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Micro Inferno Vs Wet Fire
Testing the Micro Inferno and Wet fire side by side.
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Kayaking at Crows Nest Stafford Va
Kayaking in Crowns Nest in Stafford Va. Shot with a Mavic Pro Platinum with auto tracking enabled. This video is not graded or colorized.
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Jeep Rubicon vs Mud puddle
Rubicon challenges a mud puddle with out the lockers engaged. I wasn't able to get the lockers engaged in the straight away and was hoping they would engage before hitting the mud.
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Pemigewasset Wilderness White Mountains NH
Five days in the Pemigewasset Wilderness located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. - Bannock - Smoke Rack - Bushcraft Chair - DD Hammock - DD Tarp - Dave Canterbury Fire Striker
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Firestrikers - Coleman, Aurora, Sparky, NanoStriker
Review of the Aurora, Sparky, NanoStriker, and Coleman fire strikers. For a full write up on these products please visit www.bushcraftprepping.com
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Bushcraft Chair
About the Bushcraft Chair.
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Dandelion Fire Tinder
This video shows how to start a fire using dandelions.
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Making Bannock in the bush.
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Video was shot with a Mavic Pro Platinum. Color Graded with Griffin LUTs. The picture is fuzzy in spots. I will have to work on camera focus. This was my first follow shot.
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Train at Hope Springs Marina with Sound
Added sound and color Grading. Shot with permission at Hope Springs Marina from a DJI Mavic Pro Platinum with ND4 Polarized filter.
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Camp Setup
This is my setup for my last camping trip "22 March 2013" It was 24 Degrees Fahrenheit at night and 54 durring the day. Gear list: DD Hammock DD 3x3 meter tarp. Kelty Red cloud 110 Ascends Mummy sleeping bag rated for 20 Degrees Exped SynMat UL 7 Air Pad Large Wide
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Rust on Linux native 21 May 2019
Rust is playable again nattily on Linux but with some small graphical glitches in the shadows. Running on Manjaro Linux with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080
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Monarch Color Change
White to Gold Monarch color change.
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Train - Hope Springs Marina
Freight Train Crossing the rail road track bridge at Hope Spring Marina. Shot with a Mavic Pro Platinum.
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