hemisphere" of the MIND controls the ENTIRE left side of the body (including the HEAD and inner parts of the body including the "physical" brain). So THERE'S where the New Age influence comes in. Don't blame the ancients. As I've always said, any time a New Ageist opens his cake-hole, believe the exact opposite and nine of ten times you'll be correct.
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The Business of Religion & What God Isn't
"God is not a Christian. God is not a Jew or Muslim or Hindu. Those are human systems designed to help people walk into the mystery of God." - Bishop John Spong In Bishop John Shelby Spong's own words, The Church is a "Control Business," which it truly is .. and a lot more. Most serial killers are not only vastly Christian, (by a whopping 80-90%), but the top 12 most notorious, heinous, prolific serial killers were either devout Christian, or came from a devout Christian background. Check it out for yourself. For what it's worth, most serial killers also happen to be both white and Republican too. Aloha! So wha't my take? I believe some form of very intellectual energy made us. I do not place man-made perceptions on God, no gender, etc. "God is not a Christian. God is not a Jew or Muslim or Hindu. Those are human systems designed to help people walk into the mystery of God." - Bishop John Spong
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1 Minute Quantum Jump Technique
The premise of this video is missing so I've included it here: Basically, this is a simple spell QJ technique. Think of a happy time in your life and try and capture the "vibration" of how it felt and visualize that thought going from your mind into your heart in the now. Say "THEN NOW" as you do this. What occurs is you shift yourself in consciousness to a happier reality. Repeat this often and your entire life improves towards a more desirable, favorable environment. Misguided Comments and Deceptions Properly Addressed / Q & A "Quantum has nothing to do with this." You couldn't have possibly been more wrong. In fact, everything we think say and do is "quantum" shift timelines, everything. I will agree that "quantum jumping" is a silly term, but that's what it's called. So don't sweat the small stuff. But again, quantum shift in consciousness is all we do 24-7 - even in sleep. Life = Time. That's what life and sleep are made of and nothing else - all we do is quantum shift and jump in time. All we do is time-travel. That's it. Occam's Razor always wins. Nothing is real, but consciousness. Everything is illusory. When you come to grips with this deep realization (of this deep level of reality,) the actuality behind reality, then I'll be less critical to read your comments, perhaps a student. Hurry up. Peace. Cheers. "You need to channel a higher resolution camera." This video was mirrored, but again, it's in YOUR best interest to stop sweating the small stuff. Go after the gains more than allowing yourself to be consumed by nitpicking thoughts. "How do I shift to a life where things are different before or during my birth, like for example having been born with a twin sibling or changing some other detail about my birth?" Deep hypnosis can take you there and beyond, but normally only as long as the session lasts. 1289 energy ki foods de-age the body and in terms of time travel, you move towards your youth physically. "Beautiful. Let it be expressed." Yes and yes. "Is it possible to shift to a reality that many would deem impossible?" Yes, but then most people think QJ itself is impossible. What most people deem should certainly never be used as a barometer on truth. We are fed a liebraries full of lies from birth forward so it's a pointless barometer. "like say you wanted to shift to a parallel dimension where our sun is blue?" Unless you have found and use a powerful technique, all you can do is shift timeliness nearest the one you're currently in. So only small changes are experienced. But there are powerful techniques out there and information just buried among countless weak to outright useless, worthless techniques, no thanks to the ever-wrong New Age bowel movement. "Have you found such powerful techniques?" None as yet ... as extreme as switching to timelines from yellow to blue suns. But then I've never tried such extreme attempts but I've taken my bank account from $100k to $400k overnight with a simple 18-second chaos magick spell and gave California more rainfall in the history or rainfall records twice with two 18-second chaos magick spells. There are two key conditions for placing black and white magick: timing and location (the chi of a given place). Black magick is THE most powerful sorcery manifestation technique, by far. Schooled, seasoned Jews use it and incorporate chickens for efficiency. But I'm sure there are ways to do accomplish such wild timeline jumps ... wormholing through billions of parallel paths rather than jumping like skipping grooves on a record or positions on a CD or DVD. I've heard of people being able to walk through walls with powerful techniques. Don't know how true these stories are but I'm sure it's very reachable ... after all, life is but a dream ... all but begging to be QJ'd. If you enjoy similar topics, I'm over at Zoroaster here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC38QMg3QDmQqdxlYrLQQIyg/videos ... new and improved ... the most accurate, deepest-truth channel on youtube to date. Learn and live "right."
