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Utilizando o WGMapTool / Using WGmapTool
[Port] Video tutorial demonstrando como unir em um único GMAPSUPP.IMG mais de um arquivo IMG utilizando para isso o WGMapTool 0.40 (o gmaptool para Windows). [Eng] Tutorial video showing how to join in ONE gmapsupp.img more than one IMG usin WGMapTool 0.40 (Windows gmaptool)
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Ajudar crianças com câncer faz bem ao coração
Video do Capital Inicial para a campanha da AACC de 2002. Atitude soberba da banda. Parabéns a idéia.... Sim.. tenho o CD comprado na época e estava guardado! Nem sei porque não havia mandado antes.
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Nokia5800 e geocaching by Gilvam
[Port-BR] Tutorial de como aproveitar os geocaches salvos em formato GPX para dentro do aplicativo de localização com bússola no Nokia 5800 XM... Podem qualificar... [Eng] Tutorial how to get the geocaches saved in GPX format to be used with the Location aplication with the compass on your Nokia 5800 XM.... yu can rate....
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ZERØ no Happy Hour (9ago2007) - Nem tão longe nem tão perto
Participação do Guilherme Isnard no Happy Hour (GNT) dia 9AGO2007 às 19:00h. Nem tão longe nem tão perto
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Mail to Brazil (long wait...)
Mail received from ebay sellers! I got 6 packs on the same day. I have been refunded already so I'll be paying back for 3 of them, the other 3 were on time (or almost). As we say in Brazil: one image is worth a thousand words. I am just saying thank you guys! From eBay: aqxcom javiercastro85 http://myworld.ebay.com/javiercastro85 dealgenius http://myworld.ebay.com/dealgenius These guys are awesome!
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ZERØ no Happy Hour (9ago2007) - Agora eu sei
Participação do Guilherme Isnard no Happy Hour (GNT) dia 9AGO2007 às 19:00h. Agora eu sei
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Bicycle Deck opening and Card Clip
This is my tips for: 1) open a bicycle deck keeping the seal (almost) intact 2) keep your deck card box CLEAN! How to clean the seal 3) how to make your card box last longer (card clip) For the card clip, I got it from http://stores.ebay.com/2010showwo
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Capital Inicial no Vivo Rio Diferentes 02
Capital Inicial tocando no Vivo Rio 25 de agosto de 2007! Parte2
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Garmin - BIOS downgrade and upgrade for tracklog
You can get your nüvi200 to tracklog! I changed my 5.00 BIOS to 3.40 and manage to get into the hidden menu for tracklog! After that, I still could use Webupdater to upgrade again do 5.00. VOcê pode fazer tracklog com seu nüvi200! Eu troquei meu 5.00 BIOS para o 3,40 e consegui entrar no menu escondido para tracklog! Depois disso, eu ainda consegui usar WebUpdater para voltar ao BIOS 5.00.
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Multishow - Chamada de "Por Trás da Fama" - Dinho Ouro Preto
Chamada do programa Por Trás da Fama com Dinho do Capital Inicial. dia 18Jul2008 (6ªfeira) às 22:15. É engraçado pois tem as cenas do Dinha falando das câmeras não aparece no programa. Edição de video por mim... Gilvam Carvalho
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Mismag822 Unboxing
I think this is my quickiest video ever! This is a way to say thank you for Mismag822 for his Giveaway for sending a Turquoise Bicycle Deck. And it only took 18days to arrive in Brazil... not bad at all! By the way, this is an unboxing video... the title says it all, so please do not come with thumbs down (unlikes). ☺
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Coin Penetration - Improvisation Setup (by Gilvam Carvalho)
Greetings everyone! First of all, this is not a tutorial for the trick, ok? It's a setup for the trick in case you don't have the latex sheet! This is a video based on the Eric Lecleric presentation day 176 of his 365 Project. If you do not know Eric, check it out: http://www.youtube.com/user/LeclericShow I bought on ebay a latex sheet for the trick, but it did not last not even ONE trick - it was expensive both item and the shipment, so I was trying to find local solution. Uhm.. also expensive. Since I noticed that it was based on what is called a dental dam, I decided to search the internet and I came across a video from a woman explaining how to make a *dam*. I was trying to find her video to put as a reference, but no luck! Eventually I found other videos about the same topic and the process is quite similar to the original that I've seen first. Just to tell you, my process is actually simpler and I think more efficient! Anyway, see this as an alternative and also emergency solution when you're out there on the road and you need that *latex* for the coin penetration trick, ok? I hope you guys enjoy that! Thank you for watching! PS: This is the first video that I appear... :-)
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Garmin GPS (ID aparelho e SD)
Video tutorial para descobrir o ID do aparelho GPS Garmin e do SD card usado nele!
