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You become what you eat
Ello, this is the first video that I uploaded (and made) to YouTube. It's for a film. project, FILM 250. Enjoy (it's silent)!
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The Office Social Media Wars   Film250   Albert Yuou Liu, Anqi Gong, Kaiwen Wang, Yue Pang Done
Ello all, this is the completely finished version for my FILM 250 class project. Took a lot of time and effort to make this happen with my team and others that helped :D There is a chance (no guarantee) that I will create a personal version (with behind the scenes) in the future (unknown time, maybe near May). Actual filming: 3 days. Each day ranged from 5-8 hours. Thanks Kaiwen Wang/Elena! Actual editing time: 115-155 hours. All the number of editing hours whether through solo or cooperative is a guesstimate with a margin of error, plus or minus 2-5 hours. So to be more precise (average) the total number of editing hours was more around 135 hours, again with a give or take 2-5 hours. By myself, Albert: 50-60 hours With the director, Anqi: 20-25 hours With the sound person: 15-20 hours Director alone: 15-25 hours Sound person alone: 15-25 hours Hope you guys enjoy! Have an awesome day/night everyone! :D
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FILM 250 short film Albert Yuou Liu, Anqi Gong, Kaiwen Wang, Yue Pang rough cut 2
Rough cut version 2: Fixed most of the audio things (still needs fixing). The final version will be uploaded sometime next week :D
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Social Media Wars- Rough cut 1- FILM 250 Albert Yuou Liu, Anqi Gong, Kaiwen Wang, Yue Pang
This is for my FILM 250 class where I have to submit a rough cut version (after first the first version of a movie after preliminary editing.) Apologies if the video is laggy! The final version will be released sometime in late March or early April. Furthermore, there will be a second version, the extended. The extended will include behind the scenes. The extended will be for all intents and purposes personal (public to view) as a history/progress of my development in script writing, filming, editing etc. This version is purely for academic purposes, to be graded. *Disclaimer* everyone presented in the video are 2nd years or older in university. There are some swearing (which we will beep out in the near future) and a funny...dancing...sequence by my friend Daer :D Please keep the comments constructive (give some helpful suggestions) and enjoy! Have an awesome day/night everyone!
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