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Mind Over Matter Conquers All ... Even Pain (ie Monks Self-Emoliating)
Dr. Henry Grayson Here's his channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DrHenryGrayson/videos
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Reality is Imagined (Life is THE Grand Illusion)
Reality is Imagined (Life is THE Grand Illusion) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXRvEP6gEZs Narrator: Iswar Puri Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzcUz3pCrfQ There is only one consciousness. Comment Misconceptions Addressed "Where can I find more?" The narrator is Ishwar Puri. He has his own youtube channel. "The problem is in the fact that we don't actually know anything. Life is too complex. Nobody knows the truth." Apparently, you didn't see your gigantic error here. It's a self-defeating faulty assumption. In order to know how little or much humanity knows compared to the all, you must first know "the all." And "nobody" includes "yourself" ... meaning that you've nullified yourself. So you've made two paradoxical gish gallops ... a bumper crop of oxymoronic doublespeak in one short comment. So you can't be so sure of yourself until you're sure of yourself ... beyond thinking believing and feeling etc you know what you're talking about. You have to know everything first to know how little the rest of us know and even then you've assumed everyone is all asleep, another fact you've overlooked since you went ahead and talked for everyone, putting words in everyone's mouths. So you can only know levels of knowledge AFTER you've discovered all there is to know; until then can you be sure. Until then, the smartest thing is to keep your opinions to yourself and voice them AS opinions. Until then, saying nothing is the wisest possible option else you stick your own foot in your mouth as you have. But I can take a slight stance and say that some of us at some point in human history did know a crap-ton about life ... as the ancients demonstrated with lifespans reaching upwards of 900 years. That takes some deep knowledge ... which we had and used on one time. Life is full of curve balls BUT when you reach a certain level, things fall into place and they mysteries disappear. THUS here's the point, sitting down, there's no further investigation needed with each mystery. Solved is solved. That's the end of the road with each - which I've known personally. THUS I've reached THE END of these rabbit holes of prior mystery. Get it yet? LIFE IS NOT SO DEEP AND tapping one of the most robust truth tools going, Ockham's Razor, lo and behold the simplest explanation is the only correct one we find it all collapses down to "LIFE IS BUT A DREAM." So in fact, we don't go from simple to complex, but only ignorance does. Wisdom goes in the opposite direction from complex to simple to simplest. Life, and god, once grasped in full, is incredibly uncomplicated and un-all-omniscient. "If you use your mind to study reality, you won't understand either your mind or reality." Though I think there could be some truth milked out of that, it's foolishly put, at best. I mean how can you not use your mind? It's impossible because thought is all there is at the fundamental level all the way to the material view of life? You cannot. In fact, the truth is just the opposite. Personally, I've used my five senses and mind plus plugging in powerful truth tools to discover all kinds of things in this dream reality and outside of it. Houston, we have issues. "If you study reality without using your mind, you'll understand both." You mean observe. Visions and feelings are just them. These are experiences to be experienced. "Study" is misleading. I mean who's the teacher? Where is he/she/it? Where are the libraries? If this were true, we'd find someone who could answer these and share great wisdom. If it were true, there'd be millions of wise people everywhere yet I find none even close to my level of wisdom save some of my subs learning from me. Why is he/she not famous? If it's you, then let's have some wisdom. If it's not you, then you can't know if your belief is true. "Words are illusions." - Bodhidharma More silliness. Written or spoken, both are silly. I mean who needs to be told that something spoken can't be seen? And if written words are illusions, then why not say everything is an illusion? Why stop at words? So please stop cluttering up the comment section with meaningless useless and weak fluff. TIA. And words tap into the energies of life drawing out certain powers. So to belittle words you belittle the means to bring out such powers. Every word being energy. So you've also besmearing energy itself. "Life is real. The only delusion is your thinking." You have it exactly backward. "Thought" is all that's real at the fundamental level and life is fiction.
