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Yesterday - SHAUNY Original
Wrote this song last year about screwing up a perfectly great friendship by having feelings. Like, comment n subscribe !
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Have You Ever - SHAUNY Original
Have you ever? Can you relate? Ive been trying to write more originals to find my own style of music, let me know what you think about this song and if u would like to hear more originals from me . Currently writing more songs and hopefully next time it would be a happy one. Ciaoz
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Recently heard this song and just had to give it a try. Hope you like it. Like and subscribe for more future stuffs.
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EASY - MAC ACYRES ( ShaunY Cover)
I recorded this on my new phone! The phone is way better than my 10 yr old Sony vid cam hahaha Hope you all enjoy this cover, Ive still got some originals coming and other covers as well so stay tuned.. Like, share, subscribe and click that bell button for future notifications.
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i drink tea - SHAUNY Original
It''s not really about tea.. Lyrics: You want to get some coffee? No, I drink tea instead, Don't really need the caffeine, Blood's been pumping in my chest With you beside me lying in, My bed.. You want to get some breakfast, I think it's too late for that, Been sleeping in lately, My head against your breast and, I just want to stay right here , With you.. Can we stay a little while, Let me frame you in my mind, Everytime you smile there's butterflies, Inside.. She takes it all away, All the pain the tears the rain, I don't ever want to let this go, You have a hold , Unto my soul, This time.. It's 11.30, Time to get out of bed, I'll make us both some tea, Your hair is such a mess, I love you dear, Cause you're my cup of tea..
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