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Jeep Rubicon vs Mud puddle
Rubicon challenges a mud puddle with out the lockers engaged. I wasn't able to get the lockers engaged in the straight away and was hoping they would engage before hitting the mud.
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Micro Inferno Vs Wet Fire
Testing the Micro Inferno and Wet fire side by side.
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Dandelion Fire Tinder
This video shows how to start a fire using dandelions.
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Kayaking at Crows Nest Stafford Va
Kayaking in Crowns Nest in Stafford Va. Shot with a Mavic Pro Platinum with auto tracking enabled. This video is not graded or colorized.
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Camp Setup
This is my setup for my last camping trip "22 March 2013" It was 24 Degrees Fahrenheit at night and 54 durring the day. Gear list: DD Hammock DD 3x3 meter tarp. Kelty Red cloud 110 Ascends Mummy sleeping bag rated for 20 Degrees Exped SynMat UL 7 Air Pad Large Wide
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Making Bannock in the bush.
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Firestrikers - Coleman, Aurora, Sparky, NanoStriker
Review of the Aurora, Sparky, NanoStriker, and Coleman fire strikers. For a full write up on these products please visit www.bushcraftprepping.com
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Pemigewasset Wilderness White Mountains NH
Five days in the Pemigewasset Wilderness located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. - Bannock - Smoke Rack - Bushcraft Chair - DD Hammock - DD Tarp - Dave Canterbury Fire Striker
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Bushcraft Chair
About the Bushcraft Chair.
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Video was shot with a Mavic Pro Platinum. Color Graded with Griffin LUTs. The picture is fuzzy in spots. I will have to work on camera focus. This was my first follow shot.
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Train at Hope Springs Marina with Sound
Added sound and color Grading. Shot with permission at Hope Springs Marina from a DJI Mavic Pro Platinum with ND4 Polarized filter.
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Monarch Color Change
White to Gold Monarch color change.
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Train - Hope Springs Marina
Freight Train Crossing the rail road track bridge at Hope Spring Marina. Shot with a Mavic Pro Platinum.
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