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Avoiding Pleasure, A MUST For Ascension - With Bill Donahue
This video is sped for time-savings. The word "rapture" was misleading here. It really refers to (earthly) joy and comfort and not bliss while being in the state of heavenly ascension.
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Copper, Aspirin & Salt FTW 1/2
Mirror. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzW5ml7Zh24 I take full responsibility for The Aniprin F overlay at 7:46. Tony does NOT endorse Aniprin F. Research everything you plan on using. The comment section is strictly a discussion forum platform for the benefit of everyone interested in the topic and will be monitored and treated as such. Cheers.
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What's Up ... REALLY Up 2/3 - Vrill Agenda - With Peggy Kane
Comment Misconceptions Addressed "Peggy Kane shape shifts @ 10:22 watch the eyes shift to slits and back she knows a lot because she is one." She became one as does everyone, daily. Humans have that auspicious reptilian brain stem. Her place has very negative energy ... as does most every other location. This earth is literally teaming with sentient negative energy. It has been since the great age of Aries, feminine energy changed to the mal-e Piscean age 2000 years ago. We're still in the male energy leg today, but luckily the water bearer of Aquarius isn't as mutable. So there's some hope for the next 2000 years. So is there a silver lining to learning all this sinister, dark and gloomy knowledge, our actuality? Absolutely because we can also learn how to better protect ourselves AND once you understand that people are constantly being attacked and possessed, it makes forgiving much easier. So there are two heavyweight positives right there. We are harvested each night during "sleep" ... not much rejuvenation being put into a trance only to be energy-abused. But there ARE a few things you can do to retard these etheric force's efforts. ~ Sleep on a motion bed. It doesn't have to be a rotating bed, just a bed that moves in any way. A three-foot motion is fine. ~ Sleep with sound. These creatures prefer peace and silence. ~ Wear rich golden yellows. Yellow is another "distresser." ~ Clap loudly throughout your house just before bedtime. Firecrackers work even better. ~ Go to bed on an empty stomach. The best time to eat is in the morning. Your last food should be hours before you sleep. ~ Sleep with your palms open and arms and legs spread out to dissipate chi. Again they hate ANY kind of movement, even chi flow. Sleep is where people age tremendously. So you can greatly lengthen your longevity by simply sleeping "soundly." The video is sped for time savings.
