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Fan art for YouTubers!
Sorry that I couldn't record me drawing the actual picture, I don't have a webcam, and holding an iPad while drawing with a mouse is almost impossible. Hope you liked the video anyways! The YouTubers drawn in this vid are pug lover 1834, baby nicole546, and senpaisteven. Thx for watching! ❤️
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Legs Meme (READ DESC)
Thank you guys so much for 10 subscribers! I decided to do an animation meme for this video, I hope you guys like it! There are two YouTubers featured in this video, Shining Nights (pug lover 1834's second channel) and senpaisteven. The original is by weedcat (I think) so if you want to see the original go to their channel. Bye!
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VenturianTale animation!
The audio is from a video that VenturianTale made doing a Pennywise hide and seek roleplay in gmod. I decided to make Pennywise look different because in the roleplay he acts very weird and awkward so I gave him a more friendly look I guess. Hope you enjoyed! Don't forget to like!
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Pug lover back at it again with that new channel
Subscribe to Neko Addiction! Also sub to me if you enjoy my content!
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I'm bored
Today, I tried to hug senpaisteven, but she didn't want a hug, but I gave her one anyways. This drawing was meant to represent the pain she went through, with the torture of hugs. :3 (I promised her a giant cookie XD)
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woah I live
More specifically, her YouTube name is Baby Nicole546 If you can’t find her by searching up her username, just look at my fan art video. She left a comment there. I’ll upload again... eventually...
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This is why Marina is so great
Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha PUNS!!!
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Hi I'm a looser
I know it's bad I'll get better I promise. 😅
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Sticks. I like sticks. Peck pick. Thx for 20 subs btw❤️
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Some Of My OC’s!
So, I didn’t really say a lot about their characters... but, I think I at least said enough. Also, CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION: SHOULD I DO A MOMTARO MEME?! I NEED TO KNOWOWOWOWOW!!! Anyways, hopefully you enjoyed this video. See you all soon. ❤️
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oh nooo im dyiiiinnngg
Yeah this title is pure sarcasm. Anyways, I have plans for a Christmas video which like I said will be coming out on Christmas Day. You should see those Eevee evolution plushies though, they are soooo CUTE!!! But anyways, hope you enjoyed the video! Merry Christmas!
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Lol I'm such a looser XD Sorry that I couldn't upload anything on Halloween, when I got back from trick or treating I was EXHAUSTED! But, I'm working on a Halloween special that should be going up at some point maybe next week. See you guys soon! Bye bye!
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A Random Animation
The song is by Panic! At The Disco. It's a nightcore version of one of their songs. If you're wondering why it says "thx for 10 subs", it's because this was originally going to be my 10 subs special, and I was too lazy to change it. Hope you enjoyed! (Btw, the character in this vid is one of my other OC's)
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I think I just summoned a mouse with a stick...
I looked outside after posting the video of me throwing a stick at the ground and saw this happening.... Huh..... I'm a wizard!!!
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I have RETURNED!!! And I have 50 subs?!?!
Thanks to everyone who subscribed to me! ❤️ I have NO idea how this happened! Halfway to 100!!! 🎉
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More of my OC’s
Y U NO ANSWER QUESTION? Momotaro meme. Should. I. Do. It. Please answer. Thank you.
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What did I do???
Lol I had too much time on my hands. Quick note: there will be a video going up tomorrow and on Halloween, so stay tuned for that! Don't forget to like the video! Have a Spookie Halloween!
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Just a quick Speeddraw
WOW! It feels like forever since I uploaded (even though I just did about a two weeks ago), so sorry about that! Anyways, there will be more content on this channel in the future, so just sit tight and relax! Btw, I know I said that I would do a Christmas video, but my idea was scrapped last minute and I didn't have anything to put out in time. And I am so SO sorry! Valentine's Day might redeem myself though, maybe I'll make a video when that comes around. Well, goodbye for now. Happy New Years by the way!
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Random song in Tomodachi Life
Sorry I haven't uploaded in awhile, but I have another video planned for today so stay tuned! Whisper(the cat), Sapphy(the one with blue hair), and the one who has the purple dress are NOT my characters, they belong to Shining Nights, senpaisteven, and Anime Fan67. The only character who is mine in this vid is Spookie(the one with black hair) Plz sub to everyone mentioned in this vid. Have a nice day!
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First FlipaClip Animation
Hello viewers! Hope you like this Animation!
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