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CN BR2010 x TS 6 03
Novo video depois do lançamento do Citynavigator Brazil 2010 Diferença na estrada entre o CityNavigator e o TrackSource!
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Garmin (CityNavigator X TrackSource)
Diferença na estrada entre o CityNavigator e o TrackSource!
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Shout out for these great guys and card cut demo!
This is just a video to say thank you to some of the magicians that got me into trying this new hobbie! You can check them out: Eric Leclerc on http://www.youtube.com/user/LeclericShow Julian Mather on http://www.youtube.com/user/julianmather1 Jay Jay on http://www.youtube.com/user/FreeMagicLiveVideos Andy Field on http://www.youtube.com/user/andyfieldmagic Mismag822 on http://www.youtube.com/user/mismag822 VJose32 on http://www.youtube.com/user/vjose32
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My first unboxing 11Jul
It's not my usual, but I decided to film this. My previous video was from my mail received on 10Jul12 receiving the David Blaine Discovery Deck and also 4 Mandolin back bicycle decks! On the following day I got my huge order: a 12 Solitaire Bicycle Deck! On got it from merz67 on eBay... Excelent prices!
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Ellusionist and DealExtreme unboxing
Instead of making 2 videos, I got the ellusionist.com unboxing and the DX unboxing just because of the card clip! This is a way to say thank you for the guys at ellusionist.com and to share with you an alternative to some expensive clips. This one was $3.90 with shipping! By the way, this is an unboxing video... the title says it all, so please do not come with thumbs down (unlikes). ☺
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Capital Inicial no Vivo Rio Diferentes 01
Capital Inicial tocando no Vivo Rio 25 de agosto de 2007! Gravado com uma Olympus FE-230
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Queen + Paul Rodgers in Rio ( Opening/Hammer to Fall/ Tie you mother down)
Aqui está a abertura do show com a entrada, depois vem Hammer to Tall e Tie you mother down (esta ficou faltando só o finalzinho)- filmagem contínua! Here is the show with the Opening, Hammer to fall and tie you mother down (just missing a few minutes) - one continuous shot!
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Coin Trick
It's a simple coin trick (Bionic Coin as I know) Hope you guys enjoy! If not thumbs up for the trick.. at least for the shirt! :-)
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Bastidores Multishow fm 2 anos
Programa Bastidores do Multishow. A parte presente é sobre a festa de 2 anos da Multishow FM com Capital Inicial. As demais apresentações foram suprimidas apenas para manter o conteúdo para fãs do "Capital Inicial"
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My Second Unboxing Sep2012
2 unboxings. Shout out for VJose32 - Victor!!! Purchased from eBay seller MERZ67! Check him out!
