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Missing Piece- David Choi (cover by ShaunY)
THIS is one of my favorite song from my favorite youtube artist DAVID CHOI. He was basically the push and inspiration that led me to making my own videos and posting them in youtube. Hope you all enjoy my cover of his song "MIssing piece". If you listen closely to the end..you might be able to hear birds whistling at the back..haha
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Home-Westlife/Michael Buble/Blake Shelton Cover by ShaunY
This is an awesome song by Michael Buble....love all the versions by Michael Buble/Westlife and Blake Shelton ..hope u enjoyed my cover....sorry for my suckish guitar playing though....not good at it yet ....but ill try to be better haha... A huge Shoutout to my buddy Gregory Quah...HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! Tengga
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"Thinking Out Loud" - Ed Sheeran ( ShaunY cover ft. Shaun Lazaroo)
Believe it or not.. this cover was done at 3 am which explains our "close to sleeping" looks. Had great fun making this cover with one of my awesome highschool bud, Shaun Lazaroo. hope u guys enjoy this cover as much as the sky did since it rained so heavily while we did this. " Have a happy new year , and to whoever who are watching this, i wish u all an awesome 2015 u awesome possum". “Thinking Out Loud” – originally performed by Ed Sheeran Written by: Ed Sheeran & Amy Wadge Published by: Sony ATV & Royalty Network Music Publishing
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MINE- Bazzi ( ShaunY Cover) Clinton Kane Rendition
Really feeling this style by Clinton Kane so I thought Ill give it a try too. I know its been soo soo long but ill try to post more often from now on ( hopefully) Love you guys and till the next!!
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Forget You ~Cee Lo Green (cover) by Shaun Yong
Song originally sang by Cee Lo green...well i heard it and thought it would be fun to sing a fast song for a change...haha..hope u enjoyed...pls rate ,comment n subsribe ^^
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Have You Ever - SHAUNY Original
Have you ever? Can you relate? Ive been trying to write more originals to find my own style of music, let me know what you think about this song and if u would like to hear more originals from me . Currently writing more songs and hopefully next time it would be a happy one. Ciaoz
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Ed Sheeran: All Of The Stars (cover) ShaunY
Just heard the song today. It was so beautiful that i had to cover it right away. If u like the video , dont forget to thumbs up, comment and subscribe =D
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Coldplay - Every Teardrop is a Waterfall - ShaunY Cover
DO NOT OWN THIS MUSIC! here's link for the original Coldplay " Every Teardrop is a Waterfall" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyMhvkC3A84 Happy New Year everyone.. HOpe you enjoy my cover of Every Teardrop is a Waterfall by Coldplay ^_^ . Welcome my new guitar to the family =D
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Everything Has Changed (COVER) By (Shaun Yong and Alexis Sue Ann)
Meet my awesome friend Sue Ann from college !!!. We did this cover in a meeting room so its not exactly sound proof..haha. Hope you would enjoy our cover of Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran =D "Everything Has Changed" -- originally by Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran Written by: Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran Published by: Sony ATV Music Publishing
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Goo Goo Dolls-Iris(cover) By ShaunY
been awhile since my last cover..so heres one song that i personally liked quite awhile ago..haha...and sorry for the lack of looking at the cam eye contact....trying to read the lyrics..haha..xp
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Adele- Set Fire To The Rain (ShaunY)
heres my latest cover of set fire to the rain by Adele
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Like It Is by ShaunY ( Original song ) Live
Just woke up... Anyway...heres an original song of mine."Like it is" ...Dun forget to like, comment and sub =)Everything was recorded live..except for the harmonies which i then put in. lyrics: i , cant believe that you are mine I think about you all the time you are always on my mind YOu the one who whispers in my dreams the one who made my life complete the one who gave me all i need Just read my lips its says i love you cos girl you know that everythings true Chorus: I love you like the moon in the night like the stars that shine so bright like my heart when it sees you smile I need You like burger needs its cheese like a hug needs kiss like my lips and your lips I, need you right here by my side, with you here everythings alright, cause baby your my everything you, just close ur eyes ill be your guide, dont worry babyy its alright, you'll never shed a tear Just read my lips , it says i love you, cos girl you know, that everything's true Chorus:1x There's no pretending between us, this love is true, this love is true My heart has been aching to tell you, that baby i love you, oh yeh yeh yeh.. Chorus End.. Thank you for listening...hope u enjoyed it
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Breakeven-The Script (ShaunY cover)
live cover of BreakEven by The Script ..enjoy.. Yes...i know ive got a haircut, Yes..i know it looks weird, No...its gonna grow back ..xp
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Safe And Sound -Taylor Swift (cover) by ShaunY
Here is my cover of Taylor Swift "Safe and Sound" sorethroat din really help making this vid..haha...anyway...enjoy =) * nice hat rite??i know*
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Ed Sheeran -  The A Team (Cover by ShaunY)
I heard this song just a week ago and thought of making a cover of it since its the holidays. and yep....im reading the lyrics as i sing..haha.sorryyy
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王力宏 Wang Leehom 依然愛你 Still In Love With You - (ShaunY Cover)
Hello, 你好吗? (who am i kidding , i googled this). So here is my first ever mandarin song cover and i hope i did not butcher it too badly haha. My mum always said how shameful it is for a chinese boy to not know chinese. Well..i did try... Anyways, hope you all would enjoy this cover =p P.S ( i think I'm coming down with a cold)
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Stevie Wonder - Isn't She Lovely ( ShaunY Cover)
Heres an oldie for all of you. Hope you all enjoy my rendition of Stevie Wonder's "Isnt She Lovely "
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Katy Perry-Thinking of You (cover)
here is a cover of katy perry's song thinking of you. its really old...but ..i had to cover it...=p. I guess its one of her best.