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Donald Marshall Stories Summed Up in 8 Minutes
Disclaimer: This channel does NOT agree 100% with every claim made in the videos it mirrors. I discard mistakes and fluff, but inevitably some remains. There's only so much free time and there's no end to improvement. Source: The Elvish Magic
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Instant Tinnitus Relief
IMPORTANT! The HIGHEST FREQUENCIES must be heard for efficiency. Raise the high frequencies of your system's equalizer so the high frequencies come through strong. Use good headphones or speakers/horns/tweeters with good high range. Increase the volume. The louder OR the longer you replay these frequencies, the greater the effect. Of course, don't turn the volume so high that it becomes uncomfortable and harmful. Use common sense. Turn up the volume and replay the audio until the ringing subsides. For stubborn tinnitus, replay the audio 3 times (to form a 30 second audio stream) and play it loud enough to knock it down each time and repeat as needed and should get the upper hand. At least this is what I found. Sometimes it takes a bit of a battle. Also you can download this file and use windows equalizer: 1) Open the file by clicking on the filename or icon ----:- RClick Windows media player ----:- Enhancements ----:- Graphic Equalizer 2) Adjust the higher frequencies towards the maximum position and lower the remaining adjustments to the lowest position. Hardcore tinnitus sufferer, here's an updated file for your troubles. It's more fierce than this upload and only intended for advanced tinnitus - for stubborn tinnitus - if your tinnitus is REALLY bothering you after several attempts to knock it down. Other methods that work equally well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNO0uRS83ec https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHcEEDXkW4E DISCLAIMER ~ These frequencies help REDUCE "ear ringing." They're NOT a cure. ~ This sound treatment only provides temporary relief. ~ It works dramatically SOMETIMES ... not always. Each session will achieve varied results. ~ It may require several sessions to knock down tinnitus to a tolerable level. Here's the latest tinnitus knock out video link from my new channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVlZ2YU37uc Good luck with it. WARNING! If you are currently not experiencing ear ring (tinnitus) then do NOT listen to these tones! They only work as a remedy. They do NOT prevent or cure tinnitus. They can actually CAUSE tinnitus if you listen to them without currently having the condition! USER BEWARE! For slightly improved results, cup your hand around your ear to form a horn. Background I came up with the "tone-formula" myself. I certainly don't follow any new-age dogma if that's what you were thinking this was my knowledge source. We have many answers within us. The only thing lacking are the questions. Other methods that work equally well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNO0uRS83ec https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHcEEDXkW4E If you enjoy similar topics, I'm over at Zoroaster here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC38QMg3QDmQqdxlYrLQQIyg/videos ... new and improved ... the most accurate, deepest-truth channel on youtube to date. Learn and live "right."
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Bible Deciphered by Santos Bonacci
Sorry for the loud music. The video is a copy and I didn't have time to edit it out.
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What's Up ...REALLY Up 1/3 - A Brief Introduction - With Peggy Kane
So is there a silver lining to learning all this sinister, dark and gloomy knowledge, our actuality? Absolutely because we can also learn how to better protect ourselves AND once you understand that people are constantly being attacked and possessed, it makes forgiving much easier. So there's two heavyweight positives right there. We are harvested each night during sleep. SLEEP?? For who? Lol. We don't sleep as much as we lay still so we can be eaten - hardly sleep! But there ARE a few things you can do to actually get some sleep. ~ Sleep on a motion bed. It doesn't have to be a rotating bed, just a bed that moves in any way. A 1' sway is fine. ~ Sleep with sound. The Vrill love peace at meal time. You shouldn't! ~ Wear rich golden yellows. Yellow is a powerful distressing color. Some etheric energies don't enjoy it. ~ Clap very hard throughout your house just before bedtime. ~ Sleep empty. Don't sleep soon after eating. Your last food should be hours before you sleep. ~ Sleep with your palms open and arms and legs spread out to dissipate chi. There's many more tools, but these will already cut the unhealthy activity in half. Sleep is where people age tremendously. So you can greatly lengthen longevity by simply sleeping "soundly."
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Say NO To Sex
Mirror. Source: Sevan Bomar The benefits of keeping your seed (stored) springs forth in most every positive way for you on several levels. I apologize for the overpowering music in the first minute. After the first minute, the next 3 minutes are music free. It's no secret in Eastern Gnosticism that kundalini is stored and built up in the coccyx area in the root chakra. So it's not a big leap to say that when men expels their semen (their sea of men seed or fruit), they release their precious kundalini - which takes at least 2 days to rebuild. And low and behold, Eastern Gnosticism agrees with this also. So every ejaculation loses you 2 days of stored kundalini. It's a major backwards step in multiple ways. Women, being higher ascended don't lose as much as a man during sex.
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Gamma & Alpha Mind State - The Two Most Potential Magical, Growth Periods
Ever heard of this: "It's a state of mind." That's really all life truly is, a state of mind, namely Beta, a mirror of Delta. But the short-lived Alpha state is where (when) you have the most gain potential. I take 17-minute naps every 3 hours. This gives me 34 alpha shifts per day, that's 32 more potential conscious shifts than I had with the regular single 8-hour daily sleep. Gamma is simply too difficult to reach and too shortlived to do much with. I've been there a few times and don't wish to go back, not that it's not great and wonderful, the process of getting there is so unnerving.