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Queen + Paul Rodgers in Rio 29Nov2009 / Love of my Life
Queen + Paul Rodgers in Rio 29Nov2009 Brian May caminhando até a frente do palco e cantando Love of My Life (completa). Brian May waking to the front of stage and singing Love of my Life (complete). *** my personal file
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Magictrickstore Sep2013 Unboxing
Unboxing from Magictrickstore.com He is what I got: Criss Angel Mindfreak DVD ($5.00) Criss Angel Masterminds (Got your back) V4 ($9.88) Learn to Levitate ($3.00) Marked and Stripped Deck ($2.50) Grind Out by Mechanic Industries ($1.25) Mystery gift (the arrow trick) ($0.00) Shipping was $7.50 and I got an extra Insurance for $2.00 Not bad for a TOTAL cost of $31.13 BTW... again... if you do like unboxing, please do not leave thumbs down - the title says it all so it's no surprise! THX! on the other hand... if you liked the "information", you can like it! ☺ www.magictrickstore.com
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Capital Inicial - Tempo perdido
Dinho cantando "Tempo Perdido" dia 5 de março de 2005 no Claro Hall (atual Citi Hall). Gravado numa câmera Olympus D-580 no meio da galera!
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Dinho discursando sobre os políticos do Brasil no Circo Voador
Video do Capital Inicial no Circo Voador 01Dez2008!
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21 Trick Variation
This is a variation of the "21 Trick". I could make it with 12, 15 and 18.
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VJose32 least and worse contest
OMG... This should be bad enough! :-) The worse deck I bought over 1 ½ year ago in a box of 10 (I believe), now I just had 4 left... after tossing them away like nothing... :-) You will understand why...
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Phoenix unboxing
I got the deck from eBay: Bicycle Phoenix Deck New Metallic Deck from dog-eggs (eBay seller)
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Ellusionist Unboxing
This is my unboxing for my Ellusionist order (check out www.ellusionist.com) They had a promo running in beginning of Jun13 and I manage to get 3 decks with a forth for free. I got: 1 Bicycle Black Arcane ($6.99) 1 Bicycle White Arcane ($6.99) 1 Bicycle Blue Master Edition Rider Back ($4.27) 1 Bicycle Red Master Edition Rider Back (free with the 3 pack order) Shipping international was around $16.00 which is REALLY good and arrival was within 25day... got here 3 days before my birthday! \☺/
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Queen + Paul Rodgers in Rio 29Nov2009 / Radio Gaga
Queen + Paul Rodgers in Rio 29Nov2009 Radio Gaga (uhm... um pouco de mina voz no fundo) Peguei as MÃOS do público no ar - legal! Radio Gaga (uhm... with a little bit of my voice on background). I got the audience hands in the air - cool!
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Queen + Paul Rodgers in Rio (end part of Another one bites the dust)
Another one bites the dust do meio para o fim / from middle to end!
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Unboxing for Allure decks from Noel Quile
Allure decks receive from Noel Quile. Amazing decks! it took 9 weeks to get to Brazil... NINE weeks! Can you believe it? Anyway, just posting to thank Noel and wish him my best regards!
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Andy Field Giveaway
Amazing! I just got a Ghost Deck from Andy Field... this is the FIRST giveaway that I ever won! Thank you so much Andy... you made my day!
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5 flipped cards
I just saw the trick, I mean, I just watched how it was performed and I've tried to figured it out. The performance is kind of sloppy, but... hope you guys like it!
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Unboxing from Jeff Breyer Deck Review Wordpress
From Jeff Breyer... Deck Review... at http://deckreview.wordpress.com/ This was the "NEW YEARS GIVEAWAY" As posted: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Posted by jeff on February 1, 2013 in Uncategorized Thanks to all of you who entered. Unfortunately only three could win and the winners are below: 1) Gilvam Carvalho 2) MagicalZach 3) Domen What was really interesting about this was everyone is international. One of the winners lives 7000km away! Truly awesome! Each winner got a deck of the misprinted Altruism V1 decks (including a replacement queen of diamonds). White Lions Series B Black and one random deck. Congratulations! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In fact, it was more than that, as you can see on the video. Besides the Altruism and the White Lions and ONE the random... not ONE, but there were the Madison Deck and the Tally-Ho (signed!).
