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Magic City Metal Detecting The new Garrett AT Max (Silvers and my first 3 ringer??) MCMD Ep.3
A few random hunts with Dave and Tate, some let downs, some come ups, and some time in the field with the new Garrett AT Max!! Thanks Heath for the great deal and quick shipping. Link below for TMD, give those guys a visit if you need anything new or used. THANKYOU anyone sharing or subscribing! If you enjoy what you've been seeing, there is more to come. Treasure Mountain Detectors http://treasuremtndetectors.com/ LINK ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Magic City Metal Detecting - Buttons & Bullets
Short hunt with Paige and I, after we abruptly leave a new permission that turned out to be a huge let down, only to go back to one of my recent field permissions that has been providing tons of relics.
Magic City Metal Detecting - park hunting with the Garrett AT Max! Silver & Bucket listers
New permission falls through, but in a couple recent park visits before thanksgiving i managed to sniff out a nice silver live dig and a couple bucket list finds. The parks keep giving! Happy Holidays to everyone and thanks so much for looking! Subscribe if you feel we are worthy, or don't and just stop back by and visit sometime ; )
Magic City Metal Detecting - Civil War relics & old silver Equinox 800
Zach Byrd Adventure Hour https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqwkmTQRRw0ioeZHDnTc7Rw Exploring Alabama https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjHxArDU2WxtKkotlit4upg Most Epic Day EVER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrIKMrjkC8g This is a compilation of a few hunts over the last month. I will start to produce more videos regularly going forward. I appreciate the support, and thanks for watching. Very special Thank you to Zach Byrd for some of the most memoriable hunts / finds this summer. I have had a blast getting to know Zach and his family, and also spending a lot of time with Exploring Alabama. If you'd like to see any of the previous hunts I was involved with this summer Links Below
Magic City Metal Detecting Ep.1
And so it begins.. I have decided that i should begin posting periodic videos documenting my metal detecting finds, adventures, mishaps, as well as other random clips of some other activities. Call it me "hopping on the bandwagon" or just a drop in the bucket of millions of other youtubers. I just see it as an appendix to my obsession that is metal detecting. Enjoy, and thanks for watching!
Raptor Liner - 2013 Chevy Silverado
Little bit of a different video. As of the last few weeks, I have not been able to get out and go detecting as regularly as I'd like to. I did however get a new truck recently and decided I had to ditch the plastic liner and sprung for doing a bed liner myself using U-POL's Raptor Liner. I decided to document it and post it up. I even have 2 liters left over after doing my 6.5 bed. I may do my shovels and some other projects. Enjoy! U-POL Raptor Liner PACKAGE DEAL -------- https://www.ebay.com/itm/232165309667?ul_noapp=true
Magic City Metal Detecting - Bullets and Spanish (Minelab Equinox)
A mix of last couple of hunts with Paige, Jeff, and Bill. New field gives up some amazing relics. Paige finds Desoto's lunch money, Jeff pulls an amazing embossed mural. Thanks for checking us out!
Magic City Metal Detecting - Horsing Around with the Minelab Equinox
Been a few weeks since I have gotten out with a camera... Short day hunt with Bill and Paige. We haven't gotten out in a little while so it was nice to find a few silvers and some relics. Will return to the bottle dump!
My Old Panhead - 1964 Harley Davidson
This is a little video of my Pan. My friends and I build and ride old Harleys together. This is my bike through a few changes. I will probably always change it around, but it will always be mine. Thanks Duane for all the fab help, and Mike for transmission work. Thanks for watching 1964 Panhead 1940 Transmission Harley Straight leg frame 33.4 extended super glide front end David Allen Coe - "Texas Lullaby"
Magic City Metal Detecting - (Hunting local parks, and encounter with local law enforcement)
Myself, Tate, Dave, and Nathan went to a few 1830 - 1840's homes that I gained permission on. They were absolutely pounded over the years and the evidence was there from previous plugs and word i received from the gentleman that oversee's them that prior to us in the last years, nobody has "asked" to hunt them.... So, we did what we could and had fun doing it. I fill the rest of my time at some local parks looking for scraps left behind by others. Like and Subscribe if you feel inclined. Or dont, we are just happy to have a view or two ; ) CHECK US OUT ON FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/MagicCityMetalDetecting/
Magic City Metal Detecting - Minelab Equinox 800 Bucket Listed!
Short video of my first three days with the Equinox 800. No hype here, just some cool finds while I learn the machine. It’s been a while on videos so I thought I’d make this one as a come back. Amazing coin found in this one.
Magic City Metal Detecting - "Digging it all with the Garrett AT Max" Silver and Relics!
Hit a few amazing properties, unfortunately we strike out on the first couple. Hopes were high but it appeared that signals had been already recovered or possibly buried forever beneath fill.. We still had fun getting out together. I went on some solo hunts and manage to bring home so great coins. Hope you enjoy, and if you feel like sticking around, subscribe for future hunts. Thanks for lookin!!
Magic City Metal Detecting - End Of The Line
Stopped off at a Georgia permission we previously had an hour at a few months back. Managed to pull out a few keepers with the Equinox and learned so cool history about the property.
Little G Weevil / Reese Nazzaro
Little G Weevil playing back at Gips place on january 22nd with Reese Nazzaro. sorry about the 8mm app but i couldnt help myself.
Kid trips down steps
My buddy jeff's kid takes a tumble down the steps. don't worry he laughed it off