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Aummm & The Seven Vowels of Creation
by Santos Bonacci
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Bare-Bones Radionics - Batteries and Machines Not Included Nor Necessary
Mirror. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGLpo8GKw_4
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Seeing Metaphysical Energy
Mirror. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3HvpLz0zOo Skip the inhaling energy part because you will not want to inhale the energy if it's bad and you'll only know it's bad AFTER you've inhaled it and the next night, it can effect your sleep.
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Cloning Stations - John Lear
Check out Donald Marshall's dreams for more on cloning stations. Connecting the touts: tout 1 cloning stations built tout 2 massive numbers of missing children reports of the early 1980s tout 3 female abductees surface decades later talking about being used as sex slaves for the elite tout 4 donald marshall concures conclusion life is wacky solution quantum jump it all
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Dr. Turpentine, Miraculous Healing Substitute, 1/2
I've included Dr. Turpentine's background first to add credibility. The main discussion on turpentine gets started at 13:08. If you've enjoyed this, I share similar topics, I'm over at Zoroaster. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC38QMg3QDmQqdxlYrLQQIyg/videos ... new and improved ... and offers up some of the most accurate, deepest-truths under a single channel on youtube to date. Learn and live "right." Turpentine is completely safe for the body in low dosages. It must be taken in low dosages not because it is poisonous, but because it is a very powerful substance and too much of anything good becomes unhealthy. It was commonly used in the olden days as a medicine which it's not. It's a health food supplement. It is perfectly natural. It is, in fact, tree sap which is very healthy. So I think of turps for what it truly is: natural tree sap ... instead of thinking of the skull and cross-bones the feds enforce on the label. The comment section is strictly a discussion forum platform and will be monitored and treated as such.
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5 Quantum Jumping Tips
Mirror. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XK1EPgj4YNY
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Christianity, the Archon-Run Con Game
The comment section is strictly a discussion forum platform and will be treated as such. Mirrored from Jim How Channel. Christianity is just more elitist propagandist poppycock. It's just one more Masonic wild card in the sleeve agenda to rule, distract and enslave humanity and human food energy to feed their etheric handlers. Yes "our" rulers aren't at the top as even scholared, seasoned truthers think. The human race is driven by entities that lurk mere inches above their heads in the ether. The hidden superior etheric entities control each one of us. Few know this. Peggy Kane and a few other truly enlightened people realize this. Donald Marshall is half-right in this area. Even Jim How (yt channel) hints at the etheric side once and again in about 1% of his discussions in videos. So toss the man-made books (as those found in lie-braries) and rise above the ashes toward more enlightened sources like your senses and your own environment for starters and begin seeing the ACTUALITY through the mythos veil and all the propaganda that leads you away from yourself - such as the vermin who run churches and what they push on humanity. The church is a branch of the gov't, but of course, "behind the curtain." All man-made religion is total bullocks, peppered with tasty lies and even some obvious truths which serve as the bait for the Pratrap. Learn the AKASHIC RECORDS of truth and grow spiritually. Govern-mente (mind-control) have pushed these re-legions and other lies on the masses for eons. The power structure is the con-men of these games. And if you believe what they peddle, you are the victim. DON'T bible (BUY-the-BULL).
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The Faked Moon Landings Short - John Lear
John shares his view as well as the purpose for the fakery - views similar to mine FWIW.
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British Inventor Provides Evidence of Our Metaphysical Reality
Refer to my comments under this video.