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UK visit... UNbagging! ☺
I visited Edinburgh and London and some cities around both. Arrival in London after an 11:00h flight then another 1:30h flight to Edinburgh. To my surprise there was a kind of Magic Store in Edinburgh at Victoria St corner with Grassmarket called "Aha ha ha Jokes & Novelties" and there I found some Bicycle cards, but I got none. In London, after walking the whole day, I manage to get to The Strand to find Davenports. It was SO hard to find it... I know.. it's underground... but I walked ALL around the underground area to find it... I was almost giving up. Anyway... I found it and got just 3 decks as shown on the video. I was more the thrill to be at the store then to buy stuff you know. Besides, I was on vacation to VISIT the cities and me and my wife were not up to SHOPPING so I refrained getting more stuff and also the cost is not cheap. Just to explain: my money ratio is like 4.10 x £1.00 - it's a BAD time for shopping in pounds! Now the bottom line: The Bicycle Red Master = £4.50 The Bicycle Blue Bridge = £3.00 The Waddington #1 deck = £1.99 The Sport Direct.com deck = £0.69
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Truth Garden unboxing from Loop Cuts
It says it all.... My Truth Garden unboxing from Loop Cuts! It was sent on 2Apri13 and it got to me in Brazil by 06Jun13! I guess this has gone wrong way because I can see on the back a kind of stamp (almost like a triangle) with what seems to be ARABIC writing...something close, so it may have been lost. I got the felling that the pack was CUT open and resealed... no kiding! I just realize that when I was editing the video. Anyway... inside there was JUST one deck and on the mail sticker says 1 Un, so it was ok!
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Queen + Paul Rodgers in Rio (My Bijou - Last Horizon)
Brian em solo com My Bijou e Last Horizon (contínua) BRian in solo with My Bijou and Last Horizon (one shot)
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Queen + Paul Rodgers in Rio (
Finalzinho de Tie you mother down... Hello Rio.... Solo do Brian que lembra "Love Token" e "White man" e introducão de Fat bottom girl até o 1ºverso Final part of Tie your mother down... Hello Rio... and Brian solo that reminds me of "Love Token" and "White man" then the intro of Fat bottom girl to the first verse
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Mismag822-Contest 34 Video Response (Gilvam).wmv
As the title says. Video Response for Mismag822 Contest 34! I hope I win something this time... my first magic trick video! :-) I'm just sorry for "grabbing" the card while guessing, I should have SAID the name then grabbed the card... English is not my native language (I'm Brazilian) and my brain had to work on chossing words and performing! O:-)
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Queen + Paul Rodgers in Rio (Paul Rodgers Seagull)
Brian apresenta Paul ao público e ele canta Seagull(só tenho um pedaço). Brian presents Paul to audience and the sings Seagull (I just have a piece).
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Vjose32 March Collectors Giveaway
Video response to VJose32 for March Collectos Giveaway! My decks grab would be from Ellusionist: Black Ghost Deck, Black Tiger, Arcane deck. Thx!
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Capital Inicial no Vivo Rio Boas vindas
Capital Inicial tocando no Vivo Rio 25 de agosto de 2007! Dinho dando as boas vindas ao público Gravado com uma Olympus FE-230
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Capital Inicial no Vivo Rio Fogo
Capital Inicial tocando no Vivo Rio 25 de agosto de 2007! Robledo aos teclados... lá no fundo! Gravado com uma Olympus FE-230
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Capital Inicial Não olhe pra trás
Capital Inicial tocando no Vivo Rio 25 de agosto de 2007! Gravado com uma Olympus FE-230... com o braço pro alto e com uma mão só... focando e dando zoom! Mole não!
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Selecionando mapa no Garmin
Uma pequena demostração de como escolher os mapas que estão instalados no Garmin ou mesmo no cartão SD!
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Black Tiger and Shadow Masters unboxing
Yeah... yeah... This is another unboxing! I've tried to make under 1:00m and it IS! Just to present my two new acquisitions: The Black Tiger and the Shadow Masters! In my opinion they complete each other because of the inverted back design. From Mehow Magic Shop (http://stores.ebay.com/mehowmagicshop) Again... if you do not unboxing, don't come with thumbs dows... it's in the video name and description, ok? ☺ Thank you!
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Fogo no Circo Voador
Capital Inicial no Circo Voador 01Dez2008 FOGO
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