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Invisible by Chester See ( Cover ) ShaunY
Hey guys..Shaun here . Heres my cover of Chester See's Invisible. He writes one of the most meaningful songs....him and David Choi...my favorite artists. ENjoy =)...By the way..this was recorded live...except for the piano n harmony that i added in later on... OH yeh..if u haven heard this song..check it out at Chester See channel song called Invisible..
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Treat You Better - Shawn Mendez (  A ShaunY Cover)
Slightly slower than the original. Hope you all enjoy my rendition. Ciaozzzzzzzz k bye
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Say Something by ShaunY - A Great Big World (Cover)
Recorded it midnight yesterday cause i cant sleep haha. Hope you all enjoy my cover of this song =). Oh ya , dont forget to watch this in HD !! Say Something" - originally by originally by A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera Written by: Ian Axel, Chad Vaccarino & Mike Campbell Published by: Universal Music Publishing & ST Music LLC
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Britney Spears (Womanizer) cover by ShaunY
this is a cover of womanizer by britney spears..just wanted to make a cover before my exams...haha..enjoy
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My Coffee Shop (Original) by ShaunY
hey Guys ^^..sorry..been so long since ive posted a video due to test n being sick. well here is a simple and original song written by me. hope u enjoy it...more covers to come.. Lyrics: Girl I see u in my dreams, The smell of coffee beans just made me think of u , Its too good to be true. Girl.. the one who took a sip, Of my heart and soul, and stirred my feelings round and round, with some sugar and some cream.. I will never let u go... i hope u know i love u so... Cos its just... Chorus: You and me, Only seventeen. ur my sugar and milk... ur my everything to me.. No need for two.., only one will do.., every bitter sweet memory of you and me... in my coffee shop. ( whole song ) x2
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Howie Day-Collide -Acoustic Cover
hey guys...heard this song the other day...and i just hade to make a cover of it..hope u like it by the way..thanks for the comments , likes and subs...and please sub to me too =)
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Officially Missing You by Tamia ( ShaunY Cover)
sucks to miss someone right? hope you like my rendition of this song Its a little off here n there...so please bear with me sub..like?? comment..haha
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Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up (ShaunY Cover)
Its been awhile since ive last posted. Heard this song..n loved it...its very meaningful....finally a new song by him. Many mistakes here n there..but..i tried my best..so...here u go....enjoy =)
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Dare You To Move - Switchfoot ( ShaunY Cover)
I have no rights to this song & it belongs to Switchfoot & recording company! Read =) Thank you so much for the likes, comments and sub. Cant express how grateful i am to all you youtubers out there. Thank You very very much !!. This song is dedicated to my good friends in my college who are graduating , will always miss you guys/ girls =) ps. ignore the weird facial expressions...cant help it. Seriously...