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Over 99% of Random People Recall S&N America Being Aligned (Mandela Effect)
... random people that is, with NO BIAS, TROLLS, YOUTUBE GENIUSES, etc. Ahhhh, bias-free, something unheard of on UT. Mirror. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkLan8KRflg
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Chakra Cleanse for Energizing - Donna Eden 1/2
Mirror. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5StykI0X6w The video is sped for time savings. Holding a magnet helps, even a credit card. Magnetism is dirty energy so make sure the patient has problems before using a magnet. You can also perform these cleanses on yourself. If you have an upset stomach or a headache, wave your palm above the area of pain in a rotating fashion until the pain seizes. It may take several minutes or surprisingly fast. It won't work 100% every time, but it's worth a try each time.
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Archon - Extensive Discussions, Simon Parkes, Jay Weidner, David Icke
Archon - Our Loosh Harvesters I've come to believe that "Archon" are merely thousands of species of a global-acting virus-bacteria-type invisible energy that can act as a single organism that pools and can assume many different mind forms. These aetheric entities harvest and feast off human and pet emotions nightly. We are in fact full of this energy. 99.9% of human cells are these creatures. That's why we're in the image and likeness of God. God = bacteria in proper gematria. "Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit." Corinthians 6:19. Scientists now know that all disease sickness and conditions originate from this negative energy. These creatures feed off our own negativity given off by negative emotion. So we're a feeding source for it. Robert Monroe calls it "loosh" where the human species is regarded as the prime and most productive farm animal. All our sufferings and joys produce emotional energy which is siphoned off by these aetheric "aliens" as a product and taken away to "somewhere" for their selfish use. In proper gematria, loosh = blood = 3, vital human bodily chemicals. So this loss is vital for keeping us alive for 1000s of years. Losing this life-force energy is one of two things that ages people, the other being our own ingestion of bad energies. Monroe had picked up the idea during an OOBE experience which may have been informed by the "personal field", subconscious dream content or the "inner storyteller". The irony and catch-22 is that when we try to make sense of such things, we only move in timelines where it's only more prevalent. So the more you learn how to defeat them, you also move into timelines of consciousness where they dominate. This is why it's called the human race OR human being (bean). Either you conquer them like Zoroaster and the ancients "stepping on snakes (bad bacteria) heads" or you become food (beans). This is the stair STEPS to heaven or slippery snakes and ladders highway to hell. Do nothing and you are squashed. So either you get squashed or squash them.
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FEAR Porn & Other Dissed-Tractions - George Carlin
Risqué language warning.
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Free Qigong Healing Session MIRROR Burt Goldman
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Co42IrNH_NM I plug people's videos for THEIR own good too. It's a win-win. Nothing's being stolen. Those who have problems with people promoting other people's work with mirrors that fetch viewers and subscribers, then *they* are the one with the problem and need to work on themselves ... more than focus on the problems of others, which in this case, doesn't even exist. Mirroring is not only harmless, but beneficial to the videos being mirrored. I can't see how people can't see this fact. It's as clear as day.
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Tapping To 'Rewire' Your Subconscious Mind, Recap
Mirrored. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ny-1qyq4uYA
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Everything We Think, Say & Do Casts Spells
Mirror. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcmvH... Either You Harness Sorcery Or You Are Harmed By Your Blind Use of It Sorry about the jumpy scroll, have remade it for a better future upload. And yes I know I had the OT and NT reversed. Recent additions: ~ Sperm cells, the beginning of mammalian life resemble musical notes. ~ RING in the New Year.
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Eternity, Reincarnation, Soul & Afterlife - John Lear
FWIW, John Lear's take on reality is less than 50% similar to that of mine. The spirit lives on and some form or mode of reincarnation is very real, but I don't see a reason for Lear's belief in a judgment day for multiple reasons. Firstly, the environment plays a huge role in our thoughts and life. In fact, intelligent energy abounds and initiates a lot of our thoughts for multiple reasons beyond human. This ITs of intelligent energy knows us better than we do of ourselves. There's no need to be judged upon death. Judgment day makes no sense. Peggy Kane says Near Death Experience people who claim they were judged were just brainwashed into believing so by these ITs. She's a better source for deep truth, however, sadly, she's been missing for nearly years now. Even her neighbors say one day she just vanished, no more Peggy Kane. I just put his video up because there's still a lot of truth for fellow deep truth researchers.
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Dealings With Etheric Entities - Simon Parkes, 1/2
Audio is sped a little for time savings. 1500 videos sped up saves hours off my and your life. Use half speed option if you prefer. To me these are even too slow. Jay Essex was correct in saying Simon was tricked into his views by etheric entities. For one thing, there is no mind zapping at death. There's no actual real death for that matter. We simple enter another dream (another time stream in the Akashic Records) just as we wake from one dream in REM during sleep and enter another dream. We simple forget this wake-state dream like we do all our dreams at night - slowly over minutes. No zapping occurs. The reason we forget dreams so fast and this reality so slow is due to grounding due to belief. Belief is very strong and as we age from coming out of the womb onward, our beliefs of this fake reality grow with each experience. It all makes sense. Jay's good and accurate. About the only thing Jay gets wrong that I've caught is with Serpoians ... from planet Serpoia because the earth is concave and there's no universe ... the one looking up in the sky ... only an innervse in the uppermost sky. But there still could be many planets like earth - outside of the concave earth (in the mythos construct architecture of this dream of course). I'm uploading a video of a guy who filmed himself fasting for 42 days in a boat (like Jesus did in the desert) and on the 42nd day, the sky lit up with white light (caught on film). This is that bright white light of death. You don't need to die to see it, but you need to fast for at least 38 days. Also SERP = SERPent (reptilian).
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Ian Iachimoe
..or Faul McCartney whichever you prefer Mirror. Source: this is taken from the movie "TheWingedBeatle" SEE THE FULL MOVIE HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsPCQ932vlU There were definitely multiple Pauls, that's all I know. From that fact, a) was it used largely as a publicity stunt as controversy to drive up sales? Or b) did Paul really die and the higher ups used doubles to keep people happy? In 2015 it serves as just another distraction (or dissed-traction), to keep the Sheople dumbed down. So I say get over all distractions and onto actually running your life ... better.
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Metaphysics: The 9 Energies - Brief Intro By Santos Bonacci w/Minor Insertions
Mirror. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlwj1265BDY The Nine Energies - In Brief ----------------------------- 1,2,8,9 "Strength" 1 Pure energy; it signifies both cardinal/leadership and start: seed=1; energy=8=1; Aries/Year of Dog and Capricorn/year of goat are 1 energies; spring starts in Aries and hence green=1 2 Pure POW!-ER Aquarius and Taurus; both are powerhouses and can withstand a lot of life's adversities (Google: Wim Hof) rocket=2; power=2 8 As powerful as 2 is, 8 (snake, gut energy) is as powerful if not more so, but just doesn't harness it as often as 2. 9 is completion, the highest energy signified by the dualistic half-horse, half-man Sagittarian Centaur. 9 is both powerful (the horse) and wise (the man). 3,6,7 "Wisdom" 3=Pisces and Gemini 6=Virgo and 7=Libra All mutable signs, even Libra is mutable; 7 was considered equal to 6 energy by many ancient Gnostics and indeed both are near identical in every way; 7 having very slightly (0.5%) more of a bias than 6. 4,5, The "Ugly Energies" (also very wise) 4&5 energies are deadly, often hated, corner energies and being in the middle, they are the dividers of the lower (0123) and upper (6789) numbers; when around these energies, things will change for you; this is a blessing when you're sick, going through a rough time or down on your luck, but a curse when things are going smoothly. 4 is the middle between 0123 4 5678; 9 can be considered above life; 4 = Wednesday, the "hump day" 5 is also considered as the middle, the middle of summer and Leo, the lion hearted - the heart chakra in the heart of your 7 chakras and center of your aura. 4.5 (note that both numbers are used) is dead center between 1 and 9, when you ignore 0, a number that can be considered as non-existent
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