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Like I'm gonna lose you (Levi and Hanji)
Hey weirdos! I'm back! And a new AMV is heeeeeeerrreeee!!! Fan arts are not mine, The song is not mine and ESPECIALLY, AOT IS NOT MINE!!! Credits to all Owners!! Yes, the video is mine.
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Lars and Sadie ~A thousand years~ (AMV)
The characters are not mine, credits to the artists and this video is originally made by me. (AMV)
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LeviHan ~About the Boy~ (Little Mix)
I'm shipping this two so hard, I made another video. Sorry, I'm lack of video clips. Hope you enjoy! Levihan is not mine. This arts are not also mine. Just. Freaking. Shipping. Them.
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💖 a kind-hearted artist gave me this! | UNBOXING VIDEO ✨
So yeet! I came to upload again! Im glad y'all still stick around. An SUPERB artist gave me something on the mail that WOULD END ME UP SCREECHING ALL NIGHT! InstaGREM: http://instagram.com/guineagenie Follow @artwoknee because she's amazing uwu 💖: https://instagram.com/artwoknee I used my phone in editing and shooting this oof. BUT AS ALWAYS Have a nice day!
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\(^o^)/ Welcome to my Channel! (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor !!!(http://www.youtube.com/editor) Fuuwwaaahhhh~ Its been awhile since I posted something! and this time, I made my own Channel Trailer! Thank you so much for checking it out guys! If ya want to know what's the audio, heck, you're lucky. Claude Debussy - Claire de lune
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Let's Paint: Linda and Gabriella
This is the first part of the series I'm making! "Let's Paint"! Put a like if you like it, and a like too if ya dislike it. See what I did there? Also I was watching Frannerd at the first part of the video. Lmao. Paint tools I used: Rainbow watercolour Water (duh?) Brushes #4 & #5 Daler and Rowney Watercolour Paper (which I luckily saw pinned on one of my sketchbooks) YD Washi tape (first time using a washi tape!) Blue Gel Pen My DeviantArt: geniearnnevbagayana.deviantart.com My InstaGREM: instagram.com/guineagenie
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Timelapse with me! ~ Chito and Hitler
Hi guys! This is a new series I made! "Timelapse with me!" contains a very short painting videos where I used timelapse! In this video, I painted a very special paint for a very special friend and historical friend! I used F - 10's music (whom is mah friend in the painting) in this one! Go check his music on his youtube account below! Hope y'all like it! Paint tools I used! Water (duh?) Royal Art Brush #4, Winsor and Newton Cotman #8 Berkeley Watercolour Pad Sharpie (pink, yellow, blue) Blue gel pen Check out my special friend on DeviantArt! https://n2supernerd.deviantart.com/ His youtube! (F - 10) https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCnpXGP0-RTyH_v3Fi0C6B Check out my DeviantArt! https://geniearnnevbagayana.deviantart.com Instagrem: https://instagram.com/guineagenie
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Let's Paint: Nocturnal Plant Girl
Hi Guys! New videooooo! I dedicated this to Earth Day! Yippee!! Hope y'all like it! Music: twenty øne piløts - The Judge Painting materials I used: Rainbow watercolor Royal Art Brush #5 & #6, Daler and Rowney Flat Shader Brush Berkeley Watercolor Pad Check out my DeviantArt! https://geniearnnevbagayana.deviantart.com Instagrem: https://instagram.com/guineagenie
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A spoiler. Yay.
This is a spoiler for my upcoming video! It was an accident uploading this, I swear. T - T I can't edit its privacy because @shizzome commented on it and she's like meh bestie. lmao.
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Timelapse with Me! ~ Extreme Hair
It's been awhile guys! and here's a new timelapse video! also, I finally have my own melodica! I'm having fun with it. Hope you all had a nice day! Stuffs I used: Rainbow Watercolor Royal art Brush No. 5 and Daler and Rowney flat shading brush Lyra Watercolour Pencil Check out my DeviantArt! https://geniearnnevbagayana.deviantart.com Instagrem: https://instagram.com/guineagenie Send me some memes on twitter: https://twitter.com/GenieBagayana
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Let's Paint: Going huntin'. + Lovely by tøp (cover by me)
AAHHHHH!!! *clears throat* hello. it's been awhile since I uploaded a decent video and i think this might be (permanently) the last video I'll upload for now. school is approaching quick and I have a deep feel that I'll be busy that I wont have enough time to make vids like this. so, I hope to get in touch soon.
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Painting my first ever comic with colors while my little bro is playing Ionie (my ukulele)
Hello again Darlings! I'm here to show how I painted my comic! My little bro is jamming behind and he's a little shy :3 You can see my completed comic here! DeviantArt: http://geniearnnevbagayana.deviantart.com/art/SURPRISE-COMIC-601108075 If you crave for more art, please visit my other websites! Tumblr: https://geniebagayana.tumblr.com/ Blogspot: http://guineagenie.blogspot.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/guineagenie/ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/guineagenie/ Don't forget to leave a like (Or dislike maybe) and a comment! Thank you for watching!
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Portrait! #1 Otaku Teacher
I actually asked my teacher (who is actually a girl and is an Otaku) if she wants a portrait and then she said yes! I didn't get to finish the video. Sorry if it looks unsatisfying. I was so busy that I can't upload videos daily and---- {Oh shut up! No one watches your videos anyways!} ...
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Process Video: Wild Creatures
Hey guys! here's a full-through of a process video for my recent painting, "Wild Creatures"! you guys can see it on my: Instagram: guineagenie ( https://www.instagram.com/guineagenie/ ) DeviantArt: GenieArnneVBagayana ( https://geniearnnevbagayana.deviantart.com/ ) Music: Melanie Martinez - Pity Party
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First time I took a video of myself while Drawing
This video was last February I think. My two close friends are in there, messin' me up and all I could do was just...draw the shit out of me.
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She's a classmate and a friend of mine. She wants to get noticed by Darren espanto. You're welcome.
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Fast Sketch I did
Guys! Watch it on 2 speed to experience awesome and FAST watching.
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