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Mistletoe (Justin Bieber) cover by ShaunY
Hey guys....here is an early christmas greeting to all of u youtubers....merry christmas =). Hope you would enjoy this vid..so dun forget to like comment and sub .. And that beautiful new mother you just saw is Bambi. Her kids are just adorable...=3. Anyway..Merry Christmas again..and have a happy holiday =)
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All of Me by John Legend Cover ( ShaunY)
Well, things happen from time to time and this song just fits in really well now. Hope you all enjoy this raw recording
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Hey Soul Sister (cover) by shaun yong
This is my first time making a video singing ..so pls rate and favourite and feel free to comment...hopefully i dun sound that bad..haha oh yeah...and subscribe..ill...try to be better haha^^
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I'll Be Home For Christmas ( Short cover) by ShaunY
Hey guysss....Happy Christmas..=D. Here is a short christmas cover for all of you. Didnt have enough time to do a full one... sorry =p
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Bruno Mars~ The Lazy Song(cover by ShaunY)
Actually...i just wanted to test my new mic...but i ended up making a cover....so....here is my cover of lazy song by bruno mars...im not really good with the guitar soo bare with me...haha...n yeh..i felt really lazy doing holiday homework.....ENJOY ^^ (shoutout to all the lazy people out there)
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Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah Cover by ShaunY
THis song is amazing...had to do a cover of it..hope u enjoyed^^
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PSY - Gangnam Style (Acoustic Cover by ShaunY)
heyyy, its my birthday today so i thought of making a fun cover. This song is most probably in everyone's head ..haha. I actually do not know what i am singing and i am sure most of my pronunciations are wrong..hahaha. Anyways, hope u like my rendition ...had so much fun =D
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A Thousand Years - Christina Perri (ShaunY Acoustic  Cover)
Hey guys, hope you like my rendition of Christina Perri's song A Thousand Years =) COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER This song is the property of it(s) owner. We do not own this song
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Pretend by ShaunY (Original Song) Live
hey guys. heres my latest original song pretend..hope u enjoyed it ..=) Pretend Lyrics ; How have you been, Its been awhile since we stayed, As friends.. Friends so it seems, But we never talk, Again... I couldn't forget, Should i regret, This pain inside of me.. Ive been in too deep, Its hard to get out but ill try to fall asleep. Bridge; Someday ill have to face the truth, This heart that beats is still for you. Chorus; When i see you ill force a smile, I cant lie, ill cry, Cant forget all those memories that stayed in my head, Cause together we've been, Thousands of miles, How i hate to say my goodbyes, Its time to move on, And let you go.. I guess its all torn, All the things that we used, To have.. The distance between us, No matter how hard i tried, There is no end.. If only i tried, If i didn't hide, This pain might go away, Ive been in too deep, Its hard to get off , But ill try to fall asleep.. (Bridge) Chorus Its time to move on , And let you go , Cause you will never be mine, Till the end, Ill pretend, To smile.....Repeat x2
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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ( nominated by JoanneAndJulia)
So Ive been nominated by Joanne to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Here is their link, check them out cause they are amazing http://www.youtube.com/user/joanneandjulia sub to them if u haven already ALS also known as the Lou Gehrig's disease deserves the attention it is getting now and if possible, we should help out with its research by donating. It does help, even if its a dollar. Here is the link to the page http://www.alsa.org/ So yeh.., have a nice day.
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Ed Sheeran (One) - A ShaunY Cover
Covers rarer than a shiny pikachu. Heres One (pun intended)
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10 Facts About Me (Vlog #1)
so this is gonna be a vlog on me telling a little about my self...hope u enjoyed it....will be posting more videos in the future....
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James Arthur "Say You Won't Let Go" ( ShaunY Cover)
Couldn't get this song out of my head seeing that its everywhere so i wanted to give it a try as well. Hope you all like it. Like, comment and subscribe if you like what u see =D
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When I Was Your Man ( A Bruno Mars Cover) - ShaunY
hey guys, hope you guys like my rendition of Bruno Mars song When I was Your Man. Oh, and a short awkward thank you vid at the back haha. Thanks and please like, comment and subscribe if you like this =D Cya!! COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER This song is the property of it(s) owner. We do not own this song
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Lullaby by Lateeya ( short cover )
2 am , so here's a quicky or shorty or funsy.. nights
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Yesterday - SHAUNY Original
Wrote this song last year about screwing up a perfectly great friendship by having feelings. Like, comment n subscribe !
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Lucky by Jason Mraz ( cover)
did a duet with a fren of mine Evonne ....she is an awesome singer...haha^^
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The Temptations - My Girl - ShaunY Cover(Live)
my cover of My girl by Temptation. Heard this song on the radio n it didnt leave my head after a week...so i covered it. By the way.. those are my two friends May Yie and Tim...(SOrry i din cut that out ) haha
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Payphone - Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa (Cover by ShaunY ft. Thunder)
hey guys..just thought of giving this song a try. Definitely not my best but i just wanna give it a go..haha. Its a little different from the rest of my covers though. Hope u like it..
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i drink tea - SHAUNY Original
It''s not really about tea.. Lyrics: You want to get some coffee? No, I drink tea instead, Don't really need the caffeine, Blood's been pumping in my chest With you beside me lying in, My bed.. You want to get some breakfast, I think it's too late for that, Been sleeping in lately, My head against your breast and, I just want to stay right here , With you.. Can we stay a little while, Let me frame you in my mind, Everytime you smile there's butterflies, Inside.. She takes it all away, All the pain the tears the rain, I don't ever want to let this go, You have a hold , Unto my soul, This time.. It's 11.30, Time to get out of bed, I'll make us both some tea, Your hair is such a mess, I love you dear, Cause you're my cup of tea..
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Lemonade by Jeremy Passion ( ShaunY Cover)RAW
So..to those who always want to listen to raw -unedited- covers... this is as SUSHI as it gets. ps- Its been awhile , i know... i was too busy / lazy pps- MAS Mh17 Airplane Victims , i pray for you